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  1. 1. Dr. KHE NGUYEN SAIGON HI TECH PARK RESEARCH LABORATORIES LOT I3 N2 STREET, SAIGON HITECH PARK, DISTRICT 9, HOCHIMINH CITY, VIET NAM Email Kng3328196@aol.com____________________________________________________________________________________ NANOTECHNOLOGY & CLEAN TECH SCIENTIST ____________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY Over 29 years proven background of interdisciplinary integration into novel concepts, process &material & product development, technical leader /scientist with 36 US Patents Experience includes nanotechnology materials including carbon nano tube, graphene hybrid composite, ,renewable energy including fuel cell technology, semiconductor sensor products (MEMS applications) , waferlevel packaging(WLCSP) process , ink jet ink technology & product development , organic photoconductor (OPC)and organic LED (OLED) materials , polymer chemistry & physics, water base chemistry , colorant chemistry,material analysis and technical project management . Excellent analytical and organizational skills with a focus todetail . Strong communication skills with an ability to work well with all levels of management and personnel.Dependable and reliable worker who meets deadlines and is committed to quality work. EXPERIENCESAIGON HI TECH PARK RESEARCH LABORATORIES, People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2009-presentVICE LAB DIRECTOR • Developed Water Power Generator • Developed Graphene Hybrid Composite • Developed “Liquid” Nano Coal for Low cost Fuel CellSAIGON HI TECH PARK RESEARCH LABORATORIES, People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2002-2009LAB DIRECTOR • Organized central laboratories of Saigon Hi Tech Park, comprised of 4 major laboratories : a) wafer fab for R&D and production of microelectronics including chip, MEMS chip b) Advanced material lab c) BioMEMS lab d) Metrology lab • Proposed and got funded 11.5 millions USD to establish SHTP Labs • Advisory member for National University System in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamMEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES, IC SENSOR DIV, MILPITAS,CA 2000-2002 1
  2. 2. Research Scientist,MEMS device processing including • novel carbon materials for CD & side wall control • polymer chemistry & physics for bonding process in mirror array,accelerometer, actuator • Integration process of benzocyclobuten (BCB) for complex CMOS platform • Masking materials for special toolings of SOI wafer : deep RIE, deep trench photolithography ,high resolution masking (<1um) and stepper • Dry film resist on various substrates (Si, glass, sapphire, . . .) and double side etch process • Interdisciplinary innovation of process development for yield improvement • Deep experiences and special skills on wide variety of organic materials : humidity sensing polyimide, photoimageable polyimides and siloxane based polymers, low K polymer network , thick photo resist modules • Developed robust solutions for adhesion/de-adhesion/stripping issues in small cavities and special surfaces • Developed novel Si wet etch process • Wet & dry etch process for metals, oxides, nitridesAPTOS CORPORATION, MILPITAS, CA 1999-2000Principle Process Development Engineer • Responsible for WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging) , focused on bumping (Cu, solder, Au, lead free bump, . .) product development • Process integration a) Novel wet etch process of polyimide (PI) (patent application pending) b) Low K material process module c) thick photo-resist module for electroplating d) Redistribution layer process module e) Trouble shooting for integration technology f) Responsible for bump inspection criteria: bump shape,CD, bump height, chemical component, shear strength, reflow characteristics . . .HEWLETT-PACKARD LABS, PALO ALTO, CA 1992 - 1999Principle ScientistBuilt computer peripheral technologies & printer products including • ink chemistry for inkjet printer • photoconductor chemistry & manufacturing process for laser printer • organic light emitting diode (OLED) • leading technical team in technology building, transferring , product development and market introduction • tailoring the chemistry to meet new applications in imaging hardware products 2
  3. 3. RICOH CORPORATION OF AMERICA, SAN JOSE, CA 1989 - 1992Project Manager • Proposed a business & master plan • Raised US$2M funding for organic photoconductor (OPC) dedicated for desk top laser printer product • Managed the OPC project team including building of new facilities for coating, hiring staff, organizing & managing technical team, • Demonstrated product prototype in a short period of timeEASTMAN KODAK RESEARCH LABS, ROCHESTER, NY 1985 - 1989Senior Scientist • Researched and developed organic photoconductor (OPC) for high speed color copier & laser printerDAINIPPON INK & CHEMICALS , TOKYO , JAPAN 1982- 1985Senior Scientist • Responsible for the development and market introduction of novel organic photoconductor (OPC) for destop copier SFT600 CITIZENSHIP US Citizenship EDUCATION PhD, Tokyo Institute of Technology , Tokyo, Japan, 1982 (Information Physics/Imaging Science & Technology ) LINGUISTIC SKILLS Fluent English, Japanese, Vietnamese PATENTS I own 35 US Patents and 30 Japanese Patents 3
  4. 4. SKILL SET INVENTORY KHE NGUYEN 1808 FARNDON LOS ALTOS ,CA94024TECHNOLOGY BUILDING & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SCIENTISTENGINEER/SummaryPhD scientist involved in IC sensor product development (MEMS applications) , Electronic Packaging (WaferLevel Packaging , bumping technology), ink jet ink formulation , photosensitive & display materials , polymerchemistry & physics, water base chemistry , colorant chemistry, material analysis and technical projectmanagement Research & Development Project Management Product development Patents & Innovation • Wafer Level Packaging • Project • Product Suggesting novel • Electroplating, bumping proposal qualification concepts technology • IC sensor processing & • Fund raising • ISO Proving working fabrication (MEMS) concepts • Accelerometer, humidity • Staff hiring • Customer Invention sensor, micromirror satisfaction desclosure array, gyroscope strategy applications • Semiconductor bond • Budget • Quality control Patent application process & materials management • Photoimageable polymer • Technical staff • Documentation 32US Patent process management granted • Wet and dry etch • Project • Product 36 Japanese process of polymers & milestone introduction Patents Granted silicon time table • Water based & salt & • Technical • Design of colorant chemistry project Experiments management • Tailoring chemicals • Emulsion polymers • Photosensitive materials & Organic LED devices • Electrophotographic materials 4
  5. 5. • Trouble shooting & Problem solving • Served as Program Chair for Electronic Imaging SPIE 1994, International Conference on Non-Impact Printing Technology 1986- 1995, Information Super Highway 1995ADDENDUMUS PAT. NO. Title 1 6,508,87 2 Lightfast additive molecule for inkjet ink 2 6,465,14 2 Low-temperature cure polyvinylbutyral as a photoconducter binder 3 6,417,24 9 Ink-jet printing ink compositions having superior smear-fastness 4 6,248,80 5 Ink-jet printing ink compositions having magnetic properties and specific core/shell binder 5 6,248,16 1 Preparation of permanent color inks from water-soluble colorants using specific phosphonium salts 6 6,136,48 6 Cross-linked polyvinyl butyral binder for organic photoconductor 7 6,057,38 4 Latex polymer blends for improving the permanence of ink-jet inks 8 6,027,84 4 Polymeric binders having saturated ring for improved performance of single layer positive organic photoconductor 9 6,002,90 1 Electrophotographic photoreceptor and electrophotographic apparatus 5
  6. 6. 10 5,990,20 2 Dual encapsulation technique for preparing ink-jets inks11 5,972,55 2 Photoconductor comprising a complex between metal oxide phthalocyanine compounds and hydroxy or amine compounds12 5,858,59 2 Terpolymers useful as charge injection barrier materials for photoreceptor13 5,834,56 4 Photoconductor coating having perfluoro copolymer and composition for making same14 5,821,01 9 Composite organic photoconductor having particulate charge transport layer15 5,750,30 0 Photoconductor comprising a complex between metal oxide phthalocyanine compounds and hydroxy compounds16 5,666,61 5 Minimal liquid carrier transfer in an image formation process17 5,631,11 4 Derivatives of diiminoquinones useful as electron transport agents in electrophotographic elements18 5,608,50 7 Direct transfer of liquid toner image from photoconductor drum to image receiver19 5,558,96 5 Diiminoquinilidines as electron transport agents in electrophotographic elements20 5,556,73 0 Charge injection barrier for positive charging organic photoconductor21 5,529,86 9 6
  7. 7. Reusable positive-charging organic photoconductor containing phthalocyanine pigment and cross-linking binder22 5,518,85 3 Diffusion coating process of making inverse composite dual-layer organic photoconductor23 5,516,61 0 Reusable inverse composite dual-layer organic photoconductor using specific polymers24 5,506,08 2 Cross-linked polyvinyl butyral binder for organic photoconductor25 5,476,60 4 Charge injection barrier for positive charging organic photoconductor26 5,364,72 7 Positive-charging organic photoconductor for liquid electrophotography27 5,320,92 3 Reusable, positive-charging organic photoconductor containing phthalocyanine pigment, hydroxy binder and silicon stabilizer28 5,141,83 7 Method for preparing coating compositions containing photoconductive perylene pigments29 5,112,71 1 Electrophotographic recording elements containing a combination of titanyl phthalocyanine-type pigments30 5,055,36 8 Electrophotographic recording elements containing titanyl phthalocyanine pigments and their preparation31 5,019,47 3 Electrophotographic recording elements containing photoconductive perylene pigments32 4,968,57 1 7
  8. 8. Electrophotographic recording elements containing a combination of photoconductive perylene materials33 4,868,07 9 Infrared-sensitive electrophotoconductive element comprising an anthanthrone, a phthalocyanine and an oxadiazole compound in admixture34 4,699,86 2 Electrophotoconductor35 4,504,56 0 Electrophotoconductor for electrophotography comprising a disazo compound 8