ATLUG Day of Champions


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Summary of the content at ATLUG's Day of Champions being held in Atlanta on April 7.

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ATLUG Day of Champions

  1. 1. Monday April 7, 2014 IBM,Atlanta, Georgia RegisterToday at
  2. 2. Short, thought provoking sessions on collaboration, technology, and general interest delivered by some of the best known speakers in the Atlanta area plus a few special guests.
  3. 3. LisaDuke SimplifiedTechnologySolutions
  4. 4. Being Essential Proposing technology solutions to a business audience LouisRichardson IBM
  5. 5. NathanFreeman RedPillDevelopment
  6. 6. HandlyCameron Prolifics
  7. 7. TimTripcony BestMethods
  8. 8. PeterPresnell RedPillDevelopment As Notes turns 25 we look at the future for this Rapid Application Development Platform. Notes has been pronounced dead by many over the years and yet it still lives on. In this session we look at other technologies that have lived on or suddenly died out to find clues on what the future may hold for Notes.
  9. 9. KeithStrickland RedPillDevelopment As the number of devices collecting data grows the amount of data being processed by organizations is exploding exponentially. Graph databases are emerging as the preferred (and some would say only) way to handle Big Data. In this talk we introduce graph databases and explore how they become relevant to Notes/Domino applications.
  10. 10. ChrisWhisonant BestMethods Change is the only constant in life. Our success at home and work is directly related to how well we recognize and respond to that constant need for change. In the world of social business change has come in many forms and the speed of that change continue to increase.
  11. 11. ScottSouder IBM
  12. 12. SimplifiedTechnologySolutions DarrenDuke Suspected Black Hole Planet Lotus One of the most sarcastic voices in the community gives you the what's what of the world, IBM, Google, collaboration, cloud, social and any other buzz words you choose to toss at him. The Samsung Galaxy
  13. 13. In one hour rotate around the room to hear 12 4- minute action packed presentations. Learn about your presenters, what they do, and what interests them
  14. 14. ATL.UG RandyDavison Macys
  15. 15. Asymmetric Modernization KeithStrickland RedPillDevelopment
  16. 16. ChrisWhisonant BestMethods
  17. 17. LouisRichardson IBM
  18. 18. TimTripcony BestMethods
  19. 19. PeterPresnell RedPillDevelopment Explore some of the ways that existing Notes client applications can be enhanced to make them look and behave like a modern application. Also explore options for making the design of Notes applications better suited for use by modernization or platform migration tools.
  20. 20. HandlyCameron Prolifics
  21. 21. LisaDuke SimplifiedTechnologySolutions
  22. 22. NathanFreeman RedPillDevelopment
  23. 23. Interactive Q&A session with our panel of champions. This is your chance to pick the brains of IBM and members of our community.