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5C prep phrase poetry
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5C prep phrase poetry


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  • 1. For I awoke from my sleep all cozy under my sheets,
    up I went from my peaceful slumber.
    Down the stairs by twos and threes,
    of course why should I care?
    Through the garage door I left, my feet could have froze,
    for I ran inside and lit a fire.
    Until my parents would wake up I would pour juice in a cup,
    after my parents woke up,
    we fed my pup,
    after that we had breakfast.
    Will H.
  • 2. Above my head where mountains loom,
    Down the slopes where skiers meander,
    Between the trees they swish about.
    Under grating chairlifts, where gelid snow sways,
    Behind them, where immense blue skies hover,
    Before them, the base emerges.
    Inside, the chatter of people and friends.
    Up wafts hot chocolate steam.
    From where the fireplace sends warmth,
    Outside, imminent nightfall.
    Will M
  • 3. Between the hedges where the hedges where the action happens
    Above the turf field where The Bulldogs play
    Before the jumbo-tron that shows the score
    Near the end zone where Hairy Dawg dances
    Above the cameras that keep memories forever
    In the crowd of cheering fans wearing red and black
    Below the orange sun high in the sky
    Inside section C
    In row seven, so close to the field
    Between my brothers I watch the game.
  • 4. Up the elevator shaft,
    with state stones going by,
    around the building winds blew,
    at the peak of the platform,
    in the center of the room,
    about the crowds so large,
    behind my parents,
    inside the room so high,
    above a small exhibit,
    near my cousins.
  • 5. In the sand that is amid my feet,
    With shimmering coke bottles,
    On my bleeding toes with crabs,
    Between waves lifeless fish pop-up,
    Upon the air a redolence of oysters,
    Among the bridge a rupture of splinters
    Beneath it seaweed goes,
    Within the pool noodles buoyed,
    Below the sand crabs lay,
  • 6. Under the harsh sun the scarlet red shined in the stadium
    Among the light the sun was burning them
    Near the field the helmets clashed
    Inside the stadium the two teams bashed
    On the field the ball was thrown
    On my head was a Hog Hat of my own
    In the bleachers the fans would scream
    With the thrill came the dream
    Besides the sidelines Greg Childes would run
    Beyond the cheering came the fun
    In the end my team lost
    Along with the fun came the cost.
  • 7. Beyond the giant rollarcoasters
    Around the massive lines
    Through the things that used to scare me
    With the smell of pizza of all kinds
    Near fresh turkey straight out of the oven
    Inside the water beaten boats
    Past the people screaming
    For the writing on my notes
    Across the movie screening
    To colored lights saying “Disney World.”
  • 8. Beyond the planes lay a runway and
    Inside me I knew this would be a great day then
    On the bleaches I sat feeling a sudden chill;
    Upon the sky I gazed, awaiting for the blue yonder to fill
    For this was the Blue Angels and in an instant
    Around I looked and I could spot eager places in all sorts of places and as I peeked
    Behind me I caught a glimpse of a hopeful five year old boy then I figured
    Through the show, the blaring roar of planes would annoy and
    In my mouth I could taste smoke as they whizzed by and as I peered
    Among the throng, the people were going crazy and after the show I said, “God bless the Navy.”
  • 9. Above the turf field
    Around the humongous video board
    Below the beautiful, orange sunset
    Near the stone-decorated statue of our mascot, Bully
    Under the well-furnished press box
    Beneath the maroon and white sign
    Inside section D
    In row 19
    Between my dad and my brother, I sit
    On a maroon and white chair back, watching Mississippi State win.
    Daniel B
  • 10. Below the steep concrete driveway,
    On my face where sweat lay,
    Under the dock were the sounds of lapping waves,
    Beyond the cove boat engines roar,
    Across the lake crusty engines lay below vessels,
    Around my feet with the warmth of the lake water,
    Beside the boat house had the smell of thick seaweed,
    Near the house with the smell of tall healthy flowers,
    After my swim the taste of musty lake water lingered in my mouth,
    Until I opened a fresh cold bottle of water.
  • 11. Down the steep hill, where the smooth road meets the rocky gravel driveway
    Across the astronomic bluish green lake
    Next to the thunderous roar of motorboats
    By the birds chirping with joy
    Near the thick, lush vegetation
    Next to mom’s delicious cooking
    With fresh fish in my mouth
    Beyond the irregular rocks covered in moss
    Across the glassy water
    Behind the cool lemonade, I sat very happy.
  • 12. Upon the sun glaring on the scorched sand
    Beyond the water that was sparkling blue
    In the sand a crab that I picked up with my hand
    Along the populated beach children were yelling
    Through my nose delicious pizza I was smelling
    During the waves crashing and roaring
    Under the umbrella my dad was snoring
    Inside my mouth was a buttery piece of bread
    Onto the sand I threw the book I had just read
    After long days I lay down and sleep in my bed.
    Daniel S
  • 13. beyond the mountains farther from me is the city of Aspen,
    with it’s glistening glow and the skiers going to their condo,
    up in the sky is the sun that shines like the snow,
    upon the air is the scent of hot chocolate and scented candles,
    at the condo the grill is on and I can taste the hamburgers,
    along with the french fries a crisp the warmth of hot air,
    before me warms my chapped face and chocolate chip cookies,
    in the silver plate my mom provided me with blankets fresh,
    from the dryer I also smelt febreeze about,
    after dinner asleep and dreamt of the joys for tomorrow.
  • 14. Beyond the glistening white snowy hill I see people skiing down the hill
    Across the snowy hill I see snowmen and snow angels being made
    Over the snowy hill I see the shivering metal ski lift
    During my ski ride I feel my skis riding me not me riding my skis
    After I am done skiing I see the hot yellow sun beaming the snow
    Behind me I hear laughter and fun
    Beside me I can smell hot cocoa next to me
    Near me I see 10 feet ski jumps
    Above me the beautiful blue sky
    In front of me everything I have ever seen.
  • 15. Beyond the houses where bazaars standThrough the maze of stores sits the TajMahalInside the TajMahal are two gravesAbout the king and queen who lie in there I can’t tell Through the whole palace is marble In the soft moonlight it is more beautiful then ever About the only time it is more beautiful are Indian holidays Behind the palace use to flow a river Beyond the river there is a village In the village I am there doing fireworks on the holidays.Nalin
  • 16. Into the palm trees that sway to the rhythm of the wind
    Beyond the beaches that are so colorful
    To the crickets that chirp at dawn
    Before the rushing water that is so loud
    With the amazing food that fills the air
    In the maze of flowers that smell so divine
    Through the restaurants that’s food is unique
    To the air of smells that lures you in
    Between the rocks on the beaches where there hermit crabs and sea snails
    Until I go again I will always remember til’ then
  • 17. As I pulled up in my limousine,
    Up I stood,
    Out the top,
    Up high I saw the top of buckeye stadium,
    Down on my forehead beamed the sun,
    Through the tunnel I walked,
    Upon the pavement I could hear the clickety-clack,
    Of my friends football cleats,
    Around the stadium I heard the roar of the crowd,
    Beyond the crowd I could smell fresh popcorn,
    Over and over the water flowed,
    Out of the water fountain it tasted good on a snowy day, In Buckeye stadium.