Asymmetric Modernization of Notes Applications


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When your portfolio of applications starts to approach 20 years they start to look old and tired. Questions get asked. A change is often called for. There is a need to modernize. But the cost is inevitably high because of the number of applications involved. When an application-by-application solution cannot be found it is time to look for an alternative approach. Asymmetric modernization provides a way to modernize entire portfolios of IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) applications for a much lower cost and with significantly less risk.

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Asymmetric Modernization of Notes Applications

  1. 1. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Asymmetric Modernization
  2. 2. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Promise Discovery &AssessmentPortfolio StrategyProject PlanExecute ApplicationStrategyApplication Testing& DeploymentValueTraditional approach to modernization
  3. 3. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.The Costs• Project Costs– Discovery & Assessment– Development of a portfolio strategy– Project planning• For Each Application:-– Business Analysis (re-learning whateach application does)– Documentation (if not in compliancewith current requirements)– Data Migration (platform migrationonly)– Development (average 200 hours perapplication)– QA/UAT– Change Control & Deployment– Training/lost productivity
  4. 4. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.The Numbers• Most organizations aresurprised to learn howmany Notesapplications they have.• An organization with10,000+ Notesapplications is not asuncommon as youmight think
  5. 5. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Total Modernization CostA large number (cost per app)multiplied bya large number (no. of apps)results ina VERY large number
  6. 6. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.The Risks• ApplicationEnhancement/Migration– Interruption to businessprocesses– Impact of bugs introducedinto application– Going over budget, overtime, or both– Not delivering all the neededfunctionality• Data Migration– Data conversion errors– All at once with no going back
  7. 7. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.A new approach is neededApplicationsCapabilities
  8. 8. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.AsymmetricAdjective:contrary to conventional rules or accepted order;
  9. 9. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Asymmetric Modernization• Little or no changes to existingapplications• Combine code and dataforensics to build a base levelof understanding• Deliver core capabilities andmake these available to allapplications• Focus efforts on high impactcustomization• Integrate feedback loops toidentify the next areas ofopportunity for making animpact.
  10. 10. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Extend over Replace• Existing applications workas they did before– Less risk– Less training– Less loss of productivity• Eliminates expensive– Coding– Deployment– Training– Project Planning– Compliance costsExtendReplace
  11. 11. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Combine Code and Data Forensics• Code only shows whatthe application wasdesigned to do• Data provides insightsinto what the applicationis actually doing• Over the years businesslogic accumulates. 80% ofexisting code may not beneeded in the future. Butwhich 80%?CodeForensicsDataForensics
  12. 12. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.For traditional modernization of aNotes platform…$20K - $30K€26K - €39K20% of applications generate a positive ROI
  13. 13. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.For traditional modernization of atypical Notes application…20% of functionality generate a positive ROIBut we cannot be sure which 20%.
  14. 14. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Asymmetric Modernization…• Allows ALL Notes applications tobe modernized for little or noadditional cost• Focuses on functionality thatdelivers the greatest impact– Core capabilities delivered to allapplications– Customization focused on highimpact opportunities• Minimizes unlocked potential inmodernization of ALL applications• Modernize only those featuresstill needed– Lower cost– Lower risk (to other features)
  15. 15. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Integrated Feedback• Modern contexts can change the wayapplications are used. What wasneeded in the past may no longer berelevant in the future.• The users of your applications canidentify their pain points and provideguidance as to the importance oftheir needs.• If the original applications exist intheir established form the pressureto deliver capabilities in a moderncontext are reduced.• The ability to participate in theprocess will often bond users to theapplications as they evolve. Itbecomes less of an IT system andmore of their system.
  16. 16. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.The Bottom LineAn asymmetric approachto modernization candeliver:-• More applications;• Faster;• At a lower cost;• With less risk