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    Portfolio 1 Portfolio 1 Presentation Transcript

    • PRE 575 Summer 2010 Internship Entercom Inc. - 610 Sports Mission, KS
    • Table of Contents
      • Learning Objective 1……………………3
      • Reflection of Objective 1……………….4
      • Learning Objective 2…………………...5
      • Reflection of Objective 2……………….6
      • Learning Objective 3…………………...7
      • Reflection of Objective 3………………..8
      • Final Resume…………………………..9
      • Work Samples………………………10-15
    • Learning Objective 1
      • Objective 1 : By July 6, 2010, I will set up a meeting with my boss and tell him of my interest in broadcasting rather than promotions, in hopes that he will organize a meeting to set me up to intern with some of 610 Sports’ broadcasters in addition to the promotions managers.
      • Learning Activities: Each day I will talk to my promotions manager about meeting with one of the broadcasting mangers of 610 sports.
      • Evaluation: My performance will be judged on my ability to intern 1 day with the broadcasting side of 610 and 1 day with the promotions side (from which I first applied), rather than both days with the promotions side.
    • Reflection of Objective 1
      • Reflection : I undoubtedly was able to meet my first learning objective. Right after composing the list of learning objectives, I spoke with my boss about my interest in doing some work on the broadcasting side. He immediately emailed Tyler Ince, a head producer with 610’s broadcasting side. The very next day I was sitting in the studio watching one of 610’s on-air personalities, Bob Fescoe, deliver his show. I have since worked on the broadcasting side four more times, which is a greater number of times than my original objective. I even learned some things from Tyler Ince about how to successfully run a radio show and the notes I took will be of great value to me in my future broadcasting life.
    • Learning Objective 2
      • Objective 2 : By July 13, 2010, I will have all of the weekly promotions that are given away on the radio stations for the month of July completely entered into the computer program, PromoSuite© and thus, increase production.
      • Learning Activities: I will meet with the promotions manager the next time I am at 610 to acquire all future prizes to be given away in contests for the month of July. This may include staying a half hour later each day, and emailing the radio personalities and ask them what prizes they want to give away on the air. I will do both of these until the job is done.
      • Evaluation: My evaluation will be judged on my ability to increase productivity 25% by entering 25 contests into the computer per day rather than 15-20.
    • Reflection of Objective 2
      • Reflection : Unfortunately, I could not fully meet the requirements of objective two, but through no fault of my own. I wanted to have all of the month’s prizes entered into the computer by July 13. When I talked to my boss of this goal, he told me that prizes are not usually decided until the Friday before the upcoming week. But rather than give up, I emailed the promotions manager, who is in charge of organizing prizes, and told him that we needed the upcoming week’s prizes by Tuesday or Wednesday prior, not Friday. My request was granted, so I was able to work about a week ahead of schedule. I thought this was a great success since getting prizes done for the month was not possible to attain. Thus, while increasing productivity by 25% was not attained, I was still at least able to compromise and increase productivity by 10-15%. Also, the prizes for the upcoming week were now entered more timely, which allowed us more time to prepare the prizes for delivery.
    • Learning Objective 3
      • Objective 3: My ultimate goal, which I hope to have successfully done by August 1, 2010, is to impressively network with business contacts that are in professions that I hope to one day be in. The purpose for accepting this internship was to hopefully interact with sports radio hosts and leave lasting impressions, with the hopes of having them as references.
      • Learning Activities: By being willing to do any task asked of me, by writing thank you notes for informational interviews, meeting as many people as I can that are higher on the totem pole than I am, I will be successful in meeting objective 3.
      • Evaluation: My evaluation will be judged on whether I can make a list of at least 8-10 references that will not only remember who I am, but remember that I am a dedicated worker that would be a quality candidate for a future job, if desired. I also would like to have a quality personal relationship with the people I work with daily. If I can do this, my objective will be met and I should be in a good position in the business world.
    • Reflection of Objective 3
      • Reflection : I am very happy to be able to say that I have met my third learning objective, which was to obtain professional business contacts. Through diligence and dedication, I was able to meet and impress several employees at 610 Sports and 980 KMBZ. I have made about 7-8 business contacts that I will be able to use as references. First, I made sure to always be productive and complete any task asked of me. Also, I went above and beyond the call of duty and helped out some of 610’s sister stations. I even went to various places such as the Kansas City Royals games, even when 610 was not set up out there. This aided me greatly in leaving quality impressions on staff members and those higher on the totem pole than myself. Even more promising, I plan to intern with 610 for another week or two, and will hope to obtain more business contacts after the much anticipated Glenn Beck Business Forum, which takes place on July 30. The best news is that not only do I have professional contacts from the promotions side of 610, but also from the broadcasting side.
    • Anonymous Resume (785) 867-5309 ▪ [email_address] 1234 Main Street, Lawrence, KS 66045
    • Work Samples Table of Contents
      • Photos on 610 Sports Homepage
      • Find and Write Events for 610’s online calendar
      • Enter Contests and Prize Winners Into PromoSuite©
      • Write Copy for Promotional Events
      • Co-designed the Glenn Beck Business Forum Flyer
    • Photos on 610 Sports Homepage
      • One of my responsibilities as an intern was to upload photos from 610’s various “remotes” (public appearances) onto the 610 Sports website. In fact, oftentimes I was actually out at the remote, be it at Harley Davidson or Golf Stop, etc. I would sometimes be the person taking the pictures that I would later upload onto the 610 website. I also would write a brief description of what the uploaded photo represents. Not only did I learn how to upload photos onto a website, but also learned how to write title scripts to describe the photos. This may not seem like much to most people, but because this task often required me to be at the venue, I got to meet some of the 610 broadcasters that did their show from the venue, such as Shan Shariff and Nick Wright. It really taught me that something as basic as uploading photos on to a website can have a much more lasting and profound impact than you’d imagine.
    • Find and Write Events for 610 Calendar
      • Another job of mine was to find events for 610 to sponsor and write up a short paragraph summary about them. My next task was to post them on 610’s website. I would use our contact book to call hosts of events that 610 had sponsored in the past, such as the Kelsey Smith Golf Event. I would then see if the event was taking place again and if they would again like 610 to sponsor it and promote it on our website. Upon confirmation, I would write up a summary of the event with the date and a link to click for more information. I even set an expiration date on the files so that once they had already occurred, they would automatically be removed from the 610 website. As a journalism student, it is very meaningful when you are trusted to write paragraphs that will appear on a website that everyone can see. This task helped me to hone my writing skills and gave me much more confidence not only with writing, but with my internship altogether. I knew that they trusted my work, and that is a great feeling to have early in the internship, because I knew it implied that I would be asked to do other various important tasks.
    • Enter Contests and Prize Winners Into PromoSuite©
      • Another responsibility of mine was to enter all contests and prize winners into PromoSuite©. I would then export the list to the radio show producers so that they could see if the contest had received a winner. It also was their only indication of what prizes the broadcasters would be giving away. This was meaningful to me because it’s as if I was working directly with the on-air radio hosts since it was my work that they looked at and followed. Another great thing about this was that I had to call all the winners and notify them that they had won and what they needed to do to obtain their prize. This was a blessing in disguise for me because I used to sometimes get a little nervous calling strangers on the phone. However, with how many times I did it for this internship, it is now a routine thing for me and I noticed in my other job filming Little League baseball that I was much more confident on the phone and didn’t hesitate to call anybody. These enhanced communication skills will help me for the rest of my life as communication is a part of every single job.
    • Write Copy for Promotional Giveaways
      • One of the seemingly minute but actually meaningful things that I did in this internship was to write copy for promotional giveaways. These scripts that I wrote would then be read by the on-air broadcasters. I was unable to make a clip of the audio of one of the broadcasters delivering the information because my computer does not have the ability to do this. Essentially, I would “spice up” the description of the prize that was being given away to increase its appeal when delivered on air. On the left, I copied and pasted a script I wrote that was delivered by morning host, Bob Fescoe. Often, these scripts would be written and then entered into PromoSuite© or emailed to the radio producer. Again, this was very meaningful to me because it made me feel like I was essentially in direct contact with the radio hosts for 610. It is a great feeling to know that what you wrote is being read on the air for all listeners to hear. It also told me that the people above me had faith in me to complete this task successfully.
    • Co-Designed the Glenn Beck Business Forum Flyer
      • Although I am technically a 610 Sports Radio Intern, I also work extensively with our sister station, 980 KMBZ. KMBZ is hosting a Business Forum with Glenn Beck on July 30. In addition to being a major role in almost all of the behind-the-scenes work for the Forum (making table signs, taking ticket orders by phone, packaging and mailing tickets, preparing name tags, alphabetizing guest list), I also was part of a small group that helped put together the flyer you see on the left. This project had the most impact me due to the sheer number of people that viewed this flyer. Not only did over 1000 people order tickets and therefore view this flyer, there were also hundreds of flyers printed out and distributed to businesses everywhere to promote the event. In other words, I helped create something that thousands of people looked at and used as a guide to whether or not they purchased a ticket. This really sharpened my creative arts skills as this is something I had never done. That said, I am actually the public relations chair for the KU Advertising Club this Fall and have to make flyers, so this will greatly aid me in that effort.