Top Three Coping Methods


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learn to cope up with your stress. I hope this will help you

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Top Three Coping Methods

  1. 1. Top three coping methods 1. Proactive coping You can do something before the stressful events occur! One can cope before stressful events take place, while it is happening or afterwards. We can anticipate, prevent, or seek challenges. We can increase or invest our personal, social resources effectively. We can not wait for the things happened, we can make the things happen by our active effort. Example for proactive coping -preparing for an exam or an interview well in advance -managing our time or relationship -working out our plan or goal with commitment Changing our attitude focusing the present or future events 2. Meaning making You can do something even after the stressful events Sometime changing the way we think, feel and act will help us to deal with our stress. Reorganizing, reinterpreting, reframing, restructuring and looking for the positive of stressful events are the ways to make meaning. many of the psychotherapy aims at nothing but changing the way of thinking, feeling and acting. Changing our self to fit into the unchangeable external reality is essential to cope with it. Example for the meaning making We can take a new look make new meaning Failure as a feedback Change as a challenge Obstacle as an opportunity Changing our response to the past or present event 3. Religious coping You can do something even in extreme stress All religions offer a framework for understanding, interpreting and accepting our stressful life events. When we encounter uncontrollable circumstances the only thing we can do to comfort ourselves is to surrender to God, the almighty. This will give at least the illusion of control over the situation. Positive religious coping is the only way if all the coping methods failed. this method can give us a sense of relief and peace in extremely uncontrollable stressful circumstances. Example Think how one can cope with these following situations!
  2. 2. Death of loved one Life threatening, incurable illness such as cancer Violence, terrorism Transforming oneself beyond their own limits To gain strength and acceptance Top three protecting shield, that helps us to deal with our stress. 1. Personal development How we relate with ourselves Personal attributes such as self-esteem, self-worth, self-determinism, optimism, hope and self-efficacy directly related to our stress. Personal development is the first protecting shield from stress. We need to feel good about ourselves. Take personal responsibility 2. Social development How we relate with others Our communication, relationships, giving receiving help and managing conflict all requires honesty, genuineness, and mutual trust. We need other persons help and support to cope with stress. This will be the second protecting shield that protects us from stress. Take social responsibility 3. Work or task How we relate with our task or work Only through our meaningful contribution or achievement we can believe our ability, meaningful contribution and our achievements make us feel worthy, boost our esteem. We may gain new friends others may appreciate accept and respect us. We need to achieve, learn or contribute something. This is the third protecting shield that helps us from stress. Contribute something meaningfully These three domains in our life serve as protecting shields which make a difference in our life. If we learn to respond instead of reacting to our life events we can gain something which will help us to transform our life greatly. Please send me your feedback