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  • 1. Poster Kristina Tristram
  • 2. What is a poster?
    • A poster is an image that represents the film and is shown to people so that it can catch their eye and interest and hopefully persuade them to go and watch the film.
    • It includes the actors names, a blurb at the bottom which states the film companies that produced it as well as the Directors and Producers.
    • Some may even have star ratings or comments at the bottom from newspaper.
    • The image on the poster may be off the main characters or an iconic scene or object in the film.
    • Date the film is released
    • Bright colours to make it eye catchy
  • 3. Poster
    • I looked at a couple of posters, mainly looking at what was included on the poster, such as the name of the actors, who the director is, the date it is released and the paragraph of writing. Not only this but seeing how they had used the image to catch the audiences attention. It could have been one image or a couple put together in photo shop. I was seeing what they had used as their main image to basically represent what the film is about. One poster I did look at was the poster for the film ‘Killer Movie’. This is because it only has the image of a camera lens. I decided to take this idea but to include other images with it. Such as images of the two actors looking at the camera or either reflections in the camera lens.
  • 4. The Skeleton Key The main feature of this poster is the eye. It stands out and is creepy because you feel as though it is looking at you. You can also see someone in the eye which leads you somewhere else. I do like how in the word ‘key’ the e has been changed for a pound sign. It does look a little bit like a key hole which would then go with the name of the film. The colours are dark so that it goes with the spooky feel of the film. The only problem with this poster is that I feel the name of the film, is a little too small. If you were looking at it from far away, I don’t think you’d be able to see which film it is. It doesn’t have the name of the director on there, but it does have the name of the main actor at the top
  • 5. Batman The focus is on the villain rather than the heroes. This makes the film seem scarier. Having his hand on the frosted glass and the face blurred is creepy because it’s as though he is trying to get to you and that he is watching you. This is a fear that some people have too, when they think that someone is watching them through the window. The words that look as though they were written in blood look threatening and the fact that it asks a question too makes it seem as though it’s aimed at you and therefore drawing the reader/audience in.
  • 6. What I liked about this poster are the different layers. It has been divided due to the different images used, rather than just having the one. The images are in black and white which makes the red test stand out. The red also resembles blood. It has the name of the three actors at the top as well as what might be a quote or review about the film to interest the audience, The name of the film stands out because it is against a red background and the red stands out from the black and white images.
  • 7. Poster
    • Looking at different posters helped me to decide whether to use one image or more than one. I made two posters in the end, one which was portrait and included two images that sort of faded together which had been done on a few different posters. I wanted to try and produce a poster that only had one image to see whether I could still make it look effective.
    • The actors are only casual wear, a top and trousers. This shows that this particular image used for the poster was taken later on in the film as they are no longer wearing their jackets. The scared looks on their faces let you know that the film is a thriller rather than comedy.
  • 8. Poster
    • It challenges other posters because most of them are bright in colour and most do rely on the colour to grab your attention. Either that or something dramatic is going on in the background such as explosions or gun fights etc. My posters however are simple in the fact that they only have the two actors with scared looks on their faces looking at the camera. The colour isn’t bright as it is meant to look like an old photo. However, I think with the fact that they are looking directly at you and it looks as though you are the camera, it makes you want to look at the poster closer.
  • 9.