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  • Layout/Flow __ Do you have a floor plan, or do you have an AutoCAD plan of your space? __ Do the aisle widths between workstations comply with OSHA and city codes?  __ Is there a good flow to the bathrooms and rest areas? __ Are the supervisors properly positioned and do you have your desired supervisor to agent ratio? __ Do the agents need to see the supervisor? If so, what is the balance between supervisor privacy, noise control and the height of the panels?   Agent Workstation Size & Accessories __What tasks are the agents performing; do they need a lot of workspace? __What is the type of business being performed? (Typically, an outbound center has smaller stations and an inbound center has larger stations.) __Is overhead shelving or pedestals needed for storage? __Is a paper management system needed?   Electrical Information __Does the space have outlets to utilize? __Will you drop the power in from the ceiling or will it come up from the floor? __What kind of equipment will be at the desk? __How many outlets does each agent need and what kind of power is required in the agent station runs?   Space Maximization __How many agents are needed now? Does this figure account for future growth? __Is the furniture reconfigurable should it be needed?   Other Call Center Areas __Is a training room needed? If so, would you prefer tables or workstations? __If a reception station is needed, is a straight level or bi-level counter important? __Do the administrative offices need to be reconfigured? __Does your center have the needed amount of copy/print centers? __Have you planned for huddle or conference rooms? __Do the break rooms accommodate current needs?   Ergonomics __Have you considered seating? A multi-adjustable chair is a key ergonomic feature. __Do your workstations include adjustable keyboards to help prevent repetitive motion injuries? __Does each station have a footrest to help promote movement and circulation? __Are monitors adjustable to accommodate different viewing angles? __How will you educate your employees on how to properly use/adjust the ergonomic equipment?   Furniture Lifecycle Costs __Does your current furniture offer a Lifetime Warranty? (If not be sure to consider this in your purchasing decisions.) __Are the individual panels in the workstations replaceable? __Do you have solid, durable furniture that can withstand the demands of a call center? __Are the connectors that connect panel walls together steel vs. plastic?
  • Contact center solution

    1. 1. Mithilesh Kumar Part - 1
    2. 2.  A contact centre, also known as customer interaction centre is a central point of any organization from which all customer contacts are managed Collective handling of multiple communication mode at one location is known as a contact centre.
    3. 3.  To interact with customer To provide services To provide supports To make sales To make business relations To hear customer concerns Ex: Customer  Enquiry  Company Contact Center  Agent answer the enquiry  Customer Satisfaction
    4. 4.  Layout/Flow Agent Workstation Size & Accessories Electrical Information Space Maximization Other Call Center Areas Ergonomics Furniture Lifecycle Costs
    5. 5.  Data Network Voice Network Contact Center Applications Client/Server Machines Software Operating Systems/Applications
    6. 6.  LAN Card on Client/Server Machine Layer-2 Switches Layer-3 Routers High speed bandwidth
    7. 7.  PSTN/VoIP connectivity PSTN/IP Audio/Video Telephones Digital/IP-PBX/ VoIP Gateways/ Servers PSTN/ IP based Toll Free number
    8. 8.  Dialer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ACD (Automatic call distribution) CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Call Logger Call Center Management Software Reporting
    9. 9.  Agent Computers Application specific Server Machines
    10. 10.  Client Operating System for Agent Server Operating System for Applications Licenses DHCP/DNS/Directory/Mail Servers CRM/Database
    11. 11.  Letter Fax SMS Audio Call Video Call E-Mail Web Chat / IM (Instant Messaging) Social Media
    12. 12.  Data Network Vendor Voice/Data Service Provider Vendor Contact Center suit vendor CRM/Database/Mail/Directory Vendor Client/Server Hardware Vendor
    13. 13.  Features on L2/L3 Switches/Routers Scalability/Performance Vendor Interoperability Services and Supports Competitive Advantage
    14. 14.  PSTN/IP Toll Free Number Bandwidth Speed/Quality Capacity support for PSTN and Bandwidth Public IP Pool Bandwidth Usage Report Call Details Records / Bills
    15. 15. Thank You