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iPad at Open House

iPad at Open House



A brief introduction outlining the importance of integrating the iPad in your business and encouraging the adoption of using an iPad at open house.

A brief introduction outlining the importance of integrating the iPad in your business and encouraging the adoption of using an iPad at open house.



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  • This is a brief introduction outlining the importance of integrating the iPad in your business and encouraging the adoption of using an iPad at open house.\n
  • \n
  • You’ve seen the commercials -- sure, the iPad is great for playing games...\n
  • ...and watching videos...\n
  • ...and viewing photos...but the iPad is much more than just a recreational device.\n
  • It’s also a great business tool that will enhance your interactions with clients and increase your productivity. Within 90 days of its initial release the iPad managed to penetrate 50% of the Fortune 100 companies.\n
  • Frank Modruson, the CIO of Accenture, said “The day iPad was introduced we had some discussion about adding them into our environment; 24 hours later, we had 500 devices accessing emails...”\n
  • Apple is on track to sell over 40 million iPads this year alone.\n
  • iPads are popping up everywhere. (photo by “Henry”)\n\n
  • They’re so versatile that some people have even started using iPads in place of their cameras... (photo by Jim Strand)\n
  • ...at events... (photo by “T-hund”)\n
  • ...at parades... (photo by Charles Hollman)\n
  • ...and despite what you might think, it’s not just the “Millennials” that are driving this trend. (photo by Traci Lawson)\n
  • The iPad has crossed generations... (photo by “Spin979”)\n
  • (photo by David Muir)\n
  • ...and demographics. (photo by “dennoir”)\n
  • Mobile devices in general have become increasingly popular. (photo by Arvind Grover)\n
  • In fact, 1 out of 4 people in the US who use mobile devices to go online are mobile-only.\n
  • Meaning they no longer rely on their desktop computers...\n
  • ...to surf the web.\n
  • With the amount of devices being used, mobile traffic is on the rise. (photo by “Susan NYC”)\n
  • AT&T reported their data traffic increased by a factor of 30 between 2009 and 2010.\n
  • And it should come as no surprise. (photo by Derek Midgley)\n
  • Simply go outside and look around. (photo by Josh Libatique)\n
  • People have become dependent on their mobile devices. (photo by Andreas Burmester)\n
  • Whether they realize it or not. (photo by Matthew Kenwrick)\n
  • On average, mobile users spend over 2 1/2 hours each day browsing the web and using mobile apps...and the amount of time spent using apps has almost doubled since last year.\n
  • So what? What does this mean for the industry?\n
  • The way people search for homes is changing. Realtor.com reports 10 home searches are performed every second from their mobile apps.\n
  • This has lead to a 240% increase in call leads to agents in the past year. Our customers are going mobile, shouldn’t we?\n
  • Ok, so you have your iPad...what now? (photo by Jun Seita)\n
  • At open house the iPad is great for engaging your prospects and holding their attention. It’s an interactive tool to help you carry the conversation and demonstrate your value. (photo by Waisum Tam)\n
  • As a start, use the iPad to display information you would normally have as handouts. For example, recently sold data -- A good lead-in would be, “Are you familiar with the building or neighborhood?” Regardless of the answer you can show a CMA of the area and explain the importance of this information.\n
  • Another good lead-in is, “Have you seen the rates recently?” Again, regardless of the answer you can bring up a current rate sheet...\n
  • ...combine that with a mortgage calculator and you’re able to easily explain how rates affect buying power.\n
  • The iPad puts multiple resources at your fingertips. By being able to quickly access information you will differentiate yourself from the last agent they spoke with...\n
  • ...and being able to standout matters.\n
  • In addition to helping you engage prospects, the iPad will also help you overcome objections at open house. (photo by “Sexy Sabi”)\n
  • How often have you heard, “We’re just looking.” This is a natural lead into a discussion about how their search has been coming along. Find out some of their frustrations and show them how you can help.\n
  • Start with the problem: Hunting for open houses is a tedious, time consuming, and frustrating task.\n
  • Take the newspaper -- what are some problems?\n
  • Photos are small/B&W with short...\n
  • ...often inaccurate descriptions...\n
  • ...it’s also hard to search the newspaper...and you can’t keep track of homes you’ve seen or liked.\n
  • Well, there’s an app for that -- the Prudential Locations App will make searching for a home easy. They can setup custom searches by clicking on “Criteria Search”.\n
  • From there they can specify parameters such as...\n
  • ...areas of interest...\n
  • ...home type...price...number of beds and baths...\n
  • ...and sorting method. The searches can even be saved for later.\n
  • How about driving around looking for open house signs -- what are some problems?\n
  • Wasting gas...\n
  • ...wasting time...getting lost... (photo by Ryan McGinnis)\n
  • ...and you’re never quite sure what you’re going to find when you arrive.\n
  • The Prudential Locations app will also save your clients time and money. The “Open House Search” uses GPS to show the houses that are available in their immediate area.\n
  • The homes can be listed to make choosing the ones they want to visit easy.\n
  • Your clients can broaden the search to show all the homes for sale around them. If you remember, only 22 houses are open, but 81 are for sale. That’s almost 60 homes your client might not be aware are available if they simply look at open house ads in the paper.\n
  • Clicking on the pins will give your clients access to vivid photos and detailed property information.\n
  • Your clients can add the property to their Favorites, or contact you directly for more information.\n
  • Not everyone is mobile, yet. But don’t worry. They can still access the same great information, and more, through PrudentialLocations.com. The iPad is perfect for showcasing our website.\n
  • Just like the app, it’s easy to demonstrate the benefits of using our website.\n
  • With the “Advanced Search” your clients will have even greater control over the search parameters.\n
  • They can search by pet friendly buildings...\n
  • ...maintenance fees...\n
  • ...amenities, and more. Yes, that’s the world’s largest swimming pool (San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile -- 66 million gallons, 115-feet deep, stretching 1/2 mile and covering 20 acres).\n
  • Sign them up for an account on the spot...\n
  • ...and show them detailed property information...\n
  • ...which includes hi-res photos...\n
  • ...maps...\n
  • ...sales trends...\n
  • ...comprehensive neighborhood information (such as community characteristics, inventory, and stability)...\n
  • ...school information...and much more.\n
  • Regardless if the prospect is ready to buy today or next year, your first step is winning them over as a client. (photo by “~Angie M~”)\n
  • The iPad is a visually stunning presentation tool that will enhance your pitch on the benefits of choosing you as their realtor.\n
  • Whether it’s in front of a group of people...\n
  • ...or one on one, the iPad will allow you to give a presentation at a moment’s notice. This eliminates the need to bring the audience to you. You’re able to keep the energy and excitement going, instead of letting it cool down.\n
  • You’ll have a much stronger impact saying, “Let me quickly show you the benefits of working with me” as opposed to, “Let’s meet on Wednesday so I can show you a presentation.”\n
  • Even if a prospect doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, often times you can still grab their attention with a picture.\n
  • This is your typical MLS sheet. Not very appealing to the average prospect...\n
  • ...which is why most of us print color flyers.\n
  • Notice the difference?\n
  • How about the difference between a paper flyer and an interactive PDF?\n
  • ...which you can zoom into.\n
  • People. love. pictures.\n
  • To help save paper you can offer to email the flyers to your prospect...\n
  • ...and just like that, now you have their email address so you can follow up later...\n
  • ...if they have a smartphone, they’ll receive the information in a matter of seconds.\n
  • You have your iPad, a few ideas on how to put it to use, now what about the apps? Here are a few apps to get you started. (photo by Andrew Forgrave)\n
  • For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it’s a cloud based file hosting service.\n
  • Think of it like a virtual flash drive.\n
  • Dropbox allows files that are saved on one computer to be available on all your computers and mobile devices, automatically. You no longer have to email files to yourself, or carry around a usb drive.\n
  • Installing Dropbox on your computers will create a special folder -- any files in that folder will be synced to your other devices. If you’re on a shared computer, such as at the office, log into dropbox.com to access your files.\n
  • With Dropbox you can leave behind the folders of materials you usually bring with you to open house. Simply store all of it in Dropbox -- Flyers, MLS sheets, CMAs, floor plans, neighborhood information, rate sheets -- and access them directly from your iPad.\n
  • You’ll always have the most up-to-date material, and you won’t feel guilty about wasting paper on handouts that will be out of date next week.\n
  • PDF Expert is one of the most comprehensive PDF editing apps available on the iPad.\n
  • With PDF Expert you can highlight and annotate text...\n
  • ...add a signature or stamp...\n
  • ...and even fill-in and edit a PDF form. This is especially helpful when filling out contracts. Instead of leaving the room to make changes on a computer and reprinting the new page, changes can be made in front of the client.\n
  • Once you’ve completed the form it can be exported or emailed as a flattened file. During one transaction, the listing agent called me to tell me she was emailing an addendum which needed to be signed ASAP. The listing was an REO and the bank was on the mainland. I was on the road and happened to be about 5 minutes from my client’s home. My client didn’t have a printer or a scanner and her computer was being repaired. However, with the iPad, I was able to have her sign the document and I emailed it back to the agent almost as quickly as it was received. Without the iPad, I would’ve had to drive 30+ minutes to the office, print the form, drive 30+ minutes to my client’s home, have her sign, and then drive 30+ minutes back to the office to scan and email the form.\n
  • Our trusty HP 10BII calculator. With the iPad, you no longer have to carry around a financial calculator in your bag.\n
  • The 10BII Calc HD app emulates the functions of the HP calculator exactly. For those of you who aren’t that comfortable with the calculator...\n
  • ...the app also has a loan amortization worksheet that makes visualizing payment schedules easy. You can quickly demonstrate different payment amounts based on principle value, interest rate, or term.\n
  • Most of us are very proficient when it comes to taking notes, especially during meetings. But where do the notes go after the meeting?\n
  • Note Taker HD turns your iPad into a legal pad and not only makes it natural and easy to take multi-page handwritten notes, but also to keep them organized.\n
  • After making a great impression with your “napkin presentation”, or jotting notes your client says while previewing a property, you can save them in folders, export them, or email them to yourself or your client as a PDF or JPG.\n
  • As I had mentioned earlier, the iPad is a stunning presentation tool. With Keynote, you’re able to give a presentation at a moment’s notice. When giving presentations on the iPad, I tend to view it as more of a pitch.\n
  • Guy Kawasaki, a VC in Silicon Valley, had a great line in one of his books, “I’ve never heard a pitch that was too short.” A good pitch will motivate your listeners to want to hear more. People always have somewhere else to be, something else to do, and someone else to talk to; so keep it short, enchant them, and leave them wanting to meet again.\n
  • Of course, this just scratches the surface of the iPad’s potential...\n
  • Don’t get left behind in the mobile movement. Get to know the tools that are available, and demonstrate their benefits to your clients and prospects.\n
  • \n

iPad at Open House iPad at Open House Presentation Transcript

  • iPad at Open HouseA Brief Introduction Kevin Tengan http://kevintengan.com
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  • More than just a
  • iPad for business
  • 1 out of 4 mobile usersare mobile-only
  • Mobile trafficincreased 30x
  • 10 Homesearches every second
  • 240%Increase in call leads
  • What now?
  • Objections
  • Just Looking
  • No Smartphone
  • Weʼre Not Ready
  • Iʼm not listening
  • The Apps
  • Keep it Short
  • Kevin Tenganhttp://kevintengan.com