Make it Possible - Graduate 100% of Students in 4 Years | NDPC-N 2013


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With the right evidence-based career planning tools and resources, students discover their passions to help them commit to their education and pursue a career with meaning. Kuder, Inc. has 75 years of ongoing research to prove it and is recognized as a Model Program by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

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Make it Possible - Graduate 100% of Students in 4 Years | NDPC-N 2013

  1. 1. Make it Possible: Graduate 100% of Students in 4 Years Presented by: Quint DeWitte Senior Sales Associate Kuder, Inc.
  2. 2. About Me • 25 years of industry experience. • 7-year career with Kuder Inc. • Married with 10, 8, 5 and one on the way. • Leadership roles and previous work: – Wells Fargo – APAC Customer Services – Hospitality Industry
  3. 3. About Us • Millions worldwide rely on us for reliable education and career planning solutions. – 150 million people have used Kuder; three million new users annually. – Provide statewide customized, comprehensive education and career planning solutions. – More than 12,000 sites domestically; 100 internationally. – Recognized as a Model Program by the NDPC/N  Reducing dropout rates.  Increasing graduation rates.  Complying with dropout-related risk factors.
  4. 4. Our Mission & Goals • Our Mission: – To raise student aspirations and to provide career options to students and adults through self-assessment and education. • Our Goals: – Guide students and parents through successful eighthgrade and post-high school transitions. – Increase retention and graduation rates. – Provide career planning, guidance, and development resources to last a lifetime.
  5. 5. In a Nutshell WE HELP YOU SEE WHAT YOU CAN BE.™ With affordable solutions for pre-K through retirement, our customizable products and services reflect a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning, development, and achievement.
  6. 6. About You
  7. 7. The Facts • Transition (America’s Promise, 2010) – 67% of secondary students transitioned to a postsecondary institution. • Retention (National Center for Higher Education Statistics, 2010) – 1 out of 3 students dropped out of college after their first year. • Completion (National Center for Education Statistics, 2010) – Secondary: 78.2%. – Postsecondary: 53% in six years. • Why students dropout (National Dropout Prevention) – Do not like school (51%).
  8. 8. The Facts • Transition (America’s Promise, 2010) – 67% of secondary students transitioned to a postsecondary institution. – 90% of Kuder users transition to postsecondary education. (South Carolina, Catalina D’Archiardi-Ressler, Ph.D.)
  9. 9. The Facts • Retention (National Center for Higher Education Statistics, 2010) – 1 out of 3 students dropped out of college after their first year. – Using Kuder is related to an 18% increase in retention (Iowa State University)
  10. 10. The Facts • Completion (National Center for Education Statistics, 2010) – Secondary: 78.2%. – Postsecondary: 53% in six years. – Kuder users complete college faster than non-Kuder users as evidenced by the finding that over 60% of users had never changed their college major (South Carolina, Catalina D’Archiardi-Ressler, Ph.D.)
  11. 11. How to Graduate Students 1. Assess – Assess their interests, skills, and work values to discover their passions. 2. Explore – Explore the opportunities that are in front of them so they can pursue a successful future based around their passions. 3. Plan – Create a step-by-step, year-by-year plan to obtain future success. 4. Connect – Connect them with postsecondary institutions and businesses that will help facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.
  12. 12. For Elementary Schools
  13. 13. Kuder® Galaxy™ • A fun and educational career awareness system for elementary students. – Simplifies career awareness into four action-based categories: Play, Watch, Do, and Explore. – Aligned with the National Core Curriculum standards. – Meets National Career Development Association and American School Counselor Association early career awareness goals. – Supports differentiation through simple, self-guided exploration and developmentally-appropriate activities. – Allows teachers and parents to easily guide development through online, graphical dashboards.
  14. 14. For Secondary Schools
  15. 15. Kuder® Navigator™ • Interactive and reliable tools to make career planning fun, engaging, and relevant for today’s secondary students. – Delivers age-appropriate content by developmental level. – Includes research-based assessments that provide a foundation for career exploration. – Helps students make connections between coursework and the world of work. – Provides flexible education tools to support high school completion and confident college choices. – Guides exploration with an interactive, grade-specific Career Planning Timeline. – Provides an in-depth component for parents and administrators. – Direct Your Future®
  16. 16. NAVIGATOR 6-12th grade
  17. 17. Direct Your Future™
  18. 18. Link 2 College® • Key benefits for secondary students: – Align career interests and skills with college choices. – Feel confident and satisfied with their postsecondary education choice. • Key benefits for postsecondary institutions: – Improve target marketing and recruiting programs. – Information about your institution is delivered to prospects in the format they prefer. – Increase in ROI. – Students will experience a focused interest at your institution, then become more likely to retain and graduate.
  19. 19. For Postsecondary Schools & Adults
  20. 20. Kuder® Journey™ • An effective solution to help postsecondary students and adults plan for a career, make a career change, and keep their career on track. – Research-based assessments ensure users consider careers suited to their interests, skills, and work values. – Easy step-by-step process tailored to individual needs. – Helps users make a shortlist of majors and occupations of interest. – Includes a shareable e-Portfolio, a user’s shareable web page of goals and achievements. – Supplements career preparation and placement programs with data-driven resources for career centers and workforce agencies.
  21. 21. Take Hold of Your Future™
  22. 22. Connect 2 Business® • C2B allows students, adults, and the business community to communicate. – Improves school performance and postsecondary transitions by connecting student coursework to the real world of work. – To support development, workforce preparation, and industry awareness, employers can:  Create an online business profile.  Post Extended Learning Opportunities (internships, co-op’s, apprenticeships) directly to students.  Post jobs to reach the best suited job candidates.  Send messages to individuals with the interests, skills, and work values that fit your company’s needs.
  23. 23. For Administrators
  24. 24. Administrative Database • Navigator and Journey are backed by an Administrative Database Management System™ (ADMS) for schools, workforce centers, and state agencies. – Supports real-time, data-driven decision making, tracking individual system progress, and planning for curriculum, workforce, and economic development needs. – Customized reporting options to meet specific accountability needs. – Additional communication tools, curriculum manager, and system training materials.
  25. 25. Professional Development • Career Advisor Training® (CAT) – Offers professionals the skills and knowledge they need to deliver career exploration, career decision making, job seeking, and job placement services. – Covers the 12 core competencies of career development used by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) – Delivered in three courses and various formats:  The Essentials™ – 10 hours all online  Advanced™ – 30 hours, online or face-to-face  Masters™ – 40 hours, online or face-to-face
  26. 26. Professional Development • Career Development Facilitator Training (CDF) – Advances the skills and knowledge of individuals working in career development. – Delivered in a 120-hour e-learning course is centered on the 12 career development competencies. – Convenient format combines online instruction with a three-day face-to-face group session. – Personal attention from a highly qualified NCDA-approved instructor. – Participants are eligible for certification as a Global CDF.
  27. 27. Recap/Thank You! Quint DeWitte Senior Sales Associate 800.314.8972 (office) Kuder, Inc. 302 Visions Parkway, Adel, IA 50003