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America's Legacy
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America's Legacy


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The following is a compilation of items to be included in a time capsule to represent America’s legacy.

The following is a compilation of items to be included in a time capsule to represent America’s legacy.

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  • 1. America’sCultural Legacy vThe following is a Compilation of Items to be Included in a Time Capsule to Represent America’s Legacy Presented by Kathryn A. Stern 1
  • 2. Levi’s Blue JeansLevi’s blue jeans represent a longtradition of high quality, American-made products. When jeans becamepopular in the 1950s they appealedto a rebellious youth. Today, jeansare an interesting dichotomybetween durable work-clothes andhigh fashion.Even though blue jeans are a distinctAmerican symbol, they are now aglobal commodity. I once asked myGerman grandfather why he neverowned a pair and he replied thatonly young Americans wore them.Blue jeans are representative ofAmerica’s casual culture and ourhistory of rebellion. 2
  • 3. Disney MoviesDisney is the flagship of Americanentertainment and is an economicpowerhouse. To begin to understanda time period in America, one canstart by watching a Disney moviefrom that era. For example, the1940s movie, Dumbo, depicts socialconflicts through its use of African-American caricatures.Aside from its controversial past, Iwould argue that Disney is valuablebecause it teaches millions ofchildren about love, friendship, andperseverance. As well, these movieshave inspired many generations touse their imagination. Source 3
  • 4. Bottle of CokeFor over a century, Coca-Cola hasquenched the world’s thirst with itsbrown, sugar water. Its successfulbranding also makes it the mostrecognized American product.Unfortunately though, the company’slarge-scale production leads tonegative externalities with lastingimplications.On the other hand, Coca-Cola is alsoan economic staple that providesthousands of jobs around the world.My mom was employed by Coca-Cola and I developed an appreciationfor the financial stability andopportunity it created. 4
  • 5. NASA PhotographsNASA’s efforts have inspiredindividuals to pursue careers inscience, technology, engineering,and mathematics. This governmentagency stimulates economic growthand advances frontiers. NASA notonly enables people to dream abouttomorrow, it also helps thosedreams become a reality.In elementary school I was asked towrite a report on an inspirational,historical figure. I chose Sally Ride,the first woman in space. Eventoday, I admire her courage,intelligence, and ability to pushboundaries. NASA’s efforts arerepresentative of the pioneeringspirit of America. 5
  • 6. Ford Model TThe Ford Model T mobilized themiddle class by enabling people totravel further for work and leisure. Itssuccess created not only a need for anational highway system, but also formore environmentally friendly modesof transportation.I believe that the independent nature ofAmericans, coupled with our addictionto the freedom that cars allow, hascontributed to the demise of ourplanet’s health. It is important for theFord Motor Company to become asocially responsible firm that mitigatesthe negative externalities.One positive aspect about the Model Tis that it inspires technologicaladvances and is still the benchmark forautomotive success. 6
  • 7. iPhoneThe iPhone is not just a form ofaudio communication; it is also acamera, newspaper, and computer.This multipurpose gadget has bothnegative and positive implications onour everyday behavior.Americans have become addicted totheir smartphones, and it is notuncommon for face-to-faceinteractions to be interrupted by atext-message or a Tweet. However,smartphones can easily connectfriends and family. Instead of justhearing someone’s voice, you canhave a live, video conversation orinstantly share a photo. iPhonesmake the important things in life,such as staying in touch with thoseyou love, more attainable. 7
  • 8. A FootballAlthough the title of “America’sPastime” is given to baseball, themore popular sport may actually befootball. Each week, Americansgather with family and friends towatch football and root for theirfavorite team. Football is alsoclosely associated with majorholidays such as Thanksgiving,Christmas, and New Years.The most coveted event in football,the Super Bowl, occurred during mybirthday weekend on three differentoccasions. As an avid New EnglandPatriots fan, I was ecstatic tocelebrate both my birthday and myfavorite team’s Super Bowl victorysimultaneously. Americans are morepassionate about football than anyother sport. 8
  • 9. The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby depicts thecorrupt and immoral lifestyle ofwealthy Americans in the 1920s.The characters in the noveldestroy the American Dream—success achieved through hardwork—by pursuing materialwealth instead of happiness.This novel remains relevant todaybecause it teaches readers that thisbehavior is neither noble norfulfilling. There have been sixfilms created about the The GreatGatsby and I believe that itspopularity is due in part to theimportance of the AmericanDream. 9
  • 10. The History ofBarack Obama’sPresidencyThe most positive accomplishmentin recent American history is theelection of our first bi-racialpresident, Barack Obama. As anation, we are slowly redefininghow we view America. We notonly integrate and appreciate othercultures, but we also embraceindividuality.Recently, President Obama saidthat “the true strength of ournation comes…from the enduringpower of our ideals: democracy,liberty, opportunity, andunyielding hope”. These idealscannot be captured within a timecapsule. Instead, I hope that thehistory of our first bi-racialPresident will represent thosevalues and America’s culturallegacy. 10
  • 11. Thank you for viewing mypresentation! 11
  • 12. Image SourcesSlide 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 12