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SLES K-8 Presentation to OCPS
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SLES K-8 Presentation to OCPS


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This is a Sand Lake ES K-8 proposal that was presented to the OCPS board on March 24, 2009. The proposal was developed by a parent, and supported by the SLES community. …

This is a Sand Lake ES K-8 proposal that was presented to the OCPS board on March 24, 2009. The proposal was developed by a parent, and supported by the SLES community.

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  • <number>
  • Before we go into the details, let’s evaluate this using the Budget Committee’s criteria<number>
  • Refer to appendix for details on $120K<number>
  • Transcript

    • 1. Save Money & Grow FCAT Excellence at Sand Lake ES A Parent-Led (Mark Lee, SLES 3rd Grade Parent) Community Supported Proposal
    • 2. Budget Crisis Compels Hard & Unwelcome Decisions Many Hard Cost-Savings Decisions (Often Unwelcome by Those Affected) Lie Ahead in the Coming Weeks
    • 3. Easy and Welcome Cost-Saving Decision What If Sand Lake ES Becomes a K-8 School? Add Grades 6, 7, and 8 That Uses Available Capacity
    • 4. Looking for Sand Lake Elementary School Sand Lake ES
    • 5. Successful “A”-Rated K-5 Elementary School! Thanks to the OCPS Board! Started 2005 Capacity*: 741 Enrollment*: 495 ( Dec ‘08) * Source:
    • 6. Build Upon “A” Success Upgrade SLES to Become a K-8 School What if SLES Adds Grades 6 - 8? Then SLES 5th Graders Will Advance GROWTH at SLES till 8th Grade Intellectual & Emotional & Social Grades 5 K 6 8
    • 7. Applying Sand Lake Budget ES Study K-8 Committee Proposal Evaluation Criteria Better $124,324 FCAT annual Scores savings Use 76% “Yes” Windy Pie Chart Ridge as Model
    • 8. Annual Southwest MS $124,324 Busing Savings Eliminating the busing of Sand Lake Community Students Eliminates the Need for 2 Buses * (= $124,324) Easy Decision Fund 2 Teachers Instead of Sand Lake 2 Buses ES • Source: 2008 – 2009 Budget Reduction Report: Impact of the Revised Delivery Schedule
    • 9. Projection 2008 Math FCAT Scores* Using 5th Grade Scores 11 point Difference Grades * Source:
    • 10. 2008 Reading FCAT Scores* Projection Scores Using 5th Grade 19 point Difference Grades * Source:
    • 11. Over 75% Of Survey Respondents Said “Yes” 24% NO YES 76% * Source:
    • 12. Wide Research Support for K-8 Schools Schools/D State Conclusion (see appendix for sources) uration Achievement on state exams was higher for 8th graders in K-8, …. than ME 163 when 8th grade was part of a junior or senior HS 6th graders were found to have higher achievement in an elementary PA 330 configuration than in a middle school configuration … also had higher attendance. Students in the K-8 were more likely to score higher on reading NY 18 achievement tests, exhibit a more positive attitude towards school, 6th and 7th graders in K-6, K-7,and K-12 schools scored significantly LA 700 higher on state exams than students in 6-8 and 7-9 schools. The K-8 configuration more effectively supports students’ psychological WI 3 years growth into adolescence than the configuration that has students move from a K-6 to a 7-9 school. Achievement, self-esteem, and student engagement in the middle Summary grades is higher in schools with an elementary-wide configuration than Conclusion a middle-grades configuration.
    • 13. Summary $124,324 Projected Better FCAT Scores annual busing For SLES as a K-8 School Savings Relative to Windy Ridge ES •Math : 11 points Fund 2 Teachers •Reading : 19 points 24% NO YES 76% An Easy and Welcome Decision to Save Money & Grow FCAT Excellence @ Sand Lake ES
    • 14. Appendix State Source Studied Wihry, D.F., Coladarci, T., & Meadow, C. (1992). Grade Span and Eighth-Grade Academic Achievement: Evidence from a Predominantly Rural State. Journal of Research in Rural ME Education, 8(2), 58-70. Offenberg, R. (2001). The Efficacy of Philadelphia’s K-to-8 Schools Compared to Middle PA Grade Schools. Middle School Journal, 32(4), 23-29. Moore, D.W. (1984). Impact of School Grade-Organization Patterns on Seventh and Eight NY Grade Students in K-8 and Junior High Schools. Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Referenced in: “Grade Span Configurations: Essentials on education data and analysis from research authority AEL”. (March 2005). District Administration (Web Edition). LA Simmons, R.G., & Blythe, D.A. (1987). Moving into Adolescence. New York: Aldine De WI Gruyter.