Modern Domino: Addresses


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Modern means many things. This includes the way we enter and display address details within Notes applications

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  • For example…An application may have 10 forms, we can tell that from the code.The data may show that only 3 forms have data and of those 95% of the data uses one form.The code may show that a field is a keyword with ten values.The data may show that only three of those values are ever used.
  • All applications are not equally importantAll forms, views, actions, or even fields are equally important. Invest time in areas based on business value identified from feedback.Not based on the number of views/forms or lines of LotusScript code.Does it make sense to be investing the most on the application with the most form/views or the one that is being used the most?
  • Journey. Especialy true with mobile devices. Mobile opens the door for a lot of opportunities that may not have existed before.e.g. Geocoding of current location.Voice input makes it practical to capture more information.Cameras can be used to capture photos and attach the records.
  • Modern Domino: Addresses

    1. 1. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Modern Domino Addresses
    2. 2. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Classic Addresses • Addresses are an integral part of many Notes applications. • One of the original purposes for storing addresses was to facilitate the printing of mailing labels. • Today it is more common for B2B and B2C communication to take place via email or social media. • It is now more likely that an address will be used to provide data for a mapping tool or GPS. • But how many Notes applications continue to support addresses in a way best suited for mailing labels versus a mapping tool?
    3. 3. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Classic Address Formats • Address format vary around the world. • In the US the standard format adopted by USPS comprises two lines for street address, followed by a line with city, state, and zip code (postcode). • In Notes applications an address is typically represented by five separate fields, one for each component. • If multiple addresses are required (e.g. billing versus mailing address) we typically see multiple groups of five fields for each address. • It is rare for an application to consolidate these into a single address field.
    4. 4. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Data Entry • On a mobile device such as a smart phone entering addresses can be a chore, especially when a classic address format has been used. • Unless mailing labels are still being used it doesn’t seem to make much sense to have two separate fields for street address. • In the US the zip code has an 80% chance of identifying the city and a 99%+ chance of identifying the State. • To reduce data entry consider placing the zip code before the city and state and prepopulate these two fields based on the zip code entered.
    5. 5. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Data Entry Code
    6. 6. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Data Entry Code
    7. 7. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. GPS • For some applications there is a need to capture the current location. If the device has a built-in GPS it is possible to convert the current location into an address and pre-populate the address field(s) virtually eliminating the data entry. • GPS systems can be inaccurate so it is usually a good idea to allow the user of the application the ability to correct the address. • If it is important to ensure the current location is always used, store the longitude and latitude as non-editable fields.
    8. 8. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. GPS Code* * Example Uses jQuery
    9. 9. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Mapping • On mobile devices it is possible to link an address to the devices native map application. • It is usually a good idea to consolidate each address into a single (computed) field to facilitate mapping. • When displaying an address, the consolidated address can be displayed as a link to a mapping tool.
    10. 10. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Mapping Code
    11. 11. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream. Mapping Code (Components) • If a single address field is not available the address can be calculated using EL. value="${document1.donorAdd1} ${document1.donorCity} ${document1.donorState} ${document1.donorZip}"