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Jack london’s literature
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Jack london’s literature


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Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. By: Kayleigh TurvinJACK LONDON’SLITERATURE
  • 2. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JACKLONDON’S LIFE• born on January 12, 1876 in SanFrancisco• grew up in poverty• mother was Flora Wellman• married Elizabeth Maddern on April 7
  • 3. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JACKLONDON’S LIFE CONT.• first child Joan and second child Becky• went to Japan because he wanted to be asailor• survived emotional rejection and poverty• Jack died January 22, 1916 at the age of40
  • 4. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JACKLONDON’S LIFE CONT.• graduated from grammar school• used reading and writing to earn a living• wrote many books and he became a veryfamous author
  • 5. JACK LONDON’S LITERATURE• “The Call of the Wild”• “The Game”• “The Iron Heel”• “The Sea-Wolf”• “The Son of the Wolf”• “White Fang”
  • 6. “THE SON OF THE WOLF”• His first book• was a collection of London’s“Klondike Tales”• The Klondike gold rush of 1897was the material for his work tosurvive
  • 7. “THE CALL OF THE WILD”• Was written in 1903• This was a story about a dog• The major conflict was that Buck struggledagainst his masters and he developed from atamed dog to a wild beast• The rising action was buck’s battle withSpitz
  • 8. “THE CALL OF THE WILD” CONT.• The climax is that his owner saved himfrom someone’s cruelty• And the falling action is his ownerdeath• was a sad and romantic novel• One of the best novel’s London wrote
  • 9. “THE IRON HEEL”• was published in 1908 by Macmillan• This novel was about two people falling inlove• It told about our country and how peoplelive• This novel was a first person narrative of awoman protagonist written by a man
  • 10. “WHITE FANG”• Was written in 1906• It took place in Canada• about a wild wolf dog’s journey andhow they were on dog sled teams• In the novel there was a wolf that hadpuppies
  • 11. “WHITE FANG” CONT.• all but one died from hunger• That one dog was sold to a dogfighter• was a sad novel• In 1991 Disney made a film of thestory
  • 12. CRITICS ABOUT HIS WRITING• Some people had conflict and issues withhis writing.• Some people loved his writing and neverwanted him to stop.• Many people always knew London for hisAlaskan novels• Some liked none of his work.
  • 13. CRITICS ABOUT HIS WRITING CONT.• He had to stay strong and back up his work evenif he ran into someone that did not like it.• He was always a kind person to everyone even ifpeople had problems with him.• People never thought that his novel “The IronHeel” would be a good novel because he hadnever written anything like that in the history ofhis career.
  • 15. WORK CITED• Baghban, M. (1990). "The making of two readers: Agatha Christie and Jack London."Reading Teacher. 44.1.• Cantor, M. (1997) "Jack London." American Historical Review. 90.3.• Sandberg, C. (1976) "Jack London: A Common Man." Twentieth Century LiteraryCriticism. 2.4.• Smith, J. (1978) "Is Jack London a Capitalist." Jack London Journal. 19.• Tavernier-Courbin, Jacqueline. (1983) "Jack Londons Women." Journal of AmericanHistory. 90.Jack London’s Literature:• “The Call of the Wild”• “The Game”• “The Iron Heel”• “The Sea-Wolf”• “The Son of the Wolf”• “White Fang”