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  1. 1. Focus Group: Class I & II E-Lesson : We Are, What We Eat Subject : E.V.S. Name : Jharna Bhattacharya
  2. 2. We Are… What We Eat Our today’s health is a reflection of our past eating habits… So let’s become little more aware and conscious about – What We Eat…
  3. 3. Each food is important to us in a special way….
  4. 4. A healthy diet is a mixture of a variety of foods.
  5. 5. Let us see the different kinds of foods and the role played by them in helping us to grow and stay healthy.
  6. 6. Well, Well, Well, Just look at Cabby, The Cabbage! She looks very, very sad! She is unhappy because she says that little children are not fond of her and all her veggie friends. But do you know how helpful her veggie friends are?
  7. 7. Well, I'm full of VITAMINS, especially  vitamin A . I must form a part of your diet. The more you eat me, the better your eyesight is going to be ! Can you see how strong I am ?
  8. 8. Oh ! Don't get scared of me ! I'm not an insect. Yes, I'm your favourite Lady finger! If you eat lots of green vegetables like me  you will always remain healthy.
  9. 9. I'm full of Vitamin C . If you eat me regularly, you will be safe from a running nose ! Next time you catch a cold, you can be sure you didn't have enough Vitamin C. I'm a little PEAR
  10. 10. Green vegetables help you to process your food and clean up your little tummy so you will never complain of a stomach ache !
  11. 11. Eat lots of Fruits and Green Vegetables…You will never fall ill. Fruits and Vegetables are called as Protective Foods .
  12. 12. MINERALS  like Calcium are required to build your bones and you will get plenty of it from milk , cheese and other dairy products. They are Body Building Foods and help us to grow.
  13. 13. PROTEINS which help you to grow, come from meat, cheese, fish, vegetables and nuts. Some more Body Building Foods …..
  14. 14. Energy Giving Foods … SUGAR and STARCHY foods fill you up and supply you the energy that you constantly need. This starch comes from potato, rice, and some other food grains.
  15. 15. Some amount of FAT is also required to give you energy. This comes from butter and ghee.
  16. 16. The right  combination of all these foods will definitely make you strong and healthy.
  17. 17. Avoid eating oily and spicy food at home and outside. Eating outside frequently invites diseases.
  18. 18. Avoid eating Fast Food. It is bad for health. It is called as Junk Food .
  19. 19. Learn to Say NO to sweets. Too much of sweets can harm your teeth, lead to gum infections, make you fat and lazy.
  20. 20. Enrich your diet with green vegetables, pulses and sprouts.
  21. 21. For better digestion , Avoid talking while eating.
  22. 22. For a  healthy , glowing skin , drink plenty of water. Get involved in sports like cricket, basketball etc. it is the best exercise.
  23. 23.   Last but not the least,  EAT HEALTHY ; THINK HEALTHY ; BE HEALTHY !!