Open Innovation Accelerator by Roland Harwood from 100%Open


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Presentation given at the "Enterprise 2.0 in Europe" workshop where the results of the interim report of the “Enterprise 2.0 study were presented and discussed with experts. Brussels, 14th of September 2010

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Open Innovation Accelerator by Roland Harwood from 100%Open

  1. 1. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 1 Open Innovation Accelerator Sept 9th 2010
  2. 2. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 2 Introducing Open Innovation Innovating with partners by sharing the risks and the rewards
  3. 3. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 3 Start at the End
  4. 4. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 4 Why we’re better 100%Open is dedicated to open innovation. Our know-how helps you co-innovate better, cheaper and faster.
  5. 5. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 5 Open Innovation Blueprint
  6. 6. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 6 100% Open Our Network and Project Partners 3M, ARUP, Astrazeneca, Astrium Ltd, Aviva, BAA Ltd, BAE Systems, Barclays, BBC, Boots, BP, British Council, BSkyB, BT Group, Bupa, Cadbury PLC, Cambridge University, Cancer Research UK, Catapult Venture Managers, Cobalt Corporate Finance LLP, Copland, Crown, Deloitte MCS Ltd, Diageo, Discovery Channel Europe, Dow Corning Ltd, Dresdner Kleinwort, EADS, EDF, ELLION Group, Glaxo Smith Kline, Google, HP Labs, HSBC, IBM, Infineum, Intel, InterfaceFLOR, IPSO Ventures, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, KPMG,, Lilly, Linde, Littlewoods, Lloyds Banking Group, Logica, LSE, M&G Investments, Mars Europe, MBDA Systems, McGraw Hill, McLaren, Microsoft, MITIE, MOD, MTI Partner, N M Rothschild & Sons, NATS, News International, NHS, Nokia, Northgate, Oracle, Orange, Ordnance Survey, Oxfam, Oxford Technology, Pfizer, Philips, Procter & Gamble, PWC, Qalcom, Qinetiq, Reckitt Benckiser, RM Plc, Rothschild, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Royal Mail Group, Sabre Inc, Samsung Electronics, Seedcamp, Seraphim Capital, Siemens, Solvay, SSL, Sun Microsystems, TBD Partners, Telegraph Media Group, Tesco, Thomson Reuters, Travalex, Tube Lines, Unipart, Unilever, Virgin, Virgin Atlantic, Vocalink, Vodaphone, Yahoo, Zag, Zurich
  7. 7. September 16, 2010 © 100%Open 2010 7 2 Models of Open Innovation Discover™ and Jam™ Discover: Jam: •  Starts with an innovation brief detailing •  Starts with finding collaboration partners, a specific unmet need often to explore a broad opportunity •  Is a competitive innovation marketplace •  Is a cooperative process , with customers, amongst customers, suppliers or users suppliers or users •  The innovation process is mediated by a •  The innovation process is facilitated Trusted Agent through a Catalyst •  Innovations are extracted through a linear •  Innovations are built using an iterative process process •  Tend to be internal routes to market (e.g. •  Tend to be external routes to market (e.g. license deals) joint ventures)
  8. 8. September 16, 2010 © 100%Open 2010 8 Programme Phases Jam & Discover 1. Plan 2. Build 3. Engage 4. Catalyse 5. Grow x3 Build Brand Collaborative JV Facilitated Jams Propositions x1 Collaboration 10-100 Development Strategic Planning Filtering, Prioritisation Pitch Needs & & Analysis Idea Evaluation Evaluation Community Building License Launch Initial x10 and/or Discover Submissions Innovation Acquisition Competition x500 Airlocks x3
  9. 9. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2009 9 Virgin Atlantic VJam Virgin Atlantic’s return on investment has been 10:1, better value than using a commercial third party for system development, and for more radical ideas.
  10. 10. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 10 Scan Orange – OSCR Project
  11. 11. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 11 Innovation is a U-Shaped Process Explore Extract Exploit •  Find trusted new collaboration •  Filter the ideas and prototype •  Form new collaborative business partners innovations arrangements •  Uncover unmet needs or spot •  Build and motivate collaborative •  Obtain the resources and new opportunities for innovation teams commitments necessary •  Co-create compelling new ideas, •  Create investable propositions •  Coordinate production, products or services with evidenced business plans communications and launch
  12. 12. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 12 Share McLaren and NATS McLaren’s predictive F1 software would allow air traffic controllers to predict how aircraft are likely to act at airports, overcoming costly and dangerous uncertainty.
  13. 13. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 13 From Discovery to Detection Cancer Research UK OVC 600 registered users, 160 listed ideas, 23 venture applications, 6 shortlisted candidates and 3 supported ventures generating a 25x ROI.
  14. 14. Lessons Learned Do Don’t •  Communicate with the outside world •  Overestimate your own brilliance •  Embrace your critics •  Confuse hierarchies and networks •  Focus on 'who?' as well as the 'what?’ •  Mange risk down to zero •  Suspend judgement •  Delay through analysis paralysis •  Connect the dots – clients not cash •  Support ideas in a vacuum
  15. 15. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2009 15 Open Innovation Accelerator “More people pooling more resources in new ways is the history of civilisation.” Howard Rheingold
  16. 16. 9/16/10 © 100%Open 2010 16 Thank you Roland Harwood Co-Founder & Networks Partner 1 Alfred Place, London, WC1E 7EB Phone: +44 (0)20 7438 2658 Email: Web: Twitter: @rolandharwood