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Portfolio 5 Portfolio 5 Presentation Transcript

    Community Relations Intern
    Pre 575 Summer 2010
  • Table of Contents
    Learning Objectives
    Learning Objectives Reflection
    Final Resume
    Player Appearances
    Sports Lab
    NAACP Convention
    Kansas City Celebration of Life Rally
    Stadium Tours
  • Learning Objectives
    Objective #1: By July 31, 2010 I will finish contacting and providing information to all (400) elementary schools within the Kansas City and Kansas City, Missouri regions, about the new Sports Lab facility that will be opening this fall at the new Arrowhead Stadium.  Learning Activities: Each day I will contact 20 schools. Evaluation: My performance will be judged by the number of schools that sign up to come to the Sports Lab for the fall. Since it is still summer time and a lot of schools are not focused on fall fields trips, it would be nice to get at least 3 more schools signed up while I am still interning.  Objective #2: By July 6, 2010 I will have written a feature story about an event that a Kansas City Chiefs football player will be speaking at. My goal is that this story will be posed on the Kansas City Chiefs website.  Learning Activities: I will attend the event, interview participants and take notes. I will edit my story to the best of my abilities before turning in the final draft. Evaluation: My performance will be judged by the assessment of my story and how much of my story my supervisor will use in the actual posting of the final draft.  Objective #3: By July 31, 2010 I will create a document for the intern who will be working in the Community Relations department in the fall. I will provide specific information to that person, such as, contacts, projects that I have worked on etc, which will help them with their upcoming duties. Learning Activities: I will create a Word document that will list all the important information that they may need for the future. Evaluation: My performance will be judged on whether or not I complete the document and if my supervisor thinks the information will be beneficial for the next intern.
  • Learning Objectives Reflection
    I was not completely able to accomplish my first objective. When I first started my internship, being in charge of calling schools and providing them with information about the new sports lab was my responsibility. After I was about half way finished with my internship, I was notified that the Chiefs were going to be hiring a new individual who would be in charge of handling all of the sports lab initiatives, which included my task, calling schools. When the new hired person came on board, I was no longer required to help with the sports lab. Although my time helping with the sports lab was cut short, I really enjoyed having a hand in informing people about it and I was able to see the sports lab when it was finally finished. For my second objective, I attended the event and wrote a story about it. But my supervisor did not end up needing the story because there were other newsworthy stories going on with the Chiefs at the time that had to be put in place of mine. Even though this particular story was not put on Chief’s website, I wrote a total of five stories that were and I am proud of that. This was my first time every writing real news stories and because I am a journalism student, I think that it helped me a lot to get that kind of experience and it has prepared me for the future.I definitely completed my third objective. I created a word document for the new fall intern with directions and tips on how to contact certain people, how to do mail, how to get prepared to go on events with the players etc. This will give him a starting foundation on how to complete some of his upcoming tasks. I was actually able to meet him and show/explain the document to him and I think that will benefit him a lot more than him just reading it to himself. I know he will not be perfect at everything right away, but hopefully the document will provide him with necessary information to help him get things accomplished.
  • Final Resume
    Anonymous Resume
    1234 Main Street • Lawrence, KS 66046 • (785) 867-5309• email@ku.edu
    The University of Kansas Lawrence, KS
    William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications August 2007- Present Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Strategic Communication emphasis
    Minor in Communication Studies
    Work Experience
    Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City, MO
    Community Relations Intern May 2010-August 2010
    Contributed to department operations
    Managed the Sports Lab facility through contacting and providing information to more than 100 schools throughout the Kansas and Missouri regions
    Directed Chiefs players for public appearances
    Personally coordinated and planned events for 2010 Rookie Club
    Fostered relationships with at least 10 different organizations in the Kansas and Missouri regions
    Wrote stories about special events that were later placed on KC Chiefs website
    Administered all initiatives for Chiefs “Play 60” Movement at the 101st NAACP Convention
    Sunglass Hut Overland Park, KS
    Sales AssociateJune 2008- December 2008
    Sold fashion and sports eyewear
    Assisted customers in selecting merchandise
    Strengthened sales and interpersonal skills
    Conducted inventory of all sunglasses at end of day
    Deposited money to the bank at end of day
    Met enforced sales quota
    Volunteer/ Community Involvement
    Harvesters: Community Food Network Kansas City, MO
    Volunteer June 2010
    Helped sort and repackage food, along with other household goods
    Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired and Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City, MO
    Volunteer July 2009
    Assisted with registration, a “mock combine” and flag football events
    KU Advertising Club Lawrence, KS
    KU PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) 2009- Present
  • Player Appearances
    I attended 10 of the scheduled player appearances for the summer offseason. The majority of appearances that I attended were a part of the 2010 “Rookie Club” and “Chiefs Community Caring Team.” The “Chiefs Community Caring Team” includes members from the Chiefs organization who participate in community outreach efforts throughout the year. It consists of not only player position groups, but also the Chiefs Rookie Club, Chiefs Women’s Organization, KC Wolf, the Chiefs Cheerleaders, the Chiefs Ambassadors, Chiefs alumni, the Chiefs Red Coaters and other Chiefs staff members. Some of the organizations that we attended were, Boys and Girls Club, Operation Breakthrough, Harvesters and Children’s Mercy Hospital.
    Being a part of these events was a meaningful experience. It was probably my favorite part of my internship. I learned that the Chiefs players are looked up to by kids so they can always have a positive influence on them. It was encouraging to know that the Chiefs players could make a child’s day better and that I had a hand in making that happen.
    2010 “Rookie Club” at Operation Breakthrough
  • Sports Lab
    The sports lab facility is one of many additions to the new Arrowhead Stadium. It consists of interactive games for young kids in grades 3rd-6th to take educational field trips to the facility learn about good health and staying active. One of the interactive games is called, “Food is Fuel.” It helps kids understand the relationship of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and what the appropriate amount of calorie intake is for an average person during a single day.
    At the beginning of my internship, the sports lab was a big task that I handled. Even though I wasn’t able to complete my internship with the sports lab duties, I improved a lot of my communication skills through talking with so many schools and also got to learn a lot new things about how to be healthy.
  • NAACP Convention
    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held its 101st National Convention in Kansas City. There, the Chiefs had a booth set-up to promote the NFL Movement “Play 60,” which is an initiative to get kids to be more active. One of the games present at the booth was “Feel the Beat.” It allowed all youth present to discover their resting heart rate and calculate their ideal target heart rate when exercising.
    I was proud of what took place at the convention because I played a big role in making sure that our booth was successful. I believe that it was a success and I learned that planning for such a big event like this takes a lot of time and hard work.
  • Kansas City Celebration of Life Rally
    As part of the 25th Annual Kansas City Celebration of Life Rally, Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Len Dawson received the Richard A. Bloch Cancer Survivorship Award. In addition, Chiefs QB Tyler Palko and WR Lance Long were there to help recognize the special day through signing autographs and presenting raffle prizes to winners.
    This event was special to me not only because of what it was celebrating, but because it was my first event that I attended and planned on my own. My supervisor put my in charge of everything that need to happen before and during the event and I surprised myself with how well I handled everything. This event showed me how I can be independent and even though it was intimidating, it showed me how I am capable of doing things on my own.
  • Stadium Tours
    With the new $350 million renovation of Arrowhead Stadium being completed, Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt, gave tours of the new additions to the media. The new upgrades to the stadium include the Signature Suites, the Foolish Club and the Horizon Level to name a few.
    Being able to help out with the stadium tours was a lot of fun. It was so exciting to know that the renovations took three years to complete and I was one of the first to see them. Even though giving tours of the new stadium was fun, a lot was done to make sure that everything was just right. Being a part of these tours showed me how to have a balance between having a good time, but still also being serious about work.
    Signature Suites on the Club Level