Mobile Monday Beijing - Introduction to thai mobile environment - 14th may 2012

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Introduction to Thailand Mobile, Web and Startups …

Introduction to Thailand Mobile, Web and Startups

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  • 1. Introduction to Thailand
Mobile, Web and Startups"Mobile Monday Beijing!14th May 2012!!Ville Kulmala – Monday Monday Thailand!Twitter/Weibo: @villekulmala!
  • 2. Who am I?!"Ville Kulmala (Finland) – Managing Director – Mobile Spark!!-  Over 12 years technology and business consulting experience for global companies such as Nokia, Accenture, ING, ABN AMRO, Heineken, KPN, Areva, Logica and Fortis.!!-  Mobile Spark is a mobile marketing agency, with offices in The Netherlands, Finland and Hong Kong. !!-  Chairman for +1000 members strong Mobile Monday Thailand –!! !
  • 3. Mobile Monday Bangkok!Thai Mobile Community !!Operators, Manufacturers, Developers, !Designers, Vendors, Startups, !Ad Agencies, etc. Thai and International.!!Translations provided at events!!Events held every 2-3 months, 150-250 !Participants. Next one expected 300.!!Next event 28th of May in Bangkok!!If you’re around, be welcome to join in!!!
  • 4. Mobile Monday Bangkok!
  • 5. Thailand – Stats & Opportunity!
  • 6. Why Thailand?!!!
  • 7. Thailand - Key Stats ! Mobile  web  should   Kill  entry  barriers   for  rural  popula5on   Already  fully  mobile  Ref: we are social(2012)!
  • 8. Thailand – Online Gaming Huge!!Reality Check!Hardly anyone pays.!Ref: we are social (2012)!
  • 9. Thailand 
Case study: Foursquare Wine Connections!Already  back  in  2010  Thailand  one  of  the  most  ac5ve  on  foursquare  
  • 10. Thailand 
Case study: Foursquare Wine Connections!In  2010..  
  • 11. Thailand 
Case study: Rocket Internet!Crea5on  of  clone  e-­‐commerce  web  sites  from  popular  American  sites  such  as  Amazon,  Zappos  and  Pinterest.    -­‐  Hired  200  people  since  arrival  on  early  2012  -­‐  Simple  yet  high  quality  clone  websites  
  • 12. Thailand – Usage of Blogs!Thai  blog  web  page  consump5on  by  far  the  largest  in  SE  Asia.  Ref: Effective Measure (2012)!
  • 13. Stats – Thailand Blogs!Orange colour indicates that market share is higher thanthe market average in SE Asia.! !-  Blog readers mostly high income Thai’s with high education!-  Relatively the most wealthy web population in SE Asia "Ref: Effective Measure (2012)!
  • 14. Thailand Mobile App Sales!In  2011,  Thailand  was  ranked  26th  globally  in  terms  of  iOS  revenue.    WW  iOS  revenue  =  288%  growth  in  2011  Thailand  iOS  revenue  =  553%  growth  in  2011    WW  iOS  downloads  =  81%  growth  in  2011  Thailand  iOS  downloads  =  165%  growth  in  2011    Reality  check,  it  is  s5ll  26th  in  the  world.  Ref: App Annie (January 2012)!!
  • 15. Stats – Instagram!Instagram Thailand uploads !!More than 11 million photos uploaded.!
  • 16. Thai Business Environment
Pros & Cons!
  • 17. Thailand 
Technology Business Environment!Pros!!-­‐  Startup  web/mobile  eco  system  s:ll  largely  un-­‐tapped   market  –  finally  showing  some  evidence  of  real  growth  -­‐  Cheap  workforce  -­‐  pleasant  environment  to  live  -­‐  Mobile  opportunity  large,  one  of  the  wealthiest  Southeast   Asian  economies  -­‐  Good  place  to  access  the  region      (northern  southeast  asia,  malaysia,  cambodia,  burma,    laos,  vietnam)  -­‐  good  connec5ons  for  travel.  !!
  • 18. Thailand 
Technology Business Environment!Cons!!-­‐  Foreigners  cannot  own  more  than  49%  of  the  Thai   company  equity.      Possibilies  exists  to  manage  the  ownership  and  BOI  can  be  done.  Eventually  sll  not  really  easy  or  transparent  process.      -­‐  Educa:on  is  issue  in  technology  -­‐  difficult  to  find  right  tech   employees  –  language  too  -­‐  Cultural  barriers  to  tap  in  to  ecommerce  opportuni5es  not   always  easy  to  understand    -­‐  Poli:cally  unstable  environment  
  • 19. Thank you!"Ville Kulmala – Chairman Mobile Monday Thailand""""Twitter/Weibo: @villekulmala""