The Secret Of Life


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The Secret Of Life

  1. 1. The SecretOf LifeBased on the book ‘The Secret’By Vichitra Kumar
  2. 2. In our life we all are working with one law,theLaw Of Attraction. This is the secret.Law Of AttractionThe greatest law of universe.Attraction towards anything occurs with someimage in mind.Anything getting into your mind means you areattracting it.You become what you think about the most, youattracts the most.
  3. 3. Attraction can be defined in three words.• Thoughts• Become• ThingsThoughtsEvery thought has a frequency. A uniquemagnetic frequency.Thoughts sends those magnetic signal and makeit parallel back to you.Think of what you want and you will attract that.
  4. 4. Law of attraction doesnn’t know what you wantto be. It gives response to the frequency ofthoughts.When you think about anything what you wantor what you don’t, means you are activating athought.If you are thinking about bad it means you aregiving its signal to the universe and you areattracting that.Law Of Attraction: It will give you what you wantyou think and focus on.
  5. 5. Change your focus what you don’t want butfocus what you want.A positive thought is hundred times morepowerful than negative thought.So choose yourthoughts carefully.If you expect, you attract. Or you attract bydefault if you don’t have control over yourthoughts.For your so many different thought you can’tmonitor them. Here your emotional guidencesystem works to understanding what you arethinking.
  6. 6. Two emotions perspective are there:• Good• BadAll negative emotions feels bad like guilt, anger,frustration etc. These are called bad frequency.Positive emotions are guidance saying like love,happiness, hope.If you are thinking positively for what you want,you are in alignment.The better you feel in more alignment you are,the worst you fell more you are out ofalignment.
  7. 7. WHATEVER IT IS YOU ARE FEELINGIS A PERFECT REFLECTION OF WHATIS IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING.You should feel healthy. About hope, loveprosperity even if they are not around you. Andthe universe will correspond to the inner feeling.WHAT YOU THINK WHAT YOU FEEL ANDWHAT YOU MENIFESTS IS ALWAYS AMATCH.
  8. 8. Feeling good is really important as it goes as asignal to the universe.Three steps of creative process.• Ask• Answer• RecieveYou should ask in thoughts as universe acceptdoesn’t hear your voice. Universe will answerand it will start to rearrange itself for you.You should be in a alignment to receive whatyou want.
  9. 9. Don’t delay, don’t doubt when you opportunityto act for your dream. That is what universewants.TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN FAITH.YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEE THE WHOLESTAIRCASE. JUAT TAKE THE FIRSTSTEP.Being in alignment matters to the universe.We stuck to the current circumstances andcurrent circumstances are our reality andcurrent reality changes when we use secret.
  10. 10. What’s your situation say “that is not who youare” but “that is who you were”.If we stuck to the same thoughts we lead it tothe future.ALL THAT WE ARE IS THE RESULT OFWHAT WE THOUGHT.
  11. 11. Concept Of ProcessProcess Of Gratitude:Gratitude shifts your energy and your thinking.With this you don’t think about what you don’thave but you become grateful for the things youhave. So it takes you in a different direction.Gratitude includes appreciation andappreciation pulls things and attracts support.Attitude of gratitude really matters.
  12. 12. Process Of Visualization:Visualize what you want to be and you will be infuture.Feel the happiness, feel the joy around.That visualization will open a doorway, whichwill express the power of universe.The basic of this process is to feel good,feelhigh,feel exhilarated.Sometimes you are trying but results are notshowing up, they are about to but you give upthere.
  13. 13. You attracts the negative and they will never beshown up. You have to stuck for that for thetime. It take the time.IMAGINATION ID EVERYTHING IT ISPREVIEW OF LIFE’S COMINGATTRACTIONSDecide: what you wantBelieve: you deserve it, its possible for you.Visualize: visualize the thing for everyday forseveral minutes.Focus: what you are grateful for already.
  14. 14. Release it into the universe with your thoughtsand trust that universe will make it for you.Visualize your goal as it is already achieved.WHEN YOU HAVE AN INSPIRINGTHOUGHT YOU HAVE TO TRUST ITYOU HAVE TO ACT ON IT.
  15. 15. If you are thinking about debt, doesn’t matter togetting in or getting out. But you are attractingdebt. Set up automatic debt repayment programand focus on prosperity.If you are talking about not having money. Youare actually activating thought of not havingmoney.
  16. 16. Other thing come after the happiness.First is inner joy, inner vision, inner vision first.Feel happy.How can you expect to enjoy your company ifyou don’t enjoy your own company.You are the solution for yourself. Give time toyourself and fell the fullness. Then you will beoverflowed and give it to others.As you love yourself you’ll love others.
  17. 17. If you are not in a same mood or attitude inwhich others are, your frequencies doesn’tmatch up.YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CREATES YOUROWN REALITY.
  18. 18. Our physiology creates disease to give usfeedback that we are not loving, w are notgrateful.See yourself living in a perfect healthy body.Happier thoughts lead to a happier healthybiochemistry.Remove physiological stress from the body andtit heal itself.
  19. 19. WHAT YOU RESIST, YOU PERSISTSWhen you say you don’t like that feeling you areattracting it towards you.Anti war movements creates more war.Anti drugs movement creates more drug.Because you are focusing what you don’t want-war, drug. And you are attracting it.if youre anti-war, be pro peace.If youre anti-hunger, be propeople having more than enough to eat.
  20. 20. If you anti particular politician,be pro hisopponent.If we are thinking what we don’t want. Hoeterrible it is, how bad it is. We are making moreof it.Take your attention away what you don’t wantand all the emotions charge around it.When the voice and the vision on the insidebecome more profound and more clear andloud then the opinion on the outside youvemastered your life.
  21. 21. There is more than enough around you foreveryone. More than enough love, more thanenough energy, more than enough creativeideas, more than enough power, more thanenough creative joy.So we will not run out of that stuff if we all usethe great secret of life.We all don’t want the same thing, sameexperience.There is enough for everyone. You see it, you actfor it.
  22. 22. you get to choose from among of those thing thatyoure wanting.Think about it, find a feeling place of it get inside ofit, talk about it and write it down, write a scriptabout it make it your realityby becoming a match to itAnd when you see those things that you are notwanting in your experience. Do not talk aboutthem, dont write about them, dont join groups ofworry about them, dont push against them, Doyour best to ignore them, Do your best to ignorethem..
  23. 23. ENERGYEverything is energy.The whole universe, planet galaxy everything ismade up of energy.Who created this world-The Energy.Describe energy:It can never be created or destroyed. Its alwayswas, always has been, everything that everexisted, always exists.
  24. 24. Who created this world-The God.Describe God:Always was and always has been, never be canbe created or destroyed, all there ever was,always will be.Its the same description, just differentterminology.youre energy field operating in a larger energyfield.There isnt an "out-there" and "in-here".
  25. 25. Everything in Universe is connected, its just oneenergy field.You are source energy. You are that what youcall God.Scripturally, we could say that we are the imageand the lightness of God.You have got potential and power to create yourworld. And maybe youve created things to thispoint that are wonderful and worthy of you andmaybe you havent.
  26. 26. ALL POWER IS FROM WITHIN AND ISTHERFORE UNDER OUR OWN CONTROL.WHETHER YOUU THINK YOU CAN ORYOU CAN’T EITHER WAY YOU ARERIGHT.We are unlimited beings.The capabilities and the talents and the gifts andthe power that is within every single individualon this planet is unlimited.
  27. 27. There is no blackboard in the sky on which Godhas written.The blackboard doesnt exist. your purpose iswhat you say it is.Your mission is the mission you give yourself.FOLLOW YOUR OWN BLISS UNIVERSEWILL OPEN DOORS FOR YOU WHERETHERE WERE ONLLY WALLS.There is a future of unbounded potential,unbounded possibilities.
  28. 28. Were using at most 5% of the potential of thehuman mind.So imagine a world where people were usingtheir full mental and emotional potential.This power within you thats greater than theworld. It will take over your life,it will feed you,It will clothe you, It will guide you, Protect you,Direct you, if youll let it.Have fun with it. Theres nothing youresupposed to do.THANK YOU