Sponsoring Secrets


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Sponsoring Secrets

  1. 1.  Preparation  Invitation  Presentation  Closing
  2. 2.  Preparation ◦ Memory Jogger ◦ Readers Digest Survey ◦ Peoples Business ◦ “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”
  3. 3.  3 way calling  Self Invitation
  4. 4. 3 Way Calls YOU Your prospect Your Upline A. Sunshine Greeting B. Honest Pedestal C. Inviting Script D. Firm Commitment to an Appointment
  5. 5. Use the 5 C’s technique. 1. Conversation ◦Family ◦Occupation ◦Recreation ◦Money
  6. 6. 2. Compliment ◦ When you find the hook, give them a compliment. For example, “Brij, you know everyone in town. With your contacts, you’d be a natural at my new business.” It must be genuine or you would not be making this call. Lead into the purpose of your call by creating curiosity, the third ”C.”
  7. 7. 3. Curiosity ◦ Create curiosity. Your single goal is to get a commitment from your prospect to attend a Private Presentation. Anything you do that creates curiosity will increase your success rate. Anything you do that satisfies curiosity will decrease your success rate. It’s as simple as that.
  8. 8. 4. Control ◦ Remember the objective is an Invitation not an initiation. ◦ Don’t EVER give too much away
  9. 9. Tell Me More ◦ “Raj, I can’t even begin to do it justice in 30 seconds on the phone. It’s not fair to you or me. You know if I could, I would, but we both don’t have an hour right now to sit down and chat about this on the phone. Besides, this is something you have got to see and that’s why I’m calling you, so I can sit down with you in _______ and show you the whole picture.”
  10. 10. 5. Commitment ◦ Time ◦ Spouse ◦ Two day cancellation
  11. 11.  Teach  Empower  Activate  Monitor
  12. 12. PRODUCT 1. Do you use similar products? 2. Do you see how our product will save people money? 3. What do you think of the quality of our products? 4. Do you think our unique products are what people really want? 5. How many people do you know would like to save money on their cleaning products? 6. Do you like to save money on your cleaning products? 7. Do you see how becoming a Consultant can save you an additional 20% on the products you personally use? 8. Were you impressed with our “No Questions Asked” 100% money back Satisfaction Guarantee? 9. Have you ever seen a guarantee better than that? 10 Did you think the cleaning demonstration was impressive? 11. Do you see now why our products are selling so well?
  13. 13. TRAINING 1. What do you think of our Nationwide Showcase programs? 2. Do you see how our on-the-job Leadership Training is better than just classroom training alone? 3. Did you like the part that in the beginning your sponsor builds your business while you observe? 4. Do you think it makes sense to observe and learn before you start on your own? 5. Our training workshop is a concentrated success builder. Do you think it makes sense to attend? 6. If you decided to take the advantage of this business opportunity, would you use the training available?
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITY 1. How do you like the fact that you will be a business partner of the Modi group? 2. As a consultant, do you see that you receive a permanent 20% discount on personal purchases? 3. By buying wholesale, and then selling at retail, do you see that you earn 20-25% profit on all of your sales? 4. Do you like the idea that you can sponsor others and earn additional bonuses on their purchases? 5. If you become involved with our business, would you like to be a Star Director? 6. What did you think of the Star Director Holiday? Would you like to travel abroad on a holiday? 7. As a consultant, you order direct from Modicare. Do you see the income advantages of ordering in bulk at additional discounts? 8. Did you like the fact that our business only takes 10-12 hours a week? 9. Many of our consultants started part-time. When their earnings exceeded their full-time job, they quit their jobs to devote all their time to their business. Would you like this opportunity to produce a full time income? 10. Do you see that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in our guaranteed fast start?
  15. 15.  Assumptive: ◦ “Would you like to start full time or part time?” ◦ “What did you like best of what you just saw and heard?” ◦ “Would you like to get paid in 6 months or today?”
  16. 16.  No Money  No money or no value?  Ease it up. Rs. 13.60 per day.  Money is what Money does.
  17. 17.  No Time  Of Course.  Master of Time or Slave of Time?  Whose Time?
  18. 18.  Let me ask my husband and revert to you  Prevent it  Pre-empt it
  19. 19.  Give me a brochure and I will get back to you.  (Remember if you cant sell, the brochure can’t.) - Of course, as soon as you join you get a starter kit that has full literature on company, opportunity, products that you can show to your friends! - Give more reasons: Sone ka andaa; Insurance
  20. 20. Rule 1: SEE MORE PEOPLE (TALK TO EVERYONE) -- Talk to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen to you. -- Do not become prospecting snobs: “he is too young”; “he is too old”; “he is too rich.” -- Initially talk to everyone, as you need practice. Rule 2: SEE MORE PEOPLE. -- Keep calling people. -- You can see the best presenter, but if u do not see enough prospects, you are out of business. Rule 3: LAW OF AVERAGES -- 10:6:3:1