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Freelance recruiter presentation

  1. 1. Freelance Recruitment Consultant PresentationRajiv VidyarthyFounder and CEOTalent Bazaar Private Limited
  2. 2. 2About TalentBazaar•We started our journey to simplify recruitment for all stakeholders in Dec2009 and we have made great progress and today we are counted aspreferred recruitment partners of a lot of respected companies likeGenpact, TCS, Snapdeal, IntraEdge Technologies, etc.•We are well known for our quality of candidates, response time anddependability. All our clients know that if they share any requirement withus, its going to get filled quickly.•We have made significant progress since we started, and we have recruited500+ candidates in last 12 months.•We also believe in generating entrepreneurial opportunities for capablepeople. We have helped a lot of recruitment consultancies close a lot ofpositions and earn significant billing on those placements.
  3. 3. 3About TalentBazaar•We have also provided opportunities for many people who want to work outof their home. A lot of women, who are on a career break because of theirchildren, work with us to keep up with the changes happening in thecorporate world and also to utilize their free time in doing something whichis productive and add a lot of value to them.•As a company, we are quite transparent and trust worthy. In case you wantto speak to couple of our freelance recruiters, we would be more thanhappy to connect you with them.•We are focused primarily on mid and senior level recruitments, we havedone couple of CXO level placements and a lot of Asst Manager/Manager/SrManager level recruitments.
  4. 4. 4CredentialsFounder & CEO –Rajiv Vidyarthy,B Tech IIT Delhi 2001, MBA – IIM Lucknow 2006Linkedin Profile - operations since last 4 years.Counted as preferred recruitment partners of Genpact, TCS, Snapdeal,IntraEdge. Aditi Technologies etc.We have a screen ok rate of 90% for most of our profiles.Extremely dependable and quick.
  5. 5. 5StatisticsOpen Requirements – 200+ requirements every month, more than 1 Crore inform of placement feesAverage placement Fee – Rs. 50,000Recruitment Associates making anything between Rs 0 – Rs 150,000/month
  6. 6. 6Why/When should I joinSince you have applied to work with us, we believe you already know whyyou want to work with us and you need no convincing on the same.When Should you join?•When you are sure about putting atleast 2 hours on our requirements•After you have quit your fulltime corporate job.•When you are motivated enough to work from home.•When you are committed to learn about new things every day byresearching internet•When you are ready to do whatever we tell you to do 
  7. 7. 7FAQsProcess to start1. Fill up the consultant sign up form available at www.TalentBazaar.com2. Take the trial, we share 6 dummy requirements including IT and non ITRequirements . You are expected to source 3 CVs for every IT/Non IT/Both,depending on your preference to work on requirements.3. We will call you to discuss about your sourced profiles and discuss more onyour membership request.4. Once your trial is successful, we will discuss the terms and conditions andwill help you complete the joining and agreement formalities.5. During the first 30 days, you will be evaluated on quality of resumes,commitment levels and willingness/efforts to learn.
  8. 8. 8FAQsDo I need to pay any money to start working as a freelanceRecruiter?Yes, We charge a one time processing fee of Rs 1136/- (Rs.1000 +Rs.136Service Tax) from every freelance recruiter.How much time I am expected to spend working on requirements?Its totally your call, you can fix a slot during the day, when you can work onour requirements. You can start with may be 2 hours/day. The key is towork during this chosen slot every day. If you are working on an ad-hocbasis, it would be difficult for you to manage the work.
  9. 9. 9FAQsWhat is that I am expected to do as a freelance recruiter?1. You need to be in touch with our Mentors (on Chat/mail/phone/sms)to get the requirements2. Once you get a requirement, you need to source relevant candidatesquickly.3. You need to speak to the prospective candidate and explain himthe job profile and the company details.4. You need to take candidate’s approval before you submit his profilefor the requirement.5. Share the CV to us (upload it for the posted job)6. Once we get a shorlisting from the client, arrange for candidate’sinterview and do the candidate management till the time candidategets rejected/joins the organization.
  10. 10. 10FAQsHow to become successful on TalentBazaar ?•Be committed and work on a daily basis. Target 2-3 hours on a daily basisduring normal working hours to begin with.•Understand the requirement and fitment criteria and share only relevantcvs.•Focus on building a strong candidate pipeline by working on multiplerequirements, this helps in reducing your risk.•Do research about profiles on google/wikipedia etc to increase yourunderstanding of various profiles.• Be in touch with our client relationship managers and be available to co-ordinate with the candidates if needed.
  11. 11. 11FAQsAgreement formalities?Once you sign up with us, you will receive the agreement which you would berequired to accept and send it back to us. Once we get your email acceptance ,your membership will be activated and you can start working with us.Will I get any job portal access to source candidatesWe do it on a case to case basis.Will I get any fixed amount per month?We do not pay any fixed component per month. You will get paid for thesuccessful recruitments that you would be doing with us. On an average, if yourecruit even 1 candidate with us, the average/approximate payout would be Rs.12500.
  12. 12. 12FAQsHow much money will I get for recruiting a candidate ?The minimum sharing is 25% of the placement fee, you get more if you recruitmore candidates.When would payment happen?The payment would happen once the candidate successfully completes thewarranty period (3 months from the date of joining ). You need to send us aninvoice, which would be cleared within 1 week of receiving the same.
  13. 13. 13FAQsWhy should I work with www.TalentBazaar.comIf you are confident about your recruitment capability, we provide you anopportunity to place candidates and make significant money.How much money I can make on ?Money is dependent on number of candidates that you recruit for our clients.Based of current performance of our recruiters, the range varies from Rs 0 to Rs150,000/month.
  14. 14. 14Screenshot - Jobs
  15. 15. 15Screenshot – All Candidates
  16. 16. 16Screenshot – Submitted candidates for a job
  17. 17. 17JobDescription
  18. 18. 18Clients experiencing success with usAnd many more …
  19. 19. 19ContactsFeel free to get in touch, if you want more informationConsultant Relationship Manager -Kumud Gupta – consultant@talentbazaar.comRajiv Vidyarthy, Founder & CEOrajiv@TalentBazaar.comVisit us at