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Ms. Gross's Class Fossil Presentation
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Ms. Gross's Class Fossil Presentation

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  • 1. Ms. Gross’ Class Presentation   Fossils
  • 2. WHAT ARE FOSSILS? BY : FAITHFossils are the remains of a plantor an animals that lived years ago
  • 3. By Taylor
  • 4. By:SamvitaPaleontologists use many tools for theirwork . You would think thatpaleontologists want to be delicate 5 Cool toolswith fossils but sometimes they usedynamites to dig up fossils. Most of the Paleontologiststime they are very delicate so they usebrooms and brushes to dig up fossils. useSome minerals cover the fossil so thepaleontologists use tweezers to takethe minerals out . They use many cooltools.
  • 5. By olivia
  • 6. Fossils are remains… Fossils are remains ofplants or animals that oncelived long ago. Fossils can also show you whatthe land was like, how theanimals moved and ate, andwhat the climate was like.
  • 7. You can find them in thebeaches,dryland,wetlands,under water. By Ethan
  • 8. Fossils are put in different places becauseThey are put in different places because they die ina place and then the land changes over too becomea different type of landFossil gets buried ,over millions of years the landchanges.By Josh
  • 9. Fossils can be in different places like … • many places that are hot or cold like the top of a mountain or a desert
  • 10. Did you know that fossils are madeBy the replacing the original organic minerals with other minerals.
  • 11. 1. What are fossils?
  • 12. Fossils are the remains of plants and animals that lived long ago. Fossils can be found in a snowy mountain or a hot desserd they can even be found in your ownbackyard!You can use a dust tools to get them.You canfind all kinds of different fossils in all kinds of different places!
  • 13. Fossil are the remain orimpressions left by plants or animal was alive but now changed to stone.
  • 15. First NEVER go fossil collecting alone , especially if you are a beginner!Secondly , please DO NOT go near cliffs and big rocks, because you could slip and fall off!!! Be careful!
  • 16. 1.Shovel 2.rock hammer3.Slage hammer 4.paint brush 5.Whisk broom By brooke
  • 17. List 4 Placesthat Fossils can be Found
  • 18. Fossil can be Found…Fossils can be found high onmountains,underwater,deserts,and in sedimentary rocks
  • 19. If you are new at looking for fossils go with someone. Do notlook in thunder storms. If you are in a river be careful. Never look for fossils at cliffs