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Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
Commas notes 3 powerpoint
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Commas notes 3 powerpoint


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  • 1. Commas Notes Set #3
  • 2. REVIEW--Quick Tips for Commas
    • Commas usually go in sentences at points where you pause when you read it aloud.
    • Phrases set off by commas (comma at beginning and end of phrase) usually are not essential to the meaning of the sentence. Double commas=can cut this part of the sentence out.
  • 3. 9) Direct Address
    • Direct address=speaking directly to a person
    • Use a comma to set off (after the person’s name)
    • Example:
      • Tell us , Mrs. Brummitt-Yale, who is the smartest student in the class?
  • 4. 10) Interrogative tags
      • Interrogative tags=asking a question within a sentence
    • Use a comma to set off (before the question begins)
    • Example:
      • Grammar lessons are the highlight of this class , aren’t they ?
  • 5. 11) YES/NO at beginning of a sentence
    • Use a comma after the words YES or NO at the beginning of a sentence
    • Example:
      • No, the students really don’t need to be on Facebook during class.
  • 6. 12) Direct quotations
    • Use comma before a direct quotation
      • Direct quotations will be in quotation marks
    • Examples
      • The student remarked, “There is no way I’m coming to class on today!”
      • “ Someone owes me five dollars ,” shouted the student when he could not find his dinner after returning from break.
    • NOTE:
      • When comma used before quote, it goes OUTSIDE of the quotation marks.
      • When comma comes after quote, it goes INSIDE the quotation marks.
  • 7. 13) Dates and addresses
    • DATES: Use a pair of commas to set off the date from the rest of the sentence.
      • Example: On March 11, 2007, Finn Yale was born.
    • ADDRESSES: Use commas to separate all elements of an address except the zip code
      • Example: Please send your income tax returns to the IRS at Department of Treasury, 111 Internal Revenue Service Rd., Atlanta, GA 39901
  • 8. 14) Commas to Avoid Confusion
    • Sometimes it is necessary to add commas in sentences to make them easier to read
      • Example--When a word is omitted: To err is human; to forgive, divine.
      • Example--Prevent wrong groupings: Patients who can, walk up and down the halls several times a day.