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  • 1. TD-Ameritrade Investor Services Internship
    PRE 575 Summer 2010
  • 2. Table of Contents
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. Learning Objectives Reflection
    3. Learning Objectives Reflection Continued
    4. Final Resume
    5. Taking Phone Calls : Quote/Authorization
    6. Group Intern Project : AIM Work
    7. Shadowing Various Departments
    8. Presentation Class
    9. Special Olympics
  • 3. Learning Objectives
    Learning Objectives:
    Objective #1: I would like to learn more about Options, Margins, and Trading to get a better understanding of what clients call in for.
    In order to accomplish this I am going to go online on my own time outside work to the website called www.investools.com to go through their investing tutorial. Also, I can use their financial dictionary they gave us the first week during orientation to help myself familiarize terms used in these topics.
    Evaluation: My personal evaluation will be if I can get on the phones and hold intellectual conversations with clients about Options, Margins, Trading instead of passing them off to someone else on my transfer sheet. I would like to have this goal accomplished by July 15th. I chose this date because we started on the phones around June 15th. The internship ends on August 13th, so roughly for one month I would like to be able to use my newly acquired knowledge with the clients.
    Objective #2: I would like to become more proficient on the phones during our Quote/Authorization period.
    In order to accomplish this I am going to do some more shadowing of the premiere team and new client development teams, which is near my desk. We are able to sit on calls during our own time after work so I think a couple more hours of this will be helpful
    Evaluation: My personal evaluation will be if I can complete five calls without having to get any help from supervisor. I would like to accomplish this by the end of July. I chose this date because then my supervisor will notice that before the internship ends I will be considered proficient on the phones. One of the qualities they hire on is phone capabilities and if I am good at this it only increases my chances at getting a job. Usually I am asking for help every other call so this would be a dramatic improvement
    Objective # 3: I would like to network myself with others in the company.
    This is a company that I am really interested in working with in the future and I feel by meeting as many people as I can and building these trustworthy relationships with them will only increase my chances of attaining a full-time position here in the Fall of 2011.
    Evaluation: The way I can evaluate myself of this would be by formulating a conversation per day with someone I don’t know. By the end of the internship that would be roughly 40 new people that I have met and well on my way to meeting the people that work here. Not only do I wanted to just meet people but develop these relationships to something deeper than saying I know of them. I feel like the better I know the other co-workers only increases my chances in being successful in the future.
  • 4. Learning Objectives Reflection
    I would say that I achieved this goal. Throughout the internship I have increased my knowledge of options, margins, and trading to an extent. While on the phones we were not able to elaborate on questions that dealt with margins, options, or trading because we do not have our Series 7 or Series 63 licenses yet. However, our mentors have sat us down in a series of classes and gave us an intro to margins/options/trading. Along with the classes in which I typed out a couple pages of notes, I have shadowed with the options, margins, and various trading teams. By sitting with these teams I have gotten a better feel for what they do and the type of situations they deal with. Also, by staying attentive and asking questions to the people I have shadowed with I feel I have increased my knowledge. I am a little disappointed we ended up not getting log ins to www.investools.com. That could have been a valuable source for me to continue my learning.
    I definitely achieved this learning objective. We have spent somewhere around 30 hours on the phone this internship. For example, this week we spent an entire day (four hours) on the phone. During this time I can honestly say I felt comfortable answering questions from customers. What I was so uneasy about at the start of my internship was the multiple questions someone could ask and I didn’t even know the simplest of answers. After I learned the simple answers, I finally felt at peace when I learned how to transfer questions I didn’t know to the correct department. I would say half the calls I receive I transfer and half the calls I answer. My personal goal was to reach five calls without needing my supervisor. I have easily reached that. In a four hour period I probably need my supervisor around three times and I field somewhere near 50 calls. I now feel I have the tools required to respond to peoples needs without needing help from my supervisor.
  • 5. Learning Objectives Continued
    Of the three learning objectives, I feel as if I did this one the poorest. While I met at least one new person per day, I did not get every single contact’s information. What I did instead was grow the relationships I had with my three different mentors. I felt as if it would be pretty awkward to try and get someone’s contact information during a 30 minute shadowing period in which we really didn’t get to know each other well. One guy that I did get information from was the Investment Consultant at the local branch. The main reason I got his contact information was because he was a young guy (26 I believe) and we hit it off. I would also be interested in doing what he does so that really had me interested in what he had to say. Although I didn’t get as many contacts as I should, I feel confident I got enough. Along with my mentors, I also know the CFO of the company. He is friends with my father so if I ever needed him to write me anything I believe he would.
  • 6. Final Resume
    Anonymous Resume
    1234 Main Street ● Lawrence, KS 66045 ● (785) 867-5309 ● email@ku.edu
    The University of Kansas
    Lawrence, KS
    Bachelor of Science in Business, Management Anticipated Graduation: May 2011
    TD-Ameritrade, Intern Summer 2010
    Worked in the Investor Services department
    Shadowed numerous positions within the company to get a feel for compatibility
    Responded to inbounded phone calls from across the nation
    Completed a project with fellow interns and presented it to the Board of Directors
    Knowles Law Firm, Intern Summer 2009
    Filed and delivered documents in a timely manner to appropriate parties
    Organized and managed new client files with accuracy
    Took meaningful photographs of accident scenes for case analysis
    Obtained accident reports from law enforcement
    University of Kansas Golf Camp, Lawrence, KS: counselor Summer 2007-2009
    Served as a role model to 30-40 kids ages 10-18 throughout camp
    Organized and planned short game and full swing activities
    Counseled young campers about valuable life lessons learned on the course
    The University of Kansas Men’s Golf Team 2006-Present
    Three-year participant and letter winner
    Dedicated at least 30 hours a week to obtain my personal and team goals
    2006 Nebraska Junior Player of the Year Award Winner
    Selected Honorable Mention All-American by the American Junior Golf Association
    Athletic Director’s Honor Roll Spring 2010
    Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll Spring 2009
    Charles E. Maxwell, Jr. Men’s Golf Scholarship Recipient Spring 2009
    Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook
    Hard-working and goal oriented
    Understands the importance of mental toughness
    Works well with peers, teammates and supervisors
  • 7. Taking Phone Calls: Quote/Authorization
    A bulk of our internship was in the Call Center taking incoming phone calls from clients. These phone calls consisted of giving quotes, checking information in accounts, and resetting passwords/security questions, and transferring clients to different departments of the company.
    I definitely sharpened my peoples skills by being on the phone. The clients we dealt with were usually frustrated or mad to an extent. It was our role to be the empathizer and distributor of information. There were a few times I took too long and didn’t know the answer to the client’s question and the client would becoming increasingly agitated. What I learned from this is that you need to keep a steady head under pressure. I tried not to get too emotionally invest in each phone call as well. All you can do is your best when assisting the client. I definitely found sympathy for people who do what I do. One time this summer I called into my bank to talk to someone who had a similar job. I remember appreciating their assistance and responding to them in a positive manner as opposed to the usual disgruntled attitude.
  • 8. Group Intern Project : AIM Work
    The group of eight interns were all assigned company files from a database called AIM. From these files, each person was sent around 1,000 documents in an excel spreadsheet to check for client sensitive information. This information included user names, passwords, emails, cell phone numbers, and account numbers. What we would do is open up the documents and mark whether or not these files had any client sensitive information.
    As you can imagine there really isn’t a whole lot you can take away from a project like this. I probably spent around 30 hours doing this. I did however find I am quite good at doing this. Although there was no incentive to get done quick, I actually finished first of all the interns and was surprised the next day by another 650 files! What I did realize is in a business like investor services, client information is extremely confidential and needs to be kept private. Fraud is a part of this business and it does happen, so I was glad we took the precaution for our clients.
  • 9. Shadowing Various Departments
    Throughout the summer we sat in with many different departments in the company. To name a few we sat with: Fixed Income, New Client Development, Margins and Options Trading, Think or Swim, PCS Elite, and National Branch Investment Consultant.
    I found this to be the most beneficial part of my internship. There are so many departments at TD-Ameritrade that I feel without this internship I really wouldn’t have had a clue what I had interest in. After shadowing these departments I learned that I am pretty picky in what I want to do. Most departments I wasn’t interested in but the one that really stuck out was the Investment Consultants. These are the guys who bring in the assets for the company. Usually, these people make the most money and have the biggest incentive packages. I could definitely see myself doing this someday because I like client interaction as well as sales.
  • 10. Presentation Class
    At the end of our internship our group presents to all of the managers and senior managers in the company about our experience. All of us will have somewhere around a 5-10 minute presentation in front of 50 people from within the company. In order to get us ready for this presentation, a representative from the Human Resources department gave us an eight hour class on public speaking. In this time we listened to his lengthy presentation and was given time to conduct a fifteen minute speech of our own.
    The skills I acquired from this was an increase in my public speaking knowledge and ability. After my presentation the seven other interns plus the mentor critiqued my speech. What I learned, which I necessarily didn’t realize, was that I did not talk loud enough. I was told that I spoke the quietest of the bunch. Not all was negative, however. I was told that I was able to communicate my point clearly and had my objectives well outlined. Overall, I walked away with confidence from this seminar. This seminar also reconfirmed my notions that impressive public speaking is difficult, but is an important piece to get you where you want to go in the business world.
  • 11. Special Olympics
    On July 20th all the interns were present in Lincoln, Nebraska to volunteer for the Special Olympics. TD-Ameritrade prides themselves on this activity and was easily the most represented company there. My job was helping out with the basketball portion of the games.
    What I took from this is it is always a good thing for a big company to be a part of something in the community. I believe it is the easiest way to build trust and relationships with people. I know that our time was greatly appreciated and it was definitely nice to get a day off the phone and help a less fortunate person have a fun day. Not only does it help TD-Ameritrade’s relationship with the public, but it showed me that I am working for a company that wants to give and do the right thing for the community. TD-Ameritrade’s motto posted all around their building is “IamTDA” and I feel like helping out with the Special Olympics exemplifies everything the company stands for.