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Tools & toys


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OSSTF Conference Summary on Tools and Toys

OSSTF Conference Summary on Tools and Toys

Published in: Education

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  • Introduce presenters: Katie Cole and Heather Jakobi

    Check: Each participant should have the package of lessons, cd, and handouts.

    Today’s session is to help teachers implement the new Media Violence Resource for Secondary Teachers teaching English.

    The goal of these lessons is to have our students watch and play, record and create, pause and ponder, eject and reflect, communicate and connect, network and respond, listen carefully, and stop and act upon their media.

    As teachers I know that keeping up with popular culture and new media is challenging and we hope that these lessons and resources can help you meet course expectations while upping your ‘cool factor’.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tools & Toys: Technology in Education
    • 2. Jesse Brown • CBC Broadcaster: of the show Search Engine • Founder of the user generated cartoon site: Bitstrips • Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education • Create: – Political Cartoons – Myths – Historical Events – Short Stories
    • 3. iPod for Success iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad: • Create your own ebook and read it with your iPod using • iPortal – connects live for Trillium users (no info is stored on the device). • Use the recorder to improve your reading skills • Speak Pad – free app (it reads what you have written) • Write Pad – write with your finger and it converts what you have written into text and into other languages. • Dragon mobile – types what you say
    • 4. Web 2.0 Toolkit- Top Websites • See the Prezi at
    • 5. • Camtasia or Captivate = $200 • Jing is created by Camtasia • How do we get this installed on our computers at school?
    • 6. Marc Saltzman • Top Trends in Technology (Technology Expert at CNN)
    • 7. • Lee Lefever Common Craft show – “what is social networking” video in plain English. “Our product is explanation” • Creative –for free use of pictures and music. • A Ning classroom closed account will be sponsored by Pearson. Closed Class Social Networking
    • 8. Podcasting in the Classroom • A podcast is a radio show that is available on the internet, something you can subscribe to and upload to your iPod. • Imagine having your own class radio show. • • Microphones, or headset required and record using Audacity (free download) • Students could have an electronic portfolio