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A quick recap of Lotusphere events over the past 20 years.

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  1. 1. Lotusphere learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  2. 2. What Is Lotusphere? Orlando January Eat & Meet JAMFest Opening Speakers Bloggers Panels Gurupalooza Parties OGS Welcome Party Kimonos Opening Acts Family Reunion FamilyReunion Blog Monkeys Ask The Developers Product Announcements BOFs Technical Sessions Theme Parks Closing Session learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  3. 3. Lotusphere Working together The early years The right event. The right solutions. Right now Opening Speaker Geoffrey Moore 1993 learn. do. dream. Release the power Closing Session Cirque du Solei 1995 www.redpilldevelopment.com 1996
  4. 4. Lotusphere The early years Pool of knowledge Cultivate your senses Earth, Wind & Fire Opening Speakers Jamie Clark Alan Hobson Opening Speaker Avery Brooks Nice France Closing Speaker Bill Nye Doobie Brothers 1997 learn. do. dream. 1998 www.redpilldevelopment.com
  5. 5. Lotusphere 1999 Announcements Lotus Notes R5 Domino on Linux Y2K A Part Of Every Decision Opening Speakers Jim Lovell Gene Krantz Performance by Pointer Sisters Seaworld Lotusphere Europe learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  6. 6. Announcements Lotusphere 2000 Lotus QuickPlace 2.0 Domino.Doc Family Extended Notes/Via Voice Integration LOOKING FORWARD Opening Speaker Walter Cronkite Demos Registration learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com Welcome Party
  7. 7. Lotusphere 2001 IN THE Announcements Lotus Knowledge Discovery System Domino Everyplace Server Lotus Collaboration Services KNOW Opening Speaker Al Franken Closing Speakers Umbilical Brothers learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  8. 8. Lotusphere 2002 Announcements Notes 6 Q3 Tivoli For Domino Next Generation of Learning Space PROOF POSITIVE Opening Speaker Ben Stein Al Zollar Closing Speaker Kevin Nealon learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  9. 9. Announcements Lotusphere 2003 IBM Lotus Sametime Everyplace 3 Lotus Domino Toolkit for Websphere Studio IBM Leaning Management System the essential human element Breakfast Opening Speaker Rudy Giuliani BOF Closing Speaker Dr. Ronan Tynan Ask The Developers learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  10. 10. Lotusphere 2004 Announcements Notes 7 Beta Websphere Portal Focus IBM Workplace The Workplace For !nnovation Opening Speaker Patrick Stewart Kimonos Closing Speaker Richard Jeni Bloggers learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com
  11. 11. Announcements Lotusphere 2005 Notes 7 Workplace Collaboration Services IBM Workplace Designer ENVISION DECISIONS Opening Speaker John Cleese Gurupalooza learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com Closing Speaker Steven Wright
  12. 12. Lotusphere 2006 Announcements Project Hannover: Notes 8 Notes/Sametime Integration Sametime 7.5 FUTURE IN SIGHT Opening Speaker Jason Alexander Spankford JAMFest JAMFest learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com Closing Speaker Jim Gaffigan
  13. 13. Lotusphere 2007 Announcements Lotus Quickr Lotus Connections Lotus SameTime UC2 IT Revolves Around You Opening Speaker Neal Armstrong 2nd Life Wed. Night Party learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com JAMFest Closing Speaker Dr. Neal Tyson
  14. 14. Lotusphere 2008 Announcements Notes 8.5 Project “Atlantis” SAP Integration Lotus Foundations EMERGENCE Beach Party Closing Speaker Alton Brown Gurupalooza learn. do. dream. Opening Speaker Bob Costas www.redpilldevelopment.com
  15. 15. Lotusphere 2009 Announcements LotusLive Lotus Alloy, Notes/SAP Integration Notes 8.5 RESONANCE Opening Speaker Dan Aykroyd Opening Act Blue Man Group learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com Closing Speaker Benjamin Zander
  16. 16. Lotusphere 2010 Announcements Project Vulcan, a new vision for Lotus products Lotus Connections 3.0 Lotus Quickr 8.5 Beta Lotus knows Opening Speaker William Shatner Opening Act Nuttin’ But Stringz learn. do. dream. www.redpilldevelopment.com Closing Speaker Brian Cox
  17. 17. Lotusphere 2011 Announcements XPages Mobile IBM Social Business Toolkit LotusLive Symphony Get Social. Do Business. Panels Technical Sessions learn. do. dream. Panels Opening Act Mass Ensemble www.redpilldevelopment.com Opening Speaker Kevin Spacey Closing Speaker Watson
  18. 18. Lotusphere 2012 Announcements SmartCloud for Social Business Notes Next (Social Edition) 2012 IBM Connections Mail Business. Made Social. Opening Speaker Michael J Fox Demo Time? Lotusphere Cookie learn. do. dream. Opening Act OK GO www.redpilldevelopment.com Closing Speaker Andrew Zimmern
  19. 19. IBM Connect 2013 Announcements IBM 9 Social Edition Connections 4.5 Notes/Domino Next 2015 Get social. Do business Opening Speaker Joe Gordan-Levitt Opening Act They Might Be Giants learn. do. dream. Closing Speakers Stephen Strogatz John Hodgman www.redpilldevelopment.com
  20. 20. Announcements IBM Connect 2014 IBM Mail Next Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud Domino Application Cloud Services Energizing life’s work Opening Speaker Seth Myers Keynotes Product Showcase learn. do. dream. Opening Act American Authors Transportation Closing Speaker Dave Lavery App Dev Throwdown www.redpilldevelopment.com Social Events BOFs