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Fat thursday
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  • 1. Fat Thursday Powiedział Bartek, że dziś Tłusty Czwartek, a Bartkowa uwierzyła, dobrych pączków nasmażyła.
  • 2. History of Fat Thursday
    • Fat Thursday hasn't been always on Thursday. 600 years ago it was celebrated one day before Ash Wednesday.
    • 3. In Middle Ages it was said that it is our duty to eat as many fattening meals as cat wags its tail.
    • 4. To XIX century Fat Thursday was fete reserved for women. It was celebration for married women and young girls.
  • 5. Fat Thursday
    • Fat Thursday begins last week of Carnival. This day is last Thursday before Lend.
    • 6. The date of this celebration depends on time of Easter so Fat Thursday is movable feast.
    • 7. Unfortunately, although Fat Thursday is a fete, it's not day off.
    • 8. „ Intemperance in eating and drinking“
  • 9. Is Fat Thursday feminist feast? „ Kiej ostatki, to ostatki, cieszcie się dziouchy i matki! Kiej ostatki, to ostatki, niech tańcują wszystkie babki! Kiej ostatki, to ostatki, Niech się trzęsą babskie zadki!”
  • 10. Culinary Traditions
    • Nowadays we gorge ourselves with donuts with marmalade, advocate. Late, it was eaten donuts stuffed with lard, bacon and meat.
    • 11. Generally meals on Fat Thursday are meat, fat. The most common dish is pork knuckles and sauerkraut.
  • 12. Fat Thursday
  • 13. Fat Thursday, Fat Tuesday... WTF?
      In England they have no Fat Thursday. But they celebrate Fat Tuesday instead.
  • 14. Thanks for your attention!