World war ii


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World war ii

  1. 1. State Standards 8.5, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9, and 8.10
  2. 2. World War II 1939-1945  Axis Powers  Germany, Italy, and Japan  Allied Powers  France, Britain, US, Soviet Union
  3. 3. Response to Hitler Treaty of Versailles  Germany cannot build an offensive army  Hitler secretly builds  France and Britain do nothing! Appeasement  Give Germany whatever they wanted to avoid war
  4. 4. Hitler on the Move Hitler invades all countries around Germany Nonaggression Pact  Hitler makes a secret deal with Russia to split Poland France and Britain promise to protect Poland
  5. 5. Blitzkrieg (Lightning Warfare) Gain victory as quickly as possible with the least amount of German casualties 1. German Air Force  Bomb everything they can find 2. Panzer Forces  German tanks would crash through defensive lines at top speed 3. Motorized Infantry  Infantry in trucks would come in right behind the Panzers to allow the tanks to continue their advance 4. Regular Infantry  Advance on foot to allow Motorized infantry to continue on
  6. 6. Invasion of Poland Case White  Germany’s Panzers vs. Polish Calvary  Polish Calvary forces charge German tanks with their swords  Russians also invade from the east  Germany defeats Poland in 26 Days!  Russia Realizes Germany’s Power, nobody else does
  7. 7. Target…France Blitzkrieg  Unleashed against Belgium and the Netherlands  Takes 10 days to capture these two countries  France and Britain try to reinforce the countries but fail  Become surrounded
  8. 8. Conquest of France Blitzkrieg  Unexpected Success  France falls in 35 days Second most powerful military in the world Reason for quick success  France lacks necessary armed forces and misused the ones that they had
  9. 9. The “Jewish Question” Hitler’s Plan  Hitler planned to remove all Jews from Germany  Hitler first created many restrictions on Jews  This was done to encourage their relocation on their own
  10. 10. Kristallnacht Jew assassinates German official in Paris  Kristallnacht results  “Night of Broken Glass”  Jewish businesses destroyed  Results in mass Jewish emigration from Germany
  11. 11. Carrying out the Final Solution The Final Solution  Hitler chooses extermination as the final solution Establishment of death camps that use gas to kill  Auschwitz  Largest death camp that was built in Poland  Camps use hydrogen cyanide to kill prisoners
  12. 12. Carrying out the Final Solution. At first only Jews unfit for work were killed  Towards the end of the war all Jews are being killed In all possibly as many as 5.8 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust
  13. 13. Hitler Fails…Twice Battle of Britain  Bombing campaign against Britain  Fails to defeat Britain Invasion of Russia  Scorched Earth Policy  Battle of Stalingrad  200 day battle  Bloodiest battle of WWII  Germany begins to retreat
  14. 14. The Pacific Island Hopping  America planned to take over certain islands leading to Japan  Some islands were bypassed Battle of Midway  US Navy halts the advance of the Japanese
  15. 15. The Pacific. Guadalcanal  Marines take the island but struggle to hold it  Medal of Honor Winner  John Bassilone  Machine gunner who suffers third degree burns from moving his machine gun
  16. 16. The Pacific.. Iwo Jima  February 19th 1945  One of the final battles in the Pacific  Marines pay a high price in lives to take island  First Flag Raising  Small group of Marines given a flag to raise at the top of Mount Suribachi
  17. 17. The Pacific… Iwo Jima  Second Flag Raising  Another group of Marines given a flag to place on top of Suribachi to replace the first flag  Joe Rosenthal, combat photographer, follows the group
  18. 18. Harlon Block, Rene Gagnon, Michael Strank, Franklin Sousley, Ira Hayes, and John Bradley
  19. 19. Pacific…. 1 out of every 3 Marines were either killed or wounded Almost all of the 20,000 Japanese defenders died 27 Medals of Honor awarded “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”
  20. 20. The Homefront Post Depression Resolve  US must muster all the determination it can to win World War II  Men dropped out of high school to fight, women worked in factories to produce weapons
  21. 21. The Homefront. Women in the Military  350,000 women serve in the military  Women’s Army Corps (WAC)  Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)
  22. 22. The Homefront.. $320 Trillion  Amount spent to finance the war  All industry produces war equipment  Government spending lifts the country out of the depression
  23. 23. The Homefront… Government Agencies  War Production Board  Supervised conversion of industry to war production  Office of Price Administration  Supervised consumer prices and managed rationing  Office of War Mobilization  Supervised the efforts of all these agencies
  24. 24. The Homefront…. Rationing  Ration Books  Government begins to ration certain items by giving out redeemable coupons  These coupons could be redeemed for items such as sugar, meat, and gasoline
  25. 25. The Homefront…… War Bonds  Bought by Americans to help pay for the War  Government promises to pay back money later with interest
  26. 26. The Homefront……. Discrimination  Executive Order 8802  Banned discrimination in the defense industry  Did not desegregate the armed forces  Executive Order 9981  Desegregated the military (1948)
  27. 27. D-Day in France Normandy, France  Location America selects June 6, 1944  Five Beaches selected for the attack (US gets 2) 1. Utah Beach  US 2. Omaha Beach  US Hitler never realized this was the real invasion
  28. 28. Hitler’s End Hitler becomes desperate while surrounded Orders the destruction of Death Camps  Unable to destroy most of the death camps
  29. 29. Hitler’s End. Bunker Life  Headquarters moved to an underground bunker in Berlin  Developed a stoop, suffered from tremors in his limbs, and dragged his leg when he walked  Comes under the influence of a quack doctor who gave him large dosages of drugs (Cocaine)
  30. 30. Hitler’s End.. Ordered Destruction  Hitler orders the destruction of everything that the Allies could possibly use  Hitler still visualized a miraculous turnabout in the war
  31. 31. Hitler’s End… Marriage  Hitler marries his long time mistress Eva Braun Last Political Testament  Expelled everyone from the Nazi Party who had surrendered
  32. 32. Hitler’s End…. Suicide  Hitler and Eva retire to their private quarters  Hitler tests his poison on his German Sheppard (Blondie)  Eva poisons herself  Hitler poisons himself and then shoots himself in the mouth with his pistol  Aides burn their bodies  Huge Conspiracy!
  33. 33. Japan Becomes Desperate Kamikaze Assault  Japanese suicide bomber begin to attack the American Fleet  Shows that Japan would rather die than surrender  Sunk 34 American ships and damaged over 350
  34. 34. Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project  Codename for the American push to build an atomic bomb  $2 Billion Project  One of 37 plants helping to build the bomb located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee  Enrico Fermi, responsible for developing the bomb
  35. 35. Atomic Bomb. Two Bombs  “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” Potsdam Declaration  America calls on Japan to surrender or face “complete and utter destruction”
  36. 36. Atomic Bomb.. Japan refuses to surrender  US now has to choose which two cities to use the bombs on  After much debate America chooses two major cities 1. Hiroshima 2. Kokura (Switched to Nagasaki)
  37. 37. Atomic Bomb… Hiroshima  Enola Gay takes off from Tinian  Is carrying a 9,000 lbs. nuclear bomb  “Little Boy” 60% of Hiroshima instantly destroyed 100,000 people die instantly US asks for Japan’s surrender again
  38. 38. Before After
  39. 39. Atomic Bomb….  Japanese refuse to surrender Nagasaki  Bockscar leaves with “Fat Man”  Switches from Kokura to Nagasaki because of weather Center of city flattened 35,000 die instantly Forced Japan to surrender  WWII is over
  40. 40. BeforeAfter