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Aryan Technologies Corporation is a consultancy company technically and professionally equipped to undertake hardware / software development work on a wide range of platforms. Our company’s main strength lies in the development of System and Application software. Our professional strength is a team of over twenty dedicated professionals, with wide range of experience in computer hardware and software platforms.
The company has expertise in DOS, MS WINDOWS XXX, OS/2, QNX, UNIX, and other RTOS, Multimedia, Animation & Graphics, Communications, Assembling, Trouble shooting and Networking. We therefore have the capability to deal with all your software & hardware requirements at a competitive price.

Our company is dedicated to providing quality services in the areas of LAN / WAN / SAN, communication, data processing consulting, OLAP, Distributed Databases, Internet based services and contract programming services.

 Enterprise wide Resource Planning
 Desktop Applications
 Web Applications
 Network Solutions
 Assembling and troubleshooting
 Website Development
 Multimedia
 Business Portals
 I.T. Security Consulting


 Software / Hardware / Embedded Systems design projects.
 Database technologies, knowledge based systems, customized database software
 Graphics & Animation software design and development.
 System development in Assembly, C, C++, Java, Network Drivers etc.
 Application development in VB / VC++ and other RAD tools.
 Computer Hardware manufacturing & maintenance, LAN / WAN / Internet / Web Site Installations and all related telecommunication support for large organizations.



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Aryans bpo v1 00 Aryans bpo v1 00 Presentation Transcript

    • The Crest of the Rising Technologies
  • This Communication
    • Why are we here
    • Who we are
    • What have we achieved so far
    • For whom we have worked
    • Our value add to your endeavour
  • Our Objective : ‘ To be the preferred partner for clients’ Our Mission : ‘ To provide customized, cost effective excellence in software solutions & support services’ Objective Why are we here
  • Aryan Who we are
    • Is a company formed and run by passionate group of entrepreneurs
    • We believe, we are as good as our team, we boast of a capable and resourceful team
    • We take each project in its merit, yet we are not a distribution center.
    • We strongly believe in supporting what we implement
    • We are different and we urge you to look at us with a small shift in perception.
  • Approach
    • Understand : To know thoroughly by long experience with
    • Analyze:   To examine methodically
    • Create: To produce through artistic or imaginative effort
    • Execute: To create in accordance with a prescribed design
    • Sustain: To keep in existence; maintain
    • Established in Kuwait with footprint in Middle East
    • Eight Year of successful International Business experience.
    • Dedicated presence in India and representative office in Europe
    • Multi sector Service Portfolio.
    Value Proposition
    • Service Profile :
    • Enterprise Solution Development ( ERP, CRM)
    • Web based Solutions Development
    • Multimedia and CBT Development
    • Communication and Networking Solutions
    • Consultancy Services.
    • Client in Middle East
    • Al Radi Hospital
    • Union Of Co-operative Society of Kuwait
    • GUST
    • Global Consultants
    • UNDP
    • UNIKOM... amongst others
    • Ongoing Projects
    • American Hospital Group- Asset Tracking-
    • Salaam Hospital - Great Plains, Navision
    • KNPC- Hospitality Management
    • Union Of Co-Operative-
    • Kuwait Regency Palace- HRMS –
    • Medivac- Communication (TETRA)
  • Data Entry
    • Aryan Solution offers a broad menu of data entry related services. We can enter data from scanned images or physical documents making use of the latest software and hardware technology specifically developed for rapid and accurate data entry. 
    • Data Entry - Our Expertise
    • Aryan has the expertise in managing the paper and labor involved in moving significant volumes of paper documents and images through an organized and structured conversion process.
  • We have skilled and experienced professionals in the following areas
    • Data entry for medical claims
    • Data entry for patient records
    • Data entry of shipping documents
    • Data entry of questionnaires
    • Data entry of mailing lists
    • Data entry for Invoice/receipts/bills
    • Data entry for logistic data
    • Data entry for product details
    • Data entry for yellow pages
    • Data entry of coupons
    • Data entry of Insurance claims
    • Book Data entry
    • Data entry of surveys
    • Data entry for printed and hand written documents
    • Data entry of Legal documents
    • Data entry for credit cards application
    • Data entry for TAX records
    • Data entry for online shopping sites
    • Data entry for white pages
  • Online Data Entry
    • Aryan provides one of the best solutions in the area of online data entry. We provide online service to regularly update online products, prices, and also to update the database on a regular basis. With our world class infrastructure and manpower we process data online and give a turnaround of 8 hours with over 99.95% accuracy.
  • Online Processes Some of the sectors where our services are used in regular basis are online shopping portals, banks, shipping companies, insurance companies, financial institutes, real estate businesses and legal firms.
    • Online data entry of various forms
    • Online data entry of invoice and receipts
    • Online data entry of catalogs
    • Online data capture and collection
    • Online data entry of legal documents
    • Online data entry of products
    • Online data entry from hard copies of documents
    • Online data entry into new applications and software
  • Offline Processes Global organizations outsource data entry works to experts like Aryan in order to save resources, cost and to concentrate on their core business. We undertake the processing of Offline data entry in a vast scale. With the support of customized software and man power we are able to bring in the highest level of quality and turnaround time. We follow double keying process which at Aryan are ensures 99.95% accuracy.
    • Offline data entry of forms
    • Offline data entry of invoice and receipts
    • Offline data for health care
    • Offline data entry of documents
    • Offline data entry of surveys and questionnaires
  • Medical Transcrpition Services Medical Billing is a vital and an integral part of hospital business, yet it is more of a headache for the hospitals to carry it out themselves. Our forte is in providing Accurate Billing, Accelerated Payments, and Increased Client Retention to our clients. Building a successful practice is demanding in today’s healthcare scenario. Aryan can provide you with all the benefits of an in-house organization coupled with our experience of being a leading healthcare services provider. Our medical billing processes are built around your needs and objectives. By having Aryan to take care of your billing needs, your management resources can actually have more time to work on areas like operations, marketing, and above all patient care.   Patient Demographics Entry Charges Entry Claims Preparation Claims Processing Denial anagement/Rejection Analysis/Re-Billing Follow up
  • Medical Coding & Billing Flow-Chart
  • Infrastructure
    • Our offices through out India including our partners have:
    • 15000 Sq. ft fully furnished offices
    • To accommodate 300 Seats per shift
    • Systems with complete peripherals
    • Multiple Servers
    • Back-up Facility (UPS)
    • Broad Band connectivity
    • Training Center
    • Manpower Resource with Supervisors and QC
    • Domain Consultants and Experts
  • Partner Network
    • S. S. Star Technologies- BPO, BPM, Microsoft
    • Dynamics Partners
    • Gem Software
    • Technologies- ERP and Application
    • Riddles & Clues- Microsoft Gold Partners- Microsoft Navision, Great Plains
    • TETRASIM- Terrestrial Trunked Radio Service Providers
    • Who are we : R&D Company with expertise in IT Automation Services providing IT Application Solutions and services.
    • What do we do : Provide solutions in the following areas:
    • 1. R&D and System Integration on different Automation Level
    • 2. ERP & CRM Solutions
    • 3. Managed Application Solutions
    • 4. Internet/ Web based application services
    • 5. On site consulting
    • 6. Networking and Communication Solutions
    • 7. Management Consultancy Service
    • 8. Business Consultancy
    • Where do we operate : Operating in India & Middle-East.
    • How do we operate : Through our offices in India and Kuwait.
    Company Profile
  • Our Vision: Our set-up is aimed at addressing the ever-growing needs in developing effective IT solutions and meeting the international standards of quality, cost and time. We are focused on developing innovative, real-world solutions to complex systems. Our vision is: " Providing high quality, integrated client/ server based solutions and services that add value to our customers " Philosophy
    • Our strategy
    • Cost Effective
    • Customized Solutions
    • Complete Service
    • Investment in quality people & infrastructure.
    Strategy ‘ We take care of our people, they take care of our clients’
  • Customer Aryan Solutions Partnering with Customers Maintenance Suggested Solutions Realization Partner Implementation Decision Feasibility Idea Analysis Market
    • ERP & CRM Solutions
    • Customized solutions for the specific needs.
    • System Integration Services.
    • Enabling legacy applications.
    • Reporting service on Web.
    • B2B and B2C solution design, development/adaptation
    • ERP & CRM systems adaptation.
    • Application Development
    • Re-Engineering / Migration Services
    • - To Client / Server, Windows/ WIN NT, Unix
    • Application Support / Maintenance
    • Production, Support and Running
    • Offshore Development
    • On-site Development
    • On Site Consulting :
    • Provide Skilled Resources on T&M Basis in areas like:
      • Demand skills : Visual Basic, Java, C++, D2K, Ms SQL, Oracle, MY SQL etc.
      • C, HTML/DHTML,Perl,CORBA,ASP etc.
      • Network Design, Management, Administration.
      • Project Managers,Project leads, Analysts, programmers.
    • Rigorous Selection Process.
    • In-House Resource Management Group.
    • Best fit options – Local and Overseas Resources.
    • National Level Resource Access System.
    • On Site Consulting ( contd.. )
    • Maintain a Large Database of available software resources within the country in various skill areas.
    • Maintain a good vendor network – country wide.
    • Robust Systems & Processes right from Selection to Delivery of Resources.
    • Response time – 24 hrs on receiving the requirement specs.
    • Performance Guarantee for the resources delivered.
    • Aryans :
    • Have Prior Development Experience.
    • Experience on;
      • Proven Software Development Methodology.
      • Software Quality Processes.
      • Project Management.
    • Experience in Chosen Technology Areas
    • Experience Level Ranges from 3 to 24 Years.
    • Technology Training
    • Have experience in Quality Processes, Methodologies and Good programming practices in ISO and SEI Certified Organizations
    • Tools & Technologies :
    • Operating Systems
      • Windows Servers, Unix, HP-UX, Solaris
    • Databases
      • MS SQL Server, Oracle, MY SQL, MS Access
    • Application Builders
      • Visual Basic, Developer2010
    • OO Tools
      • Booch, CORBA, COM, DCOM
    • CASE Tools
      • Designer/2010, ER Win, Oracle*Case, Power
      • Designer
    • Languages
      • C, C++, VC++, Pro*C, PL/SQL
    • Tools & Technologies :
    • Internet
      • Related software products including MS-Visual Studio Enterprise Suite, Borland, J Builder Suite, Symantec Suite
      • Java platforms (JAVA, KAVA, EJB, Java Beans, JSP, Corba, JMS, Java Mail, XML, XSLT, SSL, RMI, Applet/ Servlets)
      • Microsoft platforms (ASP, COM/ DCOM, MTS, IIS, Site Server and Index Server
      • For maximum flexibility we can also provide a custom technical platform according to project needs.
    • Adheres to the International Quality System Standards.
    • We invest in Quality to Provide Quality .
    • Detailed plan agreed with the customer
    • Specification of the project goals
    • Prototyping/ pilot project to establish proof mechanisms
    • Milestone reviews
    • Regular progress reports according to agreed formats
    • Project log and problem resolution
    • Configuration management agreement
    • Setting up of problem escalation routes
    • Effective onsite and offshore workflow management
    • Close customer interactions
    Development Approach
  • Proposed Development Model Customer Project Manager Aryan Solutions Project Manager Project Lead Project Lead Project Technical Review Team (QA/ QC) Project Team Project Team Tech Solutions Customer Customer’s Management Aryan Solutions Management
  • ERP, CRM & Application Development Services Project Initiation System Requirement Analysis System Design & Prototype Development System Dev.& Testing Acceptance Testing Final Implementation Production Support & Management
    • Establish Project Baseline
    • Establish Project Controls
    • Prepare Project Plan
    • Plan Project Resources
    • Analyze Business Requirements
    • Define User and System requirements
    • HLD & LLD of proposed system
    • Develop prototypes for the system
    • Build and Test the Designed System
    • Perform Unit, Integration and System Testing
    • Support Client in Acceptance test
    • Implement the system at Client site
    • Ensure smooth transition to production
    • Provide Production Support Management
    • Meet or exceed Service Levels Agreement (SLA) for the Support
    Managed Application Services
  • Project Initiation Existing Application System Analysis Proposed Application System Design &Prototype Development Proposed System Dev.& Testing Parallel Run Acceptance Testing Final Implementation Production Support & Management
    • Establish Project Baseline
    • Establish Project Controls
    • Prepare Project Plan
    • Plan Project Resources
    • Analysis of the existing System
    • Verification of the analysis with the client.
    • Design proposed system
    • Develop prototypes for the Proposed system
    • Build and Test the Designed System
    • Test functionality against the existing system
    • Perform Parallel Run with existing system.
    • Support Client in Acceptance test
    • Implement the system at Client site
    • Upload existing data
    • Ensure smooth transition to production
    • Provide Production Support Management
    • Meet or exceed Service Levels Agreement (SLA) for the Support
    Re-engineering/ Migration Services Managed Application Services
  • Managed Application Services Application Maintenance Services Project Initiation Knowledge Transfer Support Turnover Support Management
    • Establish Baseline understanding of the Application to be outsourced
    • Develop a plan for allocation and controlling work
    • Establish physical working environment
    • Obtain, analyze and update selected documentation portfolios
    • Define final procedures for service request processing
    • Establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Implement new/modified procedures
    • Begin secondary support
    • Provide primary support for application
    • Implement Onsite / Offshore Procedures
    • Provide Application Management
    • Meet or Exceed Baseline SLA & KPI’s
    Responsibility Transfer
    • Better project time scales.
    • Reduced management effort.
    • Release and re-direction of key internal resources.
    • Minimized contingency investments.
    • Lower project development costs.
    • Quick Ramp up and scale down capability.
    The Advantage
    • ERP/ CRM/ Application for
      • Health Sector
      • Sugar Mills
      • Injection Molding
      • Automobile
      • School
    • Multimedia & CBT
    • Web Based Applications
      • Placement
      • Courier
      • Broadcasting
    Project Experience
    • Value Proposition
    • Dedicated Management Focus.
    • Flexible, Dynamic Organization.
    • High commitment level.
    • Experienced Team with Proven Track Record.
    • Availability of Technology & Infrastructure.
    • A keen desire to do business with you.
    Value Proposition
    • THANK YOU.
    • Aryan Technologies Corp.
    • The Crest of
    • The Rising Technology