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Tips for Attending the Internship & Summer Camp Fair
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Tips for Attending the Internship & Summer Camp Fair


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Published in: Career, Business

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  • Keep comic on screen as students arrive. Ask them to write down at least one reason why they would attend a career fair. Be sure you bring the following handouts to use during this presentation: Business Attire handout to be used with slide #6 (G:Drive/UCC/Presentations/handouts to accompany presentations/businessattire.pdf) KU Career Connections Registration forms (copy room) Mark Your Calendar (copy room) Fliers for upcoming events (copy room)
  • Ask the audience what reasons they wrote down for why they would attend a career fair. After a few people have responded, use the animation to bring the reasons onto the screen.
  • Ask the audience how they might prepare for a career fair. After a few people have given responses, use the animation to put the bullets up on the screen. Let them know they will want to update their resume. Also, let them know they should create a generic resume for the career fair since they will be giving copies of their resume to many different employers at the career fair. However, if they know they are interested in specific positions with specific employers, they can create resumes tailored to those companies and positions, but usually a general resume is expected. Tell them how they can register with KU Career Connections to search for jobs and internships, post their resume for employers to review, and sign up for on-campus interviews with potential employers. Let them know they will have an opportunity at the end of the workshop to fill out a registration form for KU Career Connections. Let them know they can go to to see a list of employer organizations that will be participating in the career fair. Tell them the importance of researching many organizations prior to attending the career fair. By researching many organizations, they will be able to identify which organizations they are interested in working for. Let them know once they’ve researched many different organizations, they should identify as many as 20 companies of interest and narrow down 5-8 target organizations. These 5-8 organizations should be of high interest to the student. Employers will expect the student to be well-informed about their companies so do your research and know your stuff before approaching an employer at a career fair!
  • You’ve prepared your resume and have done your research, but you’re not done preparing yet! Ask Audience, “What is considered professional/business style attire?” Let them give some responses. You’ll need to make sure you look your absolute best when you attend a career fair so here are some guidelines to follow: Wear a business suit or business casual clothing. Stick to neutral colors and, for the ladies, conservative and/or minimal jewelry. 2. Make sure you wear clean shoes and socks/hose. Be sure your hair is clean and well groomed! Basically, DON’T come to the career fair in a t-shirt and shorts, wearing dirty shoes, in a bright pink and orange suit with big, plastic, yellow earrings in the shape of pineapples, with messy hair that looks like you just rolled out of bed…you get the idea!!!!!!  Some other Don’t’s: No cleavage, no or very little facial hair, no visible body jewelry or tattoos, no bare mid-drifts. If you’re going to the career fair from class, dress your best for class! The most important thing is that you attend the career fair so if you’re not able to wear a suit, then dress the best you can!
  • Bring at least one copy of your resume for each of the organizations you are interested in. In addition, bring 5-10 more copies for companies you didn’t THINK you were interested in until you got a chance to visit with them at the career fair! Use a professional style folder or portfolio to carry your resumes in (bring a portfolio to show the audience what you are talking about). But, keep in mind that not all employers will accept a copy of your resume! If you have student business cards, bring those along in a nice business card holder (bring a business card holder to show the audience what you are talking about.) Let students know they can get student business cards through the University Career Center. Just visit to place your order. Student business cards with the KU logo are $10.96 for 250 cards; $17.60 for the Jayhawk edition. Bring several pens and plenty of paper so you can make notes about what you learned about various organizations at the career fair. Bring a comb and breath mints so you can make sure your hair is well groomed and your breath is fresh before approaching an employer. Also, if you have a problem with sweaty palms when you get nervous, bring some Kleenex or a handkerchief along to discreetly wipe your palms with prior to shaking hands with an employer. The most important thing you can bring with you is a smile and a positive attitude! Do your very best to appear happy and avoid expressing any negativity while interacting with employers at a career fair.
  • You may not be able to avoid bringing certain items with you, but try not to bring these items if you can. If you must have your backpack, ask whether there is somewhere you could put your backpack when you check in at the career fair. Usually the staff running the career fair will have a safe place for you to put your backpack while you attend the event. Avoid bringing/chewing gum during the career fair and do not use your IPod or bring you cell phone with the ringer turned on while you attend the career fair. If you have a backpack, leave all of these items in your backpack while you attend the career fair. Employers will NOT appreciate it if you walk up to their table smacking on your gum, listening to your IPod, with your cell phone ringing! You need to give the employers your full attention!
  • We create name tags for events out of KU Career Connections so be sure you register in KU Career Connections prior to the event!
  • Now that you’ve found your target organizations on the map provided in the career fair booklet, you need to physically locate them at the career fair. Once you’ve found the table locations for all of your target organizations, pick which organization you’d like to talk to first. It might be a good idea to start with an organization that has the shortest line so you don’t waste time standing in a long line. Now it’s time to introduce yourself. You’ll need to approach the recruiter with confidence, a firm handshake, and a smile! Be ready to tell the recruiter about yourself. You need to be ready to tell the recruiter about yourself, but you also need to be ready to listen to the important information the recruiter has to tell you about the organization and job opportunities so be ready to listen!
  • One of the best ways you can prepare to introduce yourself to a recruiter at a career fair is to create a 30-second commercial starring YOU! At this time, ask the audience what they think you should tell a recruiter about yourself. After you have received a few responses from the audience, use the animation to bring the items onto the screen. Be sure to tell the recruiter what your major is, what year in school you’re in, leadership activities you are involved in, what your job interests are, and why you are interested in that organization.
  • Show your audience how to do a proper handshake. Then ask them to practice introducing themselves as if they were introducing themselves to an employer at a career fair. They need to turn to their neighbor and take turns playing the part of the recruiter/student. Guide the exercise by telling them that when playing the part of the student, be sure to tell the recruiter your name, major, year in school, and your job interests. Also remind them to offer a firm handshake and smile. Then switch roles and run through the exercise again.
  • Once you’ve introduced yourself to the recruiter and given them your 30-second commercial, be sure to do the following: Ask relevant questions. (At this time, ask your audience what are some questions you might ask a potential employer). Some questions you might ask include: “What entry-level positions are available?”, “Does your company offer a new employee training program?”, “Where are your job sites located?”, “Are your benefits competitive?”, etc. You want to ask questions, but DON’T monopolize the recruiter’s time and read the recruiter’s social cues to know when it’s time to go  2. Offer your resume to the recruiter. You might say something along the lines of “I am very interested in working for your organization. Here is my resume for your review.” Again, remember that the recruiter may not be able to accept your resume. 3. Ask the recruiter whether the organization will be interviewing. If so, find out when and how to apply. 4. Be sure to request the recruiter’s business card or contact information so you can follow up with him/her later. 5. Don’t forget to thank the recruiter for his/her time before walking away!!!!!!! This is extremely important and if you forget to thank them, it could mean losing a possible interview/job opportunity!
  • After the career fair, you’ll need to follow up with the various organizations you are interested in. Following up includes: Write thank you notes or emails to the recruiters you spoke with. The thank you note/email should be short and sweet. Just thank them for taking the time to speak with you about the opportunities offered by their organization. If you’re truly interested in working for that organization, express your interest in the thank you note/email. Do not write a novel here! You want to express your appreciation, but you don’t want to overdo it! Be sure to send thank you notes and emails within 24-48 hours of meeting the recruiter, if possible. Also, if you’re writing an email, use formal, business correspondence. 2. If you learned that certain organizations are currently accepting applications and will be interviewing, then apply! Be aware of deadlines and don’t wait too long or you may miss out on a great opportunity. In this case, the early bird usually does get the worm!!!!! Be sure to organize the information you collected at the career fair. This will help you keep the different information about different employers from getting jumbled up in your head, make it easier to study the information, and ultimately allow you to be articulate and knowledgeable about the organization if/when you get an interview! 4. Visit the University Career Center! The talented staff in the UCC can help prepare you for interviewing through various workshops, mock interviews, online interviewing resources, and more! Whether you visit the University Career Center or not, you need to practice interviewing! REALLY! You might think you already know what to say, but when you actually get into an interview situation, you might find you are not as prepared as you thought. So, practice, practice, practice!!!! 6. This is very IMPORTANT! If an employer extends an invitation to you for an interview…RESPOND!!!!!!! Even if you are not interested in interviewing with the organization, at least respond and decline the interview. It could be that that employer knows someone at an organization you ARE interested in and it’s possible they could tell the employer of interest that you did not even bother responding when they offered you an interview. It truly is a small world so beware of burning bridges. Just be courteous and responsive and you’ll do fine!
  • Take this time to evaluate what the audience has learned. Ask them to write down one thing they’ve learned in the workshop regarding either preparing for a career fair, attending a career fair, or following up with employers after a career fair. Discuss what they wrote down. After a brief discussion and if time allows, play the youtube clip. The clip is 4 minutes long so you may only be able to show a minute or two worth of the clip. If time allows, play the entire clip because it’s good information and it comes straight from employers.
  • Be sure to visit for a complete list of events and workshops offered by the University Career Center! Just click on Career Events in the red menu. Mention that past events will be at about the same time next year.
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. How to Attend the Internship & Summer Camp Fair 11/18/2009, 3:30-6:30pm: Kansas Union-5 th floor
    • 3. Reasons to Go
      • Find an internship
      • Explore Career Options
      • Explore Industries
      • Practice Networking
      • Secure an Interview
      • Find a summer job
    • 4. What You’ll Learn
      • How to prepare for the Internship & Summer Camp Fair
      • What to do when you get there
      • How to follow up
      • An Employer’s perspective
    • 5. Time to Prepare!
      • Update your resume
      • Register for KU Career Connections
      • Check to see list of attending organizations
      • Research organizations of interest
      • Narrow focus to 5-8 target organizations
      • Prioritize targeted organizations
    • 6. Get Dressed for Success
      • Business Professional
      • Neutral Colors
      • Conservative or minimal jewelry
      • Clean shoes and socks/hose
      • Clean, groomed hair
    • 7. What to Bring
      • Multiple Resumes
      • Folder or Portfolio
      • Student Business Cards and Business Card Holder
      • Pens and Paper
      • Comb, breath mints, Kleenex/handkerchief
      • A smile and a positive attitude!
    • 8. Avoid Bringing
      • Backpack
      • Gum
      • iPod
      • Cell phone with ringer on
    • 9. When You Arrive
      • Check in at Kansas Union: 5 th floor
      • Get a name tag/bag
      • Get a career fair guide/map
      • Take time to find your target organizations in the guide and on the map
      • Check appearance, take a deep breath, smile and walk in
    • 10. You’re In…Now What?
      • Physically locate your target organizations
      • Introduce yourself
      • Offer a handshake (video)
      • Smile
      • Tell the recruiter about yourself
      • Be ready to listen!
    • 11. 30-Second Commercial
      • Major
      • Year in school
      • Leadership activities
      • Job interests
      • Why you are interested in that organization
    • 12. Time to Practice!
      • Turn to your neighbor and take turns introducing yourselves
      • Tell your partner your name, major, year in school, and your job interests
      • Remember to offer a firm handshake and smile!
    • 13. Essentials
      • Ask relevant questions
      • Offer your resume
      • Find out whether the organization will be interviewing (find out when and how to apply)
      • Request a business card or contact information
      • Thank the recruiter for his/her time!
    • 14. Follow Up
      • Write thank you notes and/or emails
      • Apply for interviews/jobs/internships
      • Organize the information you collected
      • Visit the University Career Center
      • Practice interviewing
      • If you are invited to interview…RESPOND
    • 15. Employers’ Perspective
      • Video Clip
    • 16. Spring 2010 Event
      • University Career Fair-February 10, 2010
    • 17. Questions?
    • 18. We Can Help!
      • “ You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.” – Jimmy Carter
      University Career Center 1601 Irving Hill Road 110 Burge Union (785) 864-3624 [email_address]