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  • 1. Formal SMS Writing
  • 2. The acronym SMS is usedfor Short MessageService. It is alsoreferred to as “textmessaging” that is anelectronic or non-voicedform of communication.
  • 3. Dos: Text EtiquetteAlways use proper greetings and salutary remarks in OfficialSMSes.Keep it straight and simple.Do check the recipient’s number before you hit “send”.Do use texting for messages that cannot be misinterpreted.Do an impulsive check.Do spell correctly.Be conscientious of others schedules.Do remember who you are sending the text message to whenusing text abbreviations.
  • 4. Text EtiquetteDon’ts:Don’t replace all communicationwith texts.Don’t deliver bad or sad news bytext.Don’t expect your text to get toyour recipient the minute you hit“send”.Don’t text-message anythingconfidential, private, or potentiallyembarrassing.Don’t send texts while under theinfluence.Texting cannot communicate thosesubtle nuances that accompany face-to-face meetings or even phone calls.
  • 5. Points to Remember:Express yourself, clearly and forcefully, in less than 160 characters.Do it with style and panache, to present yourself in all your greatness,to make people want to know more, which is harder still.Be precise but not ambiguous.Brevity is good but not at the cost of clarity.Keep messages short, simple, and formal.
  • 6. A Few Tips:Every character counts, so use strongverbs and a minimum of adverbs.Avoid "university words".Forget about breaking your thoughtsinto two posts.Write first, then rewrite.Cut "that" and "which“.Eliminate personal pronouns.Write short sentences.Use punctuation!Be personal.Get to the point.
  • 7. Concision is the key to good writing: “Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.”A famous telegraphic exchange between OscarWilde and his publisher. The former sent the message "?" andthe publisher replied "!".
  • 8. SMS Lingo• Acronyms & Abbreviations• Logograms &Pictograms• Emoticons• Reduction & Shortenings• Capitalization & Initialization• Greetings and Close
  • 9. Some Useful Acronyms & Abbreviations…• ASAP •GR8• 2G2BT •TTYL• 2MORO •PLS/PLZ• 404 •PPL• 2NITE •QIK• @TEOTD •SRRY• ACK •EOD• COZ •FYI• NFA •NA
  • 10. Some Sample SMSes Hi, luking forward 2 recve d details.. It’ll b gr8 if I can get it bfr 11 am. Rgrds Dear sir, Will mail it shrtly. Gud mrng, pls find d new proposal on ur desk.. get in touch wid mr. parmar to get the documents signed by d person I/C positively by tdy. Gud mrng Sir, will update asap its done.
  • 11. References• < S_Etiquette.html>• < tion/how-to-write-in-140-characters-or- less.html>• messaging/9557.html• < .pdf>