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Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
Practical Living Project
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Practical Living Project


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Published in: Education, News & Politics, Travel
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  • 1. K. G. & H. T., Spring 2011<br />Practical Living<br />
  • 2.<br />How To move abroad<br />
  • 3. <ul><li>Learn currency exchange rate (1 USD = .61 Pounds)
  • 4. Decide how much you want to spend on rent
  • 5. Know how much you have to spend
  • 6. Learn tax differences
  • 7. Take steps to change banking (credit cards, bank locations, etc)</li></ul>Make a checklist<br />
  • 8. <ul><li>
  • 9. It has information for basically everything you’ll need to know.
  • 10. Figure out what type of visa you will need & how to get it.
  • 11.
  • 12. American Embassy is located close to Oxford Street by Grosvenor Square
  • 13. Phone number: 020-7499-9000</li></ul>Contact Tourist Board & Visa<br />
  • 14.<br />(We’re very sorry about how annoying this girl is)<br /><ul><li>Council Tax: Council tax is a system of local taxation collected by local authorities. It is a tax on domestic property. Some property is exempt from council tax. Some people do not have to pay council tax and some people get a discount.
  • 15.</li></ul>Finding a flat:London<br />
  • 16. <ul><li>There is usually a voltage difference that makes it difficult to use large appliance abroad. You may need to just buy a new one upon arrival.
  • 17. For example: Hair dryer, oven, dish washer, TV.
  • 18. Keep in mind it is not practical to have to use an adapter for everything you plug in.
  • 19. Have pets? Check restrictions of bringing an animal with you abroad.
  • 20. Generally, they need a six month quarantine upon arrival to make sure they are not carrying any disease.
  • 21. You’ll have to pay for vaccinations and a full physical for your pet.
  • 22. Only certain airlines will transport pets.</li></ul>Sell/give way your things<br />
  • 23. <ul><li>If you are moving for a job, check with your company to see if they will help pay for your things to be shipped to your new home.
  • 24. The average cost for shipping a car abroad is $2,000
  • 25. There are different types of shipping with an airplane or a boat
  • 26. Consider timing, will your items be there when you arrive? Will they arrive before you?
  • 27. If they arrive before you, make sure you have someone you trust there to receive them.</li></ul>International shipping<br />
  • 28. <ul><li>Physicals are usually needed for visa applications so countries have an understanding of whatever medical needs you will require if admitted
  • 29. It is also helpful so that you can get a longer prescription for any medicine you need, it may be a while before you are situated enough in your new country.</li></ul>Get a physical<br />
  • 30. <ul><li>Register with State Department so in case of emergencies you will be taken care of
  • 31. You register with the embassy in whatever country you live in
  • 32. Your income can still be taxed by the United States government</li></ul>Register with state department<br />
  • 33. <ul><li>These include:
  • 34. Birth Certificates
  • 35. Marriage License
  • 36. Tax Records
  • 37. Immunizations Forms
  • 38. For any information about continuing to pay US taxes while living overseas see this website:</li></ul>Don’t forget copies of vital records<br />
  • 39. <ul><li>Your United State’s Driver’s License will most likely no longer be valid in a new country
  • 40. According to the US Embassy, you may drive for up to 1 year on your valid US license
  • 41. The age for driving abroad may also be different:
  • 42. In the UK
  • 43. For mopeds and small motorcycles you can be 16
  • 44. For normal vehicles, you have to be 18
  • 45. If you want to drive a bus or large truck you have to be 21</li></ul>Driver license<br />
  • 46. Learn culture/customs of new country<br />
  • 47. <ul><li>There may not always be a Walmart or Target, but they are usually affiliated with another grocery store abroad.
  • 48. Keep in mind, if you are in a city in Europe and go to a Walmart/Target like store (ex: Monoprix in France), they usually have NO parking lot so only buy as much as you can carry
  • 49. There are also a lot more boutiques in European countries for smaller shopping needs
  • 50. Generally, there are readily available convenience stores abroad. Like the one near our hotel in London.</li></ul>Grocery stores<br />
  • 51. <ul><li>Can you imagine living without your car?
  • 52. Usual transpiration in large cities in Europe are buses, metro (tube in London), or bikes.</li></ul>transportation<br />
  • 53. <ul><li>You will want to research what medical care is like in the country before leaving.
  • 54. Consider England, you are registered to a doctor in your area and are stuck with him/her. You can’t register elsewhere in less you buy private insurance.
  • 55. Having a child aboard?
  • 56. Serious health issues?</li></ul>Medical care<br />
  • 57. <ul><li>If moving abroad, you’ll want to buy a new mobile and get a local phone number.
  • 58. If you are leaving before your contract in finished, there is usually a termination fee.
  • 59. If your family lives here, consider international fees when calling/texting abroad (or, just use Skype)
  • 60. Keep in mind not every country has as readily available internet connection as the United States (though, most Western European countries do)</li></ul>communication<br />
  • 61. <ul><li>When going abroad, to connect with local people, you’ll want to probably join a club or group of some sort.
  • 62. For example, in London, there is an Old English Sheepdog club! Or the London Digeridoo Club.
  • 63. For more information go to</li></ul>Social gatherings<br />