Digital Mornings Cross-Channel Customer Journey


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  • This is an opportunity to engage with your marketing peers and ExactTarget product leaders to discuss how joining email, mobile and social can help you create marketing programs that deliver relevant and timely messages where your customers expect them.
  • This is an opportunity to engage with your marketing peers and ExactTarget product leaders to discuss how joining email, mobile and social can help you create marketing programs that deliver relevant and timely messages where your customers expect them.
  • So, now a great transition to my favorite topic of the infamous Safe Harbor statement….As a public company, we are very limited in what we can share. I encourage tweeting about the event, but use common sense in what you share. Obviously no financial data or competitive information should be disclosed outside of this room.
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  • This is email 101 – but research we’ll release next month shows that there are still only 2/3 of marketers who maximize this opportunity effectively. 90%+ send a welcome email, but not everyone does it right.This is where you establish your marketing voice, reinforce your brand promise and set expectations for future communications.Basic best practices – to send it real time, don’t forget to ask them to add you to their address book, and find additional opportunities to engage.Always lots of discussion about including an offer. But the majority of consumers report that they opt into your email program with the expectation of receiving special offers – don’t disappoint them. And for non-retailers, offers can be a white paper, conference discount, anything that shows your appreciation for their interest in your brand.
  • <Remove build>From our research we also know that about a third are taking it to the next level and designing a welcome series. Customers will be most engaged in the weeks immediately following sign up.
  • Email 101Use A/B Testing tools to determine what aspects of your campaign influence engagement metrics.Ex: Mozilla
  • ExactTarget offers multiple methods of adding relevancy to emails, web, mobile, and other communications.Simple to complex
  • Talk about how behavior + offline data builds a single view of the consumer and this is used to drive relevancy
  • FB Custom Audiences is a free service that allows you to match hashed email records to create FB user segments for ad targeting. For this customer, they saw a 40% match rate against their entire email list, minus unsubscribes. (Note, at this point we aren’t recommending targeting unsubscribes, although it appears the terms of service would allow it). This instantly gave them an audience 4X bigger than their existing fanbase on Facebook, addressable via advertising. We tested lookalikes of 3 different segments: Shoppers with high LTV, shoppers who had referrred another member to transact (member get member), and a lookalike of email subscribers. Incidentally, we found that the lookalike of high-value shoppers was most effective at driving checkout conversions, while the lookalike of the email subscriber list was most effective at driving registration. We also looked at engaged and unengaged email subscribers – engaged being defined as having an open or click within in 45 days – and hard-bounced records. Match rate on hard bounce was about 8%.
  • Results… it worked! The effort against current members yielded very low CPM (cost per impression), under $.05, and delivered transactions very efficiently. The Acquisition effort drove transactions better than paid search, but to meet volume for this one-day event we drove up the cost per registration.We were significantly more effective than their standard / historical approach to fb advertising. For reactivation, the cost per checkout beat the paid search benchmark and yielded transactions from members who were unlikely to engage with the promotion through email. Results were stunning – but was it a one-off?
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  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEScreen shot of automation studio or hub campaigns/calendarMOVE TO END
  • This is an opportunity to engage with your marketing peers and ExactTarget product leaders to discuss how joining email, mobile and social can help you create marketing programs that deliver relevant and timely messages where your customers expect them.
  • San Francisco
  • This is an opportunity to engage with your marketing peers and ExactTarget product leaders to discuss how joining email, mobile and social can help you create marketing programs that deliver relevant and timely messages where your customers expect them.
  • Seattle
  • Digital Mornings Cross-Channel Customer Journey

    1. 1. #ETDigitalMornings
    2. 2. Addressing the Cross-ChannelMarketing ChallengeCross-Channel Challenge OverviewPersonalized Consumer ExperiencesFacebook Marketing, Twitter Engagementand Social-Powered MarketingMobile Marketing - Go Everywhere YourCustomer GoesExpanding Your Email MarketingPath to Value – Cross-Channel SummaryMay 10June 14JulyAugustOctoberNovember
    3. 3. Safe Harbor StatementSafe Harbour Statement: This presentation may include forward-looking statements within themeaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements aboutexpected financial metrics. The achievement or success of the matters covered by suchforward-looking statements involves risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such risks oruncertainties materialize, or if any of the assumptions prove incorrect, the company’s resultscould differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statementswe make. Further information on factors that could affect the company’s financial results isincluded in the quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, annual reports on Form 10-K, and other filingsthat we make with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These documents are availableon the SEC Filings section of the Investor Relations section of the company’s website Although we believe the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable assumptions, we can give no assurance thatthe expectations will be attained or that any deviation will not be material. ExactTarget, Inc.assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
    4. 4. The Cross-Channel ChallengeBuilding value throughout the customer lifecycleMay 2013
    5. 5. <1990 1990sEventsDirect MailTelephone1999 2000s 2013TVRadioPrintDisplayIMEmailEventsDirect MailTelephoneTVRadioPrintDisplayCable TVWebsiteSearchOnline DisplayTVRadioPrintDisplayWebsiteSearchOnline DisplayPaid SearchLanding PagesMicrositesOnline VideoWebinarsAffiliate MarketingMobile EmailSMSIMEmailEventsDirect MailTelephoneTVRadioPrintDisplayWebsiteSearchOnline DisplayPaid SearchLanding PagesMicrositesOnline VideoAffiliate MarketingWebinarsBlogsRSSPodcastsContextualWikisSocial NetworksMobile WebApps/Push NotificationsGroup TextingSocial DMVoice MarketingMobile EmailSMS + MMSIMEmailEventsDirect MailTelephoneTVRadioPrintDisplayWebsiteSearchOnline DisplayPaid SearchLanding PagesMicrositesOnline VideoAffiliate MarketingWebinarsBlogs/ RSSPodcastsContextualWikisSocial NetworksMobile WebBehavioralSocial Media & AdsVirtual WorldsWidgetsTwitterMobile AppsGeolocationVirtual EventsInstagramVineTHE MARKETING (R)EVOLUTIONIMEmailEventsDirect MailTelephone
    6. 6. Interactive Marketing requires Interactive TeamsFirst Time Purchase Purchased 30 Days Highest LTVEmail MobileSocial Web
    7. 7. Lifecycle CampaignsInvite customers toconnect acrossmultiple channels.Make a strong firstimpression, and setthe stage forongoingcommunications.Provide value thatturns prospects intocustomers andbrand enthusiasts.Continue to engageyour customersacross channels.
    8. 8. Acquire
    9. 9. The Future of Mobile is ContextAccording to Forrester, a customer’s mobilecontext consists of:• Preferences: the history and personaldecisions the customer has shared withyou or with his social networks.• Attitudes: the feelings or emotionsimplied by the customer’s actions andlogistics.• Situation: the current location, altitude,environmental conditions, and speed thecustomer is experiencing.
    10. 10. Cross-Device Traffic
    11. 11. Context Drives Device ChoiceThe amount oftime we have orneedThe goal wewant toaccomplishOur location Our attitudeand state ofmind
    12. 12. Promote Preference CenterMake your app more relevant to customers and capture more accurate data.• Send a pushmessage/alert promotingyour preference centersoon after the customerhas downloaded/openedyour app.• Include link in welcomeemail to personalize appsettings.
    13. 13. SMS Opt-InAsk your customersto text a keyword toyour short code toreceive future SMScommunications.
    14. 14. Promote App on Mobile WebsiteTop bar on mobile website prompts users to view and download your app.Top bar on mobile websiteinvites users to tap “view”to see app in store.Users can learn more aboutthe app and tap “free” todownload.If the user continues toaccess the mobile site, theywill be reminded to open theapp.
    15. 15. Website Sign-upYour strategy should include a combination of channels.Welcome Email• Send mobile-aware welcomeemail aftercustomer signs upfor SMSmessages ordownloads yourapp.1) Thank customer2) Remind customerof key benefits3) Invite customer toconnect on yoursocial sitesOpt-InConfirmation• Send opt-inconfirmation MTonce customersigns up for yourSMS program.• Follow MMAguidelines.
    16. 16. Email Opt-InAsk your customers to share their email address and add them to an email list.
    17. 17. Email Opt-in: Nike• Leverage SMS for acquisition• Clear signage that communicatesvalue prop• Ideal for shoppers or attendees whoprefer low-touch from associates andbooth staff
    18. 18. Social Opt-inBecause consumers arepresent on the socialnetworks, createopportunities for a moredurable relationship than a“Like”
    19. 19. Social Opt-in: eBagsCross-channelpromotions underlineROI• Increased Facebook“likes” by 46K• Increased emailsubscribers by 28K• Direct sales from sitevisitors referred viathe thank you page
    20. 20. Crocs• Cross-promote text opt-inprograms on a Facebookemail sign-up page
    21. 21. Advertise Everywhere• Advertise in retail stores or brick & mortar locations• Promote with partners• Include field with SMS opt-in on web registration form• Trigger push opt-in after user has been in app• Send email to email subscribers who haven’tdownloaded your app
    22. 22. Onboard
    23. 23. Welcome Email• Reinforce value proposition• Set expectations• Trigger immediately• Address book reminder• Opportunities to further engage• Offer incentives
    24. 24. Welcome SeriesOpen Rate: +233.31%Click Rate: +550.48%Open Rate:+250.18%Click Rate: +450.99%Open Rate:+169.51%Click Rate: +224.79%
    25. 25. Engage
    26. 26. Discover What Influences Engagement• Single Variable Impact – subjectlines, from name, delivery windows– increase open rate• Compare Two Emails – overalldesign, mobile optimization – CTR• Test Cell – hero image, call toaction - CTR
    27. 27. Increase RelevancyScriptedTake personalized contentto the next level using JavaScript or ExactTargetproprietary scriptinglanguagesDynamicGenerate unique contentfor each subscriberwithout having to create anew email every timeSyndicatedWhy create content twice? Pullcontent directly from yourwebsite into EmailPredictiveAutomatic generate contentbased on subscriber behaviorLiveContent renders at the timeof email open to display themost relevant and timelycontent
    28. 28. Behavior + Preferences
    29. 29. Individualized EngagementOriginal2 VersionsSmart TemplateMillions of Versions
    30. 30. Automated Personalization Across Channels
    31. 31. Guided Selling & Preference Centers
    32. 32. Audience Engagement• 10-12 different product themes each week• Personalized recommendations• Special message for cardholders• Member profile info• Local store info
    33. 33. Social Network User Participation, Feb 20131 Billion+ 500 Million+150M+100M+90M+75M+25M+25M+800M+400M+300M+200M+
    34. 34. People engage with brands where they areWhen a consumer hasbecome involved with abrand to the extent thatthey interact with it on asocial network, we seemeaningful quantitativeeffects on their behavior.
    35. 35. Brands are becoming social citizens• Stake out core brandidentities on socialchannels• Be thoughtful about thedecision to support asocial network• Set clear expectationswith consumers• Engage!
    36. 36. Publish Compelling ContentBrands are generating andpublishing content that keepsthem relevant, interesting,and top of mind• Owned media accounts topublish• Earned media forgroundswell & costefficiency• Paid media to promote &scale
    37. 37. Monitor What’s Being Said (And Snapped)Brands are monitoring socialchannels to ensureprofessional presentation
    38. 38. Engage As AppropriateBrands are participating insocial channels to ignitecurate product, service, andbrand conversations• Offer help when asked• Defray criticism where theycan• Celebrate authenticcustomer experiences
    39. 39. Impact of Social Engagement on Marketing OutcomesWe are seeing clear impactof social engagement onkey marketing metrics atthe individual level• Customer engagement(clicks, opens)• LTV• RFM• NPSCole-Haan Case Study Finding:
    40. 40. Social Engagement Improves Email PerformanceThis data is only for Twitter,and it demonstrates howmeaningful single socialchannel participation can beWRT email performance.Cole-Haan Case Study Findings:
    41. 41. Social Improves- Everything?It is not clear whetherengagement increases brandawareness, brand affinity,likelihood to purchase,likelihood to recommend- butwe haven’t seen a socialmetric that shows a negativecorrelation yetCole-Haan Case Study Finding:
    42. 42. Retain
    43. 43. Facebook Custom AudiencesFacebook Custom Audiences:• Match email lists to Facebook users to create targets for any Facebook ad format• 40% match rate – created an audience 4X the size of those who “like” the brand• Create lookalike models based on existing customer segmentsAudiences created and tested for each objective:AcquisitionLookalikes of:• High value shoppers• Referring members• All email subscribersActivationMembers• Engaged with email;Open or click within45 daysReactivationMembers• Not engaged w/email• Hard bounce/held
    44. 44. Results – 24-hour saleStrong performance against each objective• Activation test drove nearly 3X checkout volume of paid search with 16% of spend• Strongest CTR: Standard ad against hard-bounced segment (5X average)Acquisition Activation ReactivationCost perregistrationCost percheckout Cost per checkoutCost per checkout
    45. 45. Cross-Channel RemarketingRemarket with Push and email when a customer abandons a purchase in the app.1) Send email and/or Push to promote in-app sale. 2) Customer puts item in cart but abandons. 3) Send Push reminder, then email reminder.30 Minutes Later Next Day
    46. 46. Customer ServiceSMS = cost effective alternative for customer service + increased customer satisfactionOrange County TransportationAuthority implemented aText4Next program for customersto receive the latest bus times.• Consider implementingText4Info SMS programsto streamline yourcustomer service.• Consider combiningSMS with geo-locationtargeting for moreprecise Text4Nextprograms.
    47. 47. Loyalty ProgramsUse SMS to drive repeat in-store traffic (and purchases)
    48. 48. Transactional SMSUse SMS for more convenient and cost-effectivecustomer communications.Consider transactional SMS messages for:• Shipping information• Banking account information• Travel and flight confirmations• Appointment reminders• Prescription readiness alerts and refillnotifications• Device upgrade notifications• Property listings updates
    49. 49. Lifecycle CampaignsInvite customers toconnect acrossmultiple channels.Make a strong firstimpression, and setthe stage forongoingcommunications.Provide value thatturns prospects intocustomers andbrand enthusiasts.Continue to engageyour customersacross channels.
    50. 50. Know your customers’ preferencesTest variables like time of emails and messages and the interactivity between them.6am 8am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm 10pm6am 8am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm 10pm6am 8am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm 10pm
    51. 51. Map a Contact StrategyMap a contact strategy to each of the four lifecycle groups:Acquire, Onboard, Engage & RetainWeb App OtherAcquireOnboardEngageRetain= Email= SMS= Push= Social
    52. 52. Personalized CustomerExperiences – June 14thLeveraging behavioral data to create targetedcampaigns that drive conversion, increasecustomer engagement & deliver unique userexperiences.The Arctic Club8:30-9:30am – Breakfast9:30-11:00am – Presentation & Q&A
    53. 53. Now Forming: Seattle 3sixty Live User Community• Ran locally by Seattle ExactTarget Users• Connect professionally with the most innovative marketers in the Seattle area• Provide a place for sharing both strategies for marketing and how to implement them on ExactTarget platform• Connect directly with ExactTarget resources who can help you better your career• Innovate with peers who want to push the envelop further• Expand your social networkCommunity Charter Meeting: May 30th 2:00-5:30 pm ExactTarget Office in BellevueTo Join Seattle 3sixty Live:
    54. 54. Q&AWebSocialMobileEmailPath 2 ValueJune 14thJuly 19thAugust TBDOctober TBDNovember TBD#ETDigitalMornings