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Roget’s superthesaurus 1582972540


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  • 1. DEDICATION To my wonderful parents, Mary and Errol McCutcheon ABOUT THE AUTHORMarc McCutcheon is a writer and lexicographer who lives in South Portland, Maine, with his wife, Deanna, and two children, Kara and Matthew.His most recent books include Damn, Why Didn’t I Write That; The Girl Named Pluto; Descriptionary; Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s; and The Compass in Your Nose & Other Astonishing Facts About Humans.Roget’s Superthesaurus. Copyright ஽ 2003 by Marc McCutcheon. Manufactured in the United States ofAmerica. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic ormechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from thepublisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review. Published by Writer’s Digest Books,an imprint of F‫ם‬W Publications, Inc., 4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45236. (800)289-0963.Third edition.Visit our Web site at for information on more resources for writers.To receive a free weekly e-mail newsletter delivering tips and updates about writing and about Writer’s Digestproducts, register directly at our Web site at 08 07 06 05 6 5 4 3 2Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataMcCutcheon, Mark Roget’s superthesaurus / by Marc McCutcheon—3d ed. p. cm. ISBN 1-58297-253-2 (alk. paper) ISBN 1-58297-254-0 (pbk.: alk. paper) ISBN-13: 978-1-58297-652-5 (EPUB) 1. English language—Synonyms and antonyms. 2. English language—Terms and phrases. I. Title.PE1591.M416 2003423Ј.12—dc22 2003057647 CIPEdited by Kelly Nickell and Michelle RubergDesigned by Angela WilcoxCover by Brian RoethProduction coordinated by Robin Richie
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Welcome to the updated and expanded edition of Roget’s Superthesaurus. You now hold in your hands what we feel is the most innovative and useful thesaurus on the market. It has been carefully crafted to provide:. . . a comprehensive bank of synonyms to help you avoid repeti- tiveness and improve word accuracy. For example, did the man walk, squelch, or slog through the mud? As every profes- sional writer knows, the right synonym choice is crucial in adding power, depth, and pizzaz to compositions.. . . a reverse dictionary component (WORD FIND) to show you the exact word when you know what a thing is but not what the thing is called. Beyond the need to locate synonyms for, say, CAT (kitty, feline, tabby, etc.) you’ll sometimes need to know words used to accurately describe a cat. For instance, what do you call that white patch under a cat’s neck? (Locket.) The white patches on the feet? (Mittens, gloves.) The reflective eye layer that glows in the dark? (Tapetum.) A mating cry? (Cat- erwaul.) One who loves cats? (Ailurophile.) This exclusive reverse dictionary component will, once and for all, stop you from calling something a ‘‘doohickey’’ or a ‘‘thingamajig.’’ Astonishingly, it’s the one extremely useful component that other thesauri have overlooked over the years, and only Su- perthesaurus has it. Just look under a main subject word (CAT) to find listed underneath in WORD FIND all related or descriptive terms (caterwaul, mittens, queen, ruff, etc.). . . a built-in vocabulary book. Throughout the thesaurus, vo- cabulary words are CAPITALIZED, given a pronunciation key, and sampled in a sentence. No need to buy a separate vocabulary builder. Superthesaurus highlights hundreds of sharp words to help you bushwack your way out of the wilder- ness of Tarzan-like communication and into the vernacular of the world’s greatest wordsmiths. Once again, no other the- saurus has this component. It’s a Superthesaurus exclusive.
  • 3. . . . quotations that double as synonyms. Many entries through- out Superthesaurus have them. For example, you may want to call MOUNTAINS hills or peaks, but if you really want to impress, why not quote Lord Byron and call them the ‘‘Palaces of Nature’’? You’ll find such quotes immediately following the normal list of synonyms.. . . antonyms. For when you need the opposite of a synonym. For example, an antonym of ATTRACTIVE would be Repulsive. Antonyms are always listed at the very end of an entry.Superthesaurus is arranged alphabetically. It has no space-wast-ing index to make itself look bigger than it really is. To find theword you want, simply turn to its order in the alphabet. Typi-cally, you’ll make just one reference stop instead of two or three,as is necessary in indexed formats.Unlike most other thesauri, Superthesaurus includes many ‘‘mi-nor’’ words as head entries. That way annoying cross referencesare greatly reduced. When you encounter a ‘‘minor’’ word, atleast two or three synonyms are given in the hope that one ofthose words will be the one you need. That way you again side-step the need for a time-consuming cross-reference.Usages are divided by separate entries for adjective [a.], adverb[adv.], noun [n.], pronoun [pron.], verb [v.], and preposition[prep.] Separate senses within each part of speech are clearlydelineated by number, by brief definition or definitive word, or,occasionally, when meanings are closely-related, by a simplesemi-colon between word lists. Slang or informal words are de-lineated by a simple [*] asterisk.Use Superthesaurus to sharpen your writing in letters, reports,articles, novels, and poetry. Use it to beef up your vocabulary,locate a quotation, or help you fill out that challenging cross-word puzzle. The longer you use Superthesaurus the more you’llappreciate its extra features.If you need synonyms, any old thesaurus will do. If you want tobecome a word master, turn to the one source that puts it alltogether: Superthesaurus.
  • 4. Aback–AbbreviationAaback (taken) adv. startled, taken unawares, abbreviation n. shortening, condensation, surprised, confused, *thrown off guard. abridgement, contraction, reduction, sum-abaft a. aft, astern, rearward, behind, back. mary, synopsis, brief, abstract, short version,abandon n. unrestraint, carelessness, free-spirit- short form. edness, spontaneity, wildness, wantonness, WORD FIND intemperance, impulsiveness, devil-may- ABCs: fundamentals, rudiments, basics, care attitude. ANT. restraint, reserve, restric- simple elements tion, self-consciousness. AC: alternating current; air conditioningabandon v. leave, desert, discard, forsake, quit, A.D.: anno Domini; in the year of the Lord dump, *turn one’s back on, cast off, reject, a.k.a: also known as relinquish, discontinue, renounce, lay aside, anon: anonymous *leave in the lurch, *cut one’s losses, *throw ASAP: as soon as possible in the towel, strand, drop, give up, *wash aux.: auxiliary one’s hands of, *deep six, ditch. ANT. stick AWOL: absent without leave with, take up, continue, adopt. B.A.: Bachelor of Artsabandoned a. 1. DESERTED given up, forgotten, B.C.: before Christ left behind, rejected, stranded, forsaken, blvd.: boulevard cast off, cast aside, discarded, destitute, for- B.S.: Bachelor of Science gotten, scorned, desolate, friendless. 2. UN- BTU: British thermal unit RESTRAINED unreserved, uncontrolled, disso- BYOB: bring your own booze lute, wild, loose, immoral, wicked, CB: Citizens Band shameless, licentious, lewd, wanton. ANT. 1. C: Celsius, centigrade used, adopted, taken up, befriended. 2. re- c: copyright strained, reserved, moral, seemly. Cdr.: Commanderabase v. humble, humiliate, degrade, *prostrate CEO: chief executive officer oneself, deflate, *put down, debase, vitiate, chm.: chairman devalue. ANT. honor, *puff up. cl.: centiliterABASHED a. [uh BASHED] embarrassed, ill cm.: centimeter at ease. Mary spoke unabashedly about contra- c/o: care of ceptives. SYN. embarrassed, ashamed, humili- co.: company ated, red-faced, disconcerted, discomfitted, COD: cash on delivery mortified, chagrined, disgraced. ANT. reas- Col.: Colonel sured, relaxed, cool. corp.: corporationABATE v. [uh BATE] to subside, lessen, re- CPA: certified public accountant duce. The pain from a stubbed toe will gradu- CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation ally abate. SYN. subside, lessen, reduce, cu.: cubic weaken, slacken, diminish, decrease, wane, DA: district attorney dwindle, decline, let up, taper off. ANT. grow, DC: direct current expand, intensify, surge. D.D.: Doctor of Divinityabattoir n. slaughterhouse, butchery. D.D.S.: Doctor of Dental Scienceabbey n. monastery, cloister, friary, convent, DOA: dead on arrival nunnery, ministry. Dr.: Doctor WORD FIND DST: daylight-saving time area restricted to members: cloister d.t.’s: delirium tremens governed by prior or prioress: priory EEG: electroencephalogram orders: Benedictine, Dominican, Francis- e.g.: exempli gratia; for example can, Jesuit, Paulist, Trappist EKG: electrocardiogram resident: monk, friar, nun ERA: earned run average superior or head: abbot, abbess ESP: extrasensory perceptionabbreviate v. shorten, abridge, condense, cut, Esq.: Esquire reduce, contract, curtail, clip, compress, et al: et alia; and others synopsize. ANT. expand, broaden, enlarge. etc.: etcetera; and so forth Roget’s Superthesaurus 1
  • 5. Abdicate–Abhorrent F: Fahrenheit TKO: technical knockout FM: frequency modulation UFO: unidentified flying object f.o.b.: freight on board VIP: very important person FYI: for your information viz.: videlicet, that is to say, namely g: gram VP: vice president GIGO: garbage in, garbage out ABDICATE v. [AB duh KATE] to relinquish, GOP: Grand Old Party surrender or give up one’s power, office or HMS: His/Her Majesty’s Ship responsibilities. The king abdicated in 1452. Hon.: Honorable SYN. relinquish, step down, retire, resign, re- hq.: headquarters nounce, yield, surrender, quit, abandon, re- ibid: ibidem; in the same place pudiate, give up, withdraw. ANT. usurp, as- i.e.: id est; that is sume power, take charge. IQ: intelligence quotient abdomen n. stomach, belly, gut, midsection, ISBN: International Standard Book Num- paunch, tummy, *breadbasket, *spare tire, ber *middle-aged spread. kg: kilogram abdominal a. intestinal, visceral, duodenal. km: kilometer abduct v. kidnap, steal away, make off with, l: liter seize, grab, spirit away, snatch, *shanghai. lb.: pound aberrant a. abnormal, deviant, deviating, un- L.P.N.: licensed practical nurse usual, anomolous, irregular, atypical, uncon- Ltd.: limited ventional, odd, freakish, weird, errant, pecu- M.A.: Master of Arts liar, *off the beaten track. ANT. normal, MC: master of ceremonies usual, typical, *par for the course. M.D.: Doctor of Medicine ABERRATION n. [AB uh RAY shun] some- mg: milligram thing atypical, unusual or unexpected; a de- ml: milliliter viation from the norm. A blizzard in Texas mm: millimeter is an aberration of local weather patterns. SYN. MO: modus operandi; method of operation deviation, abnormality, irregularity, quirk, MP: Military Police freak, nonconformity, departure, oddity, mph: miles per hour anomaly, peculiarity, eccentricity, *oddball. ms.: manuscript ANT. norm, average, mean. M.S.: Master of Science ABET v. [uh BET] to incite, encourage or sup- M.S.W.: Master of Social Work port, especially in the performance of a N/A: not applicable wrongdoing. She was arrested for aiding and oz.: ounce abetting a drug smuggler. SYN. incite, encour- PA: public address (system) age, support, sanction, conspire, goad, spur, PC: personal computer egg on, endorse, promote, help, inflame. Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy ANT. discourage, prevent, prohibit, undermine. p.m.: post meridiem; afternoon abettor n. assistant, co-conspirator, inciter, in- pp.: pages stigator, confederate, accomplice, accessory, pro tem: pro tempore, for the time being *partner in crime. P.S.: postscript abeyance n. suspension, cessation, inaction, in- PX: post exchange termission, pause, latency, remission, dor- RBI: runs batted in mancy, quiescence. ANT. continuance, contin- RFD: Rural Free Delivery uation, prolongation. RIP: rest in peace ABHOR v. [ab HOR] to hate, detest or be dis- R.N.: registered nurse gusted by. We abhor bigots. SYN. hate, detest, rpm: revolutions per minute loathe, despise, view with horror, scorn, RSVP: respondez s’il vous plait, please an- shrink from, be sickened by, feel disgust for. swer ANT. love, cherish, embrace. Rx: pharmaceutical prescription abhorrent a. loathsome, detestable, despicable, SASE: self-addressed stamped envelope disgusting, abominable, horrible, sickening, SOS: save our ship/souls nauseating, hateful, repulsive, offensive, re- TBA: to be announced pugnant, heinous. ANT. nice, attractive, good, TGIF: thank God it’s Friday commendable, admirable.2 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 6. Abide–Abortabide v. 1. TO WAIT FOR await, stand fast, stay, matters of thought and conduct, to be inde- remain, bide. 2. TOLERATE put up with, with- pendent is to be abnormal.’’—Ambrose stand, *hang in there, bear, accept, submit Bierce. ANT. normal, usual, standard. SEE EC- to, stomach. 3. RESIDE dwell, stay, live, CENTRIC, NEUROTIC, PSYCHOTIC lodge. abnormality n. aberration, anomaly, deviation,abide by v. comply, obey, observe, respect, con- peculiarity, oddity, freak, deformity, malfor- form to, adhere to. mation, irregularity, eccentricity, mutant,abiding a. enduring, lasting, everlasting, eter- singularity. nal, unchanging, permanent, indestructible, aboard a. on board, on deck, topside, in, durable. ANT. short-lived, impermanent, tran- boarded, consigned. sient. abode n. residence, home, living quarters, habi-ability n. capability, faculty, facility, power, tation, habitat, dwelling, domicile, lodging, skill, talent, prowess, flair, competence, ap- roof over one’s head, *pad, *digs, nest. titude, capacity, knack, know-how, exper- WORD FIND tise, dexterity, proficiency, finesse, mind for, animal: den, lair, hutch, warren, sty, burrow, eye for, native ability, eye-hand coordina- diggings. tion. ANT. inability, incompetence, ineptitude, bird: nest, roost, aerie, aviary, cote. inadequacy. abolish v. end, destroy, eliminate, eradicate,ABJECT a. [AB ject] the absolute worst or stop, annul, quash, extinguish, defeat, ter- most miserable. They live in abject poverty. minate, repeal, stamp out, uproot, do away SYN. miserable, wretched, stark, hopeless, with, abrogate. ANT. institute, establish, pitiful, pathetic, degrading, squalid, hum- adopt. bling, destitute. abolition n. ending, annulment, moratorium,abjure v. give up, renounce, forswear, recant, abrogation, repeal, elimination, eradication, retract, disclaim, take back, renege, dis- termination, dissolution. avow, withdraw. ANT. uphold, swear by, abolitionist n. opponent, subversive, activist, maintain. advocate, propagator.ablate v. erode, wear away, melt, vaporize, A-bomb n. atomic bomb, thermonuclear bomb, evaporate, remove. *physics package. SEE NUCLEAR BOMBablaze a. blazing, flaming, on fire, aflame, burn- ABOMINABLE a. [uh BOM un uh bul] loath- ing, *going up in smoke, consumed by some, nasty. The crossbow was an abominable flames, roaring, crackling. ANT. extinguished. invention. SYN. nasty, vile, loathsome, ab- horrent, heinous, despicable, atrocious,able a. capable, habile, skillful, talented, com- hateful, execrable, awful, horrible, deplor- petent, qualified, practiced, expert, deft, able, repulsive, disgusting. ANT. admirable, adroit, masterful. ANT. incompetent, ineffec- nice, commendable. tual, weak, unskilled, unable. Abominable Snowman n. yeti, beast, a. healthy, fit, strong, robust, capa- SEE MONSTER ble, sound, in fine fettle, strapping. ANT. in- abominate v. loathe, despise, hate. firm. abomination n. 1. SOURCE OF LOATHING anath-abloom a. flowering, in flower, blooming. ˆ ema, bete noir. 2. LOATHING aversion, ab-ablution n. washing, cleansing, bath, scrubbing, horrence, hatred, disgust, repugnance, de- purification, decontamination, showering. testation.ably adv. capably, competently, deftly, expertly, aboriginal a. indigenous, native, endemic, first, adroitly. original, primitive.abnegate v. give up, forgo, abstain, renounce, aborigine n. native, first inhabitant, indigene, abdicate, refrain, forbear. ANT. indulge, binge, primitive, settler, original, *bushman. imbibe. WORD FINDabnegation n. self-denial, renunciation, absti- AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINE nence, abdication, relinquishment. weapon: boomerang, waddy, nulla, woo-abnormal a. atypical, irregular, odd, unusual, mera, blowpipe aberrant, deviant, unnatural, unexpected, wilderness: outback unconventional, weird, eccentric, queer, abort v. 1. MISCARRY expel. 2. FAIL fall short, offbeat, extraordinary, anomalous, strange, miss, go awry. 3. CANCEL cut short, termi- mutant. ‘‘Not conforming to standard. In nate, *scrub, *axe, *ditch, *can, *deep-six. Roget’s Superthesaurus 3
  • 7. Abortion–Abscondabortion n. 1. MISCARRIAGE feticide, termina- abrasive n. abradent, scourer, scraper, polisher, tion, aborticide, dilation and evacuation, burnisher, buffer. expulsion, infanticide. ‘‘The direct murder WORD FIND of the innocent.’’—Pope Pius XI. ‘‘If men course corundum: emery could get pregnant, abortion would be a sac- dark, granular mineral used in grinding, pol- rament.’’—Florynce R. Kennedy. 2. FAILURE ishing: aluminum oxide, corundum incompletion, defeat, disaster, blunder, jewelry and metal polisher made of ferric ox- monstrosity. ide: rougeabortive a. unsuccessful, fruitless, futile, useless, knife-sharpening stone: whetstone vain, unproductive, ineffectual, failing. ANT. manicuring stick: emery board successful, fruitful, effective. metal-polishing limestone: rottenstoneabound v. teem, overflow, flood, *be knee-deep polishing powder made of chert or lime- in, jam with, pack with, be abundant with, stone: tripoli proliferate, swell, swarm. rough carpenter’s paper: sandpaperabout prep. 1. ENCIRCLING on every side, all rough file used on wood: rasp around, enveloping, encompassing, sur- volcanic rock used for scouring, smoothing: rounding. 2. APPROXIMATELY almost, nearly, pumice close to, more or less, roughly. 3. REFERRING abreast a./adv. beside, side by side, aside, TO concerning, in reference to, regarding, *cheek to jowel. ANT. single file. relative to, as respects, dealing with, touch- ABRIDGE v. [uh BRIJ] to shorten, reduce or ing on. lessen. To bring down costs, the new dictionaryabout adv. 1. IN THE REVERSE DIRECTION back- will be abridged and printed in paperback. SYN. wards, around, opposite direction. 2. HERE contract, shorten, condense, decrease, re- AND THERE hither and thither, helter-skelter, duce, cut, abbreviate, diminish, *boil down, far and wide. curtail. ANT. expand, broaden, enlarge.about-face n. reversal, turnaround, volte-face, abridgement n. condensation, reduction, sum- change of heart, *flip-flop, *backpedaling, mary, digest, abstract, brief, synopsis, out- *a 180, recantation. line. ANT. enlargement, expansion.above adv. 1. OVERHEAD up, skyward, higher up, abroach a. opened, broached, let out. over, atop, heavenward. 2. GREATER more, abroad a./adv. overseas, out of the country, larger, over and above. 3. SUPERIOR higher, away, traveling, touring. ANT. at home. greater, outranking, surpassing. ABROGATE v. [AB roh gayt] to abolish oraboveboard a. open, forthright, honest, in plain annul. The board decided to abrogate the old view, *on the table, straightforward, frank, rule. SYN. abolish, cancel, repeal, annul, re- candid, plain, direct, square, *on the up and voke, rescind, terminate, eliminate, quash, up. ANT. underhand, under the table, dishonest, do away with, *scrub. sneaky. abrupt a. 1. SUDDEN unexpected, surprising, un-above suspicion a. irreproachable, inculpable, foreseen, swift, precipitate, unanticipated. scrupulous, chaste, *having clean hands, in- 2. CURT gruff, brusque, brisk, discourteous, nocent, pure. rude. 3. STEEP sheer, precipitous. ANT. 1. an-abracadabra n. hocus-pocus, spell, incantation, ticipated, expected. 2. courteous, polite, gra- charm, chant, invocation, mumbo jumbo, cious. gibberish. abscess n. swelling, fester, boil, pimple, carbun-abrade v. scrape, chafe, grate, rub, erode, scuff, cle, ulcer, pustule. grind, scour, wear. abscission n. cutting, separation, removal. SEEabrasion n. 1. SCRATCH scrape, chafe, excoria- OPERATION, SURGERY tion. 2. FRICTION scratching, scraping, wear- ABSCOND v. [ab SKOND] to flee secretly ing away, erosion, chafing. and go into hiding. His plan was to abscondabrasive a. 1. ANNOYING irritating, cutting, with the smuggled goods as quickly as possible. nasty, saber-tongued, acid-tongued, galling, SYN. flee, take flight, depart, withdraw, de- hurtful, biting, sarcastic. 2. SCRAPING camp, retreat, escape, go into hiding, *va- scratching, chafing, grating, eroding, grind- moose, *skedaddle, clear out, skip town, ing, grating, scouring, wearing, rough, *make tracks, *scram, *fly the coop, *cut coarse, rasping. ANT. 1. conciliatory, soothing. and run, *split, *beat feet, *duck out, *make 2. smooth. oneself scarce, *give the slip.4 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 8. Absence–Abstractabsence n. 1. NONATTENDANCE AWOL, nonap- absorbent a. bibulous, pervious, permeable, po- pearance, truancy. 2. LACKING dearth, need, rous, spongelike, retentive, *thirsty. want, privation, void, vacuum. ANT. 1. at- absorbing a. engrossing, arresting, enthralling, tendance, presence. 2. fulfillment, abundance. riveting, spellbinding, fascinating, interest-absent a. 1. AWAY elsewhere, gone, out, truant, ing, mesmerizing. ANT. tedious, dull. AWOL, on leave, *playing hooky. 2. PREOC- absorption n. 1. ASSIMILATION consumption, os- CUPIED absent-minded, *out to lunch, ab- mosis, retention, digestion, soaking up. 2. stracted, daydreaming, *off in space, *out of ENGROSSMENT fascination, interest, captiva- it. ANT. 1. present, here, attending. 2. atten- tion, riveting, enthrallment, spellbinding. tive, alert, on one’s toes. ABSTAIN v. [ub STANE] to voluntarily holdabsentee n. *no-show, truant, malingerer. back, to refrain from or go without. Everyoneabsenteeism n. absence, truancy, desertion, is trying to abstain from smoking. SYN. refrain, malingering, shirking, *skipping, *calling in desist, eschew, go without, forebear, *swear sick. off, shun, spurn, *stay on the wagon, denyabsently adv. inattentively, absent-mindedly. oneself. ANT. indulge, imbibe.absent without leave a. AWOL, truant. abstainer n. teetotaler, *health nut, ascetic. ‘‘Aabsent-minded a. inattentive, scatterbrained, weak person who yields to the temptation *out to lunch, dreamy, oblivious, daydream- of denying himself a pleasure.’’—Ambrose ing, lost, forgetful, abstracted, preoccupied, Bierce. absorbed, remote, *spacey, *head in the ABSTEMIOUS a. [ab STEEM ee us] eating clouds, distrait. ANT. attentive, alert, sharp, and drinking in moderation, abstaining focused. from drink, practicing restraint. Sylvesterabsolute a. 1. TOTAL utter, complete, perfect, Graham of graham cracker fame was noted for pure, unadulterated, consummate, outright, his clean-living, abstemious lifestyle. SYN. tem- entire, undiluted, unmitigated. 2. DEFINITE perate, moderate, self-restraining, teetota- positive, unquestionable, certain, actual, ex- ling, sober, abstinent, ascetic, self-denying. act, undeniable, unequivocal, indisputable. abstention n. abstaining, abstinence, refrain- 3. AUTHORITARIAN dictatorial, tyrannical, ing. despotic, autocratic, totalitarian, iron- ABSTINENCE n. [AB stuh nunce] abstain- handed. ANT. 1. incomplete, imperfect. 2. in- ing, voluntary self-denial, the swearing off definite, questionable, uncertain. 3. demo- of unhealthy food and drink. Longevity and cratic. abstinence often go hand in hand. SYN. abstain-absolutely adv. 1. TOTALLY utterly, completely, ing, self-restraint, teetotalism, sobriety, perfectly, entirely. 2. DEFINITELY positively, chastity, temperance, forbearing, self-de- unquestionably, certainly, undeniably, *no nial, self-abnegation, asceticism, celibacy, ifs, ands or buts, *no two ways about it, moderation. ‘‘The beginning of saintli- surely, precisely, conclusively. ness.’’—Moses Luzzato. ANT. indulgence, ex-absolution n. forgiveness, remission, pardon, travagance, *pigging out. clearance, acquittal, amnesty. ABSTRACT a. [AB STRACT] not easilyABSOLVE v. [ab ZOLV] to free from blame, identified or defined, not based on the con- guilt or responsibility. They have been ab- crete, abstruse, theoretical, nonrepresenta- solved of their sins. SYN. acquit, exonerate, tional. His notions of the universe were wildly forgive, pardon, vindicate, remit, free, clear, abstract and difficult to envision. SYN. nonrep- exculpate, excuse. ANT. charge, accuse, resentational, theoretical, conceptual, abs- blame, condemn. truse, indefinite, incomprehensible, general,absorb v. 1. DRINK UP suck, assimilate, blot, sop nonspecific, amorphous, symbolic, recon- up, sponge, osmose, consume. 2. ENGROSS dite. ANT. specific, clear, concrete. fascinate, interest, mesmerize, grip, rivet, abstract n. 1. CONDENSATION brief, abridge- enthrall, spellbind, comprehend, assimilate, ment, synopsis, summary. 2. ART nonrepre- understand. ANT. 1. spit out, spew, discharge, sentational art form, amorphous art form, repel. 2. bore, confuse, tire. geometrical art form. ‘‘A product of the un-absorbed a. 1. ASSIMILATED blotted, consumed, talented, sold by the unprincipled to the ut- taken in, *sucked up. 2. ENGROSSED inter- terly bewildered.’’—Al Capp. SEE ART ested, fascinated, riveted, mesmerized, cap- abstract v. 1. TAKE AWAY remove, extract, de- tivated, spellbound, immersed, involved, fo- tach, separate. 2. SUMMARIZE synopsize, ab- cused, rapt. ANT. bored, restless, unfocused. breviate, condense, abridge. Roget’s Superthesaurus 5
  • 9. Abstracted–Accedeabstracted a. lost in thought, lost in reverie, abusive a. 1. HARMFUL injurious, cruel, brutal, preoccupied, daydreaming, brooding, ab- hurtful, exploitive, dominating, ruthless, sent-minded, withdrawn, in a trance, *off in rough, disrespectful. 2. VERBALLY ABUSIVE of- space, remote, inattentive, *out to lunch. fensive, insulting, vile, nasty, denigrating, ANT. alert, attentive, sharp. gross, obscene, disparaging, critical, ridicul-abstraction n. absent-mindedness, preoccupa- ing, maligning, upbraiding, cutting. ANT. 1. tion, reverie, daydreaming, withdrawal, helpful, kind, nurturing. 2. sweet, *honey- brooding, reflecting, mulling. tongued, flattering.ABSTRUSE a. [ab STROOS] difficult to un- abut v. border on, lean on, adjoin, end on, con- derstand. Einstein’s abstruse theories confound join, juxtapose. all but the brightest scholars. SYN. recondite, abutment n. junction, juxtaposition, connec- deep, incomprehensible, complex, inscruta- tion, conjunction. ble, undecipherable, profound, unfathom- abutter n. neighbor. able, *clear as mud, arcane, esoteric, cere- abuzz a. buzzing, chattering, babbling, busy, bral. ANT. clear, simple, obvious, *child’s play. jumping, hopping, active, animated, spir-absurd a. ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, silly, ited, astir, kinetic, restless, bustling. ANT. si- preposterous, foolish, outrageous, asinine, lent, lifeless. idiotic, loony, stupid, crazy, nonsense. ANT. abysmal a. 1. UNFATHOMABLE immeasurable, serious, weighty. deep, bottomless, vast, abyssal, immense. 2.absurdity n. joke, foolishness, nonsense, idiocy, DESPAIRINGLY BAD wretched, awful, pitiful, *bullshit, *bunk, *fiddle faddle, *hogwash, the lowest, depressing, miserable. ANT. 1. fi- piffle, *rubbish, *tripe, drivel, twiddle-twad- nite, measurable. 2. impressive, commendable, dle. favorable.abundance n. lots, plenty, loads, piles, slew, abyss n. depth, chasm, void, fissure, the deep, hoard, *scads, *tons, *oodles, plethora, sur- gulf, hole, bottomless pit. plus, bounty, *miser’s hoard, profusion, abyssal a. unfathomable, abysmal, deep, im- enough, bountiful, overflowing, wealth. measurable, bottomless. ANT. shallow. ANT. scarcity, dearth, paucity. AC n. 1. AIR CONDITIONING. 2. ALTERNATINGabundant a. plentiful, bountiful, copious, pro- CURRENT. fuse, abounding, more than enough, immea- academia n. academe, scholarly world, school, surable, inexaustible, teeming, overflowing. college, groves of academe, ivy halls, aca- ANT. scarce, scant, rare, sparse. demic community. SEE COLLEGE, EDUCATION,abuse n. 1. MISTREATMENT maltreatment, ill- UNIVERSITY treatment, injury, harm, assault, cruelty, tor- academic a. 1. SCHOLARLY scholastic, collegiate, ment, brutality, molestation, exploitation, university, professorial, studious, bookish, terrorizing, *stepping on, torturing, beating, erudite, learned, cultured. 2. THEORETICAL thrashing, battery. 2. INSULTING OR HARSH hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, sup- LANGUAGE belittlement, degradation, deni- positional, immaterial, moot. ANT. 1. real gration, deprecation, tongue-lashing, defa- world, rough-and-tumble, practical. 2. accessi- mation, maligning, invective, criticism, up- ble, understandable, meaningful. SEE COLLEGE, braiding, dressing-down, ridicule, SCHOOL, TEACHER vilification, put-downs, verbal abuse. ANT. academic n. scholar, student, teacher, professor, 1. care, kindness. 2. sweet talk, compliments, pupil, educator, tutor, doctor. flattery. academics n. studies, courses, school work.abuse v. 1. MISTREAT maltreat, ill-treat, injure, academy n. 1. SCHOOL private school, institute, exploit, harm, assault, disrespect, terrorize, institution, secondary school, prep school, molest, brutalize, manhandle, *step on, finishing school. 2. ASSOCIATION fellowship, strong-arm, torture, beat, thrash, rape. 2. institution, atheneum, club. VERBALLY ABUSE OR USE HARSH LANGUAGE be- Academy Award n. Oscar. little, degrade, denigrate, deprecate, tongue- a capella a./adv. choral, voices only, without lash, defame, malign, criticize, upbraid, dress instruments. down, ridicule, vilify, put down, insult, *dis, ACCEDE v. [ak SEED] to agree or consent to. *dig, *dump on, *bad-mouth, *trash. ANT. Peer pressure forced the last holdout to accede. 1. coddle, respect, nurture, pamper, dote on. SYN. 1. CONSENT agree, concede, submit to, 2. sweet talk, flatter, compliment. give in, give assent, yield, acquiesce, *cave6 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 10. Accelerant–Acclimate in. 2. ATTAIN assume, enter upon, inherit. ANT. 1. unobtainable, out of reach, unavail-accelerant n. catalyst. able. 2. closed, unfriendly, unapproachable. 3.accelerate v. speed up, race, hasten, step up, abstruse, cerebral, complex, difficult. *put the pedal to the metal, *floor it, *gun accession n. succession, assumption, inaugura- it, *squeal out, *burn rubber, *red line, tion, attaining, assuming office, ascending *peel out. ANT. decelerate, slow down, wind the throne, coming to power. down, brake, stop. accessorize v. supplement, add on, ornament,acceleration n. speeding up, increasing veloc- adorn, attach, equip, trim, accent. ity, *stepping on it, quickening. ANT. decel- accessory n. 1. EXTRA add-on, attachment, erating, slowing, braking. adornment, peripheral, accent, supplement,accelerator n. throttle, gas pedal. trimming, equipment, gear, appendage,accent n. 1. EMPHASIS stress, significance. 2. EM- trapping. 2. ACCOMPLICE confederate, confi- PHASIS OF PRONUNCIATION stress, accentua- dante, cohort, associate, *partner in crime, tion, delivery, attack, inflection, articula- co-conspirator, helper, assistant. tion, enunciation, rhythm, tone. 3. accident n. 1. CHANCE fluke, serendipity, luck, REGIONAL SPEAKING MANNER brogue, burr, fortuity, circumstance, happenstance, twist drawl, twang, dialect. 4. EMBELLISHMENT or- of fate. ‘‘An inevitable occurrence due to nament, dressing, touch. the action of immutable natural laws.’’—accent v. accentuate, highlight, underscore, Ambrose Bierce. 2. MISHAP mistake, blun- underline, spotlight, emphasize, point up, der, misfortune, calamity, casualty, misad- punctuate. ANT. downplay, ignore, hide. venture, disaster, catastrophe, wreck,accentuate v. SEE ACCENT *crack-up, *pile-up, *fender-bender, colli-accept v. 1. TAKE receive, get, welcome, ac- sion, *rear-ender, *T-bone, *sideswiping, quire, obtain. 2. SUBMIT TO allow, tolerate, crash, rollover. ‘‘A condition in which pres- take in stride, endure, capitulate, stand for. ence of mind is good, but absence of body 3. BELIEVE IN adopt, acknowledge, agree, better.’’—Foolish Dictionary. concur, confirm, *swallow, *buy, recognize, accidental a. chance, fortuitous, serendipitous, affirm, *take as gospel. ANT. 1. reject, give, random, freak, unforeseen, unintentional, refuse. 2. reject, refuse, oppose. 3. disbelieve, haphazard, unwitting, *flukey, inadvertent, reject. unpremeditated. ANT. planned, intended, pre-acceptable a. adequate, good enough, worthy, meditated. satisfactory, suitable, respectable, fair, pass- accidentally a. fortuitously, randomly, unwit- able, tolerable, okay, *up to snuff, *passes tingly, haphazardly, by chance, uninten- muster. ANT. unacceptable, subpar, objection- tionally, by some fluke. ANT. intentionally, able, poor. planned, by design.acceptance n. acknowledgement, approval, accident-prone a. clumsy, *klutzy, inept, *two adoption, assent, recognition, agreement, left feet, bungling, bumbling, attention- *the okay, *the green light, *the go-ahead. seeking, neurotic, having a death wish, *all ANT. rejection, refusal, disagreement. thumbs. ANT. coordinated, nimble.accepted a. 1. RECEIVED taken, acquired, wel- acclaim n. applause, acclamation, ovation, comed. 2. AGREED UPON acknowledged, ap- cheers, praise, bravos, kudos, approval, adu- proved, recognized, endorsed, believed in, lation, honor, plaudits. ANT. boos, hisses, affirmed, sanctioned, upheld, authorized, jeers, heckles, catcalls, *razzing, *Bronx accredited, conventional, normal, standard. cheers. ANT. 2. rejected, refused, unconventional. acclaim v. applaud, cheer, approve, *giveaccess n. entry, entree, admission, passage, thumbs up to, extol, praise, *sing the praises pathway, approach, ingress, admittance, of, laud, hail, shout, bravo. ANT. *razz, *give doorway. SEE ENTRANCE a Bronx cheer, boo, hiss, reject, disapprove.accessible a. 1. OBTAINABLE reachable, attain- acclaimed a. applauded, cheered, praised, ap- able, available, at hand, handy, approach- proved, extolled, hailed, lauded. ANT. re- able. 2. FRIENDLY AND OPEN approachable, jected, jeered, booed, *razzed. available, obliging, familiar, sociable, genial, acclamation n. applause, ovation, cheers, whis- gracious, *having an open door policy. 3. tles, plaudits, bravos. SEE ACCLAIM EASY TO UNDERSTAND comprehensible, sim- ACCLIMATE v. [ACK luh mate] to adapt, ple, lucid, uncomplicated, unsophisticated. adjust or accustom (oneself) to a different Roget’s Superthesaurus 7
  • 11. Acclimatize–Accordion environment or situation. Lowlanders have a accomplish v. achieve, effect, bring to fruition, difficult time acclimating themselves to the thin- fulfill, complete, consummate, attain, bring ner air supply found at high altitudes. SYN. ac- about, perform, *pull it off, effectuate, pro- custom, adapt, adjust, habituate, get used to, duce, execute, score, realize, engineer, make inure, naturalize, familiarize, fit in, condi- happen, *cut the mustard, *nail it. ANT. fail, tion, harden. fall short, *blow, *choke.acclimatize v. SEE ACCLIMATE accomplished a. 1. ACHIEVED completed, ful-ACCOLADE n. [AK uh LADE] an award or filled, consummated, attained, brought honor. The dance troupe is winning accolades about, finished, performed, executed, real- from critics nationwide. SYN. honor, recogni- ized, *pulled off, *nailed, brought to fru- tion, tribute, praise, acclaim, applause, exal- ition, produced. 2. SKILLED proficient, tal- tation, kudos, credit, award, prize. ented, expert, practiced, adept, perfected,accommodate v. 1. OBLIGE aid, assist, help, per- masterly, *crack, *crackerjack, deft, experi- form a kindness, serve, furnish, do a favor, enced, learned, polished. ANT. 1. uncom- grant, indulge, lend a hand. 2. HOUSE lodge, pleted, unfulfilled, failed, *blown, fallen short. quarter, put up, board, furnish a room, shel- 2. unskilled, unseasoned, amateur, *green, ter, entertain, take in. 3. ADAPT accustom, *rough around the edges. adjust, bend, conform, acclimate, reconcile, accomplishment n. achievement, fulfillment, modify, fit, tailor. realization, deed, fait accompli, execution,accommodating a. obliging, helpful, pleasing, attainment, completion, consummation, gracious, considerate, hospitable, benevo- feat, coup, effort, performance, success. ANT. lent, charitable, cooperative, sympathetic. failure, defeat, *flop, *washout, debacle. ANT. disobliging, unsympathetic, cold-hearted, ACCORD n. [uh CORD] harmony, mutual ungracious. understanding. They ended their hostilities andaccommodation n. 1. ASSISTANCE aid, favor, reached accord. SYN. harmony, agreement, service, grant, kindness, nicety, courtesy, concurrence, concert, unison, unity, accor- help. 2. LODGING room, quarters, housing, dance, rapport, mutual understanding, con- *digs, bed and breakfast, boarding, furnish- cordance, *a meeting of the minds, consen- ing, suite, berth, bed, shelter, flat, arrange- sus. ANT. discord, friction, disagreement, ments. 3. ADAPTATION adjustment, habitua- dissidence. tion, acclimatization, modification, change, accord v. 1. CONCEDE grant, bestow, accede, fitting, conformation, reconciliation. ANT. allow, give, acquiesce. 2. HARMONIZE agree, 1. rejection, turning away, hindrance. 3. mal- concur, correspond, match up, *see eye to adjustment, rigidity. eye, *sing from the same hymnal, jibe.accompanied a. escorted, paired, tended, chap- accordant a. in agreement, agreeing, congru- eroned, shown around, guarded, protected. ous, harmonious, matching. ANT. opposing,accompaniment n. backup, harmony, back- divergent. ground, instrument, rhythm player, *side- accordingly adv. 1. FITTINGLY properly, corres- kick. pondingly. 2. THEREFORE hence, conse-accompany v. go with, escort, pair, tend, chap- quently, thus, so, subsequently, whereupon, erone, show around, protect, guide, usher, as a result. be one’s sidekick, *hang out with, consort, according to prep. 1. IN ACCORDANCE WITH in keep company, *shadow, *tag along, join. ` line with. 2. PER a la, as stated by, on theACCOMPLICE n. [uh COM pliss] one who authority of, as reported by. accompanies or assists another in a wrongful ACCORDING TO HOYLE Sl. according to act; a partner in crime. Machine Gun Willy the ultimate authority, according to the guy and two accomplices robbed the bank. SYN. as- who wrote the rule book, an idiom derived sociate, colleague, ally, cohort, collaborator, from card game expert Edmond Hoyle. We confederate, accessory, abettor, co-conspira- are proceeding correctly, according to Hoyle. tor, henchman, partner in crime, right-hand SYN. according to rule, *by the book, *by the man, consort, *gun moll. ‘‘One associated numbers, correct, indisputable, according to with another in crime, having guilty knowl- the highest authority, gospel. edge and complicity, as an attorney who de- accordion n. concertina, *squeezebox, melo- fends a criminal, knowing him guilty.’’— deon, *groanbox, *windbox, *stomach Ambrose Bierce. SEE CRIME, CRIMINAL Steinway.8 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 12. Accost–AccrualACCOST v. [uh COST] approach or greet ag- decreasing value of asset over time: depreci- gressively. Sally was accosted by an ambitious ation salesman. SYN. assail, greet, approach, *hit discrepancy corrections: reconciling on, confront, assault, annoy, hail, intrude, ease of converting assets to cash: liquidity address, call, buttonhole, solicit. employee pay: payrollaccount n. 1. CHRONICLE explanation, report, enter a transaction: log story, description, narrative, statement, de- entry of earnings not yet received or of ex- tailing, *blow-by-blow, *play-by-play, run- penses not yet paid: accrual down, version. 2. FINANCIAL RECORD bal- examination of accounts: audit ance, ledger, books, credits and debits, examiner of accounts: auditor computation, reckoning, accrual, profit and expenses greater than income: negative cash loss statement, register, invoice, tab, calcu- flow lation. SEE BANK 3. WORTH importance, expenses less than income: positive cash value, weight, consequence, significance, flow merit. head accountant of business or government:account v. 1. RECKON add up, calculate, balance controller, comptroller the books. 2. ANSWER FOR explain, give a rea- increasing value of asset over time: apprecia- son for, justify, rationalize. 3. CONSIDER hold, tion regard, deem, estimate, judge, believe, rate, items and property of value: assets view. losing money: in the redaccount of, on prep. because of, since, for the making money or realizing net profit: in the sake of, by virtue of. blackaccount, on no prep. under no circumstances, money owed to creditors: accounts payable, for no reason, never. liabilities, outstanding accountsaccount, take into prep. consider, allow for, money to be received: accounts receivable think about. month by month budget: rolling budgetaccountability n. responsibility. SEE ACCOUNT- net profit or loss: bottom line ABLE payout: disbursementaccountable a. responsible, liable, beholden, profit and loss statement: P & L project income and expenses for the year: answerable, obligated, duty-bound, culpa- annualize ble, held to blame. ANT. excused, exempt, *let pure profit: net off the hook. record-keeping method having equal creditaccountant n. bookkeeper, auditor, CPA, certi- for each debit: double-entry accounting fied public accountant, controller, comp- records: books troller, bank examiner, clerk, *number revenues before costs are deducted: gross cruncher, *bean counter, *pencil pusher, state-licensed accountant: CPA, certified *desk jockey, actuary. SEE ACCOUNTING, public accountant BANK, MONEY total assets minus liabilities: net worthaccounting n. 1. RECORDING AND INTERPRETING uncollectable debt: write-off FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS bookkeeping, balanc- value of assets beyond what is owed on ing the books, reckoning, crediting and deb- them: equity iting, auditing, computing, calculating, re- withdrawal of funds by business owner: draw cording. 2. FINANCIAL STATEMENT account, accoutre v. dress, equip, outfit, gear up. balance sheet, ledger, spreadsheet, accrual, accoutrement n. trappings, outfit, clothes, budget, invoice. dress, equipment, gear, attire, habiliment. WORD FIND accredit v. 1. AUTHORIZE certify, sanction, rec- account book: ledger, daybook, journal ognize, license, qualify, approve, legitimize, annual accounting period: calendar year, fis- endorse, validate, warrant, vouch for. 2. AT- cal year TRIBUTE credit, ascribe, assign, charge. cheating on records to hide profits: cooking accretion n. growth, accumulation, augmen- the books tation, addition, enlargement, expansion, collection of assets after business closes: liq- increase. ANT. shrinkage, dispersement, scat- uidation tering. computer program organizing financial data accrual n. growth, accumulation, amassing, in- into rows and columns: spreadsheet crease. Roget’s Superthesaurus 9
  • 13. Accrue–Achilles’ Heelaccrue v. accumulate, add up, grow, amass, in- ace n. expert, champion, master, star, hero, crease, collect, expand, pile up, compound. *crack hand, *crackerjack, *hotshot, *pis-acculturation n. naturalization, assimilation, tol, *whiz, *whiz kid. ANT. loser, benchwar- nationalization, culture shock. mer, second-stringer.accumulate v. heap, collect, pile up, gather, ac- ace v. hit it, nail it, score, execute, succeed, hit crete, expand, aggregate, stack up, grow, ac- the bullseye, defeat, *smoke the competi- crue, swell, amass, assemble. ANT. throw off, tion. ANT. *blow it, *choke, lose. shed, shuck, disperse, scatter. acedia n. apathy, ennui, indifference, despair.accumulation n. collection, heap, pile, gather- ace in the hole n. hold out, card up one’s sleeve, ing, accretion, assembly, aggregation, ag- secret weapon, reserve. glomeration, conglomeration, mass, growth, acephalous a. 1. HEADLESS. 2. LEADERLESS. accrual, swelling, hoard, stockpile. ANT. dis- acerbate v. 1. EMBITTER sour, poison, gall. 2. persal, disbursement, shedding, scattering. EXASPERATE aggravate, ruffle, annoy, disturb,accuracy n. precision, correctness, exactness, *rattle one’s cage, perturb, provoke. fidelity, factualness, veracity, truth, meticu- ACERBIC a. [uh SUR bick] anything sour, lousness, perfection. ANT. inaccuracy, impre- bitter or sharp. She was an insulting, acerbic- cision, slackness. tongued witch. SYN. sour, bitter, harsh, sharp,accurate a. correct, precise, right, error-free, astringent, acidic, acrid, tart, caustic. ANT. unerring, perfect, exact, actual, factual, *on sweet, honeyed, nectarous, saccharine. the button, *on target, *on the money, *on acerbity a. 1. SOURNESS bitterness, astringency, the mark, flawless, veracious, faultless, me- sharpness, harshness, tartness, acidity, acrid- ticulous, faithful. ANT. incorrect, wrong, ity, pungency. 2. NASTINESS irritability, an- flawed, imperfect, inaccurate. noyance, sharpness, sourness, bitterness,accurately adv. correctly, precisely, rightly, per- brusqueness, rancor, sarcasm, venom, acri- fectly, flawlessly, exactly, actually, factually, mony, ill humor, grouchiness. ANT. 1. sweet- meticulously. ANT. inaccurately, incorrectly, ness, nectarous. 2. sweetness, friendliness, wrongly. good humor.accursed a. cursed, condemned, damned, ill- aces a. great, excellent, wonderful, top-notch, fated, doomed, bedeviled, hexed, ruined, fabulous. ANT. horrible, inferior, dreadful. undone, stricken, *done for. ANT. blessed. ache n. pain, twinge, pang, soreness, stitch,accusation n. charge, *rap, blame, implication, indictment, insinuation, allegation, com- spasm, throb, discomfort, hurt, pounding, plaint, citation, smear, inculpation, recrimi- stabbing, smarting, burning, pinching. nation. ache v. 1. HURT throb, pound, pang, twinge,accusatory a. accusing, finger-pointing, blam- pain, spasm, stab, sear, smart, suffer, agonize. ing. ANT. recriminatory. 2. SYMPATHIZE pity. 3. YEARN FOR long for,accuse v. charge, blame, indict, implicate, cite, hunger, crave, need, pine for. finger-point, prosecute, inculpate, impeach, achievable a. doable, attainable, reachable, ob- recriminate, impute, *hang on, *finger for, tainable, feasible. ANT. impossible, unthink- *pin on. able.accused n. defendant, suspect, alleged perpetra- achieve v. accomplish, realize, do, attain, com- tor. SEE COURT, CRIME, LAW plete, bring about, effect, produce, carry off,accuser n. incriminator, prosecutor, *fink, succeed, consummate, actualize, follow *stool pigeon, *tattletale, *rat, informer, through, engineer, *pull off, *swing, score, plaintiff, adversary. win one. ANT. fail, fall short, *blow it, *choke,accustom v. familiarize, habituate, acquaint, quit. adapt, get used to. achievement n. accomplishment, attainment,accustomed a. 1. USUAL customary, characteris- production, success, score, exploit, feat, ful- tic, conventional, established, familiar, fillment, realization, acquirement, consum- fixed, set, everyday, general, routine, tradi- mation, *master stroke, coup, masterpiece, tional. 2. USED TO habituated, familiarized, creation, triumph, conquest, *feather in acclimated, acquainted with, naturalized, one’s cap. adapted, in the habit of, toughened, sea- ACHILLES’ HEEL n. [uh KILL eez HEEL] a soned. ANT. 1. unusual, uncharacteristic, un- metaphor used to illustrate a vulnerability conventional. 2. unaccustomed to, unfamiliar or a mortal weakness, from the myth of with, unseasoned, green. Achilles, whose body was immunized from10 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 14. Acid–Acquaint harm everywhere but on his heel. Nobody is nod at, recognize, greet, salute, hail. ANT. 1. all-powerful; even dictators have at least one deny, refuse, refute. 3. ignore, overlook, pass Achilles’ heel. SYN. weakness, vulnerability, over, snub. *soft underbelly, susceptibility, frailty, fra- acknowledgement n. 1. ADMISSION avowal, rec- gility, chink in the armor, deficiency, fail- ognition, acceptance, granting, concession, ing, handicap. ANT. omnipotence, strength, acquiescence, declaration, profession, con- immortality. fession. 2. THANK YOU recompense, reward,acid n. corrosive, astringent, chemical. ANT. al- repayment, remittance, expression of grati- kali. tude. 3. RESPONSE notice, address, nod, rec- WORD FIND ognition, greeting, salute, hailing, bow, ant irritant: formic acid curtsy, reply. ANT. 1. denial, refusal, refuta- aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid tion. 3. ignoring, oversight, snub. corrosive used in explosives: sulfuric acid, ACME n. [ACK me] the very highest; the oil of vitriol peak. The award was the acme of his career. mild antiseptic: boric acid SYN. summit, pinnacle, peak, high point, ze- milk-derived: lactic acid nith, crown, apex, top, apogee, greatest, odoriferous corrosive poison used in explo- best, supremacy. ANT. lowest, valley, pit, bot- sives, antiseptics: phenol tom. protein-forming: amino acids acne n. pimples, *zits, blackheads, pustules, fa- stomach acid: hydrochloric acid cial eruption, skin inflammation, blemishes, urine-derived: uric acid pockmarks, *pizza-face, rosacea. vinegar ingredient: acetic acid acolyte n. altar boy, assistant, attendant, vitamin C: ascorbic acid helper, aid. white poison in insecticides: arsenic acid acorn n. oak nut, fruit.acid n. Sl. LSD, *blotter, *blue cheer, *blue acoustic a. sound, sound properties, hearing, heaven, *California sunshine, *D, *dot, auditory, phonic, audio, aural. *electric Kool Aid, *flash, *green dragon, acoustics n. sound qualities, echoes, noise *orange sunshine, *purple haze, *travel properties, sound transmission, sound fre- agent, *wedding bells, *yellows. SEE DRUG, quencies. NARCOTIC WORD FINDacid a. 1. OF TASTE sour, bitter, tart, astringent, absorbs all sound, produces no echoes: an- harsh, sharp, biting, acerbic, vinegary. 2. ILL- echoic TEMPERED OR SHARP-TONGUED sarcastic, caus- boom produced by object moving faster tic, *saber-tongued, venomous, nasty, cut- than sound: sonic boom ting, vitriolic, biting, stinging, snide, sar- donic, acerbic, scathing. ANT. 1. sweet, harmonious sound: consonance sugary, honey. 2. good-humored, sweet, kind, hearing tester: audiometer warm, flattering. high frequency sound above human hearing:acidhead n. Sl. *junkie. SEE ADDICT ultrasoundacidity n. sourness, bitterness, acerbity, sharp- inharmonious sound: dissonance ness, harshness, astringency, causticity. less than speed of sound: subsonicACID TEST n. [ASS id test] a test of value, lowest sound audible to ear: threshold fre- quality or genuineness, a metaphor evolved quency from the jeweler’s nitric acid test to deter- noise made from blend of all audible fre- mine the authenticity of gold. The voluntary quencies: white noise adoption of expensive, double-hulled tankers prolonged sound caused by vibration or re- has long served as an acid test of the oil indus- flection: resonance try’s sincerity concerning environmentalism. quality of sound: timbre SYN. trial, proving ground, analysis, proof, rebounding sound wave: echo verification, substantion. speed of sound: sonic, 741 mphacidulous a. sour, tart, harsh, citric. SEE ACID unit of noise intensity level: decibelacknowledge v. 1. ADMIT recognize, own up to, acquaint v. 1. MAKE AWARE inform, advise, en- accept, grant, concede, acquiesce, declare, lighten, familiarize, let know, notify, ap- profess. 2. THANK recompense, reward, re- prise, divulge, clue in. 2. MEET introduce, pay, requite. 3. RESPOND TO notice, address, make conversant, familiarize. Roget’s Superthesaurus 11
  • 15. Acquaintance–Actacquaintance n. 1. ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE famil- acre n. 160 square rods, 43,560 square feet, 405 iarity, understanding, experience, aware- hectare, acreage, parcel, plot, real estate. ness, conversance, enlightenment, cogni- acreage n. parcel, plot, holding, land, real es- zance. 2. ASSOCIATE colleague, neighbor, tate, property, expanse. peer, co-worker. ‘‘A person whom we know ACRID a. [AK rid] sharp or bitter in taste or well enough to borrow from, but not well smell, or in one’s speech. We opened the jar enough to lend to.’’—Ambrose Bierce. ANT. and immediately smelled something acrid. SYN. 1. ignorance, inexperience. 2. complete 1. TASTE OR SMELL bitter, sharp, irritating, stranger. harsh, pungent, sour, acid, acerbic, stinging,acquainted a. 1. AWARE informed, advised, en- caustic, stinking, foul-smelling, biting. 2. lightened, familiarized, apprised of, familiar SPEECH sarcastic, sardonic, caustic, biting, with, aware of, *clued in, versed in. ANT. acid, saber-tongued, venomous, cutting, unaware, *clueless. snide. ANT. 1. sweet, mild. 2. sweet, flattering,ACQUIESCE v. [AK we ESS] to yield, give in good-humored. or assent without enthusiasm. The dictator ACRIMONIOUS a. [AK ri MO nee us] bitter, acquiesced only after the Bush administration nasty, spiteful. The divorcing couple survived rattled its saber. SYN. consent, defer, yield, an acrimonious session in court. SYN. bitter, assent, comply, accede, accept, *buckle un- biting, caustic, nasty, spiteful, sarcastic, sar- der, *cave in, give in, agree, capitulate, con- donic, sharp, vitriolic, venomous, acerbic, cur, abide by, come around, submit, *fall in snarling, snide. ANT. sweet, kind, civil. line. ANT. resist, fight, challenge, rebuff, make acrimony n. bitterness, nastiness, causticity, a stand. vitriol, spite, sarcasm, asperity, harshness.acquiescence n. yielding, compliance, accep- ANT. sweetness, civility, kindness. tance, consenting, *buckling under, capitu- acrobat n. gymnast, tumbler, aerialist, tightrope lation, submission, concurring, *caving in, walker, stuntman, stuntwoman, circus per- deferring, assenting, subservience, servility. former, trapeze artist, contortionist. ANT. resistance, making a stand, rebellion. acrobatics n. gymnastics, tumbling, somersault-acquire v. get, obtain, gain, procure, buy, pur- ing, flipping, balancing. chase, earn, catch, *get one’s hands on, *get acronym n. abbreviation. hold of, *land, net, *snag, *scare up, secure. acrophobia n. fear of heights. SEE PHOBIA ANT. give away, sell, lose, relinquish. acropolis n. high city, elevated city, citadel. WORD FINDacquired immune deficiency syndrome n. famous Greek temple of: Parthenon AIDS, sexually transmitted disease (STD), across a. crosswise, crossways, transversely, HIV. SEE DISEASE, MEDICINE crisscross, astride.acquirement n. skill, ability, education, capa- across prep. 1. OVER opposite to, to the other bility, knowledge, accomplishment. side, beyond, in front of. 2. INTO CONTACTacquisition n. attainment, procurement, ac- WITH upon, into. quirement, securing, purchase, gain, take- across-the-board a. 1. WIN, PLACE AND SHOW 2. over, gift, proceed, grant, obtainment. ALL everything, comprehensive, sweeping,acquisitive a. greedy, materialistic, grasping, all-inclusive, blanket, total, complete. ANT. avaricious, grabby, hoarding, rapacious, limited, partial. *gold-digging. ANT. generous, unselfish. acrostic n. word puzzle, wordplay, word game.ACQUIT v. [uh KWIT] to release, free or clear act n. 1. DEED action, execution, performance, one from a responsibility or charge. Lizzie task, turn, endeavor, undertaking, measure, Borden was acquitted of murder charges against accomplishment, step, exploit, feat. 2. DE- her father and stepmother, but a cloud of suspi- CREE enactment, ruling, bill, edict, measure, cion continues to hang over her name. SYN. 1. law, ordinance, amendment, mandate, proc- RELEASE, clear, free, excuse, exonerate, ab- lamation, judgment, resolution. 3. FALSE BE- solve, pardon, forgive, relieve, exempt, let HAVIOR affectation, pose, *false front, pre- off, exculpate. 2. BEHAVE conduct, act, com- tense, make-believe, put-on, posturing, port, bear. ANT. 1. convict, condemn, damn. sham, performance, *Oscar performance,acquittal n. discharge, release, clearance, exon- airs, feigning. 4. STAGE ROUTINE bit, eration, pardon, reprieve, exculpation, abso- *schtick, sketch. 5. PART OF A PLAY scene, lution, liberation. act one, act two, epilogue, prologue.12 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 16. Act–Actualizeact v. 1. DO perform, execute, get involved, SYN. involvement, action, acting, commit- spring into action, carry out, achieve, begin, ment, militancy, advocacy, picketing, strik- *jump in, undertake, function, move, pro- ing, boycotting, taking responsibility, influ- ceed. ‘‘Genius is the ability to act wisely encing, effecting change. ANT. apathy, without precedent—the power to do the passivity, ignoring, indifference. right thing the first time.’’—Elbert Hub- activist n. doer, *a mover and shaker, *light- bard. 2. BEHAVE conduct oneself, comport, ning rod, *spark, champion, advocate, *in- deport, carry oneself, perform, be like. 3. fluence peddler, logroller, enthusiast, mili- PERFORM IN AN ENTERTAINMENT portray, per- tant, man of deeds, *catalyst for change. sonify, impersonate, mimic, role-play, char- activity n. 1. ACTION movement, commotion, acterize, enact, *ham it up, play a part, star, motion, bustle, hustle. 2. LIVELINESS energy, burlesque. vivacity, vigor, alertness, briskness. 3. PAS-acting n. PERFORMANCE IN AN ENTERTAINMENT TIME pursuit, recreation, venture, game, depiction, method acting, characterization, hobby. ANT. 1. inactivity, stillness, inertia. 2. impersonation, mimicry, dramatization, sloth, tiredness, exhaustion. portrayal, rendition, *hamming it up, mime, act of God n. natural disaster, unforeseen pantomime, theatrics. ‘‘Acting is honesty. If event, accident, freak accident. you can fake that, you’ve got it made.’’— actor n. 1. DOER perpetrator, participant, activ- George Burns. ‘‘To seem natural rather than ist, executor, mover, agent, operative. 2. to be natural.’’—Alan Milne. THESPIAN performer, player, actress, star,acting v. PRETENDING bluffing, faking, feigning, character, entertainer, mimic, mime, movie putting up a false front, playing make-be- idol, matinee idol, impersonator, artist, lieve, posing, putting up a facade, affecting. leading man, leading lady. ‘‘A musician whoacting a. SUBSTITUTING surrogate, functioning, plays on a homemade instrument—him- operating, alternate, temporary, deputy, in- self.’’—Helen Hayes. terim, provisional, pro tem, adjutant. ANT. WORD FIND permanent. group: cast, company (stock company), en-action n. 1. ACTIVITY motion, movement, func- semble, repertory, troupe tioning, performance, working, energy, improvisation: ad lib commotion. 2. ACT deed, move, effort, en- main role: lead terprise, exercise, exploit. ‘‘Deeds are better minor role: bit player, cameo, extra, spear things than words are, Actions mightier carrier, walk on than boastings.’’—Longfellow. ‘‘Well done monologue performer: monologist natural, realistic: method actor is better than well said.’’—Ben Franklin. 3. negotiates contracts, finds work: agent EFFECT influence. 4. LEGAL ACTION lawsuit, overacting or bad acting: ham, mugger suit, claim, case. 5. COMBAT battle, hostilit- publicizes: press agent, publicist ies, gunfire, enemy fire, fighting. 6. EXCITE- secondary role: supporting actor MENT movement, slam-bang entertainment. silent performer: mime, pantomimeactivate v. start, begin, initiate, stimulate, substitute: stand-in, understudy spark, actuate, prompt, goad, prod, set in traveling: barnstormer motion, ignite, impel, *flip the switch, ener- typecast: character actor gize, motivate. ANT. stop, turn off, extinguish, veteran: trouper paralyze. SEE ACTRESS, MOVIE, TELEVISION, THEATERactive a. 1. BUSY moving, functioning, working, actress n. leading lady, starlet, diva, prima industrious, on the go, commotive, kinetic, donna, ingenue. SEE ACTOR, MOVIE, TELEVI- stirring, astir, restless, bustling. 2. ENERGETIC SION, THEATER lively, agile, quick, spry, vital, spirited, actual a. real, authentic, factual, true, bona hearty, nimble, vigorous, sprightly, alert, fide, existing, concrete, genuine, tangible, frisky, animated. 3. PARTICIPATING func- certain, veritable, de facto. ANT. false, imagi- tional, acting, operative. ANT. 1. inactive, nary, fictitious, unreal, nonexistent. static, stationary. 2. dead, slow, tired, para- actuality n. reality, fact, truth, verity, material- lyzed. 3. inactive. ity.ACTIVISM n. [AKT uh vizm] taking direct actualize v. make real, bring about, realize, ef- action to bring about political or social fectualize, produce, engineer, accomplish, change. Voting is activism in its simplest form. reach. Roget’s Superthesaurus 13
  • 17. Actually–Addressactually adv. really, in fact, in reality, truth- adaptable a. adjustable, modifiable, convert- fully, truly, genuinely, literally, in actuality, ible, alterable, changeable, transformable, de facto, as a matter of fact. variable, flexible, pliable. ANT. invariable,actuary n. statistician, accountant, insurance rigid, unbending. professional. adaptation n. adjustment, modification, alter-actuate v. put into motion, activate, start, ig- ation, change, transformation, variation, as- nite, effectuate, motivate, impel, goad, similation, conformation, accommodation, prompt, stimulate, initiate, *put into gear, hardening, retrofit, tempering, acclimation, *get rolling, spur, rouse. ANT. stop, extin- evolution, metamorphosis. guish, deter, *throw a wrench in the works. adapter n. connector, plug, fitting.act up v. misbehave, act out, raise hell, *sow adaptive a. adjusting, modifying, altering, flexi- one’s wild oats, rebel, *kick, *throw a tan- ble, hearty, robust. trum, carry on. add v. 1. ADD ON affix, attach, append, tack on,acuity n. acuteness, sharpness, keenness, adjoin, suffix, annex. 2. INCREASE augment, shrewdness. supplement, enlarge, lengthen, amplify,ACUMEN n. [AK yuh mun] mental sharpness, boost, raise, heighten, *beef up, build on. 3. accurate and quick judgment. Frank lacks the TOTAL sum up, calculate, compute, figure, acumen needed to succeed in the stock market. tally, reckon, enumerate, count. ANT. 1. sub- SYN. sharpness, shrewdness, quickness, intel- tract, remove. 2. subtract, decrease, reduce. ligence, perceptiveness, keenness, insight, addendum n. addition, appendix, supplement, judgment, astuteness, discernment, acuity, attachment, adjunct, codicil, extension, smarts, sagacity, wisdom. ANT. ignorance, augmentation. dullness, stupidity, naivete. addict n. *junkie, *fiend, *dopehead, *head,acute a. 1. SHARP pointed, needle-like. 2. KEEN *freak, *acidhead, *meth head, *cokehead, sharp, shrewd, quick, smart, astute, percep- user, *mainliner, *speed freak, *pothead, tive, bright, discerning. 3. SENSITIVE re- *space cadet, enthusiast, devotee, nut, ad- ceptive, responsive, perceptive. 4. SEVERE se- herent, buff, hound, zealot. SEE DRUG rious, critical, crucial, vital, important, addicted a. hooked, dependent, devoted, grave, momentous, urgent, dangerous, in- attached, obsessed, disposed to, in the habit, tense. 5. SHRILL high, piercing. ANT. 1. dull, *stuck on, zealous about, *nuts about. addiction n. habit, dependency, *monkey, blunt. 2. dull, obtuse, slow, stupid. 3. insensi- *monkey on one’s back, craving, enslave- tive, imperceptive. 4. mild, unimportant, insig- ment, obsession, habituation, alcoholism. nificant. 5. low, bass. addictive a. habit-forming, enslaving, hooking.A.D. adv. anno Domini, in the year of the Lord. add insult to injury v. aggravate, exacerbate,ADAGE n. [ADD ij] an old saying illustrating worsen, *add fuel to the fire, heighten, pro- some universal truth. ‘‘Charity begins at voke. home’’ and ‘‘Honesty is the best policy’’ are addition n. 1. TALLYING summation, calcula- popular adages. SYN. saying, proverb, apho- tion, tabulation, reckoning, computation, rism, axiom, folk wisdom, motto, maxim, counting. 2. AUGMENTATION addendum, platitude, precept, truism, cliche. add-on, attachment, extension, increase,ADAMANT a. [AD uh mant] not giving in or supplement, adjunct, annex. yielding, stubborn. LBJ was adamant about additional a. more, extra, added, supplemen- not being typed as a Southerner, because that tary, further, over and above, increased. meant political handicaps. SYN. unyielding, ANT. fewer, scant, none. unrelenting, stubborn, inflexible, unbend- additive n. agent, enhancing agent, preserva- ing, rigid, intractable, obdurate, immovable, tive. firm, resolute, fixed, uncompromising, de- addled a. muddled, befuddled, confused, termined. ANT. flexible, yielding, acquiescing. *numb, mixed up, *out to lunch, *foggy,adapt v. adjust, modify, assimilate, conform, *dim, *out of it, bewildered, disoriented. suit, reform, acculturate, fit, alter, change, ANT. perceptive, clear-headed. accommodate, orient, bend, acclimate, at- add-on n. supplement, accessory, peripheral, tune, convert, harden, temper, habituate, augmentation. evolve, reinvent, retrofit, *change one’s address n. 1. SPEECH oration, lecture, talk, salu- spots. tation, letter. 2. MAILING ADDRESS R.F.D.,14 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 18. Address–Ad Lib route, street number, P.O. box, destination. taxes would continue to rise ad infinitum. SYN. 3. LOCATION residence, place, home, quar- forever, endlessly, continuously, on and on, ters, domicile. neverending, perpetually, relentlessly, un-address v. 1. DIRECT speak to, greet, approach, limitedly. salute, acknowledge, write to. 2. HANDLE adios interj. farewell, adieu, au revoir. SEE GOOD- consider, deal with, confront, undertake, fo- BYE cus on, take up, engage in. adipose n. fat.adduce v. cite, prove, provide, illustrate, point adjacent a. abutting, juxtaposed, near, close, out, show, affirm, name. adjoining, next to, aside, beside, neighbor-ADEPT a. [a DEPT] highly skilled or profi- ing, contiguous, alongside, bordering, proxi- cient. The project was finished quickly in her mate, meeting. ANT. distant, remote. adept hands. SYN. skilled, deft, adroit, expert, adjective n. modifier, qualifier. masterful, proficient, capable, practiced, adjoin v. 1. ABUT touch, be contiguous to, dexterous, sharp, competent, *crack, unite, contact, connect, impinge on, border, *crackerjack, savvy, talented. ANT. unskilled, verge. 2. JOIN affix, unite, connect, link. incompetent, fumbling, bumbling. adjoining a. abutting, adjacent, touching, con-adequacy n. enough, sufficiency, capability, tacting, neighboring, connecting, border- competence. ing, contiguous, verging. ANT. separate,adequate a. sufficient, enough, suitable, accept- apart. able, satisfactory, respectable, ample, tolera- adjourn v. 1. RECESS rest, pause, close, delay, ble, okay, admissible, not bad, fair, able. suspend, put off, hold. 2. MOVE transfer. ANT. inadequate, unsatisfactory, intolerable, adjournment n. recess, rest, pause, break, delay, insufficient, lacking. intermission, suspension, postponement.adequately adv. sufficiently, acceptably, satis- ADJUDICATE v. [uh JOO di KATE] to judge factorily, suitably, capably, amply. ANT. inad- and settle a case. A ‘‘kangaroo court’’ is a equately, insufficiently. court in which a case is adjudicated dishonestlyadhere v. 1. STICK affix, cling, stay, attach, hold or incompetently. SYN. judge, adjudge, try, fast, cement, fasten, cleave, cohere. 2. STAY hear, decide, process, arbitrate, mediate, de- WITH OR BE DEVOTED TO support, observe, fol- termine, settle, sit in judgment, referee. low, abide by, respect, maintain, practice, be adjudication n. judgment, decision, determina- attached, keep to, be faithful. ANT. 1. sepa- tion, settlement. rate, come unglued, repel. 2. stray, condemn, adjunct n. supplement, auxiliary, subordinate, ignore, detract. addition, extra, associate, aid, assistant.ADHERENT n. [ad HEER ent] a supporter or adjure v. command, charge, entreat, order, re- follower of a cause or belief. The speaker has quire, obligate. been an adherent of conservative politics for adjust v. conform, fit, alter, change, accommo- years. SYN. follower, supporter, disciple, be- date, bend, suit, accustom, *doctor, adapt, liever, advocate, backer, fan, devotee, ob- modify, straighten, tune, fine-tune, *fiddle server, ally, *card-carrying member. ANT. de- with, calibrate, square, rectify, tweak, ser- tractor, opponent, enemy of, critic of. vice, balance.adhesion n. sticking, stickiness, adherence, at- adjustable a. adaptable, alterable, pliable, con- tachment, cling, holding fast, hold. formable, accommodating, modifiable,adhesive n. glue, tape, velcro, cement, paste, changeable, serviceable, flexible, tractable. *stickum, binder, gum, mortar, resin, plas- adjustment n. 1. CONFORMATION fitting, alter- ter. ation, change, accommodation, adaption,AD HOC a. [ADD HOK] for a specific pur- bending, retrofit, *doctoring, modification, pose, as a committee, impromptu. An emer- calibration, tune up, sizing, rectification, gency ad hoc committee was formed. SYN. spec- squaring. 2. SETTLEMENT claim, liability, ified, specific, provisional, special, compensation, reimbursement, remunera- impromptu. tion.adieu interj. goodbye, farewell, au revoir, adios, adjutant n. assistant, aid, helper, administrative sayonara, arrivederci, auf Wiedersehen, *see assistant, staff officer. ya, *toodleloo, *toodles. SEE GOODBYE ad lib n. improvisation, extemporization, in-AD INFINITUM adv. [add in fuh NITE um] vention, *offhand remark, impulse. forever, endlessly. The Congressman said ad lib v. improvise, extemporize, *wing it, *fake Roget’s Superthesaurus 15
  • 19. Ad Lib–Ado it, invent, *play it by ear, speak impromptu, honor, put on a pedestal, hail. ANT. loathe, speak off the top of one’s head, fabricate, despise, look down on, disrespect. vamp. admirer n. fan, devotee, follower, disciple, sup-AD LIB a. [ADD LIB] improvised, unre- porter. hearsed. The act was performed completely ad admissible a. acceptable, permissible, allowed, lib. SYN. improvisational, unrehearsed, *off passable, legitimate, legal, lawful, okay, tol- the cuff, *on the spur of the moment, ex- erable, proper, suitable. ANT. inadmissible, il- temporaneously, impulsively. ANT. re- legal, intolerable. hearsed, studied. admission n. 1. ENTRANCE entry, passage, ac-ad man n. copywriter, huckster, *BS artist. cess. 2. DOOR CHARGE cover charge, ticket,admeasure v. apportion. entrance fee, gate. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ORadminister v. 1. GOVERN manage, administrate, CONFESSION admitting, granting, profession, head, direct, oversee, officiate, superintend, *owning up, *fessing up, revelation, affirma- supervise, conduct, regulate, rule, operate, tion, disclosure, divulgence, testimony, de- control. 2. GIVE OUT dispense, mete out, de- position. ANT. 1. blockage, barring, impedi- liver, apply, distribute, provide, give. 3. HELP ment. 2. concealment, cover-up, secret, serve, lend a hand. confidentiality.administration n. 1. GOVERNING overseeing, admit v. 1. LET IN accept, let pass, grant access, commanding, policy-making, application, check, grant, okay, permit, *give the nod execution, legislation, regulation, superin- to. 2. CONFESS acknowledge, concede, grant, tendence, supervision, management. 2. *own up, *fess up, *come clean, reveal, dis- MANAGEMENT leadership, government, bu- close, divulge, confide, *sing, *spill the reaucracy, bureau, cabinet, headquarters, beans, *bare one’s soul, testify. ANT. 1. block, governing body, executive branch, board, bar, refuse. 2. withhold, keep secret, hide, command, *front office, legislature, estab- deny. lishment, ministry, board of directors, de- admittance n. entrance, entry, permission, pass, partment, *brass, *the powers that be. 3. passage. DISPENSATION delivery, application, giving. admittedly adv. confessedly, honestly, truth- 4. TERM OF POWER reign, dynasty, *run, in- fully, frankly. cumbency, tenure. admix v. intermix, blend, combine, mingle.administrator n. manager, supervisor, superin- admixture n. blend, combination, mixture, tendent, executive, executor, CEO (chief compound, melange. executive officer), bureaucrat, official, di- ADMONISH v. [ad MON ish] to caution or rector, overseer, governor, head, chair, advise, often scoldingly. He was admonished leader, *paper shuffler. for drinking and driving. SYN. 1. CAUTIONadmirable a. model, praiseworthy, enviable, ex- warn, forewarn, advise, exhort. 2. REPROVE cellent, honorable, respectable, commend- rebuke, berate, scold, *tell off, *come down able, wonderful, ideal, great, exceptional, on, *call on the carpet, *take to task, chas- revered, laudable, superior. ANT. despicable, tise, reproach. 3. REMIND apprise, inform, low, rotten. warn. ANT. 2. commend, compliment, reward.admiral n. commander. ‘‘That part of the war- admonition n. 1. CAUTION warning, forewarn- ship which does the talking while the figure- ing, advice, apprisal, counsel. 2. REPROVAL head does the thinking.’’—Ambrose Bierce. scolding, *dressing down, *talking to, repri- SEE NAVAL OFFICER mand, upbraiding, *slap on the wrist, re-admiration n. esteem, adoration, reverence, ap- monstrance, rebuke, reproach. ANT. 2. com- proval, regard, idolizing, applause, praise, mendation, reward, compliment. awe, respect, veneration, glorification, fond- AD NAUSEAM adv. [AD NAWZ e um] to ness, *foot-kissing, worship. ‘‘A very short- the point of illness or disgust. He went on lived passion, that immediately decays upon about his accomplishments ad nauseum. SYN. growing familiar with its object.’’—Joseph to a sickening degree, to nauseating ex- Addison. ‘‘The daughter of ignorance.’’— tremes, to the point of queasiness, too much, Benjamin Franklin. ANT. disgust, despising, more than one can stomach. loathing, disrespect. ado n. trouble, fuss, excitement, runningadmire v. regard, esteem, look up to, respect, around, *to-do, bother, travail, hubbub, revere, idolize, praise, worship, model after, confusion.16 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 20. Adobe–Advanceadobe n. clay, brick. *crack, sharp, talented, experienced, mas-adolescence n. puberty, pubescence, youth, terful, practiced, proficient, nimble, astute. teen years, *awkward years, minor, immatu- ANT. maladroit, bumbling, fumbling, *dim. rity, junior high years, high school age. ‘‘A adulate v. flatter, *apple polish, gush, admire, kind of emotional seasickness. Both are praise, worship, *kiss feet, *brown-nose, funny, but only in retrospect.’’—Arthur fawn, *fall all over. ANT. disrespect, ignore, Koestler. insult.adolescent n. teenager, teen, *teenybopper, adulation n. flattery, *feet-kissing, *apple-pol- youth, sophomore, junior, minor, youngster, ishing, *brown-nosing, worshipping, fawn- *bobbysoxer, *sweet sixteen, juvenile. ‘‘One ing, exaltation, sycophancy, blarney, toady- who has reached the age of dissent.’’—Har- ing, blandishment, slavishness, adoration. old Leslie. adult a. 1. GROWN-UP, mature, aged, seasoned,Adonis n. *hunk, *beefcake, *dreamboat, of age, developed, ripe, at the age of consent, *stud, Greek god, *God’s gift to women, of legal age. 2. (Pertaining to explicitly sex- *heartbreaker, *lady-killer. ual material) PORNOGRAPHIC x-rated,adopt v. 1. TAKE IN ANOTHER’S CHILD take under graphic, dirty, blue, obscene. ANT. childlike, one’s wing, take in, foster, surrogate, immature, juvenile, youthful. mother, father, raise. 2. SELECT OR TAKE UP adult n. grown-up, mature person, *big person, choose, appropriate, employ, take, espouse, man, woman, lady, gentleman, elder, au- assume, take on, opt, use. 3. VOTE IN select, thority figure. ‘‘An obsolete child.’’—Theo- approve, back, support, sanction, ratify. ANT. dore Geisel. 1. orphan, disown, shun. 2. reject, shun, re- ADULTERATE v. [uh DULL tuh RATE] to fuse. make impure, to spoil or contaminate. Theadorable a. charming, cunning, cute, appealing, once pristine waters off Alaska have been adul- captivating, cuddly, lovely, lovable, sweet, terated with spilled oil. SYN. spoil, debase, cor- precious, darling, irresistible, *huggable. rupt, defile, contaminate, ruin, devalue, poi- ANT. gross, disgusting, repulsive, monstrous. son, denature, pollute, degrade, taint, wateradoration n. love, praise, devotion, worship, down, depreciate. ANT. purify, concentrate. veneration, affection, exaltation, reverence, adulterer n. adulteress, *cheat, philanderer, hero worship, idolization, adulation, admi- fornicator, *Casanova, *skirt-chaser, *wolf, ration, infatuation. ANT. revulsion, repulsion, *womanizer. despising, disgust. adultery n. infidelity, unfaithfulness, sex, *sleeping around, promiscuity, affair, forni-adore v. admire, love, worship, hero-worship, cation, *cheating, *stepping out, *swinging, idolize, respect, venerate, honor, look up to, *fooling around, *playing around, *hanky- praise, revere, glorify, esteem, *carry a torch panky. ‘‘The application of democracy to for, be taken with, deify, *put on a pedestal, love.’’—H.L. Mencken. *dig, *groove on, adulate, cherish. ANT. advance n. 1. FORWARD MOVEMENT progression, loathe, disrespect, despise, *spit on. progress, headway. 2. PROGRESSION progress,adorn v. ornament, don, bedeck, dress, deco- improvement, innovation, breakthrough, rate, embellish, beautify, trim, festoon, gar- development, discovery. 3. FLIRTATION over- nish, spruce up, emblazon. ture, *move, offer, proposal, invitation. 4.adornment n. ornament, decoration, dressing, PAYMENT loan, wages, prepayment, front, re- embellishment, bauble, trinket, trimming, tainer, deposit. spangle, garnish, trapping, frills, finery, frip- advance v. 1. BRING FORWARD progress, move pery, doodad. ahead, propel, push, come, go, make head-adrenalin n. epinephrine, stress hormone, way, proceed, forge ahead, continue, gain *fight or flight hormone. ground, promote. 2. ASCEND IN RANK pro-adrift a. drifting, free-floating, directionless, mote, step up, *climb up the corporate lad- wandering, unanchored, at the wind’s will, der, move up. 3. HELP hasten, quicken, aid, astray, aimless, afloat, derelict, loose. ANT. assist, further, forward, facilitate, back. 4. anchored, grounded, stable. PROPOSE suggest, put forward, submit, prof-ADROIT a. [uh DROYT] mentally or physi- fer, recommend. 5. PREPAY deposit, retain, cally skilled. Donatello was an adroit sculptor. loan, front. ANT. 1. stop, reverse, go back. 2. SYN. skillful, deft, dexterous, expert, clever, demote, step down. 3. impede, detract, block. Roget’s Superthesaurus 17
  • 21. Advanced–Advertisingadvanced a. 1. AHEAD, SUPERIOR forward, be- adverb n. modifier. yond, higher, cutting edge, leading edge, ADVERSARY n. [ADD ver ser ee] an oppo- progressive, ahead of the times, liberal, nent or enemy. The two adversaries squared avant-garde, precocious, *light years ahead, off in the ring. SYN. opponent, enemy, foe, developed. 2. GETTING ON IN YEARS aged, rival, protagonist, contestant, antagonist, venerable, seasoned, experienced. SEE OLD competitor. ANT. friend, partner, ally. ANT. 1. behind, backwards, slow, obsolete. 2. ADVERSE a. [ad VURS] unfavorable or young, green. harmful. The game was cancelled due to ad-advance man n. publicist, press agent. verse weather conditions. SYN. unfavorable,advancement n. 1. PROMOTION move up, gradu- harmful, bad, negative, unpropitious, oppos- ation, rise. 2. PROGRESS breakthrough, inno- ing, unfortunate, hostile, injurious, conflict- vation, development. ing, detrimental. ANT. favorable, positive,advantage n. 1. SUPERIORITY edge, *leg up, *up- propitious, beneficial. per hand, head start, help, assistance, aid, ADVERSITY n. [ad VUR sit ee] hardship, un- favor, leverage, *ace in the hole, odds. 2. favorable conditions. He overcame great ad- BENEFIT gain, profit, blessing, boon, asset. versity to succeed in his profession. SYN. hard- ANT. 1. disadvantage, liability, handicap, ship, misfortune, trouble, ill-fortune, bad weakness. luck, calamity, difficulty, distress, suffering,advantage, take v. use, impose upon, *step on.advantageous a. favorable, opportune, profit- setbacks, disaster, hard times. ANT. good for- able, beneficial, auspicious, expedient, pro- tune, ease. pitious, fortunate, for the best. ANT. unfavor- advertise v. publicize, promote, sell, pitch, plug, able, inopportune, harmful. ballyhoo, hype, tout, push, puff, herald, pro-advection n. transference. claim, publish, broadcast.ADVENT n. [ADD vent] the coming or ar- advertisement n. ad, advert, commercial, plug, rival of. The advent of television in the 1920s blurb, spot, broadside, notice, flyer, hand- was met with skepticism, even by its inventor. bill, classified ad, display ad, placard, circu- SYN. 1. COMING arrival, appearance, forth- lar. ‘‘Legalized lying.’’—H.G. Wells. ‘‘The coming, onset, beginning. 2. THE COMING OF rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.’’— CHRIST Second Coming, Incarnation. ANT. George Orwell. end, demise, death. SEE CHURCH, RELIGION advertising n. promotion, publicity, pitching,adventure n. thrill-seeking, venture, escapade, ballyhoo, selling, heralding, puffery, touting, expedition, quest, enterprise, geste, dare, drumming up, hyping, pushing, proclaim- risk, danger, hazard, peril, exploration, out- ing. ‘‘The science of arresting the human ing, exploit, undertaking, mission, safari, intelligence long enough to get money from trek, hunt, odyssey, voyage, *armchair ad- it.’’—Stephen Leacock. ‘‘The art of making venture, *cliffhanger. ‘‘Something you seek whole lies out of half truths.’’—Edgar for pleasure, or even for profit, like a gold Shoaff. rush or invading a country . . . the thing you WORD FIND will to occur.’’—Katherine Anne Porter. accounts, handles advertising: account ex-adventurer n. 1. THRILL-SEEKER explorer, soldier ecutive of fortune, hero, heroine, risk-taker, *hired ad company: agency gun, daredevil, voyager, wanderer, swash- addresses of potential customers: mailing list buckler, pioneer, knight, trailblazer, pirate, ad run in selected locale: spot ad Don Quixote, romantic, *armchair adven- aggressive style of selling: hard sell turer. ‘‘An outlaw . . . Adventure must start ambitious presentation: dog and pony show with running away from home.’’—William Bolitho. 2. SPECULATOR gold-digger, inves- award for radio and TV advertising excel- tor, opportunist, fortune hunter, gambler, lence: Clio entrepreneur, *wide-eyed dreamer. ANT. 1. catchy phrase or lyric: hook, jingle, slogan homebody, stick-in-the-mud, *killjoy, milque- consumer group serving as guinea pigs: test toast, Nervous Nellie. marketadventuresome a. venturesome, risk-taking, editorial-like newspaper ad: advertorial thrill-seeking, adventurous, daring, fool- dishonest touting of high-priced item after hardy, opportunistic, bold, enterprising. advertising low-priced item: bait and ANT. cautious, prudent. switch18 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 22. Advice–Affect expansion of ad campaign beyond test mar- citizens’ welfare. SYN. supporter, proponent, ket: rollout pleader, defender, abettor, espouser, cham- free item, inducement to buy: premium pion, activist, propagator, backer, ally, ac- good word in: plug tivist, lawyer. ANT. detractor, opponent, critic. graphic design, art head: art director ADVOCATE v. [ADD vuh kate] To support hand-distributed ad: handbill a cause or a person. She advocates equal rights. hidden ‘‘buy’’ messages in advertising: sub- SYN. support, propagate, defend, back, plead liminal advertising for, promote, champion, espouse, speak for, hinged ad boards worn over shoulders: sand- uphold, endorse, stand up for. ANT. fight wich board against, criticize, oppose. hyperbole: hype, puffery, ballyhoo adz n. tool, ax, implement. illustrated ad in paper or magazine: display AEGIS n. [EE jis] sponsorship or protection. ad The new emission regulations were presented mail advertising: direct mail under the aegis of city authorities. SYN. spon- multimedia sales effort: campaign sorship, auspices, protection, patronage. New York cluster of large ad agencies: Madi- aerial a. 1. AIRBORNE airy, atmospheric, by air, son Avenue by aircraft, skyward, heavenward, aloft, up, plant in audiences to help sell: shill up and away, supernal. 2. UNREAL imaginary, pre-ad that arouses interest in upcoming ethereal, intangible, fanciful, visionary. 3. product: teaser n. ANTENNA. ANT. 1. grounded, by land. 2. posting ads on public structures without per- down-to-earth. mission: sniping aerie n. [AIR ee] nest, perch, lookout, home. presentation: pitch aerobics n. cardiovascular exercise, wind exer- print publicity: ink cises, conditioning, calisthenics, *dancer- promotional material given to media: press cize, gymnastics, *workout. kit aeronautics n. aircraft design, aircraft construc- public relations: PR tion, aircraft navigation. recommendation, affirmation of product’s aesthete n. dilettante, connoisseur, art lover. quality by consumer: testimonial AESTHETIC a. [es THET ik] pertaining to royalty paid to performer each time ad runs: beauty and that which is pleasing to the eye. residual Mark made an aesthetic appraisal of the archi- telephone advertising: telemarketing tecture. SYN. beauty, beautiful, artistic, pleas- trademark design: logo ing to the eye, gorgeous. ANT. ugly, unattrac- writer of ads: copywriter tive. SEE RADIO, TELEVISION AFFABLE a. [AF uh bul] easy going and niceadvice n. counsel, tip, direction, opinion, word to talk to. She was an affable woman who fit to the wise, schooling, guidance, admoni- in well with any social group. SYN. friendly, tion, recommendation, suggestion, hint. easy-going, nice, amiable, sociable, good- ‘‘Like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it natured, warm, approachable, *chummy, dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into, *buddy-buddy, congenial, benign. ANT. cold, the mind.’’—Coleridge. ‘‘Always a confes- stand-offish, nasty. sion.’’—Emile Herzog. affair n. 1. MATTER happening, activity, doing,advisable a. recommended, wise, good advice, business, thing, operation, concern, occur- good counsel. rence, event, incident. 2. SOCIAL FUNCTIONadvise v. 1. COUNSEL recommend, tip, direct, *to-do, gala, black-tie affair, function, party, guide, admonish, suggest, hint, give a word dinner, celebration, get-together, soiree. 3. to the wise, exhort, point out, forewarn, ad- LOVE AFFAIR affaire d’ amour, affaire de coeur, vocate. 2. NOTIFY inform, let know, educate, liaison, tryst, *fling, romance, rendezvous, fill in, clue in. intimacy, sexual relationship, *thing, adul-advisement n. consideration. tery.advisory n. report, warning, notice, forewarn- affect v. 1. INFLUENCE sway, change, act on, ing, caution. evoke, impress, stir, impact upon. 2. TOUCHADVOCATE n. [ADD vuh ket] one who THE EMOTIONS move, melt one’s heart, warm speaks for or supports a cause or another per- one’s heart, pluck at the heartstrings, dis- son. The senator was an advocate for senior turb, perturb, touch a nerve, stir, *cut to the Roget’s Superthesaurus 19
  • 23. Affectation–Afield quick, *hit home. 3. ASSUME make a pre- bent, predilection, affection, leaning, par- tense, feign, fake, put on, *B.S., adopt, tiality, fancy, penchant. ANT. 1. dissimilarity. *sham, pose, posture. 2. repulsion, aversion.AFFECTATION n. [AF ek TAY shun] phony affirm v. assert, declare, firm up, confirm, vali- or unnatural behavior, often displayed in an date, uphold, proclaim, attest, profess, insist, attempt to impress. His cultured speech was *swear to, vouch. only an affectation. SYN. pretense, preten- affirmation n. assertion, declaration, confirma- tiousness, fraud, airs, show, performance, tion, validation, avowal, word, swearing, display, *going Hollywood, act, pose, pos- oath, profession. ture, mannerism, studied manner, *Oscar AFFIRMATIVE ACTION n. a policy which performance. attempts to prevent discrimination of mi-affected a. 1. INFLUENCED impressed, swayed, norities, as in employment, through hiring changed, acted upon, stirred, impacted quotas or other means. Affirmative action has upon. 2. TOUCHED perturbed, moved, stirred, opened the employment door for many African impressed, distressed, heartened, warmed, Americans. SYN. fair treatment, balanced agitated. 3. ARTIFICIAL phony, fake, assumed, treatment, quota system, fair hiring prac- contrived, show-off, counterfeit, preten- tices, anti-discrimination program, equal tious, studied, unnatural, feigned, precious, opportunity, reverse discrimination. SEE mannered, *full of it, *Hollywood. ANT. 1. GOVERNMENT, POLITICS unchanged, untouched. 2. unmoved, unaf- affix v. 1. ATTACH stick, fasten, bind, fix, con- fected. 3. real, authentic, true, down to earth, nect, staple. 2. ADD append, annex, tack on. sincere. ANT. 1. detach, unfasten, remove. 2. subtract.affection n. love, warmth, tenderness, friend- afflict v. plague, distress, trouble, bother, prey ship, feeling, devotion, *soft spot, solici- on, hurt, harm, pester, beset, burden, mo- tude, fondness, regard, attachment, close lest, agitate, torment, torture, injure, feelings. ANT. hatred, loathing, disgust, cold- weaken. ANT. relieve. ness. affliction n. hardship, pain, trouble, illness, suf-affectionate a. warm, loving, tender, giving, so- fering, burden, plague, curse, handicap, licitous, devoted, friendly, *touchy-feely, scourge, *cross to bear, torment, torture, *lovey-dovey, sensuous, doting, fond, feel- misfortune, adversity, calamity. ANT. bless- ing, demonstrative. ANT. cold, cool, unde- ing, godsend, gift. affluence n. riches, abundance, wealth, opu- monstrative, aloof. lence, plenty, prosperity, luxury, fortune.AFFIDAVIT n. [af uh DAY vit] a written ANT. poverty, destitution, lack. statement made under oath. His statements AFFLUENT a. [AFF loo unt] wealthy, opu- to the media contradicted his affidavit. SYN. lent. The affluent residents of Beverly Hills are sworn statement, testimony, written testi- rich in material belongings. SYN. rich, wealthy, mony, sworn report, declaration, deposition. prosperous, opulent, well-to-do, well-off,affiliate n. member, associate, relation, ally, fel- moneyed, *loaded, *well-heeled, *flush, low, peer, brother, sister, counterpart, sub- *fat, *filthy rich, *rolling in dough, abun- sidiary, subdivision, branch, part. dant, plentiful, bountiful. ANT. impoverished,affiliate v. associate, connect, network, join, destitute, *poor as Job’s turkey. unite, incorporate, connect, band, *team up affront n. insult, offense, slight, put-down, dig, with. ANT. disband, break up, scatter. disrespect, *crack, *shot, *swipe, injury,affiliation n. association, connection, alliance, denigration, barb, slur. ANT. compliment, flat- network, membership, relationship, union, tery. incorporation, partnership. AFFRONT v. [uh FRUNT] to insult or offend.AFFINITY n. [uh FIN uh tee] attraction, lik- He was sorely affronted. SYN. insult, offend, ing. Also, a close relationship or similarity injure, hurt, irritate, annoy, gall, rile, dis- between things. Children have a natural affin- please, provoke, pique, slight. ANT. compli- ity for junk food. There was a peculiar affinity ment, flatter, adulate. between Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun. SYN. 1. aficionado n. devotee, connoisseur, follower, RELATIONSHIP connection, resemblance, fanatic, enthusiast, *nut. SEE FAN likeness, kinship, compatibility, similarity. afield adv. off the beaten track, out of bounds, 2. LIKING, ATTRACTION fondness, inclination, away, astray.20 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 24. Afloat–Aggravateafloat adv. floating, adrift, offshore, at sea, on point, year, maturity, majority, minority, the water. adulthood, declining years, youth, adoles-afoot a./adv. about, up and about, astir. cence, infancy, middle age. ‘‘It takes aboutafraid a. scared, frightened, fearful, terrified, ten years to get used to how old you are.’’— panic-stricken, alarmed, apprehensive, anx- Unknown. ‘‘[Something that] doesn’t mat- ious, shocked, frozen, rattled, startled, leery, ter unless you’re a cheese.’’—Billie Burke. jumpy, *wide-eyed with fear, shaky, quiver- SEE TIME ing, *chicken, *sweating bullets, *spooked, age v. mature, ripen, develop, grow older, sea- *scared stiff, faint-hearted, paralyzed, *sau- son, weather, mellow, slow down, waste cer-eyed, horrified. ANT. courageous, cool, away. ‘‘To take in sail.’’—Emerson. SEE OLD, calm, fearless. SEE FEAR OLD AGE, OLD-FACEDafresh adv. anew, again, once more. aged a. elderly, old, venerable, advanced, ma-African a. Negro, Negroid, black, Nigerian, tured, past one’s prime, vintage, seasoned, Egyptian, Algerian, Libyan, Sudanese, Ethi- weathered, ripened, ageless, *long in the opian, Ugandan, Kenyan, Tanzanian, An- tooth, *one foot in the grave, old as Methu- golan, Zambian, Botswanian, South Afri- selah, worn, decrepit, decayed, deteriorated. can, Namibian, Bantu, Gabunese, ANT. fresh, green, unseasoned. SEE ANTIQUE, Moroccan, Tunisian, Senegalese, Ghana- OLD, OLD-FACED ian, Bushman, Pygmy, Masai, Zulu. ageless a. eternal, infinite, perpetual, timeless. WORD FIND agency n. 1. ORGANIZATION department, office, bushman: Qung bureau, company, corporation, firm, con- dance: juba cern, operation. 2. POWER auspices, action, desert: Sahara, Kalahari, Libyan garment: tobe, kaross, haik operation, means, influence, work, activity, gold region: Rand medium. grassland: veldt AGENDA n. [uh JEN da] a list of things to house: tembe be done. What’s on your agenda today? SYN. hut: kraal, tembe schedule, list, program, itinerary, calendar, language: Bantu, Hamite, Swahili, Hausa docket, planning, lineup. tableland: karoo agent n. 1. DOER actor, executor, functionary, tree: cola, baobab, baku, sassy, moli, kola, mover. 2. REPRESENTATIVE assignee, dele- bumbo, gamdeboo gate, deputy, advocate, proxy, middleman, village: dorp, stad, kraal broker, go-between, proctor, salesman, en- wind: simoom, simoon voy, handler. 3. FORCE power, instrument, wood: ebony, teak cause, mechanism, means.aft a. astern, abaft, back. ANT. fore, front. AGENT PROVOCATEUR n. [a zahn proafter a. 1. LATER afterward, thereafter, follow- vok uh TUR] an agitator or instigator; one ing, subsequent. 2. BEHIND preceded by, in who tries to provoke others into action and back of, following. get them in trouble. SYN. agitator, instigator,after prep. in pursuit of, looking for, in search goad, troublemaker, rabble-rouser, spark, in- of. cendiary. ANT. peacemeaker.afterbirth n. placenta, membranes. agglomeration n. heap, jumble, mass, pile,afterlife n. heaven, hereafter, eternity, bliss, gathering, collection, cluster. *the great beyond, immortality. SEE HEAVENaftermath n. consequence, aftereffect, result, agglutinate v. join, attach, adhere, glue, stick. outcome, effect, fallout, repercussions, *rip- aggrandize v. enlarge, extend, expand, blow up, ples, wake, by-product. exaggerate, increase, inflate, puff up. ANT.again adv. once more, repeatedly, anew. minimalize, shrink, deflate.against prep. opposite to, contrary to. aggravate v. 1. MAKE WORSE worsen, exacerbate,agape a. or adv. 1. OPEN gaping, wide open. 2. intensify, heighten, deepen, *add fuel to the STATE OF AMAZEMENT dumbstruck, flabber- fire, *fan the flames, *rub it in. 2. ANNOY gasted, astonished, saucer-eyed, goggle- irritate, *bug, exasperate, vex, provoke, in- eyed, bug-eyed, wonderstruck. flame, rile, irk, ruffle, *rub the wrong way,age n. 1. PERIOD OF TIME generation, duration, *miff, *yank one’s chain, *rattle one’s cage, lifetime, era, epoch, period, century, millen- *piss off. ANT. 1. lessen, relieve, mitigate. 2. ium, cycle, span. 2. STAGE season, phase, calm, humor, pacify. Roget’s Superthesaurus 21
  • 25. Aggravation–Agreeableaggravation n. 1. WORSENING exacerbation, in- agitation n. 1. SHAKING OR MIXING stirring, tensification, deepening, inflammation, churning, turbulence, bouncing, distur- magnifying, deepening. 2. ANNOYANCE irri- bance, tossing, turning. 2. EMOTIONAL DIS- tation, vexation, exasperation, inflamma- TURBANCE arousal, excitement, inflamma- tion, *pain, *pain in the ass, hassle, nui- tion, stirring, jolt, turmoil, upheaval, sance, *headache, *thorn in one’s side, commotion, provocation, rabble-rousing. bother. ANT. 1. improvement, lessening, reliev- ANT. 2. becalming, quieting, pacifying. ing. 2. pleasure, delight. agitator n. rabble-rouser, firebrand, *mover andaggregate n. composite, total, mass, cluster, shaker, rebel, provocateur, incendiary, anar- mix, blend, assembly, sum total, whole. chist, inciter, troublemaker, instigator,aggress v. attack, *jump on, initiate. spark.aggression n. 1. ASSAULT attack, offensive, raid, aglow a. radiant, shining. ANT. dull, pale. invasion, blitzkrieg. 2. HOSTILITY offensive- agnate a. akin. SEE RELATED ness, violence, belligerence, combativeness, agnomen n. SEE NICKNAME pugnaciousness, fight. ‘‘An innate, indepen- AGNOSTIC n. [ag NOS tik] one who believes dent, instinctual disposition in man . . . it that it is impossible to know whether or not constitutes the most powerful obstacle to God exists. Agnostics believe nothing beyond culture.’’—Sigmund Freud. the material world can be known by the humanaggressive a. 1. HOSTILE belligerent, combative, mind. SYN. disbeliever, freethinker, skeptic, offensive, violent, pugnacious, nasty, quar- cynic, doubter, doubting Thomas, philoso- relsome, militant. 2. BOLD OR COMPETITIVE pher, thinker, atheist. ‘‘One who doesn’t enterprising, *go-getting, *high octane, am- know whether God exists, but is afraid to say bitious, assertive, persistent, pushy, vigor- so loudly in case God might hear him.’’— ous, obnoxious, domineering, forceful, *bal- Eugene Brussell. ANT. believer, faithful one. lsy. ANT. 1. passive, peaceful, mild. 2. passive, SEE RELIGION, ATHEIST lazy, ineffectual, laid-back, timid. agnosticism n. freethinking, disbelief, faithless-aggressor n. attacker, initiator, invader, raider, ness, doubting, closed-mindedness, skepti- trespasser, assailant, provoker, offender, in- cism, atheism. ‘‘Simply means that a man stigator. shall not say he knows or believes that foraggrieve v. distress, wrong, disturb, hurt, injure, which he has no grounds for professing to offend, slight, trouble, wound. believe.’’—Thomas Huxley. ANT. faith, be-aggrieved a. wronged, offended, distressed, dis- lief, devoutness. SEE RELIGION turbed, injured, hurt, afflicted, wounded, de- agog a. eager, excited, anxious, enthusiastic, pressed, troubled. ANT. comforted, assisted, expectant. ANT. apathetic, indifferent. relieved. agonize v. suffer, bleed, struggle, worry, fret,aghast a. terrified, horrified, horror-struck, dis- torture oneself, stew, lose sleep over, brood mayed, appalled, stunned, shocked, agape. over, *sweat bullets, writhe, stay awake ANT. unperturbed, undisturbed. nights, grapple.AGILE a. [AJ il] nimble and quick. The agile agony n. suffering, pain, torture, distress, tor- basketball player darted past the defense to score ment, misery, struggle, affliction, sorrow, the winning basket. SYN. nimble, quick, spry, discomfort, dolor. ANT. bliss, euphoria, plea- deft, keen, brisk, light-footed, dexterous, sure. sprightly, active, lithe, lively, supple. ANT. agrarian a. agricultural, pastoral, rural, rustic. clumsy, ponderous, oafish. ANT. urban, citified. SEE AGRICULTURE, FARM,agility n. nimbleness, quickness, keenness, FARMING sharpness, light-footedness, dexterity, agree v. concur, accord, accede, be of one mind, sprightliness, suppleness, liveliness, adroit- come to terms, consent, grant, fall in line, ness. ANT. clumsiness, slowness, oafishness. side with, *see eye to eye, *square with, har-aging n. maturing, growing, seasoning, senes- monize, correspond, coincide, jibe. ANT. dis- cent, declining, mellowing, getting old, agree, differ, oppose. wearing out, wilting. SEE AGE agreeable a. 1. CONSENTING conforming, com-agitate v. 1. SHAKE OR MIX stir, move, churn, plying, amenable, in accord, accepting. 2. make turbulent, bounce, disturb, toss. 2. DIS- PLEASING acceptable, good, likable, to one’s TURB EMOTIONALLY shake up, stir, arouse, in- liking, unobjectionable, appealing, felici- flame, ignite, wind up, jolt, fluster, excite, tous, pleasurable. ANT. 1. dissenting. 2. dis- incite. ANT. 2. becalm, quiet, pacify. agreeable, unacceptable.22 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 26. Agreement–Aircraftagreement n. 1. WRITTEN OR ORAL CONTRACT airborne a. aloft, in flight, flying, in the clouds, understanding, contract, bargain, deal, cov- *in the wild blue yonder. ANT. grounded. enant, pact, arrangement. 2. HARMONY, AC- air conditioner n. AC, air, cooler, fan, blower. CORD conformity, compromise, correspon- aircraft n. airplane, jet, balloon, helicopter, di- dence, accordance, consensus, accession, rigible, blimp, lighter-than-air craft, airship, understanding, compatibility, uniformity, airliner, zeppelin, *chopper, *egg beater, fly- *meeting of the minds. ing machine, *whirlibird, flying saucer,agriculture n. farming, crop-raising, husbandry, UFO, ultralight, Learjet, Cessna Citation, cultivation, agronomy, agribusiness. SEE Rockwell Sabreliner, Grumman Gulfstream, FARM, FARMING Concorde, SST, Airbus, Boeing 707-757,aground a. ashore, beached, stuck fast, stran- Douglas DC-10. ded. WORD FINDahead a. in front, foremost, before, forward, ad- air hole causing sudden drop: air pocket vanced, leading, fronting, preceding, outdis- air traffic jam: stack tancing. ANT. behind, rearward, back. air washed behind: backwash, prop wash,aid n. assistance, help, service, support, benefit, slipstream helping hand, contribution, benevolence, altitude measuring device: altimeter kindness, welfare. approach to airport: approach, glidepathaid v. assist, help, serve, support, benefit, con- automatic flying system: autopilot tribute, pitch in, lend a hand, oblige, abet. boom after exceeding speed of sound: sonicaide n. assistant, adjutant, *right-hand man, boom aide-de-camp. broadside wind hazard: crosswindaide-de-camp n. assistant, officer, secretary, cargo, baggage and passengers: payload *right-hand man, aide. climbing stunt turn of 180 degrees: chan-AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome, delle disease, disorder, immunological disorder, cockpit: cabin immune failure, sickness, illness, sexually course: flight path transmitted disease, STD. cover over motor: cowling crash-land in water: ditch WORD FIND dangerous wind condition: wind shear virus causing: HIV, human immunodeficie- detracted landing gear and flaps: flying clean ncy virus; HTLV, human T-cell lympho- distance required for safe landing: rollout cytotropic virus. SEE MEDICINE, DISEASE disturbed air: turbulenceail v. trouble, pain, distress, bother, upset, af- double-winged craft: biplane flict, hurt. drive on ground: taxiailing a. ill, aching, afflicted. SEE SICK exhaust trail in sky: contrailailment n. illness, malady, affliction. SEE SICK- falling out of sky due to low air speed: stall NESS faster than speed of sound: supersonic, hy-aim n. intention, target, goal, object, purpose. personicaim v. 1. POINT direct, draw a bead on, level, flap on trailing edge of wing: aileron, airfoil train, zero in on, measure, eye. 2. DIRECT flap that slows aircraft or increases rate of ONE’S EFFORTS shoot for, go for, try for, plan, descent: spoiler intend, aspire. flashing white lights on wingtips: strobesaimless a. purposeless, pointless, drifting, stray- flight data recorder: black box ing, wandering, desultory, haphazard. ANT. fluid-based controls: hydraulics focused, directed. green identification light on right side: star-air n. 1. gas, atmosphere, oxygen, nitrogen, board light ozone, sky, aerospace. 2. BEARING manner, high-speed wind stream: jet stream attitude, deportment, appearance, aura. 3. ice accumulation: icing AFFECTATION pose, posture, pretense, man- international flight route: corridor ner, haughtiness. SEE ATMOSPHERE, WIND late-night flight: redeyeair v. 1. AERATE ventilate, let out, expose, dry, light, single-seat aircraft: ultralight cool, freshen. 2. ANNOUNCE PUBLICLY publi- long body portion: fuselage cize, confess, profess. 3. BROADCAST trans- loss of engine combustion during flight: mit, televise. flameout Roget’s Superthesaurus 23
  • 27. Air Force–Air Strike lowest possible speed before stalling: critical gravity suit: anti-g suit speed group: echelon, escadrille, squadron, wing maximum altitude according to weather information gathering: reconnaissance conditions: ceiling landing, wish to land, code: pancake motorless plane: glider missile fired, code: fox away navigation computer system: inertial navi- one aircraft flight: sortie gation system, loran over land, code: feet dry nose forced up or down by wind: pitching over water, code: feet wet opposing wind during flight: headwind radar confusers comprised of metal foil, oxygen deprivation over 12,500 feet: hyp- strips dropped from air: chaff oxia reduced visibility, code: popeye perfect landing: three-point landing suspected carrier of nuclear weapons, code: physics behind flight: aerodynamics purple pitch and roll display: artificial horizon target position in relation to aircraft: clock radio landing aid: microwave landing system code position raise air pressure: pressurize UFO assumed to be enemy: bogey rapid, uncontrolled descent: dive, spin unmanned reconnaissance craft: drone red light on left side of craft: port light SEE AIRCRAFT, AIRPORT , ROCKET , MISSILE, roll and yaw caused by wind gust: Dutch roll NAVY rollover stunt: barrel roll airhead n. Sl. idiot, dolt. SEE MORON sideways motion caused by wind: crabbing airplane SEE AIRCRAFT speedometer: air speed indicator airport n. airfield, airstrip, jetport, air base, stunt flying exhibition: barnstorming aerodrome, landing strip, runway. tail flap controlling up and down movement WORD FIND of craft: elevator ascent area beyond runway: clearway tail flap that turns craft: rudder baggage conveyor: baggage carousel triangular wing: delta wing barrier, wall that shields passengers from jet turn: bank exhaust: blast fence UFO: bogey centerline landing, takeoff strip: runway unmanned, radio-controlled craft: drone control center: control tower vertical stabilizer at tail: fin driveway leading on or off runway: taxiway workshop, shelter: hangar glassed-in enclosure in control tower: cab SEE AIR FORCE, AIRPORT, BALLOON, DIRIGIBLE, ground traffic directors: marshallers ROCKET, SATELLITE, SPACESHIP guide lights leading to airport: approachAir Force n. air defense, air power, strategic air lights, sequence flashers; barrette command; A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, A- loading and refueling area: apron 7 Corsair, A-10 Thunderbolt, AC-130 Her- luggage carrier, assistant: skycap cules, B-52 Stratofortress, C-5A Galaxy, C- maintenance and aircraft shelter: hangar 141 Starlifter, F-4 Phantom, F-14 Tomcat, maintenance crew: ground crew F-15 Eagle, F-16 air combat fighter, F-101 off-runway waiting area: holding bay Voodoo, F-105 Thunderchief, KC-135 Stra- overseeing agency: FAA, Federal Aviation totanker, B-2 Stealth Bomber, F-117A Administration Stealth Fighter, P-3 Orion, Harrier. pilot’s weather and route info center: flight WORD FIND service center air attack: air strike, bombing run, dog fight, radio-guided landing system: microwave strafing landing system airborne early warning system: AWACS tower personnel: air traffic controller altitude code for thousands of feet: angels turnoff lanes off runway: rollout lanes bombing over large area: carpet bombing wind direction indicator: wind sock bombs: eggs SEE AIRCRAFT, AIR FORCE, DIRIGIBLE distress call: mayday airs SEE AIR electronic jamming: music air sickness n. motion sickness, nausea, dizzi- emergency takeoff: scramble ness, vertigo. enemy shot down, code: splashed air strike n. bombing, bombing run, strafing, fire upon enemy aircraft: engage carpet bombing, air assault.24 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 28. Airtight–Alignmentairtight a. 1. SEALED TIGHT hermetic, imperme- for a cure-all medicine and an elixir to in- able. 2. INVULNERABLE, impregnable, flaw- crease lifespan. Any seemingly magical pro- less, sound. cess. The investors quickly bailed out when theyairy a. 1. BREEZY windy, ventilated, open. 2. AT learned the company was something on a par HIGH ALTITUDE lofty. 3. LIGHT delicate, gossa- with alchemy. SYN. pseudo science, psuedo mer, diaphanous, thin, ethereal, vaporous, chemistry, magic, transmutation, sorcery, sheer. ANT. 1. stifling. 2. sturdy, solid. wizardry, black magic, black arts, witchcraft.aisle n. walkway, lane, corridor, passageway, alcohol n. liquor, spirits, *booze, *firewater, nave. *joy juice, *the sauce, *John Barleycorn,ajar a. open, unlatched. ANT. shut, sealed. *hard stuff, intoxicant, solvent. SEE BEER,a.k.a. also known as, alias. COCKTAIL, DRINK, MOONSHINE, WINEakin a. 1. RELATED kin, kindred, agnate. 2. SIMI- alcoholic a. fermented, intoxicating, spiritous, LAR like, resembling, analogous, identical, distilled, inebriative, hard. ANT. non-alco- germane. holic, soft.a la mode a. fashionable, in fashion, in style, alcoholic n. *lush, drunk, *boozer, *rummy, stylish, chic, *hip, in vogue, *in. SEE FASH- *souse, *sot, *wino, problem drinker, *rum ION, STYLE hound, *bar fly, substance abuser.ALACRITY n. [uh LAK ri tee] eager willing- alcoholism n. alcohol dependence, addiction, ness. He accepted his nomination for beauty problem drinking, drunkenness, alcohol contest judge with great alacrity. SYN. eager- habit, substance abuse. ness, willingness, enthusiasm, readiness, fer- alcove n. recess, nook, niche, bower, bay. vor, quickness. ANT. hesitance, reservation, ale n. beer, lager, stout. reluctance. alert a. on guard, watchful, ready, vigilant, onalarm n. 1. FEAR shock, terror, horror, astonish- one’s toes, keen, wide-awake, wary, atten- ment, anxiety, panic, trepidation, fight or tive, *on the ball, *with it, sharp, active, flight response, apprehension, distress. 2. lively. ANT. asleep, *out to lunch, comatose. ALERT siren, bell, horn, whistle, tocsin, call alert n. alarm, signal, warning, tocsin. to arms, alarum, blast. ANT. 1. calm, noncha- alert v. warn, signal, inform, notify. lance, reassurance. alfresco a. outdoors, in fresh air.alarm v. 1. FRIGHTEN shock, scare, terrify, hor- algebra n. math, mathematics, equations, arith- rify, astonish, panic, distress, startle. 2. metic. SEE MATHEMATICS ALERT warn, arouse, caution, signal. ANT. alias n. a.k.a. (also known as), assumed name. calm, reassure, soothe. SEE PEN NAMEALARMIST n. [uh LARM ist] one who over- alibi n. explanation, defense, plea, excuse, reacts to a situation and spreads alarm need- *cover story, pretext. lessly. Those who believe the world will end alien a. 1. FOREIGN strange, odd, unfamiliar, ex- soon are generally brushed off as alarmists. SYN. otic, outlandish. ANT. ordinary, familiar. prophet/voice of doom, scaremonger, alien n. 1. FOREIGNER immigrant, illegal alien, Chicken Little, Cassandra. outsider, refugee, stranger, noncitizen. 2. EX-ALBATROSS (around one’s neck) n. [AL ba TRATERRESTRIAL spaceman, space creature, tross] used metaphorically to symbolize a *little green man, otherworldy creature. burden of guilt or disgrace; from the alba- ANT. native, citizen, local. tross that brought bad luck after it was shot ALIENATE v. [AY lee uh NAYT] to estrange; and hung around the Mariner’s neck in to cause another to withdraw; to turn one ‘‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’’ Water- off. His crude fat jokes would always alienate gate was Richard Nixon’s albatross. SYN. bur- the overweight people in the audience. SYN. es- den, disgrace, cross to bear, millstone, mis- trange, distance, separate, come between, ery, woe, load. *turn off, turn away, disengage, shut out, ig-albeit conj. even though, although. nore. ANT. unite.album n. anthology, folder, scrapbook, note- alienation n. estrangement, distance, remote- book, miscellany. ness, withdrawal, disaffection, separation,alchemist n. pseudo scientist, magician. dissociation, isolation.ALCHEMY n. [AL kem ee] the medieval alight v. settle, land, light. pseudo sciences involving the transmuta- align v. true, aline, line up, level, make flush. tion of ordinary metal into gold, the search alignment n. positioning, straightening, lining Roget’s Superthesaurus 25
  • 29. Alike–Allure up, adjustment, evening, sighting, calibra- mitigate, allay, soften, diminish, slake, as- tion, fine-tuning. suage. ANT. exacerbate, intensify, aggravate.alike a. like, similar, identical, comparable, alley n. passage, lane, cul-de-sac, deadend, kindred, corresponding, mirror images. ANT. walkway. unlike, disparate, contrasting. alliance n. 1. UNION joining, association, affilia-alimony n. support payment, child support, al- tion, partnership, coalition, confederacy, lowance. ‘‘Disinterest, compounded annu- league, federation, consortium. 2. AGREE- ally.’’—Walter McDonald. ‘‘Buying oats for MENT pact, friendship, treaty, covenant, un- a dead horse.’’—Arthur Baer. derstanding, deal, contract.alive a. 1. LIVING vital, animate, existing, *alive allied a. joined, associated, affiliated, federated, and kicking, organic. 2. LIVELY alert, vigor- confederate, cooperative, unionized, united, ous, vivacious, animated, spirited, bubbly, amalgamated. ANT. independent, sole. energetic, vibrant, bustling. ANT. 1. dead, in- alligator n. *gator, reptile, beast, el lagarto animate, nonfunctioning. 2. sluggish, lethargic, (Spanish), crocodilian. slothlike. WORD FINDall n. total, totality, whole, entirety, everything, related: crocodile, caiman *bag and baggage. all-nighter n. *redeye, *graveyard shift/duty.all a. whole, entire, complete, every, each, each ALLOCATE v. [AL uh KATE] to allot or dis- and every. ANT. some, none, incomplete. tribute. The board will allocate funds to helpall-around a. versatile, multifaceted, complete, us meet the budget. SYN. allot, distribute, diverse, inclusive, comprehensive. ANT. ex- mete, dole out, assign, designate, earmark, clusive, incomplete. ration, appropriate, set aside.ALLAY v. [uh LAY] to quiet, lessen or relieve. allocation n. distribution, ration, allotment. The babysitter hoped a bedtime story would al- all-or-nothing a. uncompromising, unyielding. ANT. accomodating. lay the child’s fear of the dark. SYN. reduce, quiet, lessen, abate, alleviate, mitigate, ease, allot v. assign, apportion, mete. SEE ALLOCATE slake, put to rest, sooth, assauge. ANT. mag- allotment n. portion, distribution, share, part, nify, intensify, heighten. cut, parcel, measure, allocation, ration.allegation n. assertion, accusation, charge, in- all-out a. total, maximum, complete, no holds crimination, claim, statement, complaint, barred. ANT. half-hearted. SEE THOROUGH allow v. 1. PERMIT let, tolerate, put up with, indictment, insinuation. grant, approve of, *give the green light to,ALLEGE v. [uh LEJ] to make an assertion, par- authorize, *give the go-ahead. 2. ADMIT ac- ticularly without proof. We allege that Ralph knowledge, concede, acquiesce. 3. ALLOT al- took the last cookie. SYN. assert, accuse, locate, give, set aside, plan for. ANT. 1. for- charge, incriminate, claim, state, complain, bid, prohibit, refuse. 2. deny, reject. indict, declare, insinuate, affirm, attest, pur- alloy n. mixture, blend, amalgam, amalgam- port. ation, compound, union.allegiance n. loyalty, devotion, support, obedi- WORD FIND ence, fidelity. ANT. disloyalty, disobedience, carbon and iron: steel betrayal. copper and tin: bronze, pewterallegory n. parable, fable, moral, myth, story, copper and zinc: brass tale. lead and tin: pewterallergen n. irritant, immune trigger, antigen, allowance n. share, allotment, pay, support, ra- foreign substance, pollen, dust mite, dander, tion, appropriation, subsidy, stipend, recom- ragweed. pense, contribution, percentage, earnings.allergic a. immune sensitive, sensitive, suscep- all-purpose a. multitalented, multifaceted. ANT. tible, hypersensitive, averse to. limited, specialized. SEE VERSATILEallergy n. sensitivity, susceptibility, hypersensi- all right a. 1. SEE OKAY 2. SEE INTACT, WELL tivity, immune defense, hay fever, aversion. allude v. refer to, hint, suggest, imply, mention SEE MEDICINE in a roundabout way, make an allusion to, WORD FIND *dance around. extreme alergic reation: anaphylaxis allure n. attraction, magnetism, charm, appeal, red blotches: hives sex appeal, fascination, temptation.alleviate v. lighten, lessen, reduce, relieve, ease, allure v. attract, entice, fascinate, bait, charm,26 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 30. Alluring–Amalgam seduce, tempt, captivate, beguile, lure, tan- also adv. in addition, and, furthermore, plus, as talize. well, *to boot, moreover.alluring a. attractive, charming, seductive, en- altar n. platform, table, shrine. ticing, fascinating, tempting, bewitching, altar boy n. attendant, acolyte. captivating, beguiling, irresistible, tantaliz- alter v. change, modify, fit, adjust, reform, shift, ing, magnetic. ANT. repulsive, repelling, nau- adapt, revise, correct, amend. ANT. maintain, seating. keep.ALLUSION n. [a LOO zhun] an indirect refer- alteration n. change, modification, fitting, ad- ence, an implication. He made an allusion to justment, shift, adaptation, revision, correc- Dickens when he said, ‘‘It was the best of times, tion, amendment. it was the worst of times.’’ SYN. reference, altercation n. quarrel, fight, argument, dispute, mention, implication, hint, suggestion, ca- wrangle, *row, bickering, *tiff, squabble, sual remark, inference. *run-in, *words, falling out. ANT. peace, har-ally n. associate, partner, confederate, helper, mony. SEE FIGHT collaborator, colleague, affiliate, friend. ANT. ALTER EGO n. [ALL ter EE go] another side enemy, foe, adversary. of one’s personality. Also, a close friend oralmanac n. publication, annual, forecaster, cal- companion. Everyone has an alter ego; Hitler endar, yearbook. liked dogs. SYN. 1. DARK SIDE, private side,Almighty, the n. the Supreme Being, Creator, ¨ id, counterpart, doppelganger. 2. SIDEKICK, the all-powerful. SEE GOD *buddy, pal, companion, comrade, chum,almighty a. omnipotent, invincible, invulnera- confidante, soul mate. ble, all-powerful, supreme. ANT. powerless, alternate n. backup, second, stand-in, double, ineffectual. substitute, surrogate.almond n. nut, kernel. alternate v. take turns, rotate, switch off,almost adv. nearly, just about, approaching, change, reciprocate, vacillate. close to, well-nigh, virtually, verging, practi- alternative n. choice, option, backup, pick, se- cally. lection, replacement, substitute.alms n. charity, handout, assistance, contribu- alternator n. generator. tion, donation, benefaction, welfare, dole, although conj. albeit, in spite of, notwithstand- aid. SEE CHARITY ing, granting that, even though, regardlessaloft a. airborne, flying, skyward, high. of.alone a. 1. LONE solitary, isolated, friendless, altitude n. height. SEE ELEVATION separate, unaccompanied, abandoned, altogether adv. completely, wholly, totally, all alienated, solo, desolate, lonesome, *solitary told, in toto, utterly, entirely, absolutely. as an oyster. SEE SOLITUDE 2. PEERLESS unique, ALTRUISM n. [AL troo IZ um] unselfish con- without equal, unparalleled, unsurpassed, cern for others, humanitarianism without incomparable, singular. ANT. 1. mobbed, selfish gain. Anonymous donation is a rare crowded, grouped. 2. ordinary, common, form of altruism. SYN. selflessness, humani- *dime a dozen. tarianism, benevolence, kindness, philan-along prep. beside, over the length of, along- thropy, charity, big-heartedness, magna- side, parallel with. nimity, humaneness. ‘‘Disregarding one’sALOOF a. [uh LOOF] distant or remote. He own cause.’’—Eugene Brussell. ANT. selfish- was strangely quiet and aloof, like a lone wolf. ness, greediness, piggishness. SYN. distant, remote, reserved, *at arm’s altruistic a. selfless, unselfish, humanitarian, length, cool, standoffish, chilly, *stuck up, benevolent, kind, giving, philanthropic, unapproachable, closed, unfriendly, unso- charitable, big-hearted, magnanimous, hu- ciable, cold, frosty, detached. ANT. friendly, mane. ANT. selfish, self-centered, greedy, cold- warm, open. hearted.aloud adv. audible, loudly, intelligibly, dis- always adv. forever, everlasting, perpetually, re- tinctly. ANT. inaudibly, silently. lentlessly, unremittingly, infinitely, eter-alpine a. lofty, alpestrine, high. SEE MOUNTAIN- nally, unceasingly, constantly. ANT. never, OUS temporarily.already adv. by now, before now, previously, amalgam n. mixture, blend, combination, beforehand. amalgamation, alloy, compound. Roget’s Superthesaurus 27
  • 31. Amalgamate–Amendamalgamate v. mix, blend, combine, com- spirit, initiative, enterprise, will, motiva- pound, consolidate, fuse, merge, integrate, tion, *get up and go, hunger. ‘‘The wings of unite. ANT. separate, divide, diffuse, disperse. great actions.’’—Johann Goethe. ‘‘Nets toamalgamation n. SEE AMALGAM catch the wind.’’—John Webster. 2. GOALamass v. lump, pile, heap, accumulate, gather, aspiration, aim, target, dream, desire, wish. assemble, collect, compile, save, acquire, ANT. laziness, apathy, sloth. *squirrel away, stockpile, hoard. ANT. dis- ambitious a. 1. ENTERPRISING aspiring, deter- perse, scatter. mined, hard-driving, *go-getting, aggres-amateur n. nonprofessional, dabbler, dilet- sive, hungry, motivated, hard-working, tante, neophyte, tyro, novice, rookie, lay- striving, eager, avid, zealous, emulous, goal- man, *bush-leaguer, *lightweight. ‘‘A pub- oriented, *high octane, industrious. 2. DE- lic nuisance who confounds his ambition MANDING formidable, difficult, lofty, taxing, with his ability.’’—Ambrose Bierce. ANT. prodigious. ANT. 1. lazy, slothful, inert. 2. un- professional, master, virtuoso. demanding, simple, humble.amateurish a. unprofessional, unskilled, inex- AMBIVALENT a. [am BIV uh lent] having perienced, bumbling, fumbling, incompe- mixed or contrasting attitudes. Many people tent, inept, unpolished, rough, *bush- have ambivalent feelings about abortion. SYN. league, second-rate, insipid, hackneyed. mixed, conflicting, contradictory, wavering, ANT. professional, skilled, polished. vacillating, undecided, confused, of twoamatory a. sexual, loving, passionate, lustful, minds, indecisive. ANT. certain, concrete, *no amorous, erotic, romantic, sensual, ardent, two ways about it, settled. rapturous. ANT. indifferent, cool, turned off. amble v. stroll, saunter, shuffle, ramble, *mo-amaze v. astonish, stun, fascinate, flabbergast, sey, *sashay. SEE WALK dumbfound, shock, *blow one away, jolt, ambrosia n. food of the gods, food fit for a king, electrify, *curl one’s hair, surprise, *bowl epicurean delight, delicacy, heavenly one over, *wow. ` ´ spread, gastronomical delight, piece de resis-amazement n. astonishment, fascination, tance. shock, wonder, surprise, bewilderment, dis- ambrosial a. fit for the gods, delectable, mouth- belief, awe, wide-eyed wonderment. watering, heavenly, savory, delicious, tasty,amazing a. astonishing, fascinating, stunning, toothsome, divine, sweet-smelling, fragrant, shocking, wonderful, surprising, bewilder- aromatic. ANT. distasteful, disgusting. ing, prodigious, awesome, unbelievable, ambulance n. rescue vehicle, emergency vehi- astounding, incredible, marvelous. ANT. *ho- cle, medical transport, *meat wagon. hum, boring, nothing special. ambulate v. move about, walk, get about, step,ambassador n. diplomat, representative, emis- *hoof, range, amble. sary, delegate, consul, goodwill ambassador, ambush n. ambuscade, surprise attack, *booby envoy, agent. SEE POLITICS, GOVERNMENT trap, assault, mugging, hiding place, cover,amber a. gold. SEE YELLOW blind.ambidextrous a. two-handed, switch hitting; ambush v. attack, jump, assault, surprise, adroit, skillful. *bushwack, waylay.ambience n. atmosphere, air, milieu, environ- AMELIORATE v. [uh MEEL yuh RATE] to ment, climate, setting, surroundings, aura, make better. We could ameliorate environ- mood. mental degradation by limiting population. SYN.ambient a. surrounding, encircling, enveloping, improve, make better, mend, amend, cor- encompassing. rect, upgrade, fix, rectify, relieve. ANT. exac-AMBIGUOUS a. [am BIG yoo us] having two erbate, aggravate, worsen. or more meanings or interpretations, un- AMENABLE a. [uh MEN uh bul] willing, re- clear, confusing. Politicians often make ambig- sponsive or agreeable. He was amenable to uous statements in order not to offend anyone. change. SYN. open, acquiescent, cooperative, SYN. unclear, vague, equivocal, hazy, *clear obedient, tractable, pliable. ANT. unwilling, as mud, indefinite, uncertain, obscure, du- closed-minded, disagreeable. plicitous, dubious, questionable, left- amend v. 1. IMPROVE better, correct, fix, mend, handed, muddled. ANT. clear, unequivocal, ameliorate. 2. CHANGE revise, correct, edit, certain. alter, revise, transform. ANT. worsen, dam-ambition n. 1. DRIVE determination, striving, age, corrupt.28 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 32. Amendment–Amplifyamendment n. 1. IMPROVEMENT betterment, gun’s bullet-storage receptacle: clip, maga- amelioration, upgrade, correction, reform, zine revision. 2. ADDITION modification, attach- one shot: round ment, addendum, supplement, adjunct, stockpile of ammo: munitions dump rider. wagon that carries ammunition: caissonamends n. apology, redress, recompense, atone- SEE BOMB, BULLET , GUN, MISSILE, NUCLEAR ment, restitution, reparation. BOMB, WAR, WEAPONamenity n. 1. PLEASANTNESS agreeableness, ci- amnesia n. memory loss, fugue, forgetfulness. vility, courtesy, geniality, politeness, man- AMNESTY n. [AM nes tee] a pardon, often ners. 2. COMFORT nicety, extra, frill, luxury, of a political nature. The war resistors were convenience, pleasantry, refinement, crea- granted amnesty. SYN. pardon, forgiveness, ture comfort, facility. ANT. 1. unpleasantness, absolution, exemption, excusing, clemency, rudeness, nastiness. 2. discomfort, bare neces- lenience, immunity. ‘‘The state’s magna- sity. nimity to those offenders whom it would beAmerica n. United States, U.S., land of oppor- too expensive to punish.’’—Ambrose tunity, New World, country, nation, land Bierce. ANT. damnation, sentencing, condem- mass. nation.AMIABLE a. [AY mee uh bul] friendly, good- among prep. amidst, amid, in, between, in the natured. The dolphin has always been seen as a middle of. fun-loving, amiable sort. SYN. friendly, good- AMOROUS a. [AM uh rus] loving, especially natured, congenial, sociable, agreeable, out- in a physical or sexual way. Feeling amorous, going, amicable, affable, approachable, the couple retired to the bedroom. SYN. loving, good-humored, likable, cordial, warm. ANT. sexual, romantic, seductive, passionate, cold, unfriendly, antisocial. *turned on, *in the mood, *horny, *hot,AMICABLE a. [AM i kuh buhl] characterized lustful, erotic, carnal, affectionate, *touchy- by goodwill. They came to an amicable agree- feely, demonstrative, sensuous, tender. ANT. ment. SYN. friendly, peaceable, affable, easy- *turned off, repulsed. going, gracious, congenial, neighborly, be- AMORPHOUS a. [uh MOR fus] shapeless, nign, amiable, harmonious. ANT. unfriendly, without form. Abstract art is sometimes com- nasty, aggressive. pletely amorphous. SYN. shapeless, vague,amid prep. amidst, among. formless, undefined, nondescript, character-amigo n. friend, *pal, *buddy, chum, sidekick, less, nebulous. ANT. defined, outlined, specific, companion, alter ego, soul mate, crony, *bo- distinct. som buddy. SEE FRIEND amount n. 1. AGGREGATE total, sum, bottomAmish n. Anabaptist sect, people, group. line, *whole shebang. 2. QUANTITY number,amiss a. wrong, improper, awry, incorrect, mis- total, count, mass, volume, measure. taken, out of place, *screwy, faulty, askew, amour n. affair, fling, tryst, relationship, dalli- inappropriate. ANT. right, correct, okay. ance, romance, liaison.amity n. friendship, goodwill, peace, harmony, amphetamine n. drug, stimulant, analeptic, accord, brotherhood, fellowship, under- *bennies, *crank, crystal, *dexies, *pep standing, concord. ANT. hostility, antagonism, pills, *speed, *STP, *tabs, *truck drivers, discord. *uppers. SEE DRUGammunition n. *ammo, ordnance, shot, bullets, amphitheater n. theater, coliseum, gallery. SEE shells, munitions, arms, materiel, explosives, ARENA grenades, canisters. ample a. 1. LARGE spacious, capacious, commo- WORD FIND dious, huge, immense, extensive, roomy. 2. bullet-holding belt worn over shoulder: ban- ABUNDANT sufficient, plenty, enough, copi- dolier, cartridge belt ous, lavish, bountiful, more than adequate. cartridge with no projectile: blank ANT. 1. tiny, cramped, restricted. 2. inade- case of projectiles fired from cannon: canis- quate, insufficient, small. ter amplify v. increase, heighten, intensify, en- cast-iron balls: grapeshot large, magnify, strengthen, augment, dangerous fragments of: shrapnel *crank, *beef up, turn up, boost. ANT. de- glowing trail across sky, produces: tracer crease, diminish, turn down. Roget’s Superthesaurus 29
  • 33. Amputate–Androgenamputate v. cut off, remove, sever, dismember, ANARCHY n. [AN ar kee] chaos, disorder; excise, lop off. SEE OPERATION absence of government. The riots broughtamuck adv. berserk, wild, violent. widespread looting and anarchy. SYN. chaos,amulet n. charm, talisman, good luck piece, fe- disorder, confusion, lawlessness, rioting, tur- tish. moil, mayhem, bedlam, revolution, vio-amuse v. occupy, entertain, interest, divert, be- lence, collapse of authority. ANT. order, law guile, distract, regale, engross, tickle, cheer. and order, organization. ANT. bore, put to sleep, weary, cloy, depress. anathema n. 1. THE DAMNED the accursed, theamusement n. entertainment, diversion, plea- condemned, pariah, outcast, heretic, villain. sure, pastime, distraction, enjoyment, fun, 2. CURSE ban, excommunication, denuncia- sport, game, play, merriment, *laughs, *jol- tion, proscription, imprecation, damnation, lies. ‘‘A metaphysical trick to deceive our condemnation. ANT. 1. the blessed. 2. bless- anguish.’’—Jean De Menasce. ing.amusing a. 1. OCCUPYING absorbing, engrossing, anatomy n. structure, skeleton, framework, entertaining, diverting, distracting, beguil- composition. ing, cheering. 2. FUNNY hilarious, tickling, ancestor n. 1. FOREBEAR forefather, father, pro- comical, silly, foolish, ludicrous, zany, side- genitor, elder, procreator. 2. PREDECESSOR splitting, whimsical, droll, jocular, *a precursor, forerunner, originator, prototype, scream. ANT. 1. boring, somnolent, dull. 2. antecedent, ascendant. ANT. 1. offspring, de- depressing, grim, sad. scendant, progeny. 2. successor.ANACHRONISM n. [a NAK ruh niz em] a ancestry n. lineage, heredity, background, fam- person, idea or thing placed in the wrong ily tree, stock, pedigree, parentage, heritage, historical period, as a telephone in the history, blood, roots, progenitors, forefa- 1700s. Also any thing or person considered thers. ‘‘A lamp to posterity.’’—Sallust. outdated. A television appearing in a Victorian anchor n. mooring, grapnel, hook, support, se- novel would be an obvious anachronism. SYN. curity, stability, hold, safeguard. misfit, incongruity, *square peg in a round WORD FIND hole, *fish out of water, oversight, mistake, heaviest, released from the bow: bower goof. hoist: cat, weighanalgesic n. pain reliever, anesthetic, numbing hoisting rig: capstan, windlass agent, painkiller, opiate. light anchor used to free ship run aground:analogous a. comparable, similar, correspond- kedge ing, like, congruous, equivalent, akin, cog- prongs: flukes round, flukeless type: mushroom anchor nate, homologous. ANT. dissimilar, different, small: kedge, grapnel, killick opposite. stone: killickANALOGY n. [uh NAL uh jee] A comparison SEE SHIP between two similar or dissimilar things. anchor v. moor, secure, fix, cat. ANT. weigh an- There is an analogy between self-confidence chor, release. and speaking ability. SYN. comparison, simi- anchorage n. mooring, landing, pier, dock, larity, resemblance, semblance, likeness, re- port, wharf, harbor. lationship, kinship, correlation, correspon- anchorman n. anchorwoman, anchor person, dence. ANT. difference, dissimilarity. newscaster, broadcaster, news coordinator.analysis n. examination, dissection, investiga- SEE TELEVISION tion, study, breakdown, test, assay, evalua- ancient a. old, aged, venerable, primitive, pri- tion, review, interpretation. mordial, antiquated, prehistoric, antedilu-analytical a. investigative, inquisitive, evalua- vian, primeval, timeworn, immemorial, out- tive, critical. moded, fossilized, archaic, *old as the hills,analyze v. examine, dissect, investigate, study, early. ANT. new, fresh, young, contemporary. break down, test, assay, evaluate, review, in- SEE AGE, OLD, OLD AGE terpret. ancillary a. subordinate, auxiliary, helper, ser-anarchist n. rebel, revolutionary, radical, rab- vant, adjunct, accessory, supplementary. ble-rouser, nihilist, insurrectionist, terrorist, ANT. principal, main, prime. agitator, ‘‘[One who] may want his neighbor androgen n. hormone, steroid, testosterone, an- to be governed, but he himself doesn’t want drosterone, masculinizing hormone. SEE MED- to be governed.’’—George Bernard Shaw. ICINE30 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 34. Androgynous–AngryANDROGYNOUS a. [an DRAW juh nus] ‘‘Momentary insanity.’’—Horace. ‘‘A wind having male and female characteristics. which blows out the lamp of the mind.’’— Many rock stars dress in an androgynous man- Robert Ingersoll. ANT. glee, calm, affection, ner. SYN. unisexual, bisexual, hermaphro- goodwill. SEE ANGRY dite, epicene, cross-sexual. ANT. female, or anger v. enrage, infuriate, irritate, annoy, out- male. rage, incense, *get one’s dander up, rankle, WORD FIND *rattle one’s cage, *yank one’s chain, embit- person with these qualities: androgyne ter, chafe, *burn one up, rile, bristle, antago-android n. robot, automaton. nize, *raise one’s hackles, blow up, *stir up,anecdotal a. illustrative, characterizing, inci- gall, *piss off, *bend out of shape, *get a rise dental, limited in scope. out of, madden, *make blood boil, inflame,anecdote n. vignette, story, tale, character *make one hot under the collar, *miff, sketch, narrative, illustration, account, inci- *steam, *tee off, *tick off, displease, irk, *get dent. on one’s nerves, nettle, provoke. ANT. please,anemia n. iron deficiency, chlorosis, iron-poor tickle, pacify, placate. blood, listlessness, weakness, feebleness, fa- angina n. angina pectoris, pain, suffocating tigue, languor. pain, crushing pain. SEE HEARTanemic a. weak, pale, pallid, wan, colorless, fee- angioplasty n. artery-widening procedure, cath- ble, listless, fatigued, run-down, weary, iron- eterization, procedure, surgical repair. SEE deficient. ANT. robust. OPERATIONanesthesia n. numbness, insentience, analgesia, angle n. 1. BEND curve, crook, knee, vertex, el- loss of feeling. bow, acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle,anesthetic n. analgesic, painkiller, opiate, reflex angle. 2. POINT OF VIEW perspective, ether, Procaine, soporific. viewpoint, position, standpoint, slant.anew adv. again, once more, afresh. angler n. SEE FISHERMANangel n. 1. HEAVENLY BEING cherub, guardian angry a. mad, enraged, infuriated, *pissed, irri- angel, spirit, archangel, seraph, divine mes- tated, annoyed, incensed, *spitting mad, senger, fallen angel, spiritual being, immor- bitter, *boiling, *stewing, burning, bristling, *gone ballistic, raging, *bent out of shape, tal; Gabriel, Raphael. ‘‘The dispensers and enflamed, *hot under the collar, *miffed, administrators of the Divine beneficence to- *steamed, *teed off, *ticked off, displeased, ward us. . . .’’—John Calvin. 2. WONDERFUL provoked, *hot, irked, indignant, irate, PERSON sweetheart, saint, dear, darling, galled, nettled, cross, vexed, wrathful, fum- honey, doll. 3. FINANCIER backer, supporter, ing, *mad as a hornet, *mad as a wet hen, *sugar daddy, underwriter, *meal ticket, *having a fit, *having a hissy fit, *having a benefactor, patron. ANT. 1. devil, demon. 2. conniption fit, *having a hemorrhage, livid, jerk, devil, bastard. *blowing a gasket, *blowing a fuse, *in aangel dust n. Sl. phencyclidine, PCP, drug, hal- snit, *having a cow, *spitting tacks, *seeing lucinogen, anesthetic, narcotic, *crystal, red, *popping one’s cork, rabid, venomous, *magic dust, *star dust, *angel hair, *cadil- volcanic, fiery, explosive, peeved, *hot and lac, *monkey dust, *ozone, *purple rain. SEE bothered, *huffy, *in a lather, *sore, *in a DRUG tizzy, *bellowing fire and brimstone, *full ofangelic a. saintly, heavenly, spiritual, righteous, piss and vinegar, berserk, frenzied, snarling seraphic, cherubic, virtuous, chaste, divine, mad, *throwing a nutty. ANT. pleased, gleeful, beautiful, lovely, holy, ethereal, radiant. euphoric, placated. ANT. devilish, demonic, dark. WORD FINDanger n. rage, fury, irritation, annoyance, out- Facial expressions and body language: rage, indignation, ire, wrath, resentment, scorching look; piercing look; keep-your- temper, venom, *dander, huff, petulance, mouth-shut look; eyes narrowed with vexation, passion, animosity, rankling, spit- contempt; level stare; glower; scowl; ting rage, murderous rage, *slow burn, pi- withering glare; warning look; eyes blaz- que, snarling rage, bitterness, gall, spleen, ing murderously; eyes sharpening; sneer; virulence, ill feelings, infuriation, *piss and frown; snarl; smouldering eyes; lips curl- vinegar, *burning, *stew, *conniption fit, ing with disgust; spasm of irritation cross- soreness, umbrage. ‘‘[Anger] boils at differ- ing one’s face; stony expression; face flus- ent degrees.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. hing with indignation; eyes bulging from Roget’s Superthesaurus 31
  • 35. Angst–Annotate their sockets; face turning red, then pur- mammal, critter, varmint, pet, beast of bur- ple; veins in neck standing out in livid den, game, stock, denizen of the forest, ver- ridges; crazed look; unyielding jaw; stick- tebrate, invertebrate, quadruped, herbivore, ing out chin defiantly; looking about wil- carnivore, ungulate, vermin, scavenger. dly; eyes raking the room; predatory ex- ‘‘Agreeable friends—they ask no questions, pression; lips contorted grotesquely; they pass no criticisms.’’—George Eliot. smiling maliciously; face lit with bitter ‘‘Man in a stage of arrested development.’’— triumph; teeth gritted; lips pursed with Christian Morgenstern. SEE INDIVIDUAL ANI- suppressed fury; face pinched, tight; arro- MALS 2. BRUTISH HUMAN pig, *Neanderthal, gantly impassive; rolling one’s eyes; knit- hoodlum, beast. See chart, page 33. ted brow; gesticulating furiously; nostrils animal magnetism n. charisma, presence, aura, flaring; vein throbbing at temple; veins hypnotic attraction, charm, sex appeal. SEE in neck swelling dangerously; stomach SEX knotting; throwing up hands with dis- animate a. 1. ALIVE living, breathing, vital. 2. gusted resignation; bunch fists; stalk out; ACTIVE animated, dynamic, vigorous, lively. storm out. ANT. 1. dead, lifeless. 2. sluggish, dispirited. Speech, voice tone: grind out the words be- animate v. enliven, breathe life into, vitalize, tween clenched teeth; stammer with activate, invigorate, stimulate, quicken. rage; spit out the words with contempt; ANIMATED a. [AN uh may tid] full of life; spew out the words with malicious glee; lively. After breaking the ice, the party-goers mutter peevishly under one’s breath; quickly became animated and then drunk. SYN. speak with grave deliberation; speak lively, full of life, vigorous, lifelike, gay, en- with brutal detachment; speak with bit- ergetic, spirited, active, vivacious, ener- ter resentment; taunt; sputter; splutter; gized, dynamic, uninhibited. ANT. stiff, life- scream in exasperation; mock in a snivel- less, wooden, dead. ing singsong; sibilate; sniff; snort; speak animation SEE SPIRIT, MOTION PICTURE in ragged bursts; speak in strangled tones; ANIMOSITY n. [AN uh MOSS ih tee] feel- gibber; croak; clip one’s words; maunder ings of hatred or hostility. It’s normal to feel into one’s shirt; speak in stentorian bel- a certain amount of animosity toward the tax lows; jeer; hoot; speak in grudging tones; collector. SYN. hatred, hostility, enmity, an- voice rising hysterically; voice thick with tagonism, bitterness, ill will, dislike, hard insinuation; voice tinged with menace; feelings, animus, resentment. ANT. love, af- voice rising an octave; voice degenerat- fection. ing to a guttural rasp; voice ascending to animus n. hatred, ill will. SEE ANIMOSITY a murderous falsetto; voice growing annals n. chronicles, history, accounts, annu- husky/hoarse; voice dripping with spite; als, history, records, archives, registers. snap, hiss, fume, bark, boom, cry, growl, grumble, huff, pant, roar, shriek, thun- annex n. addition, new wing, addendum, at- der, wail, yammer, blurt. tachment.ANGST n. [ANGKST] a feeling of anxiety, annex v. add, attach, append, join, incorporate, especially that accompanied by unhappi- connect, merge, unite. ANT. detach, discon- ness. Fortieth birthdays often fill people with nect. angst. SYN. anxiety, apprehension, nervous- ANNIHILATE v. [uh NIY uh layt] to destroy ness, uneasiness, dread, misgiving, forebod- utterly. The dictator threatened to annihilate ing, free-floating anxiety, blues, depression, the rebellious town. SYN. destroy, demolish, sadness. ANT. tranquility, peace, calm. obliterate, crush, kill, wipe out, decimate,anguish n. distress, suffering, agony, pain, grief, exterminate, liquidate, nullify *wipe off the misery, torment, woe, dolor, sorrow. ANT. map. SEE WAR joy, euphoria, pleasure. annihilation n. demolition. SEE DESTRUCTIONangular a. 1. BENT crooked, bending, elbowed, anniversary n. commemoration. SEE HOLIDAY doglegged, cornered. 2. RAWBONED gaunt, ANNOTATE v. [AN o tayt] to add notes or bony, lean, spindly, lanky, spare, scrawny, comments. Authors sometimes annotate edi- anorexic, skeletonlike. ANT. 1. straight, flat. tions of their books to add clarity. SYN. com- 2. fat, fleshy, beefy, plump. mentate, notate, intepret, footnote, ex-animal n. 1. LIVING ORGANISM beast, creature, pound, elucidate, gloss.32 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 36. Annotation–Annoyanimal (continued)WORD FINDAnimal Group Male Female Youngantelope herd buck doe kidass herd/drove jack jenny colt/foalbadger cete boar sow cubbear sloth boar sow cubbee swarm/hive drone queenbuffalo herd bull cow calfcamel herd/flock bull cow foal/calfcattle herd/drove bull cow calf/heiferdeer herd buck/stag doe fawndog pack hound bitch puppy/whelpelephant herd bull cow calfelk gang bull cow calfferret business dog bitchfish school/shoalfox skulk vix vixen cubfrog army/colony tadpolegoat herd/tribe billy nanny kidgoose gaggle/skein gander goose goslinghorse herd/stable stallion mare colt/foal/fillykangaroo troop joeyleopard leap leopard leopardess cublion pride lion lioness cubmonkey troop/tribemoose bull cow calfmouse nestmule span/barren/rakeotter dog bitchox herd/drove/yokepheasant bouquet/coveypig litter/herd boar sow piglet/farrow/shoterabbit nest buck doe bunnyrhino crashseal herd/pod cubsheep drove/flock ram ewe lambsparrow hostsquirrel draytiger tiger tigress cubtoad knotturtle balewhale gam/pod bull cow calfwolf pack/rout dog bitch cub/pup/whelpannotation n. note, footnote, commentary, ex- broadcast, heralding, voicing, trumpeting, planation, elucidation. statement, notification.announce v. proclaim, declare, broadcast, her- announcer n. emcee, broadcaster, reporter, ald, voice, trumpet, state, publish, notify, *deejay, newscaster, anchor man/woman, annunciate. *voice-over, herald, trumpeter, crier.announcement n. proclamation, declaration, annoy v. irritate, pester, bother, disturb, *bug, Roget’s Superthesaurus 33
  • 37. Annual–Anticlimax *get under one’s skin, *get on one’s nerves, ANTAGONIZE v. [an TAG uh niyz] to rile vex, chafe, nettle, ruffle, gall, irk. another; to offend or make angry. Husbandsannual a. yearly, perennial. and wives who antagonize one another oftenannuity n. payment, allowance. end up in divorce court. SYN. offend, rile, re-ANNUL v. [uh NUL] to nullifty, withdraw or pel, alienate, *piss off, oppose, rankle, *rat- invalidate. The board voted to annul several tle one’s cage, *yank one’s chain, irritate, fill outdated regulations. SYN. nullify, withdraw, with hostility, anger, estrange. ANT. befriend, invalidate, abolish, cancel, eliminate, void, smooth things over, soothe. rescind, declare null and void, repeal. ANT. ante n. wager, stake, bet. ratify. antebellum a. pre-Civil War, pre-war, beforeannulment n. invalidation, nullification, can- the war, early nineteenth century, histori- cellation, voiding, elimination, abolish- cal. ment, repeal. ANTECEDENT n. [AN ti SEED unt] whatanoint v. consecrate, bless, make holy, rub oil came before or previously. The buckboard on, smear with oil. was an antecedent of the Model T. SYN. fore-ANOMALOUS a. [uh NOM uh lus] strange, runner, precursor, predecessor, ancestor. out of place. An anomalous July snowstorm ANT. descendant, successor. surprised us all. SYN. deviating, abnormal, ir- antecedent a. previous, prior, precursory, pre- regular, inconsistent, strange, odd, out of ceding, former, first. ANT. posterior, subse- place, unexpected, atypical, quirky. ANT. quent, later. normal, typical, usual. antechamber n. hall, foyer, lobby.ANOMALY n. [uh NOM uh lee] an abnormal- antedate v. precede, predate, antecede. ity or irregularity. A snowstorm in Florida is ANTEDILUVIAN a. [an ti duh LOO ve un] an anomaly. SYN. abnormality, irregularity, very old or antiquated; predating the bibli- exception to the rule, quirk, oddity, devia- cal flood. Few were interested in the politician’s tion, rarity, departure from the norm. ANT. antediluvian ideas. SYN. old, ancient, pre- the norm, regularity, same old thing. flood, B.C., prehistoric, antiquated, early, pri-anonymous a. nameless, unknown, unsigned, mordial, primitive, Paleolithic, archaic, out- unidentified, incognito, secret, pseudony- ´ dated, outmoded, passe. ANT. modern, late. mous, uncredited. ANT. named, showcased, antenna n. 1. INSECT APPENDAGE feeler, sense spotlighted. organ. 2. SIGNAL RECEIVER aerial, *rabbitanorexia nervosa n. eating disorder, dieting dis- ears. order, loss of appetite, neurosis, sickness, anterior a. 1. FORE front, forward. 2. PREVIOUS food aversion. SEE BULIMIA before, prior, antecedent. ANT. 1. back, aft.anorexic a. malnourished, emaciated, thin. 2. after, following.answer n. 1. REPLY acknowledgement, response, anthem n. hymn, psalm composition, song, counter, rejoinder, *comeback, retort, reac- tion, feedback. 2. SOLUTION explanation, song of praise. resolution. anthology n. collection, treasury, compilation,answer v. 1. REPLY acknowledge, respond, miscellany, omnibus, compendium, album, counter, rejoin, *come back, retort, react, digest. give feedback. 2. SOLVE explain, resolve. 3. antibiotic n. medicine, cure, treatment, medi- BE ACCOUNTABLE own up to, be held respon- cation, remedy, preparation, drug, wonder sible, pay for, atone for, rectify. 4. SERVE drug, pill; amoxicillin, ampicillin, erythro- measure up, suffice, qualify, satisfy, pass mycin, penicillin, streptomycin, sulfa drug, muster. sulfonamide, tetracycline. SEE DRUG, MEDI-answerable a. liable, responsible, accountable. CINE ANT. unaccountable. antic(s) n. foolishness, tricks, pranks, jokes,antagonism n. hostility, enmity, opposition, shenanigans, stunts, tomfoolery, romps. friction, animosity, discord, rancor, clash- anticipate v. expect, look forward to, foresee, ing, ill will, rivalry. ANT. friendliness, agree- predict, forecast, envision, apprehend. ment, harmony. anticipation n. expectation, apprehension, pre-antagonist n. opponent, adversary, foe, enemy, conception, foresight, dread, prospect, con- rival, disputant. ANT. friend, colleague, advo- templation, foreknowledge. cate. anticlimax n. letdown, disappointment, much34 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 38. Antidepressant–Anyone ado about nothing, *dud, *bomb, disillu- antagonistic, depraved, indifferent, rebel- sionment, bathos, *comedown, fizzle. lious, destructive, troublesome, cruel. ANT.antidepressant n. psychoactive medication, 1. friendly, warm, gregarious, outgoing. 2. drug, mood enhancer, psychotropic medi- friendly, kind, caring, benevolent. cine, therapeutic drug, *happy pill; amitrip- ANTITHESIS n. [an TITH uh sis] opposite, tyline, imipramine, Prozac. in contrast. Love is the antithesis of hate. SYN.antidote n. 1. ANTIVENIN antitoxin, neutralizer, opposite, contrast, reverse, converse, in- counteracting agent. 2. CURE remedy, neu- verse, contradiction, contrary. tralizer, medicine, vaccine, curative, correc- antithetical a. reverse, converse. ANT. alike. SEE tive. OPPOSITEantipasto n. appetizer. antitoxin n. antivenin, remedy. SEE ANTIDOTEANTIPATHY n. [an TIP uh thee] an acute antsy a. Sl. fidgety, restless, nervous, impatient, dislike, aversion. He feels a certain antipathy apprehensive, anxious, edgy, ill at ease, *on toward telephone solicitors. SYN. aversion, dis- pins and needles. ANT. calm, composed. like, hatred, antagonism, animosity, revul- anus n. rectum, *butthole, *where the sun sion, loathing, distaste, abhorrence, enmity, don’t shine. repugnance. ANT. liking, attraction, appeal, anxiety n. nervousness, tension, angst, appre- affection. hension, jitters, *shakes, *pins and needles,ANTIQUATED a. [ANT i kwayt ed] obso- uneasiness, *butterflies, foreboding, misgiv- lete, out of date. With the introduction of the ing, worry, concern, uncertainty, *heebie- automobile, the horse and buggy became anti- jeebies, free-floating anxiety. ‘‘The essence quated. SYN. obsolete, out of date, outmoded, of conscience.’’—Freud. ANT. calm, relax- old-fashioned, demode, dated, archaic, ation, tranquility, ease. SEE FEAR ´ passe, bygone, fossilized, venerable, old- anxious a. 1. NERVOUS tense, apprehensive, jit- world, seasoned, primordial, antediluvian. tery, shaky, *on pins and needles, uneasy, ANT. new, modern, *cutting edge, fresh. SEE *sweating bullets, disquieted, fearful, edgy, OLD *uptight, jumpy, *strung out, overwrought,antique n. relic, curio, collectible, heirloom, ar- *unglued, *wired, *worked up, ill at ease. tifact, antiquity, *hand-me-down, museum WORD FIND piece. ‘‘Remnants of history which have ca- Facial expressions and body language: wide- sually escaped the shipwrecks of time.’’— eyed, blinking nervously, smiling spastic- Francis Bacon. ‘‘Glorified scrap.’’—Max ally, forcing a smile, lip-twitching, pac- Gralnick. ing, throat-clearing, gulping, swallowing a lump in the throat, face paling, nailsantique a. SEE ANTIQUATED dug into palms, palms sweating, stomachantiquity n. 1. PREHISTORY yore, olden days, knotting, stomach clenching and flutter- dark ages. 2. SEE ANTIQUE ing, fidgeting, finger-drumming, sweat-anti-Semite n. Jew-hater, bigot, chauvinist, ing, hyperventilating, spasms crossing Nazi. the face, swallowing dryly, teeth-grind-ANTI-SEMITISM n. [an te SEM i tiz um] ha- ing/gnashing/clamping, toes curling tred toward or prejudice against Jews or Ju- tightly in one’s shoes, hand-wringing, daism. The Nazis in World War II strongly clasping and unclasping hands, strug- advocated anti-Semitism, with horrifying re- gling to control one’s voice, voice sults. SYN. fascism, Nazism, Jew-hating, anti- strained/constricted/quavering/stran- Jewish sentiment, chauvinism, bigotry, prej- gled/rising an octave, adrenalin coursing udice. ‘‘A noxious weed.’’—William How- through arteries, butterflies in stomach, ard Taft. ‘‘The swollen envy of pigmy nausea, jitters, heart palpitations. minds.’’—Mark Twain. SEE FRIGHTENEDantiseptic n. germicide, disinfectant, sterilizing 2. EAGER *itching, impatient, *raring to go, agent, alcohol, iodine, chlorine. intent, fervent, desirous. ANT. 1. relaxed,antiseptic a. sterile, disinfected, clean, sanitary. calm, cool, at ease. 2. apathetic, indiffer- ANT. septic, contaminated, infected. ent.antisocial a. 1. UNSOCIABLE aloof, misanthropic, anyhow adv. anyway, nonetheless, in any case, unfriendly, reclusive, withdrawn, uncom- regardless. municative, hermitic, solitary. 2. HOSTILE anyone pron. anybody, one, everybody. Roget’s Superthesaurus 35
  • 39. Apace–Apparatusapace adv. swiftly, quickly, rapidly. SEE FAST APOCALYPSE n. [uh POK uh lips] destruc-apart a. 1. IN PIECES OR TO PIECES disassembled, tion on a mass scale, as a holocaust; the dismantled, piecemeal, asunder, disassoci- prophecy of such. Many await the apocalypse ated, scattered. 2. SEPARATE by itself, alone, foretold by the Bible. SYN. mass destruction, independent, individual, singly, isolated. 3. devastation, holocaust, end of the world, APART FROM besides, with the exception of, Armageddon, catastrophe, annihilation, save for, excluding. ANT. 1. together. 2. decimation, disaster, *act of God, cata- among, amidst, together. clysm.APARTHEID n. [uh PART hiyt] any practice apocalyptic a. prophetic, revelatory, oracular, of racial segregation, but especially that in prescient. South Africa. A policy of apartheid separates APOCRYPHAL a. [uh POK ruh ful] question- blacks from whites. SYN. segregation, separa- able, unsubstantiated, or suspected to be un- tion, discrimination, racism, division. ANT. true or inauthentic. Of the mass of UFO data integration. gathered, much is apocryphal. SYN. question-apartment n. flat, room, duplex, rental unit, able, unsubstantiated, inauthentic, counter- walk-up, efficiency apartment, place, *pad, feit, fictitious, doubtful, dubious, spurious, *digs, tenement, suite. untrue, unproved, erroneous. ANT. true, sub-apathetic a. uninterested, indifferent, uncaring, stantiated, authentic. unmoved, listless, unconcerned, impassive, apologetic a. sorry, regretful, remorseful, con- cool, dispassionate, phlegmatic, unsympa- trite, *on one’s knees, conciliatory, pros- thetic, removed. ANT. passionate, caring, in- trate, penitent, sheepish. ANT. stubborn, self- terested. righteous, defensive.APATHY n. [AP uh thee] disinterest, indiffer- apologize v. beg one’s pardon, express regrets, ence. To bring about change in government is retract, make amends, *crawl back on one’s to first overcome voter apathy. SYN. indiffer- hands and knees, atone, beg for forgiveness, ence, disinterest, uninvolvement, dispas- *eat crow, *eat humble pie, humble oneself. sion, impassivity, languor, unconcern, de- apology n. regrets, remorse, plea, prostration, tachment, coolness. ‘‘The worst sin toward retraction, amends, atonement, *eating our fellow creatures. . . .’’—George Bernard crow, *eating humble pie, repentance, ac- Shaw. ANT. passion, interest, concern, involve- knowledgement, defense. ‘‘[T]he foundation ment. for a future offense.’’—Ambrose Bierce.ape n. primate, simian, gorilla, chimpanzee, apostate n. renegade, defector, deserter, here- orangutan, gibbon, monkey. ‘‘What an ugly tic. beast . . . and how like us.’’—Cicero. SEE apostle n. missionary, advocate, champion, ANIMAL evangelist, proponent, preacher, witness,ape v. mimic, imitate, mock, parody, copy. messenger, follower, disciple.aperture n. opening, hole, gap, slot, orifice, apothecary n. Brit. druggist, pharmacist, chem- stoma, crack. ist.apex n. top, peak, tip, zenith, summit, pinnacle, apotheosis n. glorification, deification, immor- vertex, acme, crown, height. ANT. bottom, talization. trough, rock-bottom, depth, nadir. apotheosize v. glorify.aphorism n. saying, proverb, maxim, axiom, appall v. dismay, horrify, shock, stun, discon- adage, epigram, dictum. ‘‘Portable wis- cert, astound, frighten, take aback, harrow, dom.’’—William Alger. disgust, sicken.aphrodisiac a. seductive, titillating, arousing, appalling a. dismaying, horrifying, shocking, erotic, sexy. ANT. repulsive. stunning, disconcerting, astounding, fright-aphrodisiac n. *love potion, eyringo, *Spanish ening, ghastly, dreadful, harrowing, disgust- fly, oysters. ing, sickening, upsetting. ANT. wonderful,APLOMB n. [uh PLOM] confidence, poise. pleasing, agreeable. She addressed the audience with great aplomb. apparatus n. device, equipment, appliance, ma- SYN. confidence, poise, self-assurance, com- chine, tackle, mechanism, gadget, contrap- posure, savoir faire, equanimity, sangfroid, tion, tool, *doohickey, *gizmo, outfit, in- air. ANT. anxiety, self-consciousness, insecu- struments, contrivance, *thingamajig, rity. *whatsis.36 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 40. Apparel–Applicableapparel n. clothing, attire, garments, dress, out- WORD FIND fit, garb, costume, accoutrement, raiment, bread, toast or cracker with spread: canape *duds, *threads, *getup. SEE CLOTHING dough casing filled with minced meat orapparent a. 1. EVIDENT visible, manifest, clear, vegetables: dim sum obvious, plain, conspicuous, out front, open, drink, alcoholic: aperitif unconcealed. 2. SEEMING ostensible, proba- herring fillet rolled up on pickle or onion: ble, evident, possible, presumable, outward. rollmops ANT. 1. unclear, vague, hidden. 2. doubtful, Italian marinated vegetables, sliced meats: uncertain. antipastoapparition n. ghost, specter, spirit, phantom, ´ raw vegetables served with dip: crudites. spook, manifestation, poltergeist, wraith, SEE FOOD presence, hallucination, mirage. SEE GHOST appetizing a. appealing, mouth-watering, de-appeal n. 1. PETITION entreaty, plea, request, im- lectable, savory, delicious, palatable, invit- ploration, supplication, application, call. 2. ing, tantalizing, toothsome, luscious, tempt- ATTRACTION charm, allure, charisma, sex ap- ing, ambrosian. ANT. nauseating, sickening, peal, glamour, *je ne sais quoi, *it. repulsive.appeal v. 1. REQUEST plead, entreat, implore, applaud v. 1. CLAP cheer, give a hand, give a ask, beseech, request, solicit, beg, petition. standing ovation, hurrah, whistle. 2. AC- 2. ATTRACT interest, tempt, entice, fasci- CLAIM laud, hail, praise, sing the praises of, nate. ANT. 2. repel, repulse, disgust. commend, cheer, extol, compliment, give aappear v. 1. COME INTO VIEW show, emerge, pat on the back. ANT. 1. boo, hiss, *give a loom, materialize, issue, surface, present, ar- Bronx cheer. 2. pan, *give thumbs down, rive, turn up, *meet the light of day. 2. SEEM knock. look, be obvious. ANT. 1. disappear, vanish. applause n. clapping, ovation, cheers, hurrahs,appearance n. 1. SHOWING presentation, emerg- bravos, whistles, encores, praise, acclaim, ing, arrival, materialization, manifestation, plaudits, kudos, tribute, approval. ‘‘Often coming. 2. OUTWARD APPEARANCE facade, less a blessing than a snare.’’—Edward image, impression, illusion, semblance, ex- Young. ANT. boos, hisses, rejection, denigra- terior, guise. 3. LOOK form, shape, demeanor, tion, disapproval. countenance, air, character, mien, features, apple n. pome, pippin, fruit, codling. bearing, aspect. WORD FIND apple of one’s eye: sweetheart, angel, honey,APPEASE v. [uh PEEZ] to pacify or placate. love, cherished one. We tried to appease the angry bear with a bucket apple-pie order: shipshape, neat, good, or- of blueberries. SYN. pacify, placate, quiet, sat- derly, just so. isfy, assuage, relieve, alleviate, soothe, mol- bright green and crisp: Granny Smith lify, subdue, smooth over, defuse, conciliate. dark red winter apple: Winesap ANT. aggravate, exacerbate, antagonize. late fall variety: Jonathanappellation n. name, title, designation, label, red: McIntosh, Red Delicious, Rome *moniker, *handle. (Beauty)append v. add, affix, attach, adjoin, annex, tack red winter: Baldwin on. ANT. subtract, remove. rough-skinned and mottled winter apple:appendage n. adjunct, attachment, limb, mem- russet ber, extremity, offshoot, branch, tail, arm, Russian: Astrachan tentacle. wild: crabappendix n. addition, supplement, addendum, yellowish red winter variety: Northern Spy appendage, codicil, postscript, epilogue, in- yellow, large, with red streaks: Gravenstein dex, outgrowth. apple-polisher n. Sl. *brownnose, toady. SEEappertain v. belong. SEE PERTAIN FLATTERERappetite n. hunger, craving, desire, taste, raven- applesauce n. Sl. hokum, baloney. SEE NONSENSE ousness, sweet tooth, thirst, hankering, pen- appliance n. mechanism, apparatus, machine, chant, yen, passion, yearning. ANT. revul- instrument, contrivance, gadget, *gizmo, sion, repulsion, distaste. modern convenience, contraption.appetizer n. tidbit, snack, starter, hors d’oeuvre, applicable a. pertinent, relevant, germane, fit- finger food, dip, cold cuts, kickshaw, olives, ting, suited, apposite, appropriate, usable. anchovies. ANT. inapplicable, irrelevant, impertinent. Roget’s Superthesaurus 37
  • 41. Applicant–Approvalapplicant n. candidate, job seeker. jail. 2. UNDERSTAND perceive, comprehend,application n. 1. UTILIZATION employment, use. see, *get the picture, recognize, know, grasp. 2. REMEDY dressing, ointment, poultice, apprehensible a. understandable, comprehensi- salve, balm, lotion, medication. 3. REQUEST ble. solicitation, inquiry, petition, appeal, form, apprehension n. 1. ARREST capture, seizure, in- resume. 4. DILIGENCE attention, *stick-to- carceration, jailing, *collaring, *nabbing. 2. itiveness, zeal, devotion. 5. RELEVANCE perti- UNDERSTANDING perception, comprehen- nence, aptness, suitability. sion, recognition, grasping. 3. ANXIETY fore-apply v. 1. UTILIZE use, employ, implement. 2. boding, dread, angst, fear, uneasiness, mis- DRESS spread on, put on, administer, smear. giving. ANT. 3. confidence, tranquility, 3. DEVOTE dedicate, concentrate, *buckle reassurance. down, *put one’s nose to the grindstone, APPREHENSIVE a. [AP ri HEN siv] anxious persevere, *give one’s all, be diligent, *focus about the future. He was apprehensive about one’s energies. 4. REQUEST petition, appeal, his final exams. SYN. anxious, uneasy, ner- solicit, requisition. 5. PERTAIN fit, suit, re- vous, *edgy, dreading, fearful, full of misgiv- late, refer. ing, filled with foreboding, distressed, *up-appoint v. 1. DESIGNATE name, nominate, se- tight. ANT. confident, cocksure, assured, lect, choose, assign, install, commission, fix, worry-free. set. 2. FURNISH equip, accoutre, outfit, ar- apprentice n. trainee, learner, beginner, nov- range. ice, *rookie, *greenhorn, student, amateur,appointment n. 1. DESIGNATION naming, nomi- neophyte, pupil. ANT. teacher, mentor, mas- nation, selection, assignment, installation, ter, guru. placement, job, office, position, *gig. 2. EN- apprise v. notify, inform, fill in, brief, tell, ad- GAGEMENT assignment, rendezvous, meet- vise. ing, date, tryst. 3. FURNISHING equipment, approach n. 1. METHOD procedure, modus ope- accoutrement, outfit, accessory, fitting, randi, way, course. 2. COMING NEAR advance, trapping. drawing near. 3. ACCESS way, entry, passage,apportion v. allot, divide, distribute, dole out, course, drive, route, road, pathway. allocate, mete. approach v. 1. NEAR come, draw near, close in,apposite a. relevant, apt, fitting, appropriate, advance, loom, gain on, converge. 2. AP- apropos, befitting, proper, suited. ANT. inap- PROXIMATE compare, come close, near, re- propriate, irrelevant. semble, match up to, be like, equal. 3. PRO-appraisal n. evaluation, valuation, assessment, POSE recommend, make overtures to, offer, rating, estimate. bring up, suggest, present. 4. SET ABOUT start,appraise v. evaluate, valuate, assess, rate, esti- begin, get the ball rolling, tackle. ANT. 1. mate, measure, judge, put a value on. withdraw, depart. 4. finish up, conclude, close.appreciable a. perceptible, significant, substan- tial, measurable, discernible. ANT. negligible, approachable a. open, accessible, friendly, insignificant. warm. ANT. reserved, uncommunicative, dis-appreciate v. 1. ENJOY esteem, value, prize, re- tant. gard, respect, like, cherish. 2. BE THANKFUL approbation n. approval, sanction, commenda- FOR be obliged, be grateful, give thanks, ac- tion. SEE APPROVAL knowledge, credit. 3. GROW IN VALUE in- appropriate v. take, confiscate, seize, steal, ex- crease, gain, compound, enhance, inflate. propriate, impound, claim, assume, com- ANT. 1. overlook, disregard, ignore. 2. depreci- mandeer, *pirate, pilfer, pocket. ate, decrease, deflate, lose. appropriate a. proper, fitting, suitable, correct,appreciation n. 1. ENJOYMENT esteem, regard, apt, befitting, becoming, seemly, right, apro- respect, liking, prizing, cherishing, affection. pos, *politically correct. ANT. inappropriate, 2. THANKS gratefulness, gratitude, acknowl- improper, incorrect. edgement, thankfulness, credit. 3. GROWTH appropriation n. 1. ALLOTMENT allocation, IN VALUE increase, compounding, inflation, funds, stipend, allowance. 2. SEIZURE cap- escalation. ANT. 1. disrespect, disregard. 2. ture, confiscation, impounding, stealing, ungratefulness. 3. depreciation, loss, deflation. *pirating, commandeering.apprehend v. 1. ARREST catch, capture, *nab, approval n. 1. ESTEEM regard, favor, liking, re- *collar, take into custody, seize, incarcerate, spect, acceptance, good opinion, blessing,38 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 42. Approve–Architecture honor. 2. SANCTION consent, support, en- ARBITRARY a. [AR bi trer ee] random, dis- dorsement, imprimatur, approbation, *the cretionary, capricious. He didn’t go by any set okay, *the nod, *the green light, permis- rules; his decision was arbitrary. SYN. random, sion, authorization. ANT. 1. disapproval, re- discretionary, capricious, dictatorial, whim- jection, disrespect. 2. denial, refusal, rejection. sical, fanciful, unscientific, autocratic, per-approve v. 1. ESTEEM regard, favor, like, respect, sonal. ANT. objective, by set rules, scientific. accept, bless, honor. 2. SANCTION consent, ARBITRATE v. [AR bi TRATE] to decide or support, endorse, authorize, permit, allow, settle. An authority will be brought in to arbi- ratify. ANT. 1. disapprove, disrespect. 2. deny, trate the dispute. SYN. decide, settle, mediate, refuse, reject. reconcile, negotiate, judge, moderate, adju-approximate v. approach, come close, near, dicate, referee, umpire. equal, match, parallel, resemble. arbitrator n. judge, middleman. SEE ARBITERapproximate a. about, near, close, around, arbor n. bower, pergola, trellis. rough, estimated, in the neighborhood, in arboreal a. treelike, arborescent. round numbers, well-nigh. ANT. exact, pre- arboretum n. conservatory, greenhouse, hot- cise. house, nursery, vinery.approximately adv. about, close to, nearly, ap- arc n. semicircle, curve, arch. proaching, roughly, estimated, *guesti- arcade n. gallery, cloister, walkway, passageway, mated, virtually, in round numbers, well- piazza, archway. nigh, more or less, around. ANT. exactly, pre- ARCANE a. [ar KANE] mysterious, secret. cisely. Much of the universe remains arcane.appurtenance n. adjunct, accessory. SYN. mysterious, secret, hidden, esoteric,April n. ‘‘Love’s spring.’’—Shakespeare. enigmatic, incomprehensible, occult, recon-apron n. pinafore, garment, bib, smock, cover- dite, abstruse. ANT. known, knowable, com- all. prehensible.APROPOS adv. [AP ruh PO] timely; also, fit- arch n. 1. VAULT ogive, dome. 2. CURVATURE ting or appropriate. His speech was particu- arc, bow, parabola, bend, crescent. larly apropos for the occasion. SYN. timely, op- arch v. bend, curve, bow, flex, round. portune, fitting, befitting, appropriate, arch a. main, chief, principal, top, primary, relevant, apt, suitable, germane, pertinent. highest, greatest, foremost. ANT. least, small- ANT. untimely, inopportune, irrelevant. est, minor.apt a. 1. SUITED appropriate, fitting, relevant, ARCHAIC a. [ar KAY ik] ancient, antiquated. germane, apropos. 2. LIKELY inclined, prone, The crossbow is an archaic weapon. SYN. an- quick, liable, disposed. 3. CLEVER quick, cient, antiquated, obsolete, from an earlier bright, adept. SEE INTELLIGENT ANT. 1. inap- time, outmoded, old-fashioned, passe, old-´ propriate, irrelevant. 2. unlikely. 3. slow, dull. world, antediluvian. ANT. modern, fresh,aptitude n. ability, talent, flair, knack, gift, *cutting edge, new. skill, capability, faculty, intelligence, profi- archbishop n. chief bishop. ciency. archenemy n. 1. Satan, the Devil. 2. CHIEF EN-aqua n. water, liquid, solution. ˆ EMY adversary, nemesis, bete noire.aquamarine n. bluish green. archeologist n. historian, anthropologist.aquarium n. tank, fishbowl. archeology n. history, anthropology. ‘‘Frozenaquatic a. marine, lacustrine, fluvial. history.’’—Gregory Mason.aqueduct n. conduit, pipe, channel, trough, wa- archer n. bowman. tercourse, race. archetype n. model, prototype, original, tem-aqueous a. watery. ANT. dry. plate, example, exemplar, precursor, mold,arable a. plowable, tillable, fertile. ANT. barren, classic. desolate, sterile. archipelago n. chain of islands.ARBITER n. [AR bi tur] one who judges or architect n. draftsman, designer, builder, cre- mediates. The arbiter negotiated a settlement ator, engineer, planner. between the two conflicting parties. SYN. judge, architecture n. drafting, designing, building de- mediator, arbitrator, umpire, referee, inter- sign. ‘‘The flowering of geometry.’’—Ralph mediary, go-between, negotiator, authority, Waldo Emerson. ‘‘Frozen music.’’—Johann expert, specialist. Goethe. Roget’s Superthesaurus 39
  • 43. Archives–Aristocrat WORD FIND ARDUOUS a. [AR joo us] extremely difficult. borrowed style of motherland: colonial Mowing a golf course is an arduous task. SYN. British and American highly ornamental difficult, hard, taxing, demanding, labori- style of nineteenth century: Victorian ous, burdensome, grueling, back-breaking, classical Greek and Roman forms revived: trying, strenuous, Herculean, exhausting. Greek Revival, neoclassical, Renais- ANT. easy, simple, *a snap. sance area n. 1. EXPANSE stretch, range, breadth, classical orders of Hellenic Greece and Im- space. 2. REGION territory, district, section, perial Rome: Corinthian, Doric, Ionic, locality, tract, stretch, ward, division, lot, Tuscan, Composite sector, belt, quarter, zone. 3. REALM sphere, domes, round arches and columns of early dominion, province, field. Greece: Byzantine arena n. 1. stadium, coliseum, amphitheater, eighteenth-century style derived from clas- stage, ring, hippodrome. 2. DOMINION field, sical, Renaissance and Baroque: Geor- area, realm, province. gian argot n. jargon, lingo, cant, idiom, vocabulary, elaborately decorative European style from vernacular, parlance, slang. 1550-1700s: baroque argue v. 1. PLEAD contend, maintain, hold, as- exposed beams style of sixteenth century sert, expostulate, evince, insist. 2. QUARREL Britain: Tudor fight, bicker, debate, haggle, quibble, *hash florid ornamentation, eighteenth-century out, *lock horns, altercate, squabble, *have France: rococo a row, *mix it up, wrangle. ANT. agree, con- French Gothic form with flaming tracery, cur, assent. SEE ANGRY, WORD FIND fifteenth century: flamboyant style argument n. 1. CONTENTION plea, assertion, futuristic chevron and zigzag style of the proof, pros and cons, evidence, support, rea- 1930s: art deco soning, defense, line of reasoning, grounds, Gothic revived: Gothic Revival case. 2. QUARRELING disagreement, fight, dis- Italian, classically derived, fourteenth pute, debate, altercation, *row, *tiff, *spat, through sixteenth centuries: Renais- uproar, squabble, imbroglio. ‘‘The longest sance distance between two points of view.’’— Mediterranean style characterized by horse- Dan Bennett. ANT. agreement, accord, con- shoe arches, domes, tunnel vaults, geo- cord. SEE FIGHT metrical ornaments: Islamic style argumentative a. quarrelsome, combative, pointed arches, rib vaulting, flying but- cranky, contentious, polemical, scrappy, ag- tresses, twelfth through fifteenth centu- onistic, eristic, belligerent, pugnacious, ries: Gothic style touchy, irritable, opinionated. ANT. agree- retro style: revival able, passive, conciliatory. Spanish, eleventh-fourteenth centuries’ aria n. song, air, melody, solo, vocal piece. SEE style featuring elaborate stucco work and OPERA Arabesque designs: Moorish arid a. 1. DRY dried-up, parched, barren, dusty, SEE BRIDGE , BUILDING , CASTLE , CATHEDRAL, sterile, bone-dry, desertlike, desiccated. 2. CHURCH, HOUSE DULL boring, lifeless, tedious, drab, lacklus-archives n. records, chronicles, annals, histori- ter, uninteresting. ANT. 1. wet, fertile, humid. cal documents, memorabilia. 2. lively, colorful, interesting.archivist n. librarian, curator, record-keeper. arise v. 1. STAND UP get up, rise. 2. ASCENDarctic a. frigid, cold, freezing, polar, boreal. ANT. move upward, climb, rise. 3. EMANATE origi- warm, temperate, tropical. nate, spring, issue, well up, occur, stem from,ARDENT a. [AR dent] passionate, highly en- crop up. ANT. 1. recline, lie down. 2. descend, thusiastic. Bill is an ardent fan of the Celtics. drop. SYN. passionate, enthusiastic, devoted, in- aristocracy n. nobility, noblesse, peerage, gen- tense, zealous, fervent, feverish, torrid, ve- tility, privileged class, gentry, elite, *upper hement. ANT. apathetic, cool, dispassionate. crust. ‘‘The rich, the beautiful and wellardor n. 1. PASSION warmth, love, sensuality, born.’’—John Quincy Adams. ANT. peas- desire. 2. EAGERNESS zeal, enthusiasm, devo- antry, bourgeoisie, commoners. tion, fervor, intensity. ANT. coldness, indiffer- aristocrat n. nobleman, high-born, noble- ence, apathy. woman, peer, patrician, blue blood, lord,40 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 44. Aristocratic–Army duke, snob. ‘‘Fellows that wear downy hats shoulder: ailette, pauldron and clean shirts—guilty of education and thigh: cuisse, tasset suspected of bank accounts.’’—Ambrose trunk: tasset Bierce. ANT. peasant, commoner, bourgeois. SEE AMMUNITION, BOMB, BULLET, GUN, MISSILE,ARISTOCRATIC a. [uh RIS tuh KRAT ik] NUCLEAR BOMB, WAR, WEAPON high-born. He claimed aristocratic lineage, an armory n. arsenal, depot, drill hall. assertion at odds with his rough appearance. arms n. weapons, armaments, ordnance, muni- SYN. of noble birth, blue-blooded, well-born, tions, armor, ammunition. SEE AMMUNITION, genteel, pedigreed, mannerly, civil, worldly, BOMB, BULLET, GUN, MISSILE, NUCLEAR BOMB, sophisticated, gracious, gentlemanly, WAR, WEAPON courtly, chivalrous, gallant, cultivated, re- arm’s length, at adv. at a distance, aloof, un- fined, classy, snobbish, haughty, *snotty, friendly. hoity-toity, affected, pretentious. ANT. bour- arms, up in a. in an uproar, hostile, prepared geois, lower-class, common. for war.arithmetic n. math, mathematics, addition, army n. 1. HORDE legion, mass, multitude, subtraction, multiplication, division, fig- throng, swarm. 2. ARMED FORCES troops, in- ures, calculation. fantry, soldiers, division, battalion, groundark n. boat; refuge, shelter. forces. ‘‘A body of men assembled to rectifyarm n. 1. LIMB extremity, forearm. 2. BRANCH the mistakes of the diplomats.’’—Josephus extension, offshoot, appendage, projection. Daniels.arm v. equip, furnish, issue, outfit, accoutre, WORD FIND provide, fit out, load. ANT. disarm. absent without leave: AWOLarmada n. fleet, squadron, argosy, flotilla, navy, bursts from antiaircraft guns: flak convoy, flight. clandestine movement: ratlineArmageddon n. end of the world, final battle, collective term for ammo, guns, explosives: final battleground, apocalypse, holocaust, ordnance war, conflict, showdown between good and combat fatigue: shell shock evil, struggle, confrontation, devastion, ca- discharge for physical or mental problem: tasrophe. section eightarmaments SEE ARMS drab camp uniform: fatiguesarmchair n. easy chair, rocking chair, recliner. eating facility: mess SEE CHAIR emergency call-up troops: reservesarmed a. outfitted, equipped, accoutred, fitted enemy ground to be won: bridgehead out, *armed to the teeth, *bristling with enemy role during NATO exercise: orange arms, loaded, fortified, supplied, *packing a forces rod. ANT. disarmed, unarmed. finishing off defeated enemy: mopping uparmistice n. truce, cease-fire, peace. form up and come to attention: fall inarmoire n. cabinet, wardrobe. fortification, small, of concrete or sandbags:armor n. protective covering, shield, sheathing, pillbox mail. friendly role during NATO exercise: blue WORD FIND forces SUIT OF ARMOR hiding material: camouflage arm, from elbow to shoulder: brassard i.d. piece on chain: dogtag armpit plate: pallette infantryman, slang: grunt back and breast plate: cuirass items: materiel bearer: armiger, squire jeep: hum-vee chain: mail kilometer, slang: click foot: solleret largest unit: army group hand: gauntlet liberty that ends at midnight: Cinderella lib- head: basinet, beaver, visor, armet, sconce, erty helmet lowest grade soldier: buck private jacket or tunic: jupon medal for wounds received: Purple Heart joint: gusset mess hall duty: K.P. (kitchen police) leg, knee to ankle: greave military store: PX, post exchange neck: gorget missing in action: MIA Roget’s Superthesaurus 41
  • 45. Aroma–Arrival movement of troops: deployment GUN, MARINES, NAVY, NUCLEAR BOMB, WAR, multilanguage message to return captured WEAPON soldier, with reward: blood chit aroma n. scent, odor, smell, fragrance, bouquet, negotiator sent behind enemy lines: parli- savor. SEE ODOR mentaire aromatic a. fragrant, odoriferous, redolent, passing safely through minefield: breaching pungent, savory, scented, spicy. ANT. un- phonetic alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, scented, stinky. Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, around prep. about, close to, near, approxi- Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Os- mately. car, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, arouse v. rouse, enliven, stimulate, awaken, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X- stir, inflame, excite, fire up, shake up, dis- ray, Yankee, Zulu. turb, incite, provoke. ANT. put to sleep, lull, ranks, in ascending order: (enlisted men) pacify. Private E-1, Private E-2, Private First- ARRAIGN v. [uh RANE] to bring before a Class E-3; (noncommissioned officers) court and accuse one of a crime. The court Corporal E-4, Sergeant E-5, Staff Ser- will arraign the suspected murderer today. SYN. geant E-6, Platoon Sergeant E-7, Master accuse, call to account, charge, indict, in- Sergeant E-8, First Sergeant E-8, Ser- criminate, serve a summons, blame, *point geant Major E-9, Command Major Ser- the finger at. ANT. exonerate, absolve, acquit. geant E-9, Sergeant Major of the Army arrange v. 1. PUT IN ORDER organize, straighten, E-9; (warrant officers) Warrant Officer, position, rearrange, sort, classify, alphabet- grade one; Chief Warrant Officer, grade ize, systematize. 2. PLAN devise, scheme, de- two; Chief Warrant Officer, grade three; sign, make preparations, map out, draw up. Chief Warrant Officer, grade four; (com- 3. SETTLE resolve, straighten out, determine, missioned officers) Second Lieutenant, come to terms. ANT. 1. mix up, jumble, mess First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieu- up, disorder. tenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier Gen- arrangement n. 1. ORDER organization, system, eral, Major General, Lieutenant Gen- positioning, classification, lineup, configu- eral, Four Star General, Five Star ration, design. 2. PLAN scheme, design, prep- General of the Army aration, provision, *game plan. 3. MUSICAL recruit training facility: boot camp COMPOSITION score, chart. request for fire: call for fire, all available arrant a. notorious, flagrant, out-and-out, glar- shelter, lodging: billet, barracks ing, unmitigated. ANT. inconspicuous. shield from enemy: defilade array n. 1. GROUPING arrangement, alignment, shore foothold: beachhead lineup, order, muster, marshaling, congrega- simultaneous fire at target from multiple tion, collection. 2. FINERY clothing, attire, guns: salvo dress, garments, *getup, *threads. ANT. 1. subdivision of a unit: echelon disarray, disorder, mess. sweeping line of gunfire: enfilade arrest n. apprehension, capture, taking into tank, armored group: armored division custody, *collar, *bust. temporary ammo storage: munitions dump WORD FIND trial for crime: court-martial book in which arrests are recorded at police unit separated from larger group: detach- station: blotter ment photo taken of suspect: mug shot units, in ascending order of size: unit (at reading of rights, rule: Miranda rule least two soldiers), squad (10), platoon record of a criminal’s arrests and convic- (4 squads), company (2 platoons), bat- tions: rap sheet talion (2 companies), group (2 battal- SEE DETECTIVE, POLICE, COURT, CRIME, LAW ions), brigade (2 groups), division (3 bri- arrest v. 1. TAKE INTO CUSTODY apprehend, cap- gades), corps (2 divisions), field army (2 ture, seize, *collar, *bust. 2. HALT stop, corps) check, obstruct, delay, slow. 3. FIX hold, vulnerable troops at high risk: cannon fod- seize, absorb, engross. der arrival n. 1. COMING landing, entrance, appear- SEE AIR FORCE, AMMUNITION , BOMB, BULLET, ance, homecoming, advent. 2. NEWCOMER42 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 46. Arrive–Artificial visitor, traveler, tourist. ANT. 1. departure, dark realism, early twentieth century: ash- exit. 2. native, local. can schoolarrive v. 1. COME appear, show up, enter, disem- emotion and color, focus on: expressionism bark, land, take place, occur, happen. 2. experimental or unorthodox: avant-garde SUCCEED attain, reach the top, *make good. geometrical and curvilinear style of the ANT. 1. depart, leave, exit. 2. fail, *blow it, 1920-1930s: art deco lose. graphic, optical effects: op artarrogance n. conceit, imperiousness, haughti- hallucinatory, dreamlike, subconscious im- ness, overconfidence, snobbery, hauteur, agery: surrealism hubris, airs, cockiness, insolence, swagger- idyllic nature scenes, France, nineteenth ing pomposity, egotism, presumption, con- century: Barbizon School descension. ANT. modesty, humility. modern, minimalist style, graffiti, cartoons:arrogant a. conceited, imperious, cocky, inso- new wave lent, superior, pompous, swaggering, egotis- Monet’s vague outline style: impressionism tical, haughty, presumptuous, condescend- nonrepresentational: abstract ing, overbearing, hoity-toity, self- nonrepresentational style that focuses on important, supercilious, *high and mighty. emotion and the act of painting itself: ANT. modest, self-effacing, humble. abstract expressionismarrow n. shaft, bolt, dart, projectile, missile. nonschooled: folk art WORD FIND points or tiny dots creating a whole: pointil- barb: fluke lism bowstring notch: nock realistic, photographic: photorealism, hyp- case: quiver erealism, tromp l’oeil, magic realism, crossbow: bolt representational feather, put on: fletch rich ornamentation, curved lines, sixteenth feather: vane through eighteenth century: baroque like an arrow: sagittal traditional forms: academic art maker: fletcher Warhol’s (Andy) bigger-than-life depic- user: archer, bowman tions of everyday objects: pop artarroyo n. gully, gulch, stream bed, creek bed, SEE DRAWING, PAINTING, SCULPTURE trench. artery n. channel, vein, blood vessel, canal.arsenal n. armory, stockpile, munitions dump, artful a. 1. CLEVER adroit, skillful, ingenious. 2. depot, magazine, cache. SEE AMMUNITION, CUNNING sly, crafty, shrewd, wily. ANT. 1. WAR, WEAPON unskilled, inept. 2. artless, naive.arson n. fire-setting, *torching, pyromania. article n. 1. STORY piece, news release, report,art n. 1. CREATIVITY craft, artistry, craftsman- write-up, feature. 2. ITEM object, thing, bit, ship, handiwork, workmanship, finesse, piece, *thingamajig. knack, flair. 2. CUNNING slyness, artfulness, articulate v. express, enunciate, voice, pro- artifice, craftiness. 3. WORKS OF ART paint- nounce, utter, make clear, elucidate. ing, sculpture, depiction, abstract, simula- ARTICULATE a. [ar TIK yuh lut] expressive, tion, representation, illustration. ‘‘By means eloquent, well-spoken. The talk show host of appearances . . . the illusion of a loftier was an articulate woman. SYN. expressive, el- reality.’’—Ralph Waldo Emerson. ‘‘An in- oquent, well-spoken, intelligible, lucid, stant arrested in eternity.’’—James Hu- smooth-talking, fluent, facile. ANT. inarticu- neker. ‘‘[T]he shadow of humanity.’’— late, tongue-tied, stammering, mumbled. Henry James. ‘‘[A] sublime excrement.’’— ARTIFICE n. [ART uh fis] ingenuity or clev- George Moore. erness; also, cunning, trickery. He succeeded WORD FIND in fooling us through artifice. SYN. ingenuity, SCHOOLS AND STYLES cleverness, inventiveness, skillfulness, wile, absurd: dada ruse, trickery, contrivance, cunning, crafti- aggressive painting method: action painting ness, duplicity, machination, guile, artful- cubed and other geometrically distorted ness, deceit, finesse. ANT. honesty, artlessness, forms: cubism naivete. cursive, flowing lines, swirling motifs style, artificial a. 1. UNNATURAL man-made, syn- late nineteenth century: art nouveau thetic, fake, ersatz, counterfeit, imitation, Roget’s Superthesaurus 43
  • 47. Artillery–Assail manufactured, *bogus. 2. AFFECTED man- chagrined, humbled, *red-faced, guilty, con- nered, forced, phony, unnatural, theatrical, scious-stricken, sheepish, abashed, dis- feigned, *put on, pretentious, contrived. graced, flustered, shamefaced. ANT. proud, ANT. 1. natural, organic, authentic. 2. sincere, high and mighty, arrogant. genuine, real. ashen a. pale, pallid, gray, wan, white, sallow,artillery n. gunnery, cannons, howitzer. SEE cadaverous. ANT. rosy, ruddy. WEAPONS ashes n. cinders, soot, embers.artisan n. SEE ARTIST asinine a. stupid, moronic, idiotic, sophomoric,artist n. 1. EXPERT master, *pro, virtuoso, talent. silly, absurd, foolish. ANT. brilliant, wise. 2. ARTISAN craftsman, painter, portraitist, ask v. 1. QUESTION query, pose a question, inter- sculptor, technician, designer. ‘‘An exhibi- rogate, quiz. 2. REQUEST appeal, solicit, ex- tionist by profession.’’—Vincent van Gogh. press a desire for. 3. INVITE summon, request, ANT. 1. amateur, tyro. SEE ART, DRAWING, call upon. PAINTING, SCULPTURE askance adv. 1. SIDEWAYS obliquely, sidelong,artistic a. aesthetic, artful, tasteful, graceful, or- askew. 2. SUSPICIOUSLY OR DISAPPROVINGLY namental, decorative, stylish, pleasing to disdainfully, dubiously, skeptically. ANT. 1. the eye, brilliant, masterful. ANT. crude, straight-on, directly. 2. respectfully, confi- gross, unattractive, tasteless. dently.artistry n. quality, skill, talent, virtuosity, cre- askew a. awry, aslant, sidelong, crooked. ANT. ativity, flair, style, finesse, touch, feel, ge- straight. nius. asleep a. slumbering, *snoozing, *catchingARTLESS a. [ART less] unskilled, uncultured, some ZZZs, *catching forty winks, napping, simple, naive. The man was as artless as a dozing, *comatose, hibernating, dormant. child. SYN. 1. UNSKILLED untalented, un- ANT. awake, alert. schooled, inartistic. 2. CRUDE plain, simple, aspect n. 1. LOOK air, mien, bearing, manner. primitive, natural. 3. NAIVE simple, ingenu- 2. FEATURE facet, side, angle, point, element, ous, innocent, guileless, unsophisticated, view. childlike, genuine, direct, natural. ANT. 1. aspen n. poplar tree. artful, skilled, talented, schooled. 2. artful, so- asperity n. harshness, roughness, sharpness, phisticated, worldly. 3. sophisticated, self-con- nastiness, ill temper, venom, irritability, scious, insincere, unnatural. crossness, hostility, acrimony, surliness, iras-arty a. pretentious, *artsy-fartsy, highbrow, af- cibility. ANT. mildness, softness, good cheer. fected, assuming. ANT. down-to-earth, unaf- aspersion n. disparagement, slander, abuse, def- fected. amation, innuendo, smear, slur, vilification,ascend v. rise, arise, climb, surmount, scale, lev- blot, denigration, mud-slinging, calumny. itate, soar, escalate. ANT. descend, drop, fall. asphalt n. bitumen, tar, pavement.ascendancy n. supremacy, control, domination, asphyxiate v. suffocate, smother, choke, stran- power, preeminence. gle, throttle.ascension n. scaling. SEE ASCENT aspirant n. contender, applicant. SEE CANDI-ascent n. 1. CLIMB rise, ascension, progression. DATE 2. UPWARD SLOPE acclivity, upgrade, eleva- ASPIRATION n. [as puh RAY shun] a drive tion, incline, gradient. ANT. 1. descent, fall, for or goal of some achievement; an ambi- drop. 2. declivity, descent. tion. He had an aspiration of being a profes-ascertain v. learn, verify, find out, determine, sional baseball player. SYN. ambition, goal, certify, *pin down, establish, uncover, dis- drive, want, desire, dream, hope, longing, cover. hunger, wish, aim, scheme. ‘‘The desire ofascetic n. abstainer, celibate, religious fanatic, the moth for the star.’’—Shelley. monk, anchorite. aspire v. strive for, desire, try for, wish for, hopeascetic a. austere, abstinent, abstemious, self- for, hunger for, thirst for, shoot for, aim for. denying, strict, puritanical. ANT. hedonistic, ass n. 1. DONKEY burro, jackass, jenny, jack, self-gratifying, indulgent. beast of burden. SEE ANIMAL 2. BUTTOCKSascribe v. attribute, credit, assign, charge, con- rear, rump, *buns, *butt. 3. FOOL idiot, nect, associate, link. *boob, jerk, clown, *nincompoop, *dolt.ashamed a. embarrassed, humiliated, mortified, assail v. attack, assault, accost, jump on, lay44 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 48. Assailant–Associate into, set upon, *rip into, *light into, im- assertive a. outspoken, direct, forthright, for- pugn. ward, unreserved, uninhibited, blunt, brash,assailant n. attacker, assaulter, accoster, mo- confident, assured, aggressive. ANT. shy, re- lester, mugger, aggressor, adversary, enemy, served, inhibited. foe. assess v. 1. IMPOSE levy, tax, dun, fine, charge.assassin n. killer, slayer, executioner, *hit man, 2. EVALUATE appraise, measure, estimate, *liquidator, sniper, gunman, *trigger man. judge, consider, weigh. SEE MURDERER assessment n. 1. DUNNAGE charge, tax. 2. EVAL-assassinate v. kill, slay, execute, gun down, UATION appraisal, estimate. *hit, *liquidate. SEE MURDER asset n. 1. VALUABLE resource, possession, prop-assassination n. killing, slaying, execution, erty, cash, inventory. 2. QUALITY strength, *hit, *liquidation. ‘‘The extreme form of gift, blessing, advantage. ANT. 1. liability. 2. censorship.’’—George Bernard Shaw. SEE liability, handicap, disadvantage. MURDER ASSIDUOUS a. [uh SID yoo us] hard-work-assault n. 1. PHYSICAL OR VERBAL ATTACK of- ing, diligent, devoted. The governor has al- fense, affront, insult, beating, pounding, ways had an assiduous striving for success. SYN. pummeling, mugging, molestation, rape, hard-working, diligent, devoted, persistent, battery, violence. 2. RAID siege, blitz, storm- constant, persevering, tenacious, unremit- ing, foray, offensive, invasion. ting, tireless, attentive, earnest. ANT. casual,assualt v. attack, charge, storm, strike, beat, hit, lax, lazy, laid-back. abuse, pound, pummel, mug, molest, rape, assign v. 1. DESIGNATE appoint, name, choose, commit battery, jump, punch, strongarm, as- commission, nominate, charge, entrust, sail, insult, offend, verbally attack. cast. 2. ALLOCATE allot, distribute, consign,assay n. examination, test, analysis, probe, in- give, dispense, dole out. 3. ATTRIBUTE as- vestigation, assessment. cribe, credit, charge with.assay v. examine, test, analyze, probe, investi- assignment n. task, duty, job, lesson, home- gate, assess. work. ASSIMILATE v. [uh SIM uh LATE] to ab-assemblage n. group, assembly, collection, clus- sorb, digest. Also, to adjust, integrate. The ter, aggregation, congregation. new math is difficult to assimilate. It takes timeassemble v. 1. PUT TOGETHER fit, piece, connect, to assimilate in another country. SYN. 1. AB- construct, compile, puzzle out, compose, SORB digest, metabolize, incorporate, master, throw together. 2. GATHER amass, congre- comprehend, take in. 2. ADJUST integrate, gate, muster, band, convene, meet. ANT. 1. adapt, acclimatize, fit in, homogenize, *do disassemble, disconnect, dismantle. 2. scatter, as the natives do, *go native, naturalize. disband, disperse. ANT. 1. regurgitate, reject. 2. reject, maladapt,assembly n. 1. FITTING TOGETHER connection, separate. construction, compilation, piecing together. assist v. help, aid, support, lend a hand, accom- 2. GATHERING mass, congregation, muster- modate, attend, serve, contribute, collabo- ing, band, meeting, convention, crowd, rate. ANT. hinder, hamper. multitude, mob. ANT. 1. disassembly, discon- assistance n. help, aid, support, a hand, accom- nection. 2. scattering, disbanding, dispersal. modation, service, contribution, collabora-assent n. agreement, concurrence, consent, ac- tion. ANT. hindrance, obstruction. ceptance, accord, approval. ANT. disagree- assistant n. helper, aide, deputy, attendant, ment, dissent. supporter, collaborator, contributor, ad-assent v. agree, concur, accept, consent, con- junct, aide-de-camp, gal Friday, right-hand cede, approve, grant, acquiesce, go along. man, *gopher. ANT. dissent, disagree. associate n. colleague, co-worker, peer, partner,assert v. state, declare, affirm, announce, aver, teammate, affiliate, ally, companion, con- pronounce, claim, profess, attest, say. ANT. federate, consort, accomplice, friend, fellow. deny, controvert. associate v. 1. THINK OF TOGETHER link, identify,assertion n. statement, declaration, affirma- correlate, group, affiliate, relate, pair. 2. MIN- tion, pronouncement, profession, proclama- GLE WITH hang out, hobnob, befriend, frater- tion, averment, claim, avowal. ANT. denial, nize, consort, run with. ANT. 1. disassociate, disavowal. separate. 2. shun, estrange, alienate. Roget’s Superthesaurus 45
  • 49. Association–Astrologyassociation n. 1. GROUP society, club, organiza- asteroid n. celestial body, planetoid, moonlet, tion, fraternity, corporation, confederation, cosmic debris, meteor. league, alliance, union, partnership. 2. asthma n. respiratory disease, chronic wheeze, FRIENDSHIP fellowship, relationship, affilia- chronic cough, obstructive pulmonary dis- tion, fraternization, companionship, alli- ease. ance. 3. LINKING TOGETHER correlation, pair- astonish v. amaze, surprise, astound, shock, ing, lumping together, relationship, flabbergast, dumbfound, startle, take aback, connection, juxtaposition. *bowl over, stupefy.assorted a. diverse, varied, different, miscella- astonishing a. amazing, astounding, surprising, neous, sundry, mixed. ANT. same, matching, shocking, breathtaking, dumbfounding, identical, uniform. awesome, *eye-popping, startling, dazzling,assortment n. miscellany, mixture, diversity, bewildering, extraordinary. ANT. humdrum, variety, potpourri, melange, jumble, mixed expected. bag. astonishment n. amazement, surprise, shock,ASSUAGE v. [uh SWAYJ] to relieve or awe, bewilderment, wonder, stupefaction, soothe. To assuage his appetite, he ate some marvel. popcorn. SYN. relieve, soothe, ease, alleviate, astound v. astonish, amaze, bewilder, shock, mitigate, allay, pacify, calm, mollify, lessen, surprise, flabbergast, dumbfound, startle, lull, *take the edge off. ANT. aggravate, exac- take aback, *bowl over, stupefy, boggle, ren- erbate, intensify. der speechless, electrify, stagger, confound,assume v. 1. TAKE ON take up, adopt, acquire, *blow one’s mind. undertake, tackle, take upon one’s shoul- astounding a. astonishing, amazing, bewilder- ders, commit to. 2. SEIZE take, appropriate, ing, shocking, surprising, startling, *eye- usurp, commandeer. 3. FEIGN pretend, simu- popping, stupefying, mind-boggling, electri- late, affect, put on, sham, *fake. 4. PRESUME fying, staggering, confounding, *mind- suppose, take for granted, believe, hypothe- blowing, wondrous. ANT. *ho-hum, boring, size, imagine, think, guess, speculate, infer, ordinary. suspect. ANT. 1. throw off, abandon, renounce astray a. adrift, off course, lost, afield, wrong, 2. return, defer. 3. know, be certain. *off the mark, *off in left field. ANT. *right-assumed a. 1. FICTITIOUS pretend, make-be- on, accurate, *on the mark. lieve, sham, false, bogus, feigned, fake, astringent a. biting, harsh, sharp, cutting, phony. 2. SUPPOSED presumed, tacit, in- acerbic, severe, rough, acrid. ANT. mild, soft. ferred, hypothesized. ANT. 1. real, true. 2. astrology n. horoscopy, reading of the stars, known. divination. ‘‘The excellent foppery of theassuming a. presumptuous, arrogant, overconfi- world.’’—Shakespeare. dent, self-important, imperious, egotistic, WORD FIND conceited, *nervy, vain.assumption n. supposition, presumption, infer- birth, zodiacal sign rising in the east at time ence, hypothesis, guess, theory, belief, of one’s: ascent given, hunch, suspicion. chart of positions of planets, stars, relation-assurance n. 1. CONFIDENCE security, sureness, ship to birth: horoscope courage, boldness, self-assurance, convic- constellations and signs: Aries (The Ram); tion, *guts, pluck. 2. PROMISE OR PLEDGE Taurus (The Bull); Gemini (The guarantee, vow, oath, word, warranty. ANT. Twins); Cancer (The Crab); Leo (The 1. insecurity, doubt, uncertainty. Lion); Virgo (The Virgin); Libra (Theassure v. convince, reassure, guarantee, affirm, Balance); Scorpio (The Scorpion); Sagi- encourage, certify, pledge, secure, insure, ttarius (The Archer); Capricorn (The ensure. Goat); Aquarius (The Water Bearer);assured a. 1. GUARANTEED sure, certain, secure. Pisces (The Fishes) 2. CONFIDENT self-assured, self-possessed, diagram: scheme bold, assertive, poised, unflinching, unhesi- legendary astrologer: Merlin tating, cocksure, brassy. ANT. 1. uncertain, one of twelve sectors in celestial sphere: unsure, gamble. 2. insecure, timid, self-doubt- house ing. pathway of planets, divided into twelve as-astern a. aft, abaft, rearward. ANT. fore, front. trological signs: zodiac46 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 50. Astronaut–Atomize table of positions of stars and planets at spe- of a higher power. SYN. disbelief, denial, skep- cific times: ephemeris ticism, rejection of God, impiety, rational- transitional period from one zodiac sign to ism, freethinking, agnosticism, nihilism, ir- another: cusp reverence. ‘‘The vice of a few intelligentastronaut n. spaceman, cosmonaut, sailor of people.’’—Voltaire. the stars. atheist n. nonbeliever, agnostic, skeptic, freeastronomer n. stargazer, cosmologist, astro- thinker, infidel, *doubting Thomas, hea- physicist. then. ‘‘A man who has no invisible meansastronomy n. stargazing, cosmology, astrophys- of support.’’—John Buchan. ‘‘A man who ics. believes himself an accident.’’—Francis WORD FIND Thompson. ‘‘An orphaned heart.’’—Jean Paul Richter. ANT. believer, the faithful. SEE eclipse, or passage of one celestial body in AGNOSTIC front of another: occultation athlete n. *jock, competitor, sportsman, cham- great circle spanning horizons: meridian pion. SEE SPORT location of celestial object in sky: azimuth, athletic a. strong, fit, skilled, muscular, meso- declination, right ascension morphic, sthenic, strapping, vigorous, ro- path of sun on celestial sphere: ecliptic bust, hardy, staunch, brawny, stout, wiry, point of sky directly overhead: zenith supple, coordinated. ANT. weak, feeble, sed- star motion unrelated to earth’s rotation: entary, asthenic. proper motion WORD FIND table showing future positions of celestial competition combo of five track and field objects: ephemeris events: pentathlon unit of distance, by speed of light: light year, competition combo of skiing and rifle-ds- 5,880,000,000,000 miles; parsec, 3.26 hooting: biathlon light years competition combo of swimming, biking unit of distance, equal to that from the earth and long-distance running: triathalon, to the sun: astronomical unit, *iron man contest 92,900,000 miles competition combo of ten track and field events: decathlon SEE COMET, CONSTELLATION, METEOR, MOON, atmosphere n. 1. AMBIENCE aura, surroundings, PLANET, SPACE, STAR air, *vibes, feeling, environment. 2. SKY air,ASTUTE a. [uh STOOT] clever, sharp or cun- heavens, smog, biosphere. ning. The successful businessman must have WORD FIND an astute mind. SYN. clever, sharp, cunning, ion-rich layer, reflects radio waves, in ther- crafty, shrewd, wily, quick, keen, intelligent, mosphere: ionosphere sagacious, brilliant, bright, *on the ball. layer of oxygen in stratosphere, protects ANT. dumb, naive, retarded, slow, obtuse. earth from ultraviolet radiation: ozoneasunder a. apart, separate, in pieces. layerasylum n. 1. SANCTUARY refuge, shelter, haven, rising column of warm air: thermal safe harbor, hospice. 2. HOSPITAL psychiatric stratum from 0-10 miles up: troposphere hospital, sanitarium, mental institution, in- stratum from 10-30 miles up: stratosphere sane asylum, *nut house, *booby hatch, stratum from 30-50 miles up: mesosphere *laughing academy, *loony bin, *madhouse. stratum from 50-300 miles up: thermosphereASYMMETRICAL a. [a si MET ri kul] un- stratum from 300 miles to space: exosphere trapping of solar radiation and heat by car- even, unbalanced, or lacking correspon- bon dioxide buildup: greenhouse effect dence between two sides. He described the SEE AIR, RAIN, SNOW, WEATHER, WIND shape as asymmetrical, that is, a little different atoll n. coral island. on each side. SYN. uneven, unbalanced, lack- atom n. particle, jot, bit, iota, scintilla, shred, ing correspondence, lacking coordination, bit. ‘‘A specter threatening us with annihila- contrasting, not proportionate, not uniform, tion.’’—Max Born. SEE SCIENCE disproportional, unequal. ANT. symmetrical, atomic a. SEE NUCLEAR corresponding, matching. atomic bomb n. SEE NUCLEAR BOMBATHEISM n. [A thee iz um] disbelief in God. atomize v. separate, disintegrate, vaporize, Atheism is the disbelief or denial of the existence spray, pulverize. Roget’s Superthesaurus 47
  • 51. Atone–AttireATONE v. [uh TONE] to make up for a bad lay low. 2. flatter, compliment, praise. 3. pro- deed; to make amends. Atone for your sins. crastinate, avoid. SYN. amend, make amends, redeem, do pen- attacker n. assailant, aggressor, offender. ance, repent, confess, expiate, make repara- attain v. achieve, accomplish, get, procure, se- tions, shrive. cure, acquire, obtain, realize, fulfill, *makeatonement n. amends, reparations, redemption, it, win. ANT. fail, lose, fall short. expiation, penance, restitution, compensa- attainment n. achievement, accomplishment, tion, redress. ‘‘The blood of Jesus getting, procurement, securing, acquire- Christ . . .’’—Bible, John 1:7. ment, obtaining, realization, fulfillment,atrium n. court. winning, success, coup, skill.atrocious a. evil, brutal, appalling, cruel, bad, attempt n. try, endeavor, shot, *crack, under- monstrous, unspeakable, vicious, despicable, taking, *stab, *the old college try, venture, horrible, abominable, heinous, outrageous. bid. ANT. good, pleasant, lovely, benevolent. attempt v. try, endeavor, make an effort, under-ATROCITY n. [uh TRAW suh tee] a cruelty, take, take a shot at it, *take a crack at it, brutality or outrageous thing or act. The *take a stab at it, *give it the old college drive-by shooting is an atrocity that originated try, venture, make a bid for it, strive. during prohibition. SYN. cruelty, brutality, attend v. 1. LOOK AFTER minister to, serve, tend, outrage, monstrosity, unspeakable act, hor- take care of, nurse, assist, doctor. 2. TO BE ror, savagery, barbarity, crime, abomination. PRESENT appear, show up, go to, turn up. 3. ANT. kindness, good deed. ACCOMPANY come with, go hand in hand,atrophy n. degeneration, wasting, deteriora- escort, be associated with. tion, withering, emaciation, decline, weak- attendance n. 1. PRESENCE appearance. 2. TURN- ening. OUT crowd, house, audience.atrophy v. degenerate, waste, deteriorate, attendant n. servant, aide, assistant, orderly, wither, emaciate, decline, weaken. steward, valet, consort, escort.attach v. 1. FASTEN tie, stick, secure, bind, link, attention n. 1. CONCENTRATION mindfulness, hook, affix, connect, tack, pin. 2. AFFILIATE consciousness, awareness, heed, notice, join, associate, enlist. 3. ASCRIBE attribute, thoughtfulness, regard. 2. OBSERVATION no- assign, accredit, apply, place. ANT. 1. detach, tice, recognition, regard, consideration, loosen, free. 2. drop out, quit, dissociate. 3. scrutiny. ANT. 1. absent-mindedness, abstrac- take, deflect. tion, inattention. 2. oversight, disregard. ´attache n. consul, envoy, aide. SEE DIPLOMAT attention deficit disorder n. ADD, learning dis-attachment n. 1. FASTENING tying, connection, order, short attention span, hyperactivity. joining. 2. DEVOTION regard, affection, attentions n. consideration, courtesy, devotion, crush, affinity, bond, esteem, fondness, love. civility, care, respect, service. 3. ACCESSORY appendage, appurtenance, fix- attentive a. 1. MINDFUL observant, alert, con- ture, addition, extension, supplement. ANT. scious, aware, sharp, thoughtful, noticing, 1. detachment, separation. 2. repulsion, aver- keen, heedful, watchful. 2. CONSIDERATE sion. thoughtful, gracious, courteous, solicitous,attack n. 1. ASSAULT offensive, raid, invasion, accommodating, gallant. ANT. 1. neglectful, siege, ambush, blitz, aggression, strike, in- unobservant, heedless. 2. inconsiderate, rude, cursion, onslaught. 2. ONSET OR RECURRENCE negligent. OF AN ILLNESS bout, relapse, throe, seizure, attenuate v. thin, dilute, weaken, rarefy, dilute, convulsion, spell, turn for the worse. lessen, decrease, water down, diminish. ANT.attack v. 1. ASSAULT strike, jump on, raid, be- fortify, strengthen, intensify. siege, invade, ambush, assail, pounce on, attest v. bear witness, certify, verify, confirm, molest, set upon, take the offensive, aggress, substantiate, support, bear out, testify, war- mug. 2. VERBALLY ASSAULT *rip into, *tear rant, vouch for, pledge, affirm, swear, au- apart, criticize, abuse, malign, bash, defame, thenticate. ANT. refute, deny, belie. scold, *rake over the coals, damn, censure, attic n. garret, loft, dormer, clerestory, storage *dis, *jump down one’s throat, impugn, room. *bad-mouth, denounce, revile. 3. TO BEGIN attire n. dress, clothing, apparel, garb, costume, WORK ON tackle, dive into, undertake, *jump raiment, *duds, *togs, outfit, garments, into with both feet. ANT. 1. retreat, defend, *threads.48 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 52. Attire–Auroraattire v. dress, clothe, garb, deck out, fit out, bold, daring, plucky, *ballsy, courageous, outfit, *doll up, costume, accoutre. dauntless, stalwart, unflinching, *gutsy, ad-attitude n. 1. OUTLOOK mind, disposition, frame venturous, intrepid. 2. SHAMELESS, brazen, of mind, temperament, feeling, view, per- outrageous, cheeky, brassy, impertinent, spective, *mindset, demeanor, bias. 2. POS- rude, forward, insolent, saucy, *ballsy. ANT. TURE stance, manner, bearing, pose, mien, 1. cowardly, fearful, timid. 2. deferential, po- carriage, air. lite.attitude problem n. *hair across the ass, *chip audacity n. 1. COURAGE bravery, daring, nerve, on one’s shoulder. pluck, backbone, *guts, *spine, grit, derring-attorney n. counselor, legal representative, do, mettle, boldness. 2. SHAMELESSNESS DA, barrister, solicitor, *ambulance chaser. brashness, impudence, effrontery, *gall, SEE LAWYER, LAW, COURT *nerve, *cheek, arrogance, impertinence,attract v. 1. DRAW pull, magnetize. 2. ALLURE brass, presumption. ANT. 1. cowardice, fear, lure, invite, tempt, interest, charm, capti- spinelessness. 2. courtesy, decorum, propriety. vate, fascinate, beguile, bewitch, *turn on, audible a. perceptible, hearable, discernible, in- *spellbind. ANT. 1. repel, repulse. 2. repel, telligible, clear. ANT. inaudible, silent, unin- repulse, turn off. telligible.attraction n. appeal, temptation, magnetism, audience n. spectators, crowd, onlookers, view- affinity, pull, charm, interest, allure, be- ers, house, fans, patrons, turnout, market. witchment, fascination, enticement, audit n. examination, accounting, review, in- *chemistry, charisma. ANT. repellant, repul- vestigation. sion, aversion. audition n. tryout, trial, hearing, *open mike.attractive a. appealing, charming, enticing, auditor n. accountant, inspector, analyst, book- *nice, beautiful, handsome, winning, fasci- keeper. nating, magnetic, charismatic, tempting, al- auditorium n. assembly room, hall, concert luring, bewitching, fetching, cute, adorable, hall, gallery, theater, ampitheater, play- pretty, stunning, sexy, comely, *easy on the house, lecture hall. eyes. ANT. repulsive, repellant, ugly. auger n. bore, tool. SEE TOOLattribute n. quality, characteristic, trait, fea- augment v. enlarge, add, increase, extend, en- ture, distinction, quirk, facet, virtue. hance, broaden, thicken, maximize, buildattribute v. assign, ascribe, credit, charge with, up, amplify, strengthen, boost. ANT. de- blame, impute, account for. crease, reduce, attenuate.ATTRITION n. [uh TRISH un] a wearing augur n. prophet, seer, oracle, prognosticator, away or reduction, loss by natural means. diviner, fortune-teller, psychic. The company lost more employees by attrition augur v. predict, prophesy, divine, forecast, than by forced layoffs. SYN. weakening, ero- bode, portend, herald, presage, forewarn. sion, reduction, decimation, disintegration, augury n. 1. PREDICTION prophesy, divination, diminution, dwindling, decline. ANT. forecast, forewarning, soothsaying, forecast- buildup, reinforcement, fortification. ing. 2. OMEN portent, sign, harbinger, her-attune v. adapt, adjust, harmonize, acclimate, ald, forewarning. assimilate. AUGUST a. [aw GUST] awe-inspiring, mag-atypical a. unusual, uncommon, untypical, odd, nificent, worthy of great respect. Visitors irregular, abnormal. ANT. typical, usual. grew silent as they entered the august cathedral.AU COURANT a. [o koo RAHN] well-in- SYN. grand, magnificent, glorious, imposing, formed, up-to-date. On the latest fashion, she sublime, noble, stately, dignified, regal, su- was always au courant. SYN. informed, up- preme, eminent, lofty, distinguished. ANT. to-date, current, *hip, enlightened, aware, lowly, pedestrian, humble. *up to speed. ANT. behind the times. au naturel a. nude, naked, undressed, un-auction n. sale, vendue, sell-off. clothed, unadorned, natural. ANT. clothed.auburn a. reddish-brown, golden-brown, nut au pair n. domestic servant, nanny, house- brown, chestnut brown, henna. keeper, baby-sitter.AUDACIOUS a. [aw DAY shus] brave, bold. aura n. ambience, atmosphere, mood, feeling, Also, not affected by shame or a sense of *vibes, air, spirit, nimbus, emanation. propriety. The soldiers made an audacious aurora n. aurora australis (southern lights), au- foray into enemy territory. SYN. 1. BRAVE, rora borealis (northern lights). Roget’s Superthesaurus 49
  • 53. Auspices–Automobileauspices n. sponsorship, patronage, aegis, sanc- reliable, trustworthy, scholarly. ANT. ques- tion, assistance, authority, guidance, protec- tionable, frivolous, unsubstantiated. tion, supervision. authorities n. the powers that be, City Hall,AUSPICIOUS a. [aw SPISH us] favorable, of officials, government, officialdom, *the law. positive conditions or character. The econ- authority n. 1. POWER jurisdiction, rule, license, omy is improving; it is an auspicious time for charge, control, command, dominion, ad- opening a new business. SYN. favorable, propi- ministration, influence. ‘‘A halter.’’—Ade- tious, positive, felicitous, fortunate, timely, lard of Bath. ‘‘Tyranny unless tempered by opportune, promising, good, lucky, rosy, freedom.’’—Stefan Zweig. 2. EXPERT special- golden. ANT. unfavorable, untimely, unfortu- ist, professional, scholar, connoisseur, nate, ominous. *walking encyclopedia, trusted source.AUSTERE a. [aw STEER] severe, stern or authorize v. permit, give the okay, empower, plain in appearance, character, etc. Also, entitle, license, allow, sanction, *give the self-denying, strict. The prison’s austere fa- green light, warrant, commission. cade was chillingly bleak. SYN. 1. SEVERE, stern, autobahn n. expressway, highway, superhigh- harsh, grim, stiff, cold, forbidding, rigid, seri- way, road, drive. ous, sober, solemn, plain, unadorned. 2. AS- autocracy n. dictatorship, despotism, totalitari- CETIC, self-denying, strict, abstemious, stark. anism. ANT. 1. bright, cheery, sunny, warm, frivolous, autocrat n. dictator, tyrant, despot, authoritar- ornate. 2. indulgent, extravagant. ian, overlord, *iron-fisted ruler.authentic a. genuine, real, bona fide, true, ac- autograph n. signature, name, inscription, tual, simon-pure, *kosher, certified, *the *John Hancock, *John Henry, X. real McCoy, *honest-to-goodness, legiti- automated a. servo-mechanized, mechanized, mate. ANT. bogus, phony, fake, spurious. computerized, programmed, automatic, mo-authenticate v. validate, certify, confirm, war- torized, self propelled, robotic. rant, guarantee, attest, vouch, affirm, sub- automatic a. 1. SELF-OPERATING mechanical, stantiate, corroborate, document. ANT. in- self-propelling, self regulating, self-pro- validate, falsify, discredit. grammed, servo-mechanized, automated. n. 1. WRITER novelist, playwright, story- INVOLUNTARY unconscious, reflex, unpre- teller, screenwriter, poet, bard, historian, meditated, spontaneous. ANT. 1. manual, la- chronicler, biographer, dramatist, journalist, bor-intensive. 2. voluntary, conscious. *hack, wordsmith. ‘‘A person who you can automaton SEE ROBOT silence by shutting his book.’’—Max Gral- automobile n. car, vehicle, sedan, *wheels, sta- nik. SEE BOOK, NOVELIST 2. ORIGINATOR cre- tion wagon, hatchback, compact, subcom- ator, architect, designer, father, founder. pact, *bucket of bolts, *clunker, *junker, WORD FIND *lemon, *gas-guzzler, transport, fastback, best-selling author with staying power: *flivver, convertible, *lowrider, *horseless brand-name author carriage, roadster, town car, *crate, coupe, multiple books, author of: polygraph *hot rod, *jalopy, van, minivan, SUV (sport pen name: pseudonym, nom de plume, allo- utility vehicle). nym, ananym, anonym WORD FIND publicizes author and books: publicist book listing prices of used cars: blue book sells author’s books, handles contracts: liter- brake components: brake drum, brake shoes, ary agent brake lining writes a book for someone else who may or brakes, non-skid: anti-lock brakes may not take credit: ghost writer bump absorbers: shock absorbers, suspensionauthoritarian n. dictator, tyrant, despot, disci- system, leaf springs, springs, torsion bars plinarian, martinet. cables used to recharge dead battery: jumperauthoritarian a. dictatorial, tyrannical, repres- cables sive, totalitarian, strict, dogmatic, rigid, des- chauffeur-driven: limousine potic, imperious, autocratic, domineering. convertible: *ragtop ANT. libertarian, permissive, liberal, demo- cutting tool used in a car accident: Jaws of cratic. Lifeauthoritative a. official, validated, authentic, dashboard warning lights: idiot lights, haz- true, genuine, documented, sound, certified, ard lights50 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 54. Autonomous–Aversion divider between engine and passenger com- avail n. use, usefulness, benefit, help, aid, ad- partment: firewall vantage, profit. DUI: driving under the influence avail v. utilize, help, assist, aid, serve. DWI: driving while intoxicated available a. handy, ready, accessible, on hand, electrochemical power unit: battery at hand, obtainable, on tap, free, at one’s engages and disengages engine from trans- disposal. ANT. unavailable, out. mission: clutch avalanche n. 1. SNOWSLIDE landslide. 2. INUN- engine speed gauge: tachometer DATION cataclysm, deluge, flood, torrent, explosion of fuel in exhaust system: backfire barrage. frame: chassis WORD FIND funeral car: hearse air current produced by: avalanche wind gearbox: transmission overhang of ice and snow, known for start- gears shifted manually: manual transmission ing avalanches: cornice inflatable impact bag: air bag SEE MOUNTAIN, MOUNTAIN CLIMBING license plate customized with owner’s name AVANTE-GARDE n. [uh vahnt GARD] or pet word: vanity plate those involved in innovation or new tech- lifter used to raise car to change tire: jack niques, especially in the arts. They were on mechanic’s rolling board used for underbody the cutting edge of a new science; they were the work: creeper avant garde. SYN. vanguard, *cutting edge, mileage meter: odometer groundbreakers, innovators, pioneers, trail- OUI: operating under the influence blazers, experimenters, inventors, new pedal for manual transmission: clutch school. police: squad car, cruiser, patrol car, prowl AVARICE n. [AV ur is] unhealthy desire for car wealth, greed. Her avarice compelled her to radar detector: *fuzzbuster hobnob with wealthy bachelors. SYN. greed, cu- shifting to low gear to help slow car: down- pidity, acquisitiveness, covetousness, rapac- shift ity, gluttony, miserliness, ‘‘A mere madness, skidding over sheet of water: hydroplaning to live like a wretch, and die rich.’’—Robert speed automator: cruise control Burton. ‘‘The spur of industry.’’—David starting car without key: *hotwiring Hume. ANT. generosity, benevolence, charity. sway reducer: sway bar AVARICIOUS a. [AV ur ISH us] greedy. He tailpipe afterburner, burns harmful gases: ca- was after her money; he was avaricious. SYN. talytic converter greedy, covetous, acquisitive, rapacious, pig- tire rotation for proper wear: balancing gish, hoarding, predatory, *tight, selfish, used car in perfect condition: cherry *gold-digging, gluttonous. ANT. generous, wheel-locking clamp used to stop parking giving, beneficent. scofflaws: Denver boot avenge v. revenge, retaliate, take vengeance, wheel shaft: axle *pay back, *get even, punish, vindicate, SEE ACCIDENT, DRIVE, MOTOR, ROAD, TRUCK wreak vengeance. ANT. forgive, excuse, over-AUTONOMOUS a. [aw TON uh mus] acting look. independently. It was an autonomous island avenue n. 1. ROAD roadway, drive, lane, boule- government, free of the mainland’s dictates. vard, highway, thoroughfare, promenade, SYN. independent, self-governing, self-rul- street, parkway, artery, expressway. 2. WAY ing, self-reliant, sovereign. ANT. dependent, means, route, path, course. subject, overruled, occupied. average n. norm, par, standard, mean.autonomy n. independence, sovereignty, self- average a. ordinary, typical, usual, common, rule, self-reliance, home rule, freedom. ANT. standard, *garden variety, middling, inter- dependence, subjugation. mediate, fair, moderate, median, run-of-the-autumn n. fall, harvest time, Indian summer. mill, so-so, everyday. ANT. exceptional, above ‘‘A second spring when every leaf ’s a par, extraordinary. flower.’’—Albert Camus. averse a. loath, ill-disposed, opposed, hostile,auxiliary a. 1. SUPPORTING assisting, aiding, ad- unfavorable, disinclined, hesitant, unwill- juvant, helping, contributing. 2. SUBSIDIARY ing, against. ANT. agreeable, willing, eager. subordinate, supplementary, accessory, ad- AVERSION n. [uh VUR zhun] an intense dis- ditional, secondary, reserve. ANT. 2. main, like or repugnance. I have an aversion to pick- primary. led beets. SYN. dislike, repugnance, loathing, Roget’s Superthesaurus 51
  • 55. Avert–Ax to Grind antipathy, revulsion, disgust, hostility, ha- away a. gone, removed, off, absent, out, abroad, tred, detestation. ANT. liking, attraction, fond- remote. ness. awe n. wonder, fear, reverence, astonishment,avert v. 1. TURN AWAY shift, turn aside. 2. PRE- amazement, stupefaction, veneration, re- VENT ward off, avoid, thwart, deter, pre- spect, worship, admiration, shock. ANT. dis- clude, forestall, nip in the bud. ANT. 1. in- respect, disregard, apathy, indifference. vite. 2. cause, exacerbate. awesome a. impressive, overwhelming, intim-aviator n. pilot, flyer, airman, ace, aviatrix. idating, moving, formidable, astonishing,avid a. 1. EAGER enthusiastic, fervent, ardent, amazing, *eye-popping, breathtaking, won- flaming, rabid, fanatical, burning, zealous. 2. derful, wondrous, stunning, *mind-blowing, DESIROUS greedy, avaricious, rapacious, cov- stupefying, excellent, *bad, *cool, *dyna- etous, voracious. ANT. 1. lukewarm, blase, ´ mite, *gnarly, *gone, immense, super, *rip- bored. 2. indifferent, uninterested. ping, *out of this world, *unreal. ANT. unim-avocation n. hobby, pastime, interest, pursuit, pressive, *ho-hum, *lame, *lightweight, *bush sideline, work; profession. league, trivial. awful a. horrible, bad, ugly, dreadful, terrible,avoid v. evade, dodge, steer clear of, bypass, atrocious, unpleasant, horrendous, ghastly, elude, sidestep, hedge, duck, shirk, avert, es- despicable, inferior, contemptible, rotten, chew, shun, *give the slip, refrain. ANT. em- *crappy, appalling, frightful, terrifying. ANT. brace, meet head on, confront, invite. good, nice, pleasing.avoidance n. evasion, dodging, bypassing, side- awkward a. 1. CLUMSY bumbling, oafish, un- stepping, hedging, shirking, ducking out, graceful, bungling, ungainly, maladroit, in- averting, eschewing, shunning, refraining. ept, *klutzy, blundering. 2. UNWIELDY cum-avow v. declare, admit, acknowledge, avouch, bersome, bulky, ponderous. 3. aver, confess, profess, announce, swear. ANT. UNCOMFORTABLE embarrassing, inappropri- disavow, deny. ate, untimely, thorny, delicate, trying, tick-avowal n. declaration, admission, acknowl- lish. ANT. 1. coordinated, graceful. 2. handy, edgement, confession, profession, an- convenient. 3. appropriate, relaxing, smooth. nouncement, assertion, affirmation. ANT. awning n. canopy, canvas, shelter, sunshade, disavowal, denial. marquee.await v. wait for, anticipate. awry a. 1. CROOKED askew, oblique, aslant. 2.awake a. 1. CONSCIOUS active, alert, wakeful, AMISS wrong, off course, astray, askew. ANT. astir, wide-eyed, *bright-eyed and bushy- 1. straight, even. 2. right, good, correct. tailed, up. 2. ALERT watchful, attentive, ax n. broadax, hatchet, pickax, maul, toma- sharp, circumspect, vigilant, observant. ANT. hawk. 1. asleep, unconscious, comatose. 2. inatten- axiom n. maxim, truth, truism, principle, dic- tive, dull, off guard. tum, precept.awaken v. wake, rouse, get up, stimulate, acti- axiomatic a. self-evident, unquestionable, cer- vate. tain, understood, acknowledged, known, ab-awakening n. revival, rousing, invigoration, solute, fundamental. ANT. questionable, dubi- stimulation, realization, consciousness, re- ous, in question. axis n. 1. PIVOT spindle, shaft, hinge. 2. ALIGN- birth. MENT alliance, coalition, league, union.award n. prize, citation, medal, trophy, honor, axle n. spindle, rod, bar, shaft, axis, arbor. reward, decoration, compensation. ax to grind (having an) wanting or going afteraward v. bestow, present, grant, confer, endow, something for self-serving reasons, not for compensate. the unselfish reasons sometimes presented;aware a. conscious, cognizant, in touch, know- a hidden motive. His support of the project ing, mindful, *wise to, wary, sharp, apprised, appeard to be civil-minded; in reality he had awake, enlightened, *know the score, an ax to grind. SYN. motive, hidden motive, versed, *hip, *with it, *plugged in, motivation, agenda, hidden agenda, score to grounded, au courant. ANT. unaware, igno- settle, purpose, reason, incentive, driving rant, *out to lunch, unconscious. force.52 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 56. Babble–BackhandedBbabble n. prattle, babel, gibberish, spluttering, babyish a. childish, infantile, juvenile, imma- mumbling, blabbing, jabber, burble, blub- ture. ANT. mature. bering, drivel. baby-sit v. tend, watch, sit, care for, *keep anbabble v. prattle, blab, gibber, *yak, jabber, bur- eye on, mind, look after, act as guardian. ble, blather, murmur, sputter, mutter, gush, baby-sitter n. sitter, nanny, governess, guard- splutter, blat, prate, gurgle. ian.babe in the woods n. easy mark, sucker, dupe, bacchanal n. SEE ORGY, PARTY innocent. bachelor n. single, stag, playboy, man aboutbabel n. confusion, tumult, clamor. town. ‘‘A man who is footloose and fiance ´baby n. 1. INFANT newborn, babe, neonate, free.’’—F.G. Kernan. *bambino, papoose, tot, nursling, nipper, back n. backside, posterior, spine, tail end, toddler. ‘‘It is all gut and squall.’’—Charles hind, rear, stern, rump. SEE ASS Brown. ‘‘An inestimable blessing and back v. 1. SUPPORT assist, sponsor, *go to bat bother.’’—Mark Twain. 2. SNIVELER whiner, for, abet, boost, stand behind, promote, en- crybaby, *wimp. dorse. 2. REVERSE go backwards, backtrack, WORD FIND return, turn tail, rebound, regress, recoil. abandoned and found: foundling ANT. 1. undermine, reject, denounce. 2. prog- ailment: croup ress, advance. bathtub: bathinette back a. 1. REAR hind, end, posterior. 2. DISTANT bed: cradle, bassinet remote, faraway, outermost, rural, secluded. bounce on one’s knee or swing up and down 3. PAST earlier, previous, dated, bygone. ANT. in one’s arms: dandle 1. front, anterior, head. 3. future, upcoming. breastfeeder, hired: wet nurse back and forth adv. to and fro, from side to carriage: buggy, pram, stroller, perambulator side, vacillating. chewy toy: teething ring, pacifier backbite v. slander, malign, *backstab, defame, contented, happy cry: crow vilify, gossip, smear, *badmouth, *dump on, cry loudly: squall *tell tales out of school. cry weakly: whimper, mewl backbone n. 1. SPINE spinal column, vertebrae. dead at birth: stillborn 2. FOUNDATION mainstay, basis. 3. COURAGE diaper irritation: diaper rash strength, character, mettle, *guts, grit, embryo implant: test-tube baby spunk, fortitude, pluck, resolve. ANT. 3. ti- foreskin removal from male: circumcision midity, cowardice, spinelessness. illegitimate: love child, bastard backbreaking a. strenuous, arduous, taxing, la- multiple: twins, triplets, quadruplets, quin- borious, crippling, crushing, bankrupting, tuplets, sextuplets exhausting. ANT. light, easy, *child’s play. murder of: infanticide back down v. give in, cave in, concede, submit, outfit: layette *wimp out, acquiesce, surrender. ANT. hold premature infant: preemie one’s ground, stand firm. rubber soother: pacifier backer n. supporter, sponsor, promoter, soft spot on head: fontanelle booster, underwriter, angel, financer, advo- song: lullaby cate, benefactor, patron, investor. talk: babble, coo, gurgle backfire v. explode, report, discharge, boom, tooth eruption: teething bang, pop, misfire, go awry, flop, reverse, walking: toddling blow up in one’s face, boomerang, miscarry, whine and whimper: pule *bomb. ANT. *go off without a hitch, work. SEE BIRTH, CHILD, CHILDREN, PREGNANCY background n. 1. DISTANCE backdrop, horizon,baby v. spoil, indulge, dote on, pamper, coddle, offing. 2. EXPERIENCE upbringing, environ- mollycoddle, overprotect, shelter, smother. ment, grounding, family, past, education,baby a. small, wee, miniature, tiny, young, circumstances. ANT. 1. foreground. teensy, pocket-sized. ANT. large, mature. backhanded a. equivocal, ambiguous, left-baby boom n. population explosion, birth spurt, handed, underhanded, sarcastic. ANT. birthrate bulge. straightforward, clear, definite. Roget’s Superthesaurus 53
  • 57. Backhoe–Baitbackhoe n. excavator, *digger, earth mover, good, virtuous. 3. fresh, preserved. 4. pleasant, heavy machinery. favorable, good. 5. harmless, trivial, light. 6.backing n. support, sponsorship, help, aid, assis- correct, accurate. 7. good, proud, glorious. tance, boost, advocacy, patronage, encour- bad blood n. hard feelings, enmity, hostility, agement, endorsement. ANT. detraction, un- bitterness, resentment, ill will, malevolence, dermining. hatred, venom, unfriendliness. ANT. friendli-BACKLASH n. [BAK lash] a negative reac- ness, good will, amity. tion to a previous action. Ignoring the needs bad breath n. halitosis, *dragon breath. of one’s constituency always results in voter badge n. 1. emblem, shield, medal, medallion, backlash. SYN. repercussion, reaction, back- insignia, symbol, sign. fire, retaliation, response, recoil, impact, ef- badger v. bother, nag, harass, pester, bug, nee- fect, consequence, wake, backwash. dle, hassle, plague, hound, annoy, provoke,backlog n. accumulation, reserve, excess, stock, peeve, *ride. hoard. badlands n. wasteland, eroded land, desert,backpedal v. retract, take back, recant, retreat, *devil’s backyard, *devil’s sandbox, barren renege, back down. land.backslide v. slip, slide, sin, relapse, deviate, go badly adv. inadequately, poorly, unacceptably, astray, lapse, leave the straight and narrow, abominably, awfully, unsatisfactorily, defi- leave the path of righteousness. ciently, slipshod, below par, wrong, ineptly,backstab v. backbite, attack, smear, slander, terribly. ANT. excellently, perfectly, superbly. *sell down the river, betray, *play Judas, baffle v. 1. CONFUSE perplex, muddle, stump, *doublecross. confound, throw, befuddle, daze, delude,back talk n. lip, sass, mouth, guff, insolence. mix up, puzzle. 2. THWART hinder, check,backup n. auxiliary, extra, substitute, alternate. foil, obstruct, impede, bar, frustrate.backward a. 1. TOWARD THE REAR rearward, in baffling a. inscrutable, perplexing. ANT. explain- reverse, behind. 2. IN REVERSE upside-down, able, decipherable. inside-out, wrong, *bassackwards. 3. SHY bag n. sack, pouch, pack, satchel, tote, carryall, hesitant, reticent, bashful, reserved, timid, haversack, gunny-bag, duffel, valise, suit- demure. 4. RETARDED slow, behind, simple, case, portmanteau, briefcase. inept, stupid, rustic, impeded, laggard, dull. bag v. snare, capture, catch, take, trap, kill, ANT. 3. confident, bold, forward. 4. advanced, seize. quick, brilliant. bagatelle n. trifle.backwoodsman n. rustic, yokel, *hillbilly, baggage n. luggage, bags, suitcases, valises, *hick, *hayseed. trunks, things, paraphernalia, effects, gear.bacteria n. microorganisms, germs, microbes, baggy a. sagging, droopy, puffy, limp, unpressed, pathogens, *bugs, bacilli, virus, microscopic loose, slack, fat, billowing. ANT. smooth, agents, streptococci, streptobacilli. tight, pressed, tailored.bad a. 1. BELOW STANDARD inadequate, poor, bagpipe n. SEE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT *lousy, *crappy, substandard, unacceptable, bail n. bond, security, deposit, surety, guaran- awful, faulty, unsatisfactory, *cheesy, slip- tee, warranty; release. SEE COURT, LAW shod, deficient, inferior, below par, worth- bailiff n. court attendant, court official, officer. less, shoddy. 2. WICKED immoral, evil, cor- SEE COURT, LAW rupt, vile, sinful, demonic, satanic, BAILIWICK n. [BAL i wik] one’s area of spe- diabolical, mischievous, mean. ‘‘All that cial interest or expertise. My personal baili- proceeds from weakness.’’—Friedrich Nietz- wick is paleontology. SYN. interest, authority, sche. 3. SPOILED rotten, putrid, decayed, field, sphere, jurisdiction, realm, domain, tainted, moldy. 4. UNPLEASANT unfavorable, territory, area of expertise, department, unfortunate, terrible, revolting, awful, beat. dreadful, disagreeable, horrible, distressing, bait n. lure, allurement, attraction, bribe, en- dire, tragic, negative. 5. SEVERE powerful, de- ticement, *come-on, inducement. structive, serious, dangerous, grave, horrible. bait v. 1. LURE attract, entice, bribe, induce, 6. INCORRECT erroneous, inaccurate. 7. seduce, tantalize, tempt, draw, interest. 2. SORRY low, down, distressed, troubled, GOAD tease, pick on, harass, rile, provoke, gloomy, melancholy, depressed, remorseful. annoy, irk, hector, badger, *ride. ANT. 1. re- ANT. 1. excellent, good, superior. 2. moral, pel, repulse. 2. pacify, please, mollify.54 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 58. Bake–Ballparkbake v. roast, cook, broil, heat. female dancer: ballerina, prima ballerinabakery n. bread shop, cake shop, pastry shop, jump and land in same position: saute bagel shop. jump straight in the air with quick changesbalance n. 1. EQUILIBRIUM parity, equity, equal- of leg position: entrechat ization, symmetry, correspondence, equi- jump with legs clung together: soubresaut poise, equality. 2. MENTAL STABILITY compo- knee-bend: plie ´ sure, self-control, poise, *cool head, leap from one foot to the other: jete ´ stability. ANT. 1. imbalance, inequality. 2. in- male dancer: danseur stability, irrationality. mincing steps on tiptoes: pas de bourree ´balance v. 1. TO MAKE EQUAL equalize, counter- posturing on one leg: arabesque poise, stabilize, level, counteract, equili- practice: barre work brate, steady, match, offset, *walk a fine practice room bar: barre line, *level the playing field. 2. COMPARE running steps: pas couru consider, differentiate, weigh, contrast, secondary, non-principal dancer: coryphee evaluate. 3. ACCOUNT square, debit, credit, shoes: toe shoes, ballet shoes tally, audit, compute, calculate, sum up. sliding on soles of feet: glissadingbalcony n. 1. PORCH platform, terrace, deck, solo: pas seul overhang, veranda, portico. 2. GALLERY loge, spin in which head is held still, then turned upper deck, mezzanine, *peanut gallery, after body: spotting cheap seats. split performed in midair: pas ciseaux, grandbald a. 1. HAIRLESS bare, glabrous, shaven, ´ ecart *head like a cueball, *skinheaded, *chrome- step: pas domed. 2. UNADORNED plain, stark, austere, steps performed on tiptoes: temps de point, bare, barren. 3. FRANK blunt, outright, di- en pointe rect, overt, out-and-out, baldfaced, flagrant, whirlaround: pirouette glaring. ANT. 1. hairy, furry, woolly, hirsute. balloon n. aerostat, lighter-than-air craft. 2. ornate, decorated, embellished. 3. indirect, WORD FIND disguised, subtle. altitude-measuring device: altimeterbalderdash n. bunk, rot, poppycock. SEE NON- anchor line: tether, dragrope, mooring line SENSE ascent/descent speed-measuring device: var-bale n. bundle, packet, bunch, parcel. iometerbaleful a. harmful, sinister, threatening, evil, basket: gondola ominous, deadly, injurious, pernicious, bottom sleeve, where hot air is blown in: wicked, hazardous, malignant. ANT. harm- appendix, mouth less, innocuous, benign. broadest portion: equatorbalk v. 1. FRUSTRATE thwart, foil, hinder, im- burner’s lighter: sparker pede, prevent, check, retard. 2. HESITATE re- gas: hot air, helium, hydrogen coil, refuse, object, demur, draw back, shy ground crew: chase crew away from, flinch, stop short. ANT. 1. facili- ground director of balloon activity: balloon- tate, clear, help. 2. proceed, progress, *jump meister in. high-speed launch used in windy condi-balky a. stubborn, contrary, resisting, resistant, tions: blastoff obstinate, mulish, intractable, ornery, un- interior of bag: envelope ruly. ANT. cooperative, tractable. pilot, passenger: aeronautball n. 1. ORB sphere, globe, spheroid, apple, propane gas heater: burner round, bullet. 2. DANCE prom, masque, shin- rate of descent: sink dig, hoedown, *hop. weights, sandbags, used to control altitude:ballad n. song, love song, folk song. SEE SONG ballastballerina n. SEE BALLET SEE BLIMPballet n. dance, toe dancing, choreography, balloon v. inflate, swell, expand, bloat, puff out, adagio. dilate, billow. ANT. deflate, contract, shrink. WORD FIND ballot n. ticket, slate, vote, poll. ‘‘The rightful admirer of: balletomane and peaceful successors of bullets.’’—Abra- attire: tutu, tights, leotard ham Lincoln. director: impresario ballpark n. stadium. Roget’s Superthesaurus 55
  • 59. Ballyhoo–Bankballyhoo n. uproar, talk, hype, *hot air, puffery, passage, individual instrumental: lick, riff promotion, *spiel, babble, pitch, *BS, performing exceptionally well or in a hoopla. groove: *cookingbalm n. salve, remedy, cure, comfort, soothing playdate or job: gig agent, curative. ANT. irritant, abrasive. publicizes, promotes: publicist, promoterbalmy a. 1. MILD fair, gentle, pleasant, temper- road, set-up crew-member: *roadie ate, tranquil, calm, soothing. 2. CRAZY in- seating, unreserved audience: festival seat- sane, foolish, *nuts, *cuckoo, daft, *crack- ing ers, eccentric, weird. ANT. 1. stormy, session followed by break: set blustery, inclement. 2. sane, normal, stable. singer, lead: frontmanbaloney n. *crap, rot, bunk. SEE NONSENSE skills, slang for musician’s: *chopsbamboo n. cane, grass, reed. speakers: amplifiers, amps, PA systembamboozle v. trick, cheat, hoodwink, deceive, subgroup of instruments: section dupe, confuse, buffalo, swindle, take, de- unrehearsed, impromptu performance: jam fraud, pull the wool over one’s eyes, con. SEE MUSIC, MUSICIAN, RECORDINGban n. prohibition, embargo, proscription, in- 3. STRIP swath, strap, tie, ribbon, sash, cord, terdiction, boycott, taboo, restriction, fillet, thong. *blacklisting, stoppage, injunction. ANT. ap- bandage n. gauze, swath, dressing, compress, proval, sanction, allowance. *Bandaid.ban v. prohibit, restrict, stop, banish, boycott, bandanna n. handkerchief, neckerchief, ker- forbid, disallow, bar, exclude, outlaw, close, chief. *blackball. ANT. allow, sanction, approve, le- bandit n. thief, robber, crook, desperado, out- galize. law, brigand, *mugger, hoodlum, thug, bur-BANAL a. [buh NAL; BANE ul] dull, over- glar, highwayman, hold-up man. used, common. The dialogue was too predict- bandleader n. conductor, *frontman, bandmas- able and tired; it was banal. SYN. dull, over- ter. used, common, tired, trite, hackneyed, bandy v. exchange, give-and-take, pass back insipid, stale, vapid, lackluster, hum-drum, and forth, *ping pong, circulate, pass along. ´ cliched, platitudinous, flat, inane, unorigi- BANE n. [BANE] harm, destruction. A wolf- nal. ANT. original, rich, deep, fresh, provoca- pack is the bane of the deer yard. SYN. death, tive. ruin, evil, downfall, scourge, plague, de- ´banality n. cliche, platitude, triteness, com- struction, curse, undoing, poison. ANT. bless- monplace, bromide. ing, n. 1. GROUP gang, association, company, bang n. 1. NOISE boom, thump, crack, report, assembly, mob, crush, throng, bunch, troop, eruption, clang, crash, burst, explosion, pop, posse, tribe, pack. 2. MUSICAL GROUP ensem- thud, peal, salvo, slam, clap, shot. 2. BLOW ble, combo, trio, quartet, quintet, pentad, hit, whack, slam, thwack, rap, smack, belt, sextet, septet, octet, nonet, orchestra. punch, clout. 3. THRILL Sl. *kick, *jollies, WORD FIND *charge. advisor: manager bang v. 1. MAKE NOISE boom, peal, explode, amateur band: garage band thump, crack, clang, slam, thud, sound, pop, bandstand, concave: band shell clap. 2. STRIKE hit, whack, slam, pop, shoot, books shows: agent, booking agent clap, punch, clout, smack, rap, beat, pum- circuit of shows: tour mel. confidence on stage: stage presence banish v. exile, expel, eject, remove, ban, pro- effects, amplifier: echo, reverb, tremolo scribe, excommunicate, deport, outlaw, dis- fan of: *groupie miss, oust, relegate, drum out. ANT. adopt, hit song or nonoriginal song performed by: invite, embrace. cover banister n. handrail, railing, balustrade. improvisational session: jam session banjo n. SEE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS improvise or make up song on spot: jam bank n. 1. financial institution, savings and main act: headliner loan, S&L, lending institution, thrift, trust mistake or muffed note: clam company, treasury, credit union, Federal Re- nightclub entrance fee to pay for: cover serve Bank, mortgage company. ‘‘A place charge where they lend you an umbrella in fair56 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 60. Bankrupt–Baptism of Fireweather and ask for it back when it begins signature authorizing payment of check: en-to rain.’’—Robert Frost. dorsementWORD FIND storage space for customer’s valuables: safeassets pledged as security for a loan: collat- deposit box eral teller’s small window: wicketATM: automated teller machine value of business, home or other investmentATM access code: pin (personal identifica- after all debts are subtracted: equity tion) number vault, personal: safe deposit boxbad check-writing: kiting withdrawal in excess of funds in account:CD: certficate of deposit overdraftcheck guaranteed by bank to be covered: SEE MONEY, SECURITIES certified check 2. EMBANKMENT slope, hill, ledge, mound,checking account that earns interest on un- levee. 3. ROW tier, course, string, line, used funds: NOW (negotiable order of array, series. withdrawal) account bankrupt a. insolvent, *gone belly up, ruined,check returned due to insufficient funds: wiped out, broke, *busted, penniless, in the bounced check red. ANT. solvent, profiting, flourishing, in theclerk: teller black.conceal large sums of illegally gained money WORD FIND by depositing in several small accounts: bankruptcy procedure/code section: Chap- launder ter Elevendeposit of third party made to assure fulfill- bankruptcy n. insolvency. SEE BANKRUPT ment of contract: escrow banner n. flag, pennant, ensign, streamer, stan-document such as draft, deed or bond: in- dard, pennon, bunting, colors. banner a. successful, outstanding, leading, ex- strument ceptional, foremost, record, red-letter. to pay off a loan: default unsuccessful, mediocre.failure to pay loan on time: delinquency banquet n. feast, dinner, meal, roast, *spread,FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora- repast. tion bantam n. feisty runt, little spitfire, little scrap-federal banking system and clearinghouse: per, whippersnapper, swaggerer, *strutting Federal Reserve System half-pint, *cock of the walk.interest rate charged on loans to member banter n. teasing, ribbing, jesting, joking, josh- banks by Federal Reserve Bank: discount ing, repartee, badinage, ridicule, kidding, rate persiflage, payment, large initial: down payment banter v. tease, rib, jest, joke, josh, ridicule, kid,loan payment that is larger than all the oth- *ride. ers: balloon payment baptism n. initiation, purification, sacrament,lowest interest rate at a given time: prime ritual, rite, christening, sprinkling, annoint- rate ing, immersion, consecration. ‘‘The vehiclemessenger/*gopher: runner to heaven, the public agent of the Kingdom,office or central bank where bankers meet the gift of adoption.’’—Saint Basil. to settle balances: clearinghouse WORD FINDone percent of loan paid up front: point basin: baptistery, font, laverorder to bank to refuse payment on a check cloth: chrisom drawn: stop payment immersion, by: holobaptismpanicked withdrawals on fear of bank clo- robe: chrisom sure: bank run water: laverpayment, order for: draft, money order BAPTISM OF FIRE n. a first or initial experi-payment for use of credit or funds: interest ence that proves to be an ordeal. The newpay off loan in one large installment instead recruits were sent immediately to the front, of many smaller ones: commute where they survived a baptism of fire. SYN. or-record book of deposits and withdrawals: deal, trying experience, trial by fire, night- passbook, bankbook mare, initiation, rite of passage, hell, hard-seriousness, payment establishing borrow- ship, test of courage, introduction, entrance, er’s: earnest money hazing, rude introduction. Roget’s Superthesaurus 57
  • 61. Baptize–Baroquebaptize v. initiate, purify, annoint, cleanse, im- decorated. 3. hidden, covered up, camouflaged. merse, christen, indoctrinate, consecrate, bare bones a. basic, essential, unadorned, core, sanctify, sprinkle. SEE CHURCH, RELIGION simple, n. 1. RAIL OR ROD stick, strip, stake, pole, barefaced a. shameless, brazen, bold, frank, au- shaft, crosspiece, boom, spar, paling. 2. IM- dacious, rude, bumptious, outspoken, inso- PEDIMENT barrier, obstruction, obstacle, con- lent, impudent. ANT. reserved, polite, respect- straint, block, snag, restraint, barricade, re- ful. striction, stumbling block. 3. PUB saloon, barely adv. hardly, scarcely, just, slightly, tavern, gin mill, cocktail lounge, *watering merely. hole, lounge, beer garden, dramshop. 4. LE- bargain n. 1. AGREEMENT understanding, GAL SYSTEM lawyers, attorneys, counselors, pledge, contract, deal, arrangement, prom- bar association, solicitors, barristers, judi- ise, covenant. ‘‘A transaction in which each ciary, legal fraternity. 5. BAND stripe, strip, participant thinks he has cheated the striation, ribbon, score, line. other.’’—Anon. 2. GOOD DEAL steal, goodbar v. 1. STOP impede, obstruct, prohibit, hin- value, a bon marche. ‘‘Something you can’t der, block, barricade, restrict, restrain, pre- use at a price you can’t resist.’’—Franklin vent, constrain, interdict. 2. BOLT secure, Jones. lock, seal, close, latch. 3. EXCLUDE prohibit, bargain v. negotiate, dicker, haggle, come to ostracize, ban, banish, blackball, blacklist, terms, deal, higgle, promise, contract, trade, segregate, spurn, boycott, shut out, freeze barter. out. ANT. 1. facilitate, aid, abet. 2. unlock, barge n. flatboat, scow, freight carrier. open, free. 3. include, welcome, embrace. bark n. 1. WOOF yip, yelp, howl, yawp, bowwow,barb n. insult, dig, cutting remark, putdown, bay, arf, growl. 2. COVERING skin, husk, peel- affront, criticism. ing, hide, shell, pod.barbarian n. savage, *animal, clod, ignoramus, bark v. 1. WOOF yip, yelp, howl, yawp, yap, bow- Neanderthal, philistine, lout, primitive, wow, bay, arf, growl. 2. SHOUT bellow, hol- caveman, lowbrow, redneck, *pig, brute, ler, yell, snap, growl, bluster, roar, snarl, ruffian, hooligan, dolt, Hun. thunder.barbaric a. savage, animalistic, ignorant, clod- BAR MITZVAH n. [bar MITZ vuh] a cere- mony recognizing the entrance of a 13-year- dish, primitive, brutish, cruel, lowbrow, old Jewish boy into the adult world of moral rough, doltish, uncultured, vulgar, wild, ill- responsibilities. The bar mitzvah is the Jewish mannered. ANT. civilized, cultured, refined. boy’s great rite of passage into adulthood. SYN.barbarity n. barbarism, savagery, ignorance, ceremony, initiation, rite of passage, confir- cloddishness, brutality, cruelty, roughness, mation, coming of age, celebration, service, vulgarity, wildness, ruthlessness, brutish- SEE BAT MITZVAH, RELIGION ness. ANT. civility, nicety, refinement. barmy a. eccentric, odd, peculiar, daft, *batty.barbarous a. savage, animalistic, coarse, igno- ANT. normal, conventional, sane. rant, inhuman, primitive, uncivilized, brut- barn n. byre, cowbarn, stables, stalls, shed. ish, uncouth, rude, wild, rough, doltish, un- WORD FIND cultured, vulgar, ill-mannered, vicious, barn and other farm buildings, collectively: philistine. ANT. civilized, refined, humane, farmstead cultured. erection of: barnraisingbarbecue v. flame broil, roast, rotisserie, grill, fodder storage building next to: silo sear, cook out, dry, smoke. grain storage building: granarybarber n. hair stylist, hairdresser, beautician, upper portion where hay is stored: hayloft haircutter, coiffeur. SEE FARM, ANIMALbarbiturate n. drug, sedative, depressant, barnacle n. crustacean, parasite, limpet, marine *downer. creature, shell.bare a. 1. UNCLOTHED naked, nude, stripped, in barnstorm v. tour. the buff, exposed, *in one’s birthday suit, barometer n. instrument, gauge, indicator, ma- disrobed. 2. PLAIN barren, stark, spare, aus- nometer. tere, Spartan, unfinished, unadorned, baron n. nobleman, aristocrat, lord. empty. 3. UNDISGUISED bald, plain, stark, un- baroque a. ornate, elaborate, florid, embel- varnished, glaring, straightforward, flagrant. lished, busy, overworked, rococo, ostenta- ANT. 1. clothed, dressed. 2. ornate, elaborate, tious, fanciful. ANT. plain, stark, austere.58 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 62. Barracks–Baseballbarracks n. quarters, housing, building. athletic competition. ‘‘The greatest conver-barrage n. 1. SUSTAINED ATTACK bombardment, sation piece ever invented in America.’’— shelling, salvo, battery, volley, assault, enfi- Bruce Catton. ‘‘An island of surety in a lade, onslaught, hail, fusillade, wall of fire, changing world.’’—William Veek. rain of fire. 2. PROFUSION deluge, inunda- WORD FIND tion, rain, mass, plethora, torrent. (common abbreviations)barrel n. cask, keg, hogshead, drum, firkin, ves- AAA: the minor league from which big sel, butt, container, cylinder. league players are drawn WORD FIND AA: the second-tier minor league. Also maker: cooper known as a bush league part: stave A: the third-tier minor league. Also known stopper: bung as a bush leaguebarren a. 1. DESOLATE sterile, empty, bare, de- AB: at bat pleted, void, unproductive, arid, stark. 2. AL: American League CHILDLESS infertile, sterile, infecund, un- BA: batting average bearing. 3. DULL boring, uninteresting, stale, BB: base on balls/walks uninspiring. ANT. 1. fertile, lush, rich, fruitful. DP: double play 2. fertile, fecund. 3. interesting, inspiring. DH: designated hitterbarricade n. barrier, roadblock, blockade, bar, E: error impediment, rampart, bulwark, obstruction. ERA: earned run averagebarricade v. bar, block, clog, impede, shut off, FP: fielding percentage fortify, obstruct, secure, defend. G: gamebarrier n. 1. PHYSICAL OBSTRUCTION bar, obsta- H: hit cle, barricade, impediment, check, road- HR: homerun block, wall, rampart, bulwark, fortification, IP: innings pitched boom, palisade. 2. HANDICAP limitation, im- K: strikeout MVP: most valuable player pediment, hindrance, difficulty, obstacle, NL: National League stumbling block, hurdle, obstacle. R: runbarrio n. Spanish quarter, Spanish district, ur- RBI: runs batted in ban district, community, neighborhood, sec- SB: stolen base tion. SHO: shutoutbarrister n. (primarily British) attorney, coun- SO: strikeout selor. SEE LAWYER SS: shortstopbarrow n. handcart, pushcart, wheelbarrow, 2B: double handbarrow. 3B: triplebartender n. barkeep, barmaid, *mixmaster. TP: triple playbarter v. trade, exchange, swap, deal, do busi- WP: winning pitcher ness. ambidextrous hitter: switch hitterbase n. 1. FOUNDATION support, bottom, stand, base: bag pedestal, bed, foot, ground structure. 2. BA- baseball, slang for: apple, horsehide SIS essence, core, foundation, source, back- bat, illegal: corked bat bone, root, fundamental, heart, principle. 3. bat’s heavy warmup weight: donut HEADQUARTERS center, station, home, post, batting fourth in the lineup: batting cleanup camp. bench area for players, enclosed: dugoutbase v. ground, derive, build, establish, rest, batter’s grip, improves: pine tar construct. batter’s spot: batter’s boxbase a. 1. INFERIOR lowly, cheap, impure, de- British game: rounders based. 2. CONTEMPTIBLE low, mean, ignoble, catch, spectacular: circus catch, shoestring dishonorable, indecent, disgraceful, despica- catch ble, sordid, degenerate, unprincipled, incor- championship, league: pennant; World Se- rigible, disreputable, slavish, wretched, ser- ries vile, menial, cringing. ANT. 1. superior, pure. dirt track skirting outfield wall: warning 2. noble, virtuous, principled. trackbaseball n. ball, sport, game, national pastime, double play started by the shortstop (6) who Roget’s Superthesaurus 59
  • 63. Baseless–Basketball throws to the second baseman (4), who pitch thrown deceptively slow: change-up completes the play to the first baseman pitcher, closing: closer, reliever, stopper (3): 6-4-3 double play pitcher, illegal motion made by: balk drawing of players from schools and minor pitcher, lefthanded: southpaw leagues: draft pitcher, team’s best: ace fantasy baseball based on statistics: Rotis- pitcher who uses clever pitches instead of serie League speed: finesse pitcher fastball, slang: *fireball, *hummer, *smoke pitcher’s warmup area: bullpen fan’s fanciful game of: Rotisserie League player making game-losing error: goat Baseball player not currently under contract and free first-year player: rookie to change teams: free agent flyball, high infield: pop up players’ nickname: boys of summer flyball, short: blooper rectangles batter stands in at bat: batter’s fly balls, practice catching: shag flies box grounder, bouncing: chopper screen, protective: backstop hit ball that bounces into stands: ground signal, secret: sign rule double sign, no pepper: stenciled sign warning play- hit often used as sacrifice to move runner ers not to play games of pepper, the in- on, very short infield: bunt field batting and fielding drill that some- hit that causes an out but moves an on-base times damages the playing field runner along: sacrifice statistical rundown in newspaper: boxscore hitter who can be counted on in critical sit- strike criteria, full swing: break the wrists uations: clutch hitter strikeout, to: fan, *whiff hitter who substitute hits for pitcher: desig- strikes, to be called out on: go down looking nated hitter substitute runner: pinch runner hit, weak: nubber, squibber, Texas Leaguer throwing arm, powerful: *bazooka, *shotgun SEE ATHLETE, SPORT(S) homerun driving in a total of four runs: baseless a. unsubstantiated, unfounded, grand slam groundless, unwarranted, flimsy. homerun: four-bagger bash n. Sl. celebration, *wing-ding, spree. SEE homerun, to hit a: go downtown; air it out PARTY illegally alter ball or bat: doctor bash v. smash, whack, hit, strike, slam, punch, locker room, office, etc.: clubhouse *clobber, crush, *bop. minor leagues: AAA AA, A, farm system, bashful a. shy, timid, shrinking, embarrassed, bush leagues blushing, modest, backward, demure, self- mishandled ball: bobbled; error conscious, withdrawn, sheepish, retiring, out-of-play ball: foul coy. ANT. brash, confident, swaggering, loud. partial swing of bat not counting as strike: basic n. fundamental, rudiment, essential, nuts check swing and bolts. perform badly, especially in a tense situa- basic a. fundamental, rudimentary, essential, tion: choke primary, vital, elementary, key, necessary. pitch a fastball: *blow it by, *blow smoke, ANT. nonessential, superfluous, extra. *throw a fireball, *put some mustard on basin n. washbowl, sink, vessel, tub, font. it basis n. base, foundation, support, root, ground- pitch, curving or altering trajectory: break- ing, nucleus, source, center. ing ball, curveball, forkball, knuckleball, bask v. 1. WARM ONESELF IN THE SUN *catch screwball, sinker, slider, spitball, split- some rays, sunbathe. 2. LUXURIATE revel, de- fingered fastball light in, wallow, eat up. pitch, deceptively slow: off-speed pitch basket n. container, receptacle, hamper, wick- pitch hitting batter, intentionally wild: erwork, creel, pannier, scuttle. beanball basketball n. *hoops, *brownball, *B-ball, ball, pitch intentionally thrown for a ball outside: sport, game, athletic competition. pitchout WORD FIND pitch nearly hitting batter intentionally: blocked shot, illegally: goaltending brushback pitch block out opponent to get a better angle at pitch, slow and easy to hit: lollipop a rebound: box out60 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 64. Bastard–Bathosboundary line at end of court: baseline slamming the ball through the hoop: dunk,defense, player-to-player: man-to-man de- slam-dunk fense two-on-one defensive strategy: double teamdefense, area: zone defense violation in which player hits opponent’sdefense, slang: D arm: *hackfiberglass stop: backboard, glass violation, offensive player standing too longfailure to move ball out of backcourt within in free throw lane: three-second viola- ten seconds: backcourt violation tionfake a shot: pump fake violation: foulfall-away shot: fade away jumper violation, dribbling: double-dribble, travel-footrace to basket: fast break ing, *walkingforecourt of the defense: backcourt violation, running into a stationary oppo-free throw lane for a close shot, dribble nent while dribbling: charging, offensive down the: drive the lane foulfree throw granted at free throw line for a violation in which ball is turned over in foul: foul shot, free throw dribbler’s hand: palmingguarding opponents aggressively from the SEE ATHLETE, SPORT(S) moment the ball is inbounded: full court bastard n. 1. ILLEGITIMATE CHILD *love child, press, trapping misbegot. 2. SCOUNDREL, jerk, son of a bitch,hitting shots consistently: *having a hot cad, rascal. hand, * in a zone, *on fire, *heating up, bastardize v. debase, defile, degrade, adulterate, *in a groove corrupt, ruin, spoil.leaping ability, measure of: hang time baste v. moisten, moisturize, soak, wet, saturate,long range shot: *Hail Mary, *prayer, *from bathe. downtown, *bomb, three-pointer BASTION n. [BAS chun] a stronghold or for-mid-air catch followed by a slam-dunk: tified place. Harvard, a bastion of higher edu- alley-oop cation. The marksmen took refuge behind themissing a lot of shots: cold, ice cold bastion. SYN. stronghold, fortification, for-net shot, nothing but: swish tress, citadel, rampart, bulwark, refuge, gar-pass resulting in a score: assist rison, facilities.player, large and powerful and adept at re- bat n. club, stick, staff, racket, cudgel, blud- bounding: power forward geon, baton, shillelagh, *lumber, trun-player, largest, plays the posts and rebounds: cheon. center bat v. 1. hit, smack, whack, swing at. 2. wink,players covering the corner areas: forwards blink, flutter.players, usually smaller, who play the perim- eter and bring up the ball and feed to BAT MITZVAH n. [baht MITZ vuh] cere- teammates: guards, point guard mony that recognizes the entrance of apossession, head-to-head leap for ball that twelve- or thirteen-year-old Jewish girl into determines: jump shot adulthood. Her family gathered together to cel-post near basket: low post ebrate her bat mitzvah. SYN. ceremony, ritepost near foul line: high post of passage, confirmation, service, initiation,ratio of shots taken and scored: field goal coming of age, celebration. SEE BAR MITZVAH, percentage RELIGIONrebounding, aggressive: *crashing the batch n. lot, bunch, cluster, assortment, group, boards pack, aggregate, collection, quantity.screen or legal block: pick bath n. wash, soak, cleansing, ablution, rinse,screen play: pick and roll sponge bath, tub, shower, wash-up, steep,shot, close, off-the-backboard: layup sauna.shot, jumping: jump shot, *J bathe v. wash, soak, cleanse, clean, rinse,shot, one-handed arc: hook shot sponge off, freshen up, scrub, douche, lave,shot, poor: *air ball, *brick shower, steep.shot, roll-in from very close range: finger- bathing suit n. swimming trunks, shorts, swim- roll suit, bikini, *cutoffs, T-strap, maillot, *jams,shot that misses everything including rim one-piece, leotard, string bikini. and backboard: *air ball bathos n. sentimentality, triteness, insipidness, Roget’s Superthesaurus 61
  • 65. Bathroom–Bear mush, *schmaltz, mawkishness, melodrama, ledge or shelf of sand deposited by sea over bleeding heart, wishy-washyness. time: bermbathroom n. restroom, toilet, men’s room, la- marine vegetation washed ashore: wrack dies’ room, *john, *head, latrine, wash- mineral in beach sand: garnet, feldspar, room, commode, necessary, water closet, quartz *can, outhouse, privy, *loo, lavatory, pow- narrow arm of land extending into water: der room. spitbaton n. stick, bat, staff, rod, club, wand, scep- pillowlike object, egg-casing of skate: mer- ter, truncheon, mace. maid’s pursebattalion n. unit, body, subdivision, massing, receding tide: ebb tide assembly, battle group. ridge of coral or rock skirting shore: barrierbatter v. beat, pound, strike, pummel, *sock, reef thrash, smash, wallop, dash, demolish, man- ripples in sand left by swash: swashmarks gle, break, shatter, crush. sand bar connecting two land masses: tom-battery n. 1. ELECTRICAL STORAGE UNIT dry cell, bolo storage cell. 2. ASSAULT beating, mugging, sea spray: spindrift thrashing. 3. SERIES array, line, string. 4. shells: abalone, baby bonnet, clam, cockle, GUNNERY artillery. conch, cone, cowrie, horn, limpet, mus-battle n. war, skirmish, conflict, clash, scuffle, sel, nautilus, oyster, periwinkle, razor, engagement, combat, fray, encounter, as- scallop, triton, wentletrap sault, fight, *run-in, tussle, confrontation, shelter/bathhouse: cabana squabble. SEE WAR, AMMUNITION small beach between two cliffs: pocketbattle v. fight, clash, skirmish, war, engage, beach confront, squabble. small rock island at head of promontory:battlement n. SEE CASTLE stackbattleship n. warship, naval vessel, battle- waves: plunger, spiller, comber, train, gray- wagon, fighting ship, *tin can, cruiser, de- beards, eagre, tidal bore stroyer. wave’s shallow sweep up beach: swashbauble n. trinket, trifle, knickknack, gewgaw, SEE OCEAN, WAVE ornament, bagatelle. BEACHHEAD n. [BEECH hed] shorelinebawdy a. indecent, lewd, coarse, improper, ob- captured in enemy territory, used as a base scene, raunchy, dirty, indelicate, lascivious, for a larger attack. The term is frequently licentious, ribald. ANT. clean, proper, chaste. used as a metaphor for any initial establish-bawl v. 1. SHOUT yell, bellow, holler, bark, ment or opening base of operations. The thunder, cry, howl. 2. CRY wail, weep, blub- company quickly established a beachhead over- ber, sob, snivel, whimper, squall. seas and has been gaining customers rapidly.bawl out v. Sl. SEE SCOLD SYN. territory, enemy territory, base, base ofbay n. 1. bight, cove, inlet, gulf, estuary, strait, operations, staging area, position, footing, lagoon, harbor. 2. alcove, niche, nook. ground, foothold, post, entrance, threshold.bay v. bark, howl, yelp, bellow. beacon n. signal light, warning light, smoke sig-bayou n. tributary, stream, body of water, creek, nal, guide, lighthouse, bonfire. river, branch, waterway. bead n. droplet, drop, pearl, spheroid, pellet,bazaar n. marketplace, shop, fair, flea market, pill. rummage sale, street market. beak n. bill. SEE NOSEbeach n. shore, strand, coast, seaside, littoral. beam n. 1. SUPPORT girder, brace, rafter, boom, WORD FIND crosspiece, joist, stud, board, two-by-four. 2. arm of land connecting two land masses: LIGHT ray, shaft, stream, swath, streak. isthmus, tombolo beam v. 1. TRANSMIT emit, flash, broadcast. 2. channel, small: rill RADIATE glow, shine, glisten. 3. SMILE cross-current swimming hazard: riptide BROADLY grin, take on a cheerful glow, radi- debris, cargo washed ashore from lost ship: ate. SEE SMILE flotsam and jetsam bear n. 1. BRUIN ursus, grizzly, mammal, brown embankment or headland: bluff, promon- bear, black bear, polar bear. 2. PESSIMIST tory conservative, *gloomy gus, prophet of harbor-protecting structure extending into doom, Cassandra, naysayer, *killjoy, *wor- water: jetty rywart, realist. ANT. 2. bull, optimist.62 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 66. Bear–Becomingbear v. 1. HOLD UP support, brace, buttress, up- cuff, *whomp, *slug, *belt, box, *whale on, hold, sustain, shoulder. 2. CARRY convey, punch. 2. MOLD fashion, forge, shape. 3. DE- bring, lug, tote, haul, move. 3. TOLERATE en- FEAT win over, vanquish, rout, best, subdue, dure, suffer, stomach, stand, withstand, put *kick butt, outstrip, outdistance, prevail up with, abide. 4. PRODUCE YOUNG give birth over, *smoke the competition, *leave the to, produce, beget, yield, reproduce, bring competition in one’s wake, lick, top. 4. PUL- forth. SATE throb, palpitate, vibrate, thump. 5.bearable a. tolerable, endurable. ANT. unbear- WHIP stir, mix. able. beat a. tired, exhausted, enervated. ANT. ener-beard n. whiskers, stubble, five o’clock shadow, gized, invigorated. bristles, *rat’s nest. beaten a. licked, vanquished, discouraged, de- WORD FIND moralized. ANT. encouraged, heartened. anchorlike, short, pointy fringe extending beatific a. blissful, serene, angelic, heavenly. up to bottom lip: anchor ANT. fiendish, villainous, diabolical. curly, thick, square-cut: Trojan beard beatitude n. blessedness, happiness, bliss, seren- ducktail-like: ducktail beard ity, saintliness, peace. forked: swallowtail beard beatnik n. free spirit, nonconformist, Bohe- goatlike chin tuft: goatee, satyric tuft mian, *a stray from the herd, *hippie, long tuft extending beneath lower lip, worn *flower child, deviant. by Napoleon III: Imperial beau n. boyfriend, lover, suitor, swain, sweet- medium, no mustache: Lincolnesque ´ heart, fiance. pointed, short, no sideburns: Van Dyke beaut n. Sl. *lulu. rounded: aureole beautician n. hairdresser, manicurist, coiffurist. sideburns, bushy, shaped: muttonchops beautiful a. 1. ATTRACTIVE pretty, handsome, slender, pointed: stiletto becoming, comely, fair, lovely, good-look- spade shaped: spade beard, Shenandoah ing, *nice, gorgeous, captivating. 2. EXCEL- Spanish style, pointed, medium length: Ca- ´ LENT great, fantastic, superb, splendid. ANT. diz 1. ugly, unattractive, homely, repulsive. 2. square-cut, long: tile awful, terrible, rotten. tuft of hair under bottom lip: barbiche beautiful people n. society people, upper crust, twisted or twined: screw beard the well-to-do, the wealthy class, the upper SEE MUSTACHE class, high society, fashionable society, *thebearing n. manner, carriage, air, posture, mien, in crowd. attitude, demeanor, presence, comport- beautify v. dress up, decorate, fix up, adorn, ment. primp, make up, *gussie up, enhance, glam-bearings n. orientation, location. orize. ANT. deface, spoil.BEARISH a. [BAIR ish] pessimistic, particu- beauty n. 1. ATTRACTIVENESS prettiness, come- larly when concerning the stock market. He liness, fairness, loveliness, good looks, ap- sold off his stocks because he was feeling particu- peal, pulchritude, allure, charm. ‘‘A fading larly bearish. SYN. pessimistic, cautious, con- flower.’’—Bible. ‘‘Silent eloquence.’’— servative, gloomy, skeptical, uneasy, nega- French proverb. ‘‘God’s handwriting.’’— tive, doubtful, lacking confidence. ANT. Emerson. ‘‘The power by which a woman bullish. charms a lover and terrifies a husband.’’—beast n. animal, creature, savage, brute, swine. Ambrose Bierce. 2. BELLE goddess, *babe, SEE BARBARIAN, MONSTER *fox, *looker, *knockout, sex symbol, en-beastly a. savage, brutish, barbaric, heathen, chantress, siren, *vision, *dreamboat, *doll, wild, uncivilized, primitive, fiendish, mon- Venus. ANT. 1. ugliness, repulsiveness, plain- strous, vile, boorish, feral, coarse, disagree- ness. 2. hag, Quasimodo, dog, eyesore. able, nasty. ANT. humane, civilized, cultured, beckon v. summon, call, signal, wave, hail, in- refined. vite, motion.beat n. 1. CADENCE rhythm, pulse, pulsation, becloud v. confuse, muddle, obfuscate, darken, meter. 2. CIRCUIT walk, rounds, route, pre- veil, obscure, shroud, mask, bewilder, make cinct. unclear. ANT. clear up, clarify.beat v. 1. BATTER pound, strike, hammer, bang, becoming a. 1. SUITABLE appropriate, proper, pummel, thrash, *thump, hit, smack, flog, fitting, befitting, seemly, comme il faut, Roget’s Superthesaurus 63
  • 67. Bed–Behavior Modification right, correct. 2. ATTRACTIVE comely, flat- beforehand adv. earlier, previously, sooner, tering, pretty, beautiful. ANT. 1. unsuitable, prior to. inappropriate, unbefitting. 2. unflattering, un- befriend v. make friends, *get chummy with, attractive. get acquainted, get to know, help, stand upbed n. 1. BUNK mattress, *sack, cot, berth, ham- for, take under one’s wing. ANT. reject, shun. mock, pallet. ‘‘The heaven upon earth to befuddle v. confuse, muddle, mix up, confound, the weary head.’’—Thomas Hood. 2. LAYER perplex, fluster, stupefy, boggle, rattle. ANT. stratum, seam, deposit. clear one’s mind, sober.bed and breakfast n. inn, B&B, guest house, beg v. 1. PANHANDLE scrounge, *cadge, *bum lodging, accomodations. off from, solicit, *sponge off. 2. ASK FOR be-bedazzle v. bewilder, confuse, daze, dazzle, over- seech, implore, plead, petition, solicit, en- whelm, blind. treat.bedding n. bedclothes, blankets, sheets, covers, beget v. bear, father, create, generate, engen- quilts, coverlets. der, propagate, reproduce, sire, bring forth,bedevil v. plague, torment, frustrate, annoy, effect, give rise to. torture, *bug, irritate. beggar n. panhandler, *moocher, *bum, men-bedlam n. confusion, uproar, pandemonium, dicant, tramp, parasite, *sponger, leech, turmoil, noise, chaos, hubbub, madness, pauper, derelict, loafer, scamp, fakir. ‘‘The madhouse, hullabaloo. only free man in the universe.’’—Charlesbed of roses n. comfort, luxury, paradise. Lamb.bedraggled a. wet, dirty, limp, sopping, filthy, begin v. 1. START commence, set in motion, soggy, disheveled, drenched, unkempt, launch, initiate, arise, happen, go ahead, soiled, sodden, muddy. ANT. dry, clean, neat. embark, open, get the ball rolling. 2. COMEbedridden a. laid up, infirm, disabled, prostrate, INTO BEING start, commence, arise, flower, incapacitated, invalid, ill, sick, crippled, ail- crop up, issue, sprout, originate, inaugurate, ing, *flat on one’s back. spring, get under way, found. ANT. end, con-bedroom n. chamber, bedchamber, boudoir, clude, stop. bed-sitter. beginner n. novice, tyro, virgin, neophyte,bed-wetting n. enuresis, incontinence. *greenhorn, *rookie, *tenderfoot, amateur,bee n. bumblebee, honey bee, killer bee, drone, trainee, apprentice. ANT. veteran, old hand, worker, Queen bee. ‘‘Nature’s confec- expert. tioner.’’—John Cleveland. beginning n. 1. INITIATION onset, start, com-beef n. Sl. complaint, gripe, grouse. mencement, opening, launching, debut,beefy a. brawny, fleshy, burly, strong, powerful, outset, genesis, inception. ‘‘A quarter of the strapping, Herculian, robust, solid, hulklike, journey.’’—Henry Bohn. 2. ORIGIN source, husky. ANT. skinny, anorexic. root, fountain, seed, germ. ANT. 1. ending,beehive n. hive, beegum, skep, colony, n. ale, lager, malt, bitter, *suds, *stout, closing, conclusion, finale. *cold one, *brew, *brewski, pilsner, pint. begrudge v. resent, envy, hold against, be jeal- ‘‘That which drowns all care.’’—Robert ous, stint. Herrick. beguile v. 1. TRICK mislead, cheat, bamboozle, WORD FIND dupe, *burn, *rope in, deceive, delude. 2. cask: keg, puncheon, tun CHARM enchant, bewitch, captivate, delight, cup/glass: mug, stein, toby, schooner amuse, divert, distract. ANT. 2. bore. foam: head, froth, bead behave v. 1. ACT conduct, deport, comport, ingredients: hops, malt (mash), yeast perform, function. 2. MIND shape up, *mind manufacturer: brewery one’s manners, *mind one’s Ps and Qs, mixed with ginger ale: shandygaff *keep one’s nose clean, smarten up, be good. spiced: flip behavior n. 1. CONDUCT deportment, comport- SEE ALCOHOL, DRINK, MOONSHINE, WINE ment, demeanor, manner, bearing, ways, et-befall v. happen, occur, come to pass. iquette. ‘‘The finest of the fine arts.’’—Em-befitting a. appropriate, suitable, seemly, right. erson. ‘‘No truer index to intelligence.’’— ANT. inappropriate, improper. Ibn Gabirol. 2. ACTION performance, func-before prep. previous to, preceding, prior to, tioning, operation, reaction, response. ahead of. behavior modification n. therapy, retraining,64 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 68. Behead–Beloved psychotherapy, conditioning, reinforce- to, trust, suspect, *take as gospel, suppose, ment, reward system, aversion therapy, assume, guess, surmise. ANT. disbelieve, doubt. change, desensitization. believer n. adherent, devotee, follower, apostle,behead v. decapitate, decollate, guillotine, exe- disciple, zealot. cute. belittle v. disparage, depreciate, put down, di-BEHEMOTH n. [bi HEE muth] anything gi- minish, degrade, deride, malign, *take down gantic. We saw whales and other behemoths of a peg, *knock, discredit. ANT. build up, ag- the sea. SYN. giant, monster, colossus, mam- grandize, put on a pedestal. moth, leviathan, titan, Goliath, whale, hip- bell n. campana, carillon, chimes, dinger. ‘‘The popotamus. publicity of God.’’—R.L. Bruckberger. ‘‘Thebehest n. order, command, bidding, request, music bordering nearest heaven.’’—Charles word, edict, demand, urging, decree, say-so, Lamb. desire. WORD FINDbehind n. buttocks, backside, *ass, rump, *tush, clapper: tongue bottom, stern. ring by striking with hammer: chimebehind adv. back, in back of, rearward, trailing, ringer: sexton aft. sound: clang, dong, ting, tinkle, tintinabula-behold v. look at, regard, observe, notice, view, tion, ring, knell, peal, toll, reverberation watch, *feast your eyes on, consider, scruti- tower: belfry nize, examine, gaze upon. ANT. ignore, over- BELLICOSE a. [BEL i KOSE] belligerent, look, disregard. quarrelsome, warlike. He was eager to fight;beholden a. obligated, indebted, owing. ANT. he was a notoriously bellicose man. SYN. bellig- freed, unbound. erent, quarrelsome, warlike, hostile, pugna-behoove v. benefit, befit, be worthwhile, suit, cious, aggressive, combative, volatile, con- be incumbent upon. tentious, peppery. ANT. peaceful, passive.being n. 1. ENTITY creature, organism, person, BELLIGERENT a. [buh LIJ ur unt] quarrel- soul, spirit. 2. EXISTENCE reality, life. ANT. 2. some, hostile, quick to fight. Belligerent inner nonexistence. city gangs started the riot. SYN. bellicose, pug-belabor v. dwell on, go on about, *beat a dead nacious, quarrelsome, militant, war-mon- horse, pound, hammer home, rehash, re- gering, warlike, hostile, aggressive, combat- peat, overwork. ive, volatile, contentious, peppery. ANT.belated a. tardy, overdue, late, delayed, past peaceful, passive, pacific. due. ANT. timely, prompt.belch v. 1. BURP eruct. 2. EMIT spew, discharge, bellow v. roar, shout, holler, thunder, squall, spout, erupt, disgorge, expel. boom, bark, bawl, howl, bluster.BELEAGUER v. [be LEE gur] to besiege or BELLWETHER n. [BEL WETH er] a leader, harass. He will beleaguer her until she finally any thing or person used as an indicator. gives in. SYN. besiege, harass, beset, plague, IBM has long reigned as a bellwether among pester, annoy, badger, bother, hound, hec- computer companies. SYN. leader, pacesetter, tor, persecute, victimize, close in on. pilot, standard-bearer, guide, *the one tobelfry n. bell tower. watch, model, role model, indicator, *ba-belie v. misrepresent, disguise, falsify, defy, ne- rometer. gate, contradict, twist, conceal. belly n. abdomen, stomach, tummy, *gut,belief n. conviction, certainty, faith, trust, as- *spare tire, paunch, *middle-age spread, sumption, presumption, acceptance, confi- potbelly, *breadbasket. dence, credence, hope, feeling, guess, under- bellybutton n. navel, umbilicus. standing, notion, judgment, position, belonging n. relationship, camaraderie, com- hypothesis, credo, dogma. ‘‘The most com- munity, kinship, familiarity. ANT. alienation, plete of all distinctions between man and anomie, rejection. the lower animals.’’—Charles Darwin. belongings n. things, possessions, stuff, personalbelievable a. convincing, plausible, credible, effects, worldly goods, chattel. reliable, acceptable. ANT. unbelievable, far- beloved a. loved, dearest, cherished, adored, fetched. darling, precious, worshipped, revered,believe v. accept, hold, maintain, presume, treasured, esteemed. ANT. hated, detested, dis- know, have faith, swear by, give credence tained. Roget’s Superthesaurus 65
  • 69. Below–Berrybelow adv. beneath, down, under, low, under- benevolent organization. SYN. kind, charita- neath. ble, generous, humane, good, altruistic,belt n. band, sash, girdle, strap, cord, thong, compassionate, sympathetic, philanthropic, cinch, cummerbund. benign, giving, beneficent. ANT. mean, self-belt v. hit, smack, wallop, thrash, beat, whip. ish, cold-hearted, malicious, misanthropic. SEE BEAT BENIGN a. [bi NINE] 1. kindly 2. advanta-bemoan v. grieve, lament, mourn, bewail, de- geous 3. harmless. 1. Uncle Harry’s bark is plore, rue, cry over. worse than his bite; he’s really quite benign. 2.bemuse v. confuse, puzzle, bewilder, befuddle, The weather turned out to be rather benign for disconcert, addle, confound, daze, mix up, the tournament. 3. John’s tumor was found to muddle, stupefy. be benign. SYN. 1. kindly, benevolent, merci-bench n. 1. SEAT settee, pew, bleacher. 2. ful, sympathetic, genial, gracious, good- COURT judiciary, bar, tribunal. hearted, altruistic, compassionate. 2. benefi-BENCHMARK n. [BENCH mark] that which cial, favorable, propitious, auspicious, becomes a standard to measure against. healthful, helpful, fortunate. 3. harmless, Their new computer quickly became the bench- slight, curable, superficial, innocuous, in- mark for the industry. SYN. standard, model, consequential. ANT. 1. mean, selfish, mali- gauge, measure, yardstick, bellwether, cious, misanthropic. 2. harmful, inopportune, touchstone, exemplar, high water mark. unfortunate. 3. malignant, severe.bend v. 1. CURVE crook, twist, arc, flex, bow, bent n. propensity, penchant, inclination, lean- curl, coil, snake. 2. GIVE IN yield, acquiesce, ing, proclivity, liking, predilection, ability, *cave in, bow down, capitulate, surrender. flair, fondness, aptitude.beneath prep. under, below, underneath. bent a. crooked, curved, twisted, bowed, con-BENEDICT ARNOLD n. any traitorous per- torted, warped, hooked, doubled over. ANT. son, so named after the famous American straight. Revolution general. He became a Benedict bent on a. determined, bound, intent, fixed. Arnold, switching sides at the last minute. SYN. bequeath v. leave, will, consign, hand over, be- stow, impart, endow, give. traitor, double-crosser, betrayer, Judas, BEQUEST n. [bi KWEST] something given to snake in the grass, quisling, Brutus, turn- someone in a will. She received a bequest of coat, backstabber. $1000. SYN. inheritance, gift, endowment,benediction n. blessing, invocation, prayer, bequeathal, legacy, estate, dower. grace, benison, consecration. ANT. curse, berate v. scold, upbraid, rebuke, dress down, damning, malediction. reproach, tongue-lash, *bawl out, *give onebenefactor n. patron, supporter, financier, un- hell, *jump down one’s throat, vituperate, derwriter, donor, angel, philanthropist, con- *rake over the coals. tributor. bereavement n. loss, deprivation, grief, sorrow,beneficial a. helpful, advantageous, rewarding, heartache, mourning. valuable, good, favorable, propitious, useful, bereft a. bereaved, left desolate, deprived, lorn, gainful. ANT. harmful, useless. lonely, destitute, wanting, lacking. ANT. ful-beneficiary n. recipient, heir, heiress. filled, satisfied, consoled.benefit n. gain, good, profit, help, favor, ser- berry n. fruit, crop. vice, reward, worth, avail, *perk. ANT. loss, WORD FIND harm. amber, apricot-flavored: cloudberrybenefit v. gain, profit, help, favor, serve, re- aphrodisiac, alleged: myrtle ward, advance, do good. ANT. harm, disfavor, blueberry-like: bilberry, Juneberry impair. bears, scarlet berries eaten by: bearberriesbenevolence n. kindness, goodwill, charity, hu- blackish: huckleberry (whortleberry), black- manitarianism, goodness, altruism, generos- berry, black raspberry ity, compassion, sympathy. ‘‘One of the dis- blackish or dark red: boysenberry tinguishing characteristics of man. It is the blue: blueberry path of duty.’’—Mencius. ANT. meanness, ill bog: cranberries will, cold-heartedness, misanthropy. candles, gray, aromatic berries used for: bay-BENEVOLENT a. [buh NEV uh lunt] kindly, berry doing good, charitable. The United Way is a large pink, red, white or yellow: gooseberry66 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 70. Berserk–Bewilderment minty breath freshener: wintergreen WORD FIND orange, red or black: barberry bet one’s winnings from a previous race on poisonous: pokeweed berry another: parlay purplish-black: elderberry horseracing bet choosing first and second purplish, red, black or white: mulberry place finishers, not necessarily in correct raspberry-like: boysenberry, blackberry, order: quiniela mulberry horseracing bet choosing first and second red: boysenberry place finishers: perfecta red and sweet: strawberry horseracing bet choosing first, second and red, tart: cranberry, currant third-place finishers: trifecta tart, black: currant horseracing bet choosing winners in twoberserk a. deranged, violent, crazed, mad, races: daily double amuck, insane, maniacal, frenzied, murder- horseracing bet in which winnings are ous. ANT. serene, calm, rational. shared: pari-mutuelbeseech v. implore, plead, beg, solicit, pray, en- ˆ bete noire n. enemy, trouble, *bad news, adver- treat, urge, press, supplicate. sary, devil, black beast, antagonist, Typhoidbeset v. plague, harass, hound, torment, badger, Mary, Mary Mallon, plague, curse, bane. bother, surround, *bug, hassle, besiege, vic- betray v. 1. BREAK FAITH turn traitor, deceive, timize, vex, beleaguer. *pull a Judas, sell out, stab in the back, *sellbeside prep. next to, close to, adjacent to, down the river, *two-time, *double-cross, alongside, abreast of, bordering, by. *fink, *rat on. 2. REVEAL give away, show,besides adv. in addition, as well, moreover, disclose, tell on, unmask, divulge, expose. plus, also. ANT. 1. be loyal, be faithful. 2. hide, cover up.besiege v. 1. SURROUND hem in, encircle, en- betrayal n. treachery, disloyalty, breech of close, close in on, crowd, lay siege to. 2. HA- faith, double-crossing, duplicity, treason, RASS beleaguer, badger, plague, torment, be- set, overwhelm, hound, pressure. *Judas kiss, perfidy. ANT. faithfulness, loyalty.besmirch v. soil, sully, dishonor, taint, tarnish, betrayer n. traitor, Judas, conspirator. smear, muddy, disgrace. ANT. glorify, honor. betrothal n. engagement, vow, pledge to n. winner, *cream of the crop, creme de better v. improve, enrich, advance, promote, la creme, the finest, *top dog, *blue ribbon upgrade. winner, *the tops, paragon, the champion. better a. finer, superior, surpassing, topping, ANT. the worst, also-ran, loser. first-rate, preeminent, peerless, supreme, ex-best v. beat, outdo, defeat, outdistance, out- celling. ANT. worse, inferior, lower. class, conquer, win over, dominate, *wipe betterment n. improvement, enrichment, ad- the floor with, prevail, *thrash. ANT. lose, vancement, promotion, upgrading. *choke. between prep. amidst, among, within, in thebest a. finest, utmost, *topflight, *top drawer, thick, intermediate. unsurpassed, superior, greatest, select, first- beverage n. drink, refreshment, pop, liquid, ale, rate, choice, preeminent, peerless, un- cooler, liquor, draft. equaled, nonpareil, supreme, tops. ANT. bevy n. group, flock, bunch, band, knot, gaggle, worst, lowest. covey, pack, crowd, clique, party, throng.bestial a. animalistic, wild, untamed, savage, bewail v. bemoan, lament, mourn, wail, cry, de- fierce, primitive, unrefined, feral, base, bar- plore, grieve, weep, rue, pine for. ANT. shriek baric, brutish, inhumane, monstrous. ANT. with joy, celebrate, rejoice. humane, civilized, civil. beware v. be wary, be careful, watch, stay onbestow v. present, give, endow, bequeath, con- guard, heed, be on the lookout, stay on one’s fer, award, consign, donate. n. hit, hot seller, favorite, *mover, bewilder v. confuse, puzzle, befuddle, confound, *hot item, a top ten, #1, winner, success, perplex, mystify, baffle, befog, strike dumb, chart-buster, record-breaker. ‘‘A book set adrift, disorient, disconcert. ANT. inform, which somehow sold well simply because it clarify. was selling well.’’ Daniel Boorstin. SEE BOOK, bewilderment n. confusion, puzzlement, befud- NOVEL dlement, perplexity, mystification, baffle-bet n. wager, stake, gamble, parlay, *long shot, ment, *discombobulation. ANT. understand- risk, proposition, chance. ing, clear-headedness, lucidity. Roget’s Superthesaurus 67
  • 71. Bewitching–Bigamybewitching a. enchanting, charming, beguiling, Nehemiah, Tobit, Judith, Esther, 1 Mac- spellbinding, mesmerizing, captivating, fas- cabees, 2 Maccabees, Job, Psalms, Prov- cinating, seductive, enticing, hypnotizing, erbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wis- alluring. ANT. repulsive, dull. dom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, Isaiah,beyond prep. past, yonder, inaccessible, unat- Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch, Ezek- tainable. iel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah,bias n. partiality, inclination, preference, preju- Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, dice, bent, predilection, leaning, proclivity, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi one-sidedness, *mind-set, favoritism, big- New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, otry. ANT. impartiality, fairness, objectivity. John, Acts of the Apostles, Romans, 1bias v. influence, sway, prejudice, indoctrinate, Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, brainwash, twist, slant. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1BIBLE n. 1. HOLY SCRIPTURES the Good Book, Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timo- Word of God, Gospel, Old Testament, New thy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, He- Testament. ‘‘That great medicine chest of brews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, humanity.’’—Heinrich Heine. ‘‘The book of 2 John, 3 John, Jude, Revelation books, the storehouse and magazine of life bicker v. squabble, fight, quarrel, wrangle, spar, and comfort.’’—George Herbert. ‘‘A win- debate, haggle, argue. ANT. agree, concur. dow in this prison world, through which we bicycle n. bike, two-wheeler, *wheels, veloci- may look into eternity.’’—Timothy Dwight. pede. ‘‘God’s chart for you to steer by.’’—Henry WORD FIND Ward Beecher. ‘‘Obscene stories . . . volup- forerunner with giant front wheel, small rear tuous debaucheries . . . cruel and torturous wheel: ordinary executions . . . unrelenting vindictiveness four-wheeler: quadricycle with which more than half of is filled . . . one-wheeler: unicycle it would be more consistent that we call it reclining position, ridden in: recumbent bi- the word of a demon than the word of God. cycle It is a history of wickedness that has served rugged, off-road: mountain bike to corrupt and brutalize mankind.’’— safety bar: *sissy bar Thomas Paine. 2. GUIDEBOOK manual, text, seat: saddle handbook, vade mecum, authority. SEE three-wheel passenger vehicle: pedicab, tri- CHURCH, RELIGION, GOD WORD FIND shaw (Books of the Bible) two-seater: tandem, bicycle built for two Apocrypha: Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 bid n. 1. OFFER proffer, tender, proposition, sub- Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Eccle- mission, proposal. 2. ATTEMPT try, effort, en- siasticus, Baruch, 1 Esdras, 2 Esdras, Ad- deavor, crack. ditions to Esther, Prayer of Azariah, Su- bid v. 1. OFFER proffer, tender, proposition, pro- sanna, Bel and the Dragon, Prayer of pose, submit. 2. COMMAND call, order, re- Manassess quest, instruct, ask, charge. Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Num- bidding n. command, request, order, charge, di- bers, Deuteronomy rection, behest, mandate, dictate, demand, Prophets: Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Sam- injunction, invitation. uel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, bide v. wait, stay, continue, remain, linger, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jo- dwell, *sit tight. nah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zepha- big a. 1. LARGE huge, sizable, immense, gigantic, niah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi prodigious, ample, substantial, vast, *heavy- Writings: Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of duty, colossal, *Brobdingnagian, massive, Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, voluminous, hulking, gargantuan. 2. IMPOR- Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, 1 TANT weighty, consequential, powerful, Chronicles, 2 Chronicles prominent, eminent, significant, *major Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, league, momentous, *big-time, paramount, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, major. ANT. 1. small, tiny, pint-sized. 2. insig- Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 nificant, trivial, *small potatoes. Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, bigamy n. polygamy, group marriage.68 Roget’s Superthesaurus
  • 72. Big-Hearted–Birdbig-hearted a. kind, generous, giving, benevo- shot in which ball first strikes cushion: bri- lent, noble, compassionate, gracious, forgiv- cole ing, altruistic, magnanimous, sweet. ANT. shot in which cue ball is bounced off cush- cold-hearted, mean, malevolent, selfish. ion or strikes two balls in succession:BIGOT n. [BIG ut] one who has little or no carom tolerance for people outside his or her race, shot in which cue is held perpendicularly: religion, political party, sexual orientation, masse´ etc. He was a narrow-minded bigot. SYN. rac- stick: cue ist, sexist, chauvinist, *Archie Bunker, white ball: cue ball zealot, fanatic, Nazi, anti-Semite. ‘‘He who billow v. swell, surge, undulate, wave, roll, puff will not reason.’’—William Drummond. ‘‘A up, balloon. ANT. flatten, collapse, deflate. blind man with sight.’’—Max Gralnik. bind n. *fix, quandary, predicament, dilemma,BIGOTRY n. [BIG uh tree] intolerance for *pickle. those who are different or have different bind v. 1. TIE fasten, secure, wrap, rope, gird, ideas, narrow-mindedness. Archie Bunker lash, strap, truss, bundle, join. 2. OBLIGATE was famous for his numerous racist and sexist require, restrict, confine, prescribe, compel, remarks; he represented the epitome of bigotry. force. ANT. 1. untie, unbind, unravel, loose. SYN. intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prej- binge n. spree, bender, fling, tear, orgy. udice, closed-mindedness, unfairness, bias, binoculars n. field glasses, magnification, mag- racism, sexism, chauvinism, provincialism, nifying lenses. discrimination. ‘‘The disease of ignorance, biodegrade v. degrade, break down, decompose, of morbid minds.’’—Thomas Jefferson. ANT. disintegrate, dilute. tolerance, open-mindedness, fairness. biography n. life story, bio, autobiography,big shot n. *big wheel, *big cheese, *VIP, *big- memoirs, profile, life experiences. ‘‘Dra- wig, *big gun, high muck-a-muck, some- matic constructions.’’—Katherine An- body, *heavy-hitter, *biggest toad in the thony. ‘‘A heroic poem.’’—Thomas Carlyle. puddle. ANT. nobody, *bush-leaguer, *second ‘‘A region bounded on the north by history, banana, *lightweight. on the south by fiction, on the east by obitu-bigwig n. SEE BIG SHOT ary, and on the west by tedium,’’—Philipbike n. bicycle, *wheels, *ten-speed, tandem, Guedalla. SEE BOOK velocipede, dandy, mountain bike. SEE BICY- biologist n. life scientist, ecologist, cytologist, CLE, MOTORCYCLE biochemist, geneticist, botanist. SEE SCIEN- TISTbikini n. thong, two-piece. SEE BATHING SUIT biology n. life science, life processes. SEE SCI-bilateral a. reciprocal, mutual, two-sided. ANT. ENCE unilateral. biopsy n. tissue sampling, excision, tissue re-bilge n. Sl. hogwash, rubbish, rot. SEE NONSENSE moval. SEE OPERATION, SURGERYbilk v. swindle, cheat, defraud, *fleece, *rip-off, bird n. fowl, feathered friend, Anseriformes, rook, *gyp, *take. Charadriiformes, Columbiformes, Falconi-bill n. 1. CHARGE invoice, debt, account, tab, formes, Galliformes, Passeriformes, Psittaci- *score, *bad news, check, statement. 2. PRO- formes. ‘‘Dame Nature’s minstrels.’’—Gavin GRAM list, schedule, roster, docket, agenda. Douglas. ‘‘The merry minstrels of the 3. ANNOUNCEMENT handbill, circular, adver- morn.’’—James Thomson. tisement, bulletin. 4. PIECE OF LEGISLATION WORD FIND act, draft, measure, proposal. SEE GOVERN- bare spots on underbelly used to warm eggs: MENT, POLITICS 5. BEAK neb. brood spotsbill v. charge, tally, invoice, debit, put on one’s beak that curves or hooks: aquiline tab. bird of prey: raptorbillboard n. ad, advertisement, panel ad, no- cage/enclosure: aviary tice. calls/songs: trill; cheep; chirp; pipe; warble;billet n. quarters, lodging, barracks. coo; whistle; caw; chirrup; chip; chatter;billiards n. pool. chitter; squawk; twitter; mewl; cluck; WORD FIND croak; peep; honk; quack; cackle; trum- ball’s recoil after impact: draw pet, ululate; sweet, plaintive call; mourn- miss: scratch ful note; high, lisping note; rasping note; Roget’s Superthesaurus 69
  • 73. Birth–Bitch cheery, lilting melody; discordant breathing/relaxation technique: Lamaze screams of jays; forlorn hooting of an method owl; liquid ululation of a loon; shrill flut- contractions: labor ing; piccolo note; caroling notes; exuber- dead, infant delivered: stillbirth ant song; wheedling voice; discordant delivery assistant: midwife rasp of a starling delivery through mother’s abdominal wall: claw: talon Caesarian section, C-section collar of hair or feathers: ruff feet or buttocks-first presentation: breech crest on fowl: comb presentation domination order: pecking order membranes covering head during delivery: earliest known: Archaeopteryx caul eggs, group of: clutch peaceful, low-key delivery method: Leboyer eggs, to sit on: brood delivery expert on: ornithologist profession: obstetrics eyelike spot in peacock tail: ocellus spontaneous abortion: miscarriage falcons used as hunters, sport: falconry uterine muscular action: contractions feathers, shedding: molting vaginal incision, creates more room for pas- fleshy neck component on turkey: wattle sage of baby’s head: episiotomy flying: flitting, darting, soaring, swooping, SEE BABY, PREGNANCY banking, diving, spiraling, wheeling, birth control n. contraception, planned parent- wheeling in intricate chandelles, rising hood, abortion. ‘‘Copulation without popu- on a thermal lation.’’—Anon. ‘‘Sin against nature.’’— grooming: preening Pope Pius XI. ‘‘Premature murder.’’ group of: flock; bevy (quail), charm (fin- —Tertullian. ches), chattering (starlings), colony WORD FIND (gulls), convocation (eagles), covey Catholic-approved: rhythm method, absti- (grouse), exaltation (larks), fall (wood- nence prophylactic: contraceptive, condom, dia- cock), flight (doves or swallows), gaggle phragm, sponge, IUD (intrauterine de- (geese), herd (swans), host (sparrows), vice), *the pill, *Norplant, spermicide. murder (crows), murmuration (star- sterilization, female: tubal ligation lings), muster (peacocks), nye (pheas- sterilization, male: vasectomy ants), parliament (owls), rookery (sea SEE CONTRACEPTIVE. birds), siege (herons), skein (flying birth defect n. congenital defect, congenital geese), team (ducks) malformation, deformity, abnormality, con- migratory route: flyway genital deficiency, disability, mutation. mythical: phoenix, roc birthmark n. nevus, mole, blemish, spot, port nest: aerie wine stain, beauty mark. plumage that is soft and fluffy: down birthright n. right, privilege. referring to: avian biscuit n. bread, roll, muffin, scone, cracker, reservation: sanctuary popover. second stomach: gizzard, craw, crop bisexual a. *swinging both ways, *AC-DC, an- throat patch: gorget drogynous, her