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ITES Case Study
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ITES Case Study


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Delivering in Style… Success Stories
  • 2. Case1: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is world’s second largest marine classification and survey organization. Roughly 30% of all ocean going ships – nearly 30,000 vessels – and other marine structures are classified by ABS. ABS through its affiliated companies provides risk consulting, structural engineering and management system consulting services, to industry, business and governments worldwide. Volume 16 million Drawings and Documents till today and still continuing. Challenge ABS has a large number of documents and engineering drawings (approx. 9 million) of ships classified by it, stored in various facilities around the world, and usually located at some distance from ABS offices, which need the drawings from time to time. Advantage ABS ABS has been able to reduce the turn-around-time for retrieving these documents from 3 days to 30 seconds! ABS has also made considerable cost savings by leveraging Axsys Technologies Limited’s offshore development/data centre in India. Domain: Marine Engineering Status: Ongoing
  • 3. Document Management Solution & Services ABS Surveyors & Offices Worldwide Houston Internet Singapore Yokohama London Shipyards Equipment Manufacturers Over 16 million engineering drawings and documents scanned Web hosted for worldwide access with servers 12 ABS Engineering Offices Worldwide … . Busan Shanghai
  • 4. Case2: SPi Global Solutions (Philippines) Domain: Publishing Status: Ongoing SPi Global Solutions is one of the world's largest and most diversified Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Customer Interaction service providers in the industry in terms of clients, geographic presence, and capabilities with more than 14,000 dedicated employees globally.
    • AXSYS is entrusted with the conversion document of specific information e.g. technical journal / issue information and other materials from the publication domain for creation of XML and TIFF files that are used for e-book publication.
    Volume Over 2 Lac pages
  • 5. Case3: Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) ESI Corporation (ESIC), one of the oldest social organization of India, intends to prepare approximately 1.5 lac Permanent Identity Cards for their insured persons of various organizations registered to their 46 branches in West Bengal Volume 1 Lac to 1.5 Lacs of Insured Persons’ records
    • Sorting of DFs – Branchwise
    • Setting priority
    • Scanning of Family Photo
    • Cropping of IP’s photo
    • Scanning of Signature
    • Data Processing
    • Quality Check
    • Printing of cards through indigenously developed software
    • Lamination of PIC
    • Delivery of cards to various branches
    Domain: Insurance Status: Ongoing
  • 6. Case4: American Bureau of Shipping ABS-Rules Document Conversion Project A very successful project (ABS-RULES) completed by Axsys Technologies Limited for ABS has involved a huge volume document conversion from MS-97/2000 and PDF formats to XML using a freeware (UPCAST) and other software like OmniPro12 (supplied by client) and a Java based tool developed by ATL(HTML to XML Formatter) for XML conversion. Volume 25000 document (approx.)
    • XML Conversion
    • XML tagging
    • Empirical Mathematical Formula Conversion
    • Hyperlink words in Glossary List with respective destination pages
    • Develop a data repository of XML documents as well as metadata using Oracle 9i database
    • Development of Portal with intelligent search engine
    Domain: Logistics Status: Completed
  • 7. Case5: Foster Wheeler Corporation (USA) The project involved conversion of all the documents and drawings to electronic format (digitization). The documents and drawings to be scanned were shipped to our Offshore Development and Data Center in boxes. The documents and drawings were of different sizes including A4, A3, A2, A2, A1, A0 and Large and Indexing and categorization of the documents and tagging them with the relevant image files. We have already completed almost 1000 boxes of documents and drawings in last 4-5 months and this is a continuous project. Domain: Petrochemical Status: Completed Foster Wheeler USA Corporation (FWC-USA) is a leading international engineering, construction and project management contractor and power equipment supplier, with a reputation for delivering high quality, technically-advanced, reliable facilities and equipment on time, on budget and with a world-class safety record.
    • Image Capture (Scanning)
    • Image Enhancement
    • Re-scanning
    • Image Quality Assurance
    • Data Entry/Indexing
    • Data Entry QC
    • Data Back-up
  • 8. Case6: Registrar of Companies (Ministry of Company Affairs- MCA 21) MCA-21 is India's largest e-governance initiative by the Ministry of Company Affairs and a mission project under Government of India's national e-Governance plan, with a comprehensive online portal to enable e-Filing by organizations under the MCA-21 project. Axsys Technologies Limited in collaboration with TCS and its partners have been involved in MCA -21 project for digitization of Company records at all FOUR (4) locations in Eastern Region namely Kolkata, Patna , Shillong & Cuttack. Volume Around 55, 00000 (fifty five lacs ) of pages related to Company registration
    • Soft copy conversion of 5.5 million company records by deputing manpower resources as well as equipments like heavy duty scanners and servers at each location
    • Image enhancement of individual pages like de-skewing, page rotation and despeckle
    • 100% Quality Check of the scanned images and re-scan as required
    • Data entry for individual company details as well as director/s information for respective companies was captured
    • Data validation of the individual record and conversion of these files to “.PDF” format
    Entire project at each location has been executed working two shifts for duration of 7-8 months Domain: Legal Status: Completed
  • 9. Case7: Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) Institute of Cost and works Accountants of India (ICWAI), one of the oldest institute of India, intends to digitize approximately 20,000 Membership Files, each containing 15-20 documents on average for a total volume of 4, 50,000 pages of A4 size. Volume 4.5 Lacs of membership documents
    • Soft copy conversion of 3.5 lacs membership records by deputing manpower resources as well as equipments like heavy duty scanners and servers at client’s location
    • Checking of individual pages like de-skewing, page rotation and despeckle
    • 100% Quality Check of the scanned images and re-scan as required
    Domain: Finance Status: Completed
  • 10. Case8: Indian Institute of Science Education Research (IISER) Domain: Education Status: Completed INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (IISER) is designed to reach the prestigious position in the global setting that IISc, IIMs and IITs presently enjoy. IISER is an autonomous institution awarding its own degrees. The central theme of the IISER is to integrate education with research so that undergraduate teaching as well as doctoral and postdoctoral research work are carried out in symbiosis. AXSYS was given a task of digitization of rare book which includes
    • De-skewing of pages and de-speckling of all noises as present on four blank sides of individual pages
    • Enable all pages of the soft copy “.pdf” file text searchable / background OCR
    • Detail bookmark chapter as well as content in “.pdf” file
    • Hyperlink words in Index & Glossary List with respective destination pages
    • Hyperlink individual Reference and Notes (numerical points) as mentioned in every page
  • 11. Case9: Computer Exchange Domain: Legal Status: Completed
    • Searchable “.pdf” creation of Legal documents with book mark.
    • Classification of cases as per legal terminologies.
    • SME assistance for execution of the project.
    • Train the customer side user group to use and navigate pdf documents.
  • 12. Case10: Others… Domain: Mixed Ongoing since 2009 2225000 records Data entry of Invoices from PDF files into xls files Ongoing since 2009 25000 pages Data conversion of non-searchable PDF files into word files and searchable PDF files Hitech BPO Ongoing since 2009 10000 pages (monthly) Conversion document of specific information e.g. technical journal / issue information and other materials from the publication domain for creation of XML and TIFF files that are used for e-book publication. SPi (India) Completed in 2009 10000 pages Conversion of Legal Documents & Hawaiian Bibles from Pdf files into word file by OCR process and validation of Documents SUNTEC India Status Volume Scope of Work Client