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    Trailer Trailer Presentation Transcript

    • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • What is a Teaser Trailer?
      • A Teaser Trailer is a very short trailer (usually less than a minute) which offers a quick glance at an upcoming film. Teaser Trailers are usually released quite a while before the film is released. The full theatrical trailer usually comes out after fiming has finished.
    • Trailer
      • I looked at a few existing trailers to get an idea of what makes a trailer and how the shots are arranged to make the trailer grab your attention. This was also done to see how trailers for films with the same genre that I’m doing, are different to others and what the trailer involves to let you know that the film is a thriller. Not only this, but the type of music and titles were another important part that I had to look at.
    • Trailer
      • The main features in a Trailer for a Thriller is:
      • One or two main characters
      • The pace begins to increase towards the end
      • Colours or lighting is dark
      • There is a ‘bad guy’ or something that the main characters need to do or avoid.
    • Skeleton Key
      • The Skeleton Key is one of the trailers that I looked at. The main features of this trailer/film are:
      • There is one main female character
      • The trailer starts off slowly and then the pace picks up towards the end
      • It is set in an old house next to a lake
      • The lighting or colours in the trailer are dark (mostly set at night)
      • There have been strange occurances and the man seems as though he has been cursed.
      • A lot of the film is about voodoo
    • Skeleton Key The main character The old house, set at night An iconic scene The other main character
    • Shuttle
      • I looked at this trailer because there are two main characters who are both female. The features in this trailer are:
      • Two main characters who are both girls (vulnerable)
      • There is a ‘bad guy’- in this trailer they want you to know who he is and what he looks like
      • The pace does start to pick up although, it isn’t as fast as the ‘Skeleton Key’
      • The main idea is that they get onto a bus thinking they will be taken home, when the driver takes them somewhere else. We don’t really know what it’s about as we don’t know why he has kidnapped them.
      • The music is a little quiet even though it’s got a fast beat, but it’s because there is a lot of talking and there is a narrative too.
      • The trailer starts of happy because it shows pictures of the two main characters, together and happy. But this changes as the trailer goes on.
      • Set at night
    • Shuttle Two main characters The car they are taken in, set at night The ‘Bad Guy’ Someone being chased down and killed
    • Ok Go Music Video
      • I looked at this music video because it is based on motion. Increasing the speed of a clip or reducing the speed (slowing it down). I thought about having to do this for a few of my shots to make it look more energetic and real.
      This is when the shot has been speed up This is one that was slowed down
    • Trailer
      • I found with a Thriller trailer, you have to include shots that are scary, as well as the music, and when editing it together, each shot has to be quite quick so that it adds pace to the trailer and excitement. The music starts off quite and slow but as the trailer goes on, the music gets louder and the pace picks up. This keeps your interest and can make you excited enough to go and watch the film to see what happens. This is what I kept in mind when making my trailer and shooting each scene. I realized that I would have to film quite a lot of different short scenes to make it look as though there is a lot to watch.
    • My Trailer
      • The pace in the music and shots, increases towards the end.
      • Clearly shows the two main characters.
      • There is a mysterious person hanging around that could be a danger to the main characters (adds tensions and something to look out for).
      • Some shots are scary such as, the girl being dragged along the floor and an arm reaching up onto the other girls shoulder.
      • The colours/lighting is quite dark and has that old style/feel to it.
    • My Trailer
      • After looking at the ‘Shuttle’ trailer, I decided to have two, female main characters. They would be friends.
      • It is suggested that they find antiques from (supposed) abandoned houses. It then says that they find some photos wheich then become a big part of the film. It also looks as though there is someone who is after them because you see hand and feet, but not the face.
    • My Trailer
      • The pace starts of slow so that it sets the scene and you can try to understand what the film may be about. The pace gets faster so that it sustains you’re interested and makes you want to see the film afterwards.
      • The colours, brown and red are quite obvious in the trailer, although I have tried to keep the shots dark so that it has that spooky look for a Psychological Thriller. The browns were from the old photographs.
      • The music starts off with whispers because I thought this was quite creepy and can also be translated as being the voices from the photos or the people who used to live there. There isn’t a narrator because I didn’t think one was needed but there is some speech to make the trailer scarier and also keep you interested too.
      • The trailer as a whole doesn’t really give away what happens, so keeps it mysterious, however you do get a general idea that the photos are important and that there is someone after the two main characters.
    • The music
      • For the music in my trailer, I found three different tracks and then edited them together because I liked certain parts from each piece. I think it works quite well because it starts off quite but then gets louder as the pace picks up.
    • Trailer
      • I challenged forms by not having a narrative at the beginning of the trailer like other trailers do to inform the audience what the film is about. Not only this, but there aren’t any typical sounds that are normally associated with thrillers, such as the door creaking open or children singing nursery rhymes. The trailer doesn’t really give too much away and tends to keep most of the storyline, characters and what happens to the characters a secret. In most trailers do you see what most of the characters look like, whereas with mine, you don’t know who or what the person who is coming after the characters looks like. This is so that when a person comes into the film, you don’t know whether to fear them or like them. Also, my trailer doesn’t start with an establishing shot like most do. This is because I wanted it to be a secret for those going to watch it (if it was real).
    • Trailer
      • Sticking to the genre , the typical expectations that I stuck too were the scary shots where there is a close up of a hand on the window which then goes back to show the whole person who is a silhouette. There is also another shot where one of the actors is being dragged along the floor.
      • The actors aren’t wearing anything that really stands out or is typical of the thriller genre. There are some films like, chick flicks where the typical representation is that the actors are wearing school uniforms at some point in the film. In mine however, the two actors are just wearing casual clothes as the only thing that they were doing at the beginning of the trailer, is searching the house for antiques. This however only changes slightly because they begin to take off their jackets if they are running all the time.