2013 Top 5 Email Marketing Trends


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Earn better bang for your email marketing buck by getting up to speed on some of the NEWEST trends for improving your email marketing results. Many of these practices can be implemented easily and immediately!

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2013 Top 5 Email Marketing Trends

  1. 1. TOP 5 EMAIL MARKETINGPERFORMAMCEIMPROVEMENTTRENDS FOR 2013A Hiscox Google+ HangoutKaren Talavera, Synchronicity MarketingApril 3, 2013
  2. 2. • Nationally-recognized email marketing expert,educator, writer, speaker and consultant• The DMA’s email marketing training instructor since 1999• Member Email Experience Council, Only Influencers• Top 100 Women in Ecommerce 2012 by WE magazine• President and Founder, Synchronicity Marketing– Founded 2003– Email Marketing Strategy, Training & Consulting– Based in south Florida serving clients worldwideAbout Karen Talavera
  3. 3. Grow Your List with an “Ask”1Leverage online opportunities to ask sitevisitors for their email address atintentionally-placed, natural points in thebrowsing, shopping or buying process
  4. 4. Why? Many sites lacking a clear place to sign up foremail, or visitors can’t find it Active more effective than passive approach Natural points to ask for email address andpermission to use for marketing exist in manyconversion processes – don’t waste them Consider trading value – give something inexchange for a subscribe
  5. 5. How? Light boxes – only 22% of online marketers using themtoday Interruptive yet controlled appearance Tip: Display only to new visitors, allow easy exit Can yield 100-300% list growth over more passivemeasures Lead “magnets” Widgets, snippets or other areas of a site offeringsomething in exchange for email list sign-up During Purchase – online or off Ask for the email address to send both transactional andmarketing messagesSource: Experian 2012 email acquisition and engagement tactics white paper
  6. 6. Example – Light Box Leslie Shreve, atime-managementand productivityconsultant, offers afree special reportin exchange foremail sign-up onthe website for herbusiness,Productive Day After new visitorsare on the site for afew seconds, thislightbox appears
  7. 7. Example – Lead Magnets
  8. 8. Think “Series” vs. SingleMessage2
  9. 9. Why? Not everyone on your list sees every individualmessage you send Some hit junk folders Many delete on contact – never open Frequency breeds familiarity, trust and reliability Multiple messages over a short period of timeimprove message and brand recall A series creates and manages expectations formore email, and how much Series vs. single creates continuity
  10. 10. How? Welcome series Free content, training module, etc. Pre-, During- and Post-Offer series Tell them it’s coming, tell the it’s here, and tell themagain Abandonment series Target those who abandon a transaction orconversion process on your site with a “secondchance” offer and reminder series vs. a single email Reactivation series Reach out to inactive subscribers
  11. 11.  Leslie Shreve offers a free 7-Power Steps to Peak Productivitye-course to new email subscribers. The course content is delivered through a series of daily emailmessages, one a day for seven days in a row.Example: New Subscriber Series
  12. 12.  At the end of aseries considera recap orsummary link to sevenemail tipsconsolidatedinto onedocument Manageexpectationsabout what’scoming next.This PS is abouther newsletterand other emailWrap-Up and Transition12
  13. 13.  Monthlynewslettermaintains andcontinuesrelationshipBroadcast Complements Triggered13
  14. 14. Example: Exclusive Offer Series For new productintroductions, specialpromotions, sales andevents don’t rely on asingle email message toeffectively do the job ofgetting the word out Craft a series and trackresponse from eachmessage Coach tells you it’scoming, tells you it’s here,and reminds you when it’salmost over, givingsubscribers multiplechances to respond
  15. 15. Example: Coach Series Sent one day after thepre-saleannouncement, thisemail announces thesale has officially begun Notice special offerperiod is from January18-27 (about ten days).Plenty of time formultiple emails
  16. 16. Example: Coach Series Fourth in the series, thisreminder is sent half-waythrough the sale period Notice the creative variety inthe series thus far – eachmessage features differentproducts from the samecollection but does notrepeat imagery
  17. 17. Example: Coach Series The final message inthe series is sent on aFriday, two days beforethe offer deadline onSunday Notice the creative frommessage #2 re-usedhere (why go back tothe drawing board ifyou don’t absolutelyhave to?)
  18. 18. Segment, Target & Trigger3Leverage opportunities to send life-cycle orsales-cycle specific messages at exactlythe right time
  19. 19. Why? One size does NOT fit all Some messages should be broadcast to yourentire list, but most should not Triggered email messages can generate 10times the revenue and 20+ times the profit ofbroadcast campaigns Sensing and responding to key actions showsyou’re paying attention and results in a moreengaged list and more loyal customersSource: Jupiter Research Survey
  20. 20. How? Determine “key actions” that deserve triggered email New subscriber joins email list First purchase Life event (birthday, anniversary of being a customer) Deadline date Inactive subscriber after “x” months Abandoned online purchase/conversion Create custom email messages that are sent whensomeone trips a trigger Create once, automate ongoing deployment Smaller but more relevant audiences
  21. 21. Triggered Email: The Welcome The Center for JoyfulBusiness, a small businesscoaching company, offers a 5-Step Business AttractionSuccess Kit to new email listmembers This welcome message alsoprovides useful informationabout the newsletter and blog Use your welcome messageto: Thank new subscribers Familiarize them with yourworld Manage expectations Deliver promised incentives
  22. 22. Triggered Email: Birthday Birthday emails like this one frommy Allstate Insurance agent havebeen proven to generate: 300% higher open rates 100% higher click-through 250% higher revenue thanstandard promotional mailings They get attention becausethey’re personal, and stand outbecause they create variety inthe message stream Can be used promotionally tomake a birthday-specific offerSource: Experian Birthday and Anniversary Email White Paper 2011
  23. 23. Triggered Email: Cart Abandonment If you have an online store,consider sending browse orcart abandonment follow-upemails to known customerswho shopped but didn’t buy,like Pottery Barn Teendoes here Online cart abandonmentrate is typically 60%! However, abandoned cartemails can convert at15% -20% You can offer an incentiveto come back and buy (i.e.free shipping) but it’s oftenunnecessary Source: Listrak 2012 Study
  24. 24. Triggered Email: Bounceback Offer Recognize and rewardrepeat customers likeOffice Depot does witha “bounce back” offerthanking them for theirpurchase and invitingthem to “bounce backin” to purchase again
  25. 25. Triggered Email: Up-sell Use past behavior totarget, segment anddrive future behavior Carmel Limorecognizes a recentbooking on arrival toNew York andmessages client withreminder and invitationto book return trip
  26. 26. Design for UniversalAccessibility4
  27. 27. Why? Gone are the days of email being received andviewed on a desktop or laptop computer 50% of all commercial email now opened on amobile device Proliferation of devices with different screensizes, email rendering rules, etc. cam wreakhavoc with your design 70% of consumers routinely delete emails thatdon’t render well on a mobile deviceSource: Litmus, 2013 BlueHornet Consumer Email Study
  28. 28. How? Simplify! Format, design, copy, call to action Single vs. multi-column formats tend to renderbetter on mobile Test how your email looks across multipledevices Design headlines, chose fonts, and positionimages for maximum readability on smallscreens Dark text on white or light-colored background Responsive design
  29. 29. Example – Mobile-friendly or not?
  30. 30. Measure Long-TermEngagement5Focus on subscriber engagement with youremail program over the long-term vs.campaign-to-campaign response
  31. 31. Why? Most email campaign performance measures likeopen and click rate only measure the performanceof a single campaign However, email list subscriber relationships existover time; subscribers don’t see a single campaignbut a series of communication A campaign click rate or an average campaign clickrate does not say how subscribers are interacting asa whole. Unless you measure total engagement over timewith your email, you’re not measuring the true, fullvalue of your email marketing
  32. 32. How? Measure open, click and conversion rate by campaignbut also measure cumulative open, click andconversion rate for multiple campaigns over time. Graph a frequency distribution of actions your email listmembers take. How many have only ever opened an email once? How many open and click every message? How many have only purchased/converted once? How many are repeat purchasers? Design campaigns to target segments needing moreengagement, or reward high engagers
  33. 33. Example – List Reach Analysis
  34. 34. Want More? Synchronicity Marketing offers email marketingcoaching, consulting, training and live workshops Our private Coaching Programs are ideal for individuals or smallgroups within a company needing email marketing strategy, creativeand analytical support during program start-up, expansion or transition.Click here to learn more Single-day, half-day or multi-day email marketing education, trainingand creative workshops are available for groups from 2 to 200. Formore information contact us or submit your request here Free email marketing performance-improvement strategies, eventdiscounts and educational resources are available through InSight, ourmonthly e-newletter. Sign up here
  35. 35. Site and Blogwww.SynchronicityMarketing.comEmail: karen@synchronicitymarketing.comFacebook:www.facebook.com/SynchronicityMarketingLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/KarenTalaveraTwitter: @SyncMarketingPhone: 561.967.9665CONNECT AND CONTACT
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