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Prelude to war (1)
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Prelude to war (1)


causes of WWI

causes of WWI

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  • 1. Prelude to War: The Underlying Causes
  • 2. I. Peace efforts1. Prior to 1914, Europe had been mostly at peace for 100 years.2. By 1900, many organizations were created to keep peace a) 1869 first modern Olympic Games held b) Alfred Nobel set up first Nobel Peace Prize c) Large support for pacifism (opposition to all war) d) 1899 first Universal Peace Conference- est. a world court3. Europeans began to believe war was something of the past
  • 3. II. Nationalism1. Tensions were also rising due to aggressive nationalism2. Russia was sponsoring Panslavism (movement aimed at unity among all Slavic nations) 3. French and German nationalism on the rise 4. Nationalism in the Balkans was becoming more intense a) The area became known as the “Powder Keg of Europe”- (too many nationalities and religions living together)
  • 4. III. Imperialism1. Rivalries over colonies brought some countries to brink of war2. Competition for colonies increased mistrust b/w Great Euro. Powers: Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, and A-H3. Imperialism would lead countries to create larger militaries
  • 5. IV. Militarism1. militarism (building up of the military)2. In order to defend the empires, European powers began building up their militaries3. Great Britain and Germany began a competition in building the largest navy4.Gaining more military power led to an arms race
  • 6. V. Alliances1.Building militaries led countries to create Alliances; however, some of the alliances were made in secret2.1879- The first major alliance was the Dual Alliance b/w Germany and A-H a)1881- Italy joined Dual Alliance, making it the Triple Alliance b)When WWI breaks out, this alliance becomes the Central Powers
  • 7. 3.Bismarck forged secret alliance w/ Russia; pact dissolved when William II removed Bismarck from power4.1892- Russia and France form secret alliance a)1904- Britain and France form the Entente; 1907 Russia joins, creating the Triple Entente b)When WWI breaks out, this alliance will be the Allied Powers