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Classroom Research - Interview

Classroom Research - Interview

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  • 2. WHY INTERVIEW Collect samples Learner language for analysis Get info about learner’s learning history Find out views and attitudes It doesn’t suffer from the same problems of low return rates that plague survey research. Unlike written questionnaires, interviews can be used with non-literate respondents
  • 3. TYPES OF INTERVIEW STRUCTERED INTERVIEW SEMİ-STRUCTURED UNSTRUCTURED ETHNOGRAPHİC INTERVIEW FOCUS GROUP INTERVIEW The common point of all is that they are conducted face to face and electronically, e.g. via e-mail, telephone, and even a chat room. The data must be recorded – either in writing, electronically, or both.
  • 4. STRUCTERED INTERVIEW It is like a questionnaire administered orally rather than in writing It follows a pre-set list of questions The researcher works with one person at a time Researcher is careful about eliciting answers to the same question. The advantage of structured
  • 5. SEMI-STRUCTERED INTERVIEW Researcher may have pre-set of questions and have a general idea at the same time. The questions may be a springboard for issues and topics. İt is more flexible and less rigid compared to the structured one.
  • 6. UNSTRUCTURED INTERVIEW Itdevelops according to agenda of interviewee rather than the agenda of the interviewer. There are unexpected directions.
  • 7. ETNOGRAPHIC INTERVIEW ETHNOGRAPHY is the study, the analysis and the detailed description of people’s behavior in naturally occurring settings with a cultural interpretation. Ethnographic interview is a “series of friendly conversations” it occurs in a longitudinal ongoing relationships. It is characterized by: 1. a specific request to hold the interview (resulting from the research question. 2. the explanation is given in everyday language in which the informant tells what he is seeking and why 3. specific question types that elicit information about how the participants construct meaning and organize their society.
  • 8. FOCUS GROUP INTERVIEW It involves several informants and a moderator. It is a data collection on a topic determined by the researcher. Getting a group of students to view a video and eliciting reactions would be an example of focus group interview. Rather than letting informants take the interview, the researcher guides and focuses the discussion The advantage is that the informants can stimulate (spark) each other, so the researcher elicits richer data.
  • 9. FOR AN EFFECTIVE INTERVIEW Be sympathetic, interested and attentive, not a conservative one. Be neutral to the subject matter, Do not express your own opinion. Be careful not to betray feelings of surprise and dissaproval at what the child knows. Do not be hesitant and hurried Ensure that “you are valuable”
  • 10. REFERENCES Nunan, D. & Bailey, K.M. Exploring Second language Classroom Research Hopkins, D. (2002), A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Research. 87&tbm=isch&tbnid=embNblkbUPy_7M:&imgrefurl= esson_interview.html&docid=_3jITYAy81dFUM&imgurl=http://www.caitlinhanzlick.c om/image_interview.jpg&w=720&h=700&ei=8zXKToypK8bh4QSWvY1E&zoom=1 87&tbm=isch&tbnid=fpQsvzj5T5skSM:&imgrefurl= ew- tips/&docid=tIlMT4kVw0CzkM&imgurl= iew.gif&w=480&h=480&ei=8zXKToypK8bh4QSWvY1E&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=287&si g=109175935038225587798&page=8&tbnh=147&tbnw=147&start=114&ndsp=15&ved =1t:429,r:8,s:114&tx=69&ty=83 87&tbm=isch&tbnid=hJP2IDr6nwLWSM:&imgrefurl= -3396872/stock-vector-exciting-job-interview-vector- illustration.html&docid=yZOVit0sLPiszM&imgurl= play_pic_with_logo/97017/97017,1180384141,1/stock-vector-exciting-job-interview- vector-illustration- 3396872.jpg&w=446&h=470&ei=8zXKToypK8bh4QSWvY1E&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=2 81&sig=109175935038225587798&page=9&tbnh=145&tbnw=135&start=129&ndsp=18 &ved=1t:429,r:13,s:129&tx=82&ty=38