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Orientation Presentation for Parents

Orientation Presentation for Parents






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  • Start by giving the audience a brief overview of our office (where we’re located, our hours, etc.) – you might give them landmarks to help them figure out where we’re located (we’re located in the Burge Union – over by Allen Field House and Jayhawker Towers).
  • Ask the audience for concerns their students are having about choosing a career path or major. Briefly acknowledge their concerns, but do not dwell on them. Chances are, you will address all of them in the presentation.
  • Review the presentation’s agenda
  • Make a quick note to the audience that career services at KU are decentralized – meaning there are multiple career services offices that serve different student populations and offer a variety of services. The University Career Center (our office) is the only comprehensive career services office on campus that serves ALL students, regardless of major. The UCC office is the only place on campus that offers career coaching and student employment services for ALL students – all majors, all years (freshmen-senior, grad students, and alums). We are also the primary provider of job and internship search assistance for students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, School of Architecture, Design & Planning, School of Education, and School of Social Welfare.
  • In addition to the University Career Center, there are other career services offices on campus that serve specific student populations (refer to list). All of these offices offer job and internship search assistance for students in their respective schools. To learn more about the career services offices at KU, visit the Career Services Alliance website at careerservices.ku.edu.
  • Career planning can feel very intimidating and overwhelming to students (and their parents). This image graphically demonstrates that college students make many small career decisions when they are here at KU. It’s usually a good idea that when you feel overwhelmed by a large decision, that you break it down into smaller parts, or steps in this case. That’s what we try to do at the Career Center…help students through these decisions and provide helpful resources and information for them along the way to help them make better career decisions.
  • Good career planning doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process of learning about yourself, career paths and the appropriate resources that will help you get there. The more involved you are – the more you learn. Good career decisions involve good information about yourself, your options and gaining hands-on experience. The UCC offers career coaching services to help your student determine where they are now, where they want to go, and how they can get there. Self –Assessment A major part of our role at the Career Center is to help your student explore their strengths, interests, personality, values, and talents. Students who really know who they are and what they are looking for will be better equipped to identify potential career directions and options that will best suit them. Exploration Once your student has a good handle on their unique characteristics, they will want to explore occupational information – what career options are out there to choose from? The University Career Center has a variety of resources available to help your student gather career information via our website as well as our resource library and career coaches Info they might gather includes: typical work duties/responsibilities, education/training required, work environment, salary, advancement opportunities. Exploring career options will help your student gain a realistic understanding of the “world of work” and their career possibilities. Career Engagement The UCC helps students find and engage in opportunities that allow them to “try on” majors and careers that interest them. Our office provides the tools and resources necessary to help them do this. Examples include: internships and jobs, volunteer opportunities, student organizations, job shadowing, informational interviewing, etc.
  • To assist your student in conducting their own self-assessment, the UCC offers several services to help him/her learn more about who they are (and how they relate to the world of work): Career coaching appts – one-on-one with coaches; interactive sessions with activities and discussion Career assessments – we offer three career assessments (list and briefly describe assessments). Explain the fee structure and remind them that their student can sign up to take two of the assessments through optional fees on Enroll & Pay or online through our website. Remind them that the assessments are taken online and interpreted in-person. PRE 210 – Career & Life Planning is a 3 credit elective course for freshmen and sophomore students. It meets twice/week in small classes (approx. 20 students). The course walks students through exploring majors and occupations, networking, writing a resume, interviewing, and many other career planning activities to help them learn more about themselves and the career planning process. 3E – Career exploration program for Ellsworth Residence Hall students. 3E participants take the Strong Interest Inventory, have their results interpreted in small groups, and attend career-related programs hosted by hall staff. The program is FREE – students don’t need to pay for the assessment if they complete it through 3E.
  • To help your student better understand the realities of the “world of work”, the UCC offers plenty of resources to help them learn more about potential occupations they might want to pursue. Students can meet one-on-one with a UCC career coach to get guidance on identifying helpful resources and to learn how to research occupations and majors effectively In addition to working with a career coach, your student can explore the career exploration resources available on our website, KUCareerHawk.com. There is a wealth of information available on our website, including Careers for You pages (provides helpful links and career information by major & industry), Focus (free online career exploration tool with major and occupational profiles), and other helpful online resources. We also have a career resource library for students which is located in our office (110 Burge Union). Our library was updated this year with brand-new resources spanning a wide variety of topics (careers by major, careers by industry, international careers, etc.). Your student is welcome to visit our library anytime we are open – no appointment necessary.
  • In addition to helping your student better understand who they are and what career opportunities are available to them, the UCC helps students actually ENGAGE in experiences that will further their career development and prepare them for success after graduation. Our career coaches meet one-on-one with students to conduct resume, cover letter, and CV reviews. UCC staff will help your student learn how to create strong application documents that effectively communicate their professional strengths to employers. Coaches will also help students sharpen their interviewing skills through mock interviews (briefly describe mock process). Students looking for help in developing a job or internship search campaign can meet with a UCC career coach to review search strategies and resources that will help them secure employment. The UCC also offers online job and internship listings through KU Career Connections, a service I will discuss in further detail shortly. Liberal Arts students can enroll in LAS 492 during their junior/senior years – the class helps LAS students develop a job search campaign and learn how to market their skills and education effectively to employers. This is a one-credit class and is offered all three semesters (fall, spring, summer). The UCC hosts several networking events throughout the year to help students connect with employers. I will go into more detail about these events shortly. Finally, we help students identify other engagement opportunities outside of employment – student and volunteer organizations – that could help them engage their interests and build their resumes. For example, the UCC oversees Delta Epsilon Iota, an academic honor society that helps students advance their career development. Students must be enrolled full-time at KU, be of at least sophomore status (at least 30 credits), and have a minimum GPA of 3.30. In addition to DEI, UCC career coaches can help your student identify other organizations on campus and in the community that may benefit their career exploration. The UCC also hosts the Volunteer Fair every fall to help students identify volunteer opportunities.
  • As I just mentioned, UCC career coaches can help your student find and prepare application materials for part-time employment opportunities. Most of the resources we share with students can be found on our website, KUCareerHawk.com. Under the featured resources box, there is a link for part-time jobs. Our part-time job page links to on-campus employment opportunities as well as our own searchable database of off-campus jobs. Students can fill out one application form for on-campus jobs and submit it to multiple job openings. Also, both student hourly and student work study jobs can be found on these sites. To help your student connect with part-time employment opportunities at the beginning of the school year, the UCC hosts the Part-Time Job Fair during Hawk Week (KU’s kick-off week). Employers from on and off-campus organizations will be in attendance looking to fill part-time positions. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, August 18 th from 9am-4pm in the 4 th floor lobby of the Kansas Union. There is also a downloadable handout on this page for students on how to make the most of their student jobs.
  • In addition to helping students find and secure part-time positions, the UCC also assists students when searching for internships. We strongly encourage every student to complete at least one internship before graduation so that they have an opportunity to gain professional work experience in their field. Internships are excellent ways for your student to explore careers that are of interest to them, gain relevant work experience, develop employable skills, expand their professional networks, and, of course, possibly secure post-graduation employment. Internships are the #1 recruiting method for many employers – taking an internship could be the foot-in-the-door your student needs to find a job after they leave KU! To help your student secure an internship, the UCC offers… Appointments with our career coaching staff, especially our internship coordinator, Erin Wolfram. Online resources housed on our Internship Center and Internship Group (through KUCareerHawk.com) Internship listings on KU Career Connections An internship fair (fall semester) PRE 575 – online course for students looking to gain academic credit for their internship. Students must be enrolled concurrently with their internship.
  • One of the greatest resources your student has in finding an internship or full-time job is KU Career Connections. This resource is free to all KU students (with the exception of the School of Engineering students). Recent alums (less than six months out) can use this service for free as well. To gain full access to the system, your student must register on KUCareerHawk.com. KU Career Connections is a searchable database of 1000+ full-time jobs and internships. Your student can also sign up for on-campus interviews with employers and upload their resumes to be viewed by employers.
  • Finally, here is a listing of our major networking events throughout the year that can help your student meet with employers face-to-face. Employers also hold on and off-campus information sessions throughout the year to promote their internship and job opportunities to students. All of these events are listed on KUCareerHawk.com – the calendar is updated frequently. Note to presenter: you may want to pick out a few events to highlight. Definitely highlight the Part-Time Job Fair (August 18 th – during Hawk Week), Etiquette Dinners (October 5 th for the fall), Internship & Summer Camp Fair (October 26 th ).
  • So now that we’ve covered how we can help your students’ career development, let’s talk a little bit about how you can help them. First, encourage your student to utilize our services, explore our resources, and attend our events. Parents are our #1 referrers – believe it or not, they DO listen to you when you tell them to come see us. Encourage your student to get active and engaged in their career exploration. Especially cheer them on when they seem “stuck” – many of your students will go through a rough patch or two when it comes to picking a major, finding employment, getting involved. Urge them on and connect them with us when they need help. Remind your student that career exploration is a process – it doesn’t happen overnight. Our staff is here to help your student – but we are not miracle workers and cannot help your student answer all of their career or major concerns in one career coaching appointment (wish we could!). Encourage your student to begin exploring early on to avoid last-minute panic moments. One of the most powerful career planning and networking activities your student can engage in are INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS (briefly explain). As an adult with an established network of diverse friends and family members, help get your student connected with someone you know who might be able to answer some of their career questions. Finally, you’re welcome to sign up for our UCC parents’ newsletter. The newsletter is emailed out once per semester. If you didn’t sign up at our info table earlier today, you can sign up on our website, KUCareerHawk.com.
  • Finally, here are some next steps for your student to consider taking. Encourage your student to make an appointment with a UCC career coach – we are open over the summer and can begin working with your student before classes start in the fall! Talk to your student about the career assessments to see if they might find them helpful. Suggest that they explore KUCareerHawk.com – it has tons of easy-to-access resources for students. Recommend that they start by using Focus, our free online career exploration tool (found on the Career Assessments page). Talk to your student to see if PRE 210 would work with their fall schedule. Hurry – it fills quickly! Finally, encourage your student to register for KU Career Connections so they can have full access to all of our online internship and job postings.
  • Thank you – questions?

Orientation Presentation for Parents Orientation Presentation for Parents Presentation Transcript

  • Careers, Majors, Internships, & Employment: An Intro to the University Career Center 110 Burge Union 785-864-3624 KUCareerHawk.com M-F: 8am-5pm Open Year-Round
  • Getting Started
    • What is a concern your student has about choosing a career path?
  • Today’s Agenda
    • Overview of Career Services at KU
    • UCC Services, Events, & Resources
    • Next Steps: Helping Your Student
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Career Services at KU
    • Career services at KU are decentralized
    • University Career Center
      • Career coaching & student employment services for ALL KU students
      • Job and internship search services for students in…
        • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
        • School of Architecture, Design, & Planning
        • School of Education
        • School of Social Welfare
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Career Services at KU
    • Other career services offices include:
      • School of Business
      • School of Engineering
      • School of Journalism & Mass Communications
      • School of Law
      • School of Music
    • … offer job and internship search assistance for students in these schools.
    • careerservices.ku.edu
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Student Career Decisions June 7, 2010 Slide Choose KU Choose an interest area Choose a major Choose a focus area within the major Choose an entrance into an occupation Career decisions your student will make at KU Review course catalog Visit departments Talk to an academic advisor Join student organizations Volunteering Talk to faculty members Research experiences Informational interviews Job shadowing Internships Part-time jobs Things your student can do to help him/her make better career decisions
  • Career Coaching Process
    • Career coaching helps…
    • Assess personal strengths, interests, personality, values, & talents
    • Explore career options & the “world of work”
    • Engage in hands-on experiences that enhance career development
    June 7, 2010 Slide Assessment Exploration Engagement
  • Assessment June 7, 2010 Slide
    • Career coaching appointments
    • Career assessments
      • $25 (one), $45 (two), $65 (three)
      • Pay Online: KUCareerHawk.com or Optional Fees
      • Taken online, interpreted in-person
    • Career and Life Planning – PRE 210
      • Freshmen & sophomores only
      • 3 credits, meets 2 times/week
      • Offered Fall & Spring semesters
    • 3E: Ellsworth Residence Hall
  • Exploration
    • Career coaching appointments
    • Online resources: KUCareerHawk.com
      • Careers for You pages (by major & industry)
      • Focus (majors info & occupational profiles)
    • Print resources
      • Career resource library (110 Burge Union)
      • 500+ books – recently updated with new materials
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Engagement
    • Employment Assistance
      • Resumes, cover letters, & CVs
      • Mock interviews
      • Job & internship searches
      • KU Career Connections
    • Job Search for Liberal Arts Students – LAS 492
    • Networking events
    • Student & volunteer organizations
      • Delta Epsilon Iota
      • Volunteer Fair
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Part-Time Jobs
    • Online resources: KUCareerHawk.com
      • Under “Featured Resources” on front page
      • Searchable database of 1500+ part-time jobs
      • Both on-campus and off-campus positions
      • Both student hourly & student work study jobs
    • Part-Time Job Fair
      • Wednesday, August 18 th , 9am-4pm
      • Kansas Union, 4 th Floor Lobby
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Internships
    • Excellent career exploration tool
    • #1 way of recruiting full-time employees
    • UCC internship resources include:
      • Internship coordinator
      • Internship Center & Group (KUCareerHawk.com)
      • Internship listings (on KU Career Connections)
      • Internship Fair (Fall semester)
      • Internship Exploration – PRE 575/LA&S 490
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • KU Career Connections
    • Free* – available only to KU students
    • Register on KUCareerHawk.com for full access
    • Searchable database of 1000+ internships and full-time jobs
    • Upload resumes for employers to view
    • Sign-up for on-campus interviews
    June 7, 2010 Slide *Engineering students must pay to register for KU Career Connections through the Engineering Career Center.
  • Networking Events
    • Fall Semester
    • Part-Time Job Fair
    • Fall Engineering Career Fair
    • Business Career Fair
    • Fall Etiquette Dinner
    • Volunteer Fair
    • Public Service & Non-Profit Fair
    • Internship & Summer Camp Fair
    • Education Career Fair
    June 7, 2010 Slide
    • Spring Semester
    • University Career Fair
    • Spring Engineering Career Fair
    • Architecture, Design &
    • Planning Career Fair
    • Education Interview Day
    • Journalism Career Fair
    • Spring Etiquette Dinner
    • And…employer information sessions occur year-round!
  • How You Can Help
    • Encourage your student to:
      • Utilize our services, explore our resources,
      • and attend our events
      • Get active and engaged – especially when “stuck”
      • Start exploring early – career planning is a process and doesn’t happen overnight
    • Share informational interview contacts
    • Sign up for our parents’ newsletter at:
    • KUCareerHawk.com/Parents
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Next Steps for Your Student
    • Make an appointment with a career coach
    • Take career assessment(s)
    • Explore KUCareerHawk.com
    • Use Focus – free online career exploration tool
    • Enroll in PRE 210 – hurry, it fills up fast!
    • Register for KU Career Connections
    June 7, 2010 Slide
  • Thank You! University Career Center 110 Burge Union 785-864-3624 KUCareerHawk.com M-F: 8am-5pm Open Year-Round