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Interactive Powerpoint


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The following slideshow is an interactive powerpointe on Panda Bears. Great for 2-3rd graders.

The following slideshow is an interactive powerpointe on Panda Bears. Great for 2-3rd graders.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Interactive Power point Created By: Katie Coalter Grade Level: Second Ed 205 Interactive Power point Created by: Katie Coalter Grade level: Third
  • 2. -Panda behavior -What does a panda bear look like? -Panda cam -How big is a panda bear? About the author -What does a panda bear eat? Resource slide -Where does a panda bear live? -Baby panda bears -Why are pandas endangered? Quit
  • 3. My name is Katie Coalter and currently I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in English/ language arts and my minor is elementary education. I plan on graduating in the year 2011 and my dream is to become a first grade teacher. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to e- mail me at: Quit
  • 4. -A panda bear is a mammal -It is a part of the bear family -Black and white fur -Very round head -Black ears, black patches around the eyes, chest, feet, and shoulders -Very large -Short tail -Thick and course fur Quit
  • 5. *An adult panda will weigh anywhere around or over 200-320 pounds *As big as or larger than an adult human •Males weigh about 10% more than females •Height at shoulders: 27-32ft •Adult pandas are between 5 ½ to 6 feet tall Quit
  • 6. Panda food -Pandas are on a strict diet of mostly bamboo -An adult panda can consume anywhere between 26 to 33 pounds of bamboo a day. - That means a Panda spends an average of about 10 hours a day eating! -If bamboo is not available a panda will also eat other leaves, plants, plant stems, honey, oranges, or sometimes even bananas if bamboo is not available -Eating habits are very similar to a herbivore but will eat meat if it is available Quit
  • 7. -Panda Bears can be found in a few mountain ranges in central China, the Gansu providences, as well as Sichuan, and Shaanxi - Pandas enjoy living in a coniferous forest with lots of bamboo! -Climate is damp and wet where Pandas live -Pandas will most likely be found at an elevation between 8,900 ft – 9,800 ft. Quit
  • 8. ayList&p=9C6DE19917637311&index=30 ( Watch video of a year old panda) -A newborn panda is very small. At birth a baby panda will weigh anywhere from 4-8 oz and 6-7 inches long - Pandas nurse on their mothers until they are 46 weeks old -A panda becomes mobile around their 5-6 month -During their first few months pandas live at the base of a tree or in a hallow cave -Panda becomes independent from mother around 12-22 months Quit
  • 9. Why Panda’s are an endangered specie: -Panda’s are considered an endangered specie: currently there are only 600-3000 living in the wild and a -Bamboo forests are being torn limited amounted in zoos. down by humans -One of the main reasons Pandas are -Pandas are being hunted by dying out is due to the lack of humans bamboo. -Pandas are picky about choosing a mate which means it is hard to reproduce Quit
  • 10. Watch Panda bears interact in a zoo environment by clicking on the following links:  (Once one on the website scroll down ½ way to view panda cam)  Quit
  • 11. Panda Behavior -Pandas are not very social -Avoid direct contact with their own kind. Unless it is mating season! -When a panda places its head between front legs signals submisivness When a pandas head is lowered and staring at opponent signifies aggression Quit
  • 12.            Quit