How to Give an Angel Card Reading


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How to Give an Angel Card Reading

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  • Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to start doing Angel card readings. First on myself and next on my Reiki tutor. Namastè.
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How to Give an Angel Card Reading

  1. 1. Angel Card ReadingsA Simple Way to Give an Angel Card Reading
  2. 2. Angels, guardian angels, andspiritual guides encompass us, andthey are generally eager to offerus their assistance. These beingscommunicate to us by means ofour intuition and our thoughts,but they are commonly subtle. Ifyou find it hard to tune into yourspirit guides, you may prefer toinvest in some oracle cards orangel cards to assist you tointerpret what they are saying.
  3. 3. Angel cards are very therapeutic.Getting an angel card reading canassist you to release mental chaosand forget about worry. It also mayhelp you repair your body or evenchange your whole life. The angelsthat surround you are aware ofyour troubles and long to help you,but dont forget they cantinterfere with your freedom. Youhave to call upon them forassistance.
  4. 4. Setting Up Your CardsBefore you start offeringangel card readings, itsessential to prepare yourcards to be used.Preparing your cards QuickTimeª and a GIF decompressor are needed to see this picture.infuses them with yourdistinctive energypattern and objectives,which often brings aboutmore accurate results.
  5. 5. Preparing Your Cards Open the card deck and mix up the cards slowly, utilizing love and intention. Feel each card and hold them facing your heart. While feeling the vitality of your heart center, express a prayer to God & the angels. Request them to bless every reading and help you translate the information correctly. Envision all the good that could occur as a result of your angel card readings.
  6. 6. Attempt not to allow otherindividuals touch your cardsas as soon as they do, theirown energy is impressed onthem (this could have aneffect on your readings).When you give anotherperson a reading, draw his orher card for them. If youadopt these measures yourangel card readings willalways be appropriate anduseful for many people.
  7. 7. The easiest angel card reading is theindividual card reading, where a single card is selected from your deck. Take some time to hold the cards while you bring a question or obstacle to mind. Ask your angels for assistance with this condition. After that shuffle the deck and employing your intuition, draw an individual card from any place in the deck. Note if you are guided todraw a certain card, or maybe if a card springs out at you.
  8. 8. Most angel cards come with aguide book, so make the time toexplore the meaning of the card in the book while listening to your own intuition. Angels and spirit guides speak to us through our thoughts, so payclose attention to any ideas that come into your mind. Dont forget that if you pull the samecard over and over again, it may be an indication that these arethe names of your angels or that the information on the card is really important.
  9. 9. Whenever you give yourself an angel card reading, you willnotice that angel messages usually appear along with a realfeeling or emotion. They also communicate by way of our thoughts, ideas, and dreams.
  10. 10. Dont forget you have the power to alter the consequence by altering your thoughts andperceptions. Be sure to ask the angels for help with QuickTimeª and a this if youd like it. Take GIF decompressor are needed to see this picture.time every day to cultivate a partnership with the angels. They will boostyour energy and get rid of negative vibrations.
  11. 11. For more info, Please