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On September, 16 2013 Google release the advanced search engine algorithm HUMMINGBIRD. This latest algorithm released to increase the search capability with fast method. This fast method includes the conversational search. Everyone nowadays wants to search with speaking not by typing keywords.
Does this means that all of your content is in jeopardy. There is nothing like that. We just have to make our page with excellent content based on queries not just by concentrating on keywords. There is no question that hummingbird algorithm give a vast change in search engine optimization. Google release this article to make his content based on conversational queries. Google wants to deliver content with real speech pattern. E.g. What is the height of burj khalifa.
Google want to answer to the user question by giving website to the user, this thing creates a problem for the Google also how to rank the websites according to the content. Beside this, Google deliver the content to the user with information card with his new algorithm. Information card is that what we see on the right side and top of the Google first page. Through this Google give us the information in a fast method.
Hummingbird algorithm focuses on the quality of the content not quantity. By creating the useful content your page ranking automatically increases. With this algorithm Google also focuses on the anchor text strategy. Use synonym also with your keywords. Check out the internal links for the revision of anchor text strategy. Depending upon the search content hummingbird algorithm divide the content basically into three categories –Informational, Transactional, Navigational. Navigational content relates to some specific site etc. Transactional content relates to some nearest center.

Some important tips and advices according to new Google search Engine algorithm
1. Make sure that your content is regularly updated
2. Implement some kind of Blogs or articles to your website to increase page rank.
3. Include conversational queries to your website content.
4. Increase the inbound links to your website through various sources.
5. Focus on the quality content, not on the quantity of the content.
6. The most important, make your website compatible to all mobile devices.
7. Focus on the whole query rather than single keywords.

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Humming bird

  2. 2. HUMMING BIRD Release on September 26,2013
  3. 3. Introduction of Humming Bird • It is named for the speed and accuracy of tiny bird . • Humming bird is an entirely new algorithm. It approaches search engine queries in a brand new and intelligent way utilizing new technology
  4. 4. Why did Google create Humming Bird? • Google promised answers by creating its very first search engine. The problem is, people are asking questions, not typing keywords. • Nowadays, more and more people using their mobile device to search with conversation. • Google knows how important it is to understand a question especially when you are driving. Comprehension is not new it is just refined. • Adapting keyword strategies with conversational queries. E.g. how old is Emma watson.
  5. 5. Conversational Search • Rather than search with a typing is not an easy way, Google provide the new searching method with speaking. • Google, Hummingbird better focus on the meaning behind the Word. • Google, Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query. • Here in the picture we can see the tempera- ture and city is more concerned.
  6. 6. Break Down Conversational Queries • Humming Bird distills longer conversational queries to shorter, intent-driven ones. • Use keywords that sum up longer search terms. • Create pages for separate query types (informational, navigational or transactional) • Use conversation-type keywords are natural .
  7. 7. INFORAMATION CARD • Humming is supposed to answer the search question . It does this giving an answer in the form of an “Information card”. • E.g. my flights
  8. 8. Use synonym search words • Optimize for keywords that often co-occur in similar context. • To see which Google keyword considered synonyms , note highlighted keywords in synonym.
  9. 9. Link popularity • Higher the link authority ,higher the rank of pages. • Rank of the page can be improved by getting lots of links from semi- popular pages , or getting few link from high popular pages. • External link give high page rank than internal link.
  10. 10. Revise Anchor Text Strategy • Do an inventory of your internal Link anchor Text. • Use synonym also with the keywords in the anchor text. • Checkout your internal links to revise anchor text strategy
  11. 11. Humming bird provide different search result • Depending upon the search content humming bird provide different type of search result. • Result can be based on Transactional , Informational , Navigational. • Navigational relates to relevant site .
  12. 12. Navigational • Navigational relates to relevant site . • The user need relevant information for that relevant website.
  13. 13. Transactional • The user want to locate and visitthe nearest centre e.g. starbucks as shown in picture.
  14. 14. Thank you By -Kulratan singh
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