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MNA Hispanic American Ministries Slideshow
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MNA Hispanic American Ministries Slideshow



Published in Spiritual , Business
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  • 1. Outreach to America’s Majority Minority: Finding Our Niche in Hispanic Ministry
  • 2.
    • What do we need to know about Hispanics in the USA?
    • What are the key needs in the Hispanic Community?
    • III. What are our Hispanic brothers and sisters already doing to meet these needs?
    • IV. What are some areas for strategic investments in Hispanic ministry that we could make?
    • V. What are the key lessons that have been learned from other denominations’ efforts to reach out to the Hispanic community?
  • 3. What do we need to know about Hispanics in the USA?
    • Hispanics = 12.5% of the American population
    • One-half (14 million) of America’s immigrants are Hispanic
    • The Hispanic community is DIVERSE -- 17 subcultures
  • 4. What do we need to know about Hispanics in the USA?
    • Increasingly, Hispanics are settling in non-traditional locations:
    • Georgia – 300% increase
    • Tennessee – 278% increase
    • Indiana – 117% increase
    • 23% of Hispanics self-identify as Protestant
  • 5. What do we need to know about Hispanics in the USA?
    • Big differences between 1st and 2nd generation immigrants
    • Churches ignore these to their peril!
  • 6.
    • Make them feel welcome
    • Offer spiritual solace
    • Address practical needs
    • Treat them as equal partners
    • Recognize Latinos are not monolithic!
    Basic Essentials for Hispanic Ministry
  • 7. What are Key Needs in the Hispanic Community?
    • Hispanics more likely than any other ethnic group to be uninsured
    • Hispanic poverty rate (23%) is the highest of all minorities
    • 1/3rd fail to complete high school
    • Fewer Hispanics than whites or blacks complete college
  • 8. What are Hispanic Churches Already Doing in Community Ministry?
    • Survey of 468 Hispanic Pastors
    • Site Visits at 8 Churches
  • 9. Twelve Most Common Types of Social Service Programs Offered “ Does your church offer community ministries; that is, “social services” such as assistance with food, tutoring, job training, etc., to help people in the community? (These ministries may be formal, with established offices and volunteers or paid staff, or may be informal. We are interested in both types.)” Extent of Community Outreach by Hispanic Congregations 10.7% 50 12. Parental training n = 468 12% 56 11. Substance abuse rehab/counseling 15.4% 72 10. Tutoring programs 16.5% 77 9. Aid to prisoners & their families 18.6% 87 8. ESL classes 19.9% 93 7. Aid to immigrants 27.4% 128 6. Emergency financial assistance 34.6% 162 5. Referrals to other helping agencies 41% 192 4. Clothing assistance 44.9% 210 3. Family counseling 52.8% 247 2. Food assistance 55.6% 260 1. Pastoral counseling Percent of Churches Number of Churches Service Type 72.8% YES n = 468 27.2% NO
  • 10. Comprehensive Listing of Services Offered Outreach to Gang Members Mentoring and Reintegration Program  for Ex­Convicts Men’s Home for Addictions/Rehab Management Classes Literacy Program Life Skills Legal Aid Job Training/Placement Housing  Homosexual Recovery Help with Income Taxes Health Care  Head Start   GED (Training for High School  Equivalency) Furniture Food Assistance ESL (English as a Second Language)  Classes Emergency Financial  Assistance Deaf Ministry Women, Infants, and Children Daycare Tutoring Programs for Youth Counseling – Pastoral Transportation Counseling – Family Translation Services Computer Classes Toy Distribution Clothing Assistance Teen Pregnancy Prevention Clean Parks Summer Camp for Youth Citizenship Classes Substance Abuse Counseling/ Recovery/Prevention Church­Sponsored Schools  Sports Outreach Children’s Ministry Special Education At-Risk Youth School Readiness Program Aid to Prisoners and/or their  Families Scholarship Program Aid to Immigrants Referrals to Other Agencies for Help After School Programs/ Activities Parental Training Advocacy Outreach to Prostitutes Adopt a Block
  • 11. Listing of Case Studies Health Clinic 135 C&MA Atlanta, GA Iglesia Cristiana Emmanuel College Prep 800 Congregational Boston, MA Leon de Judah Congregational Church Housing 300 Assemblies of God Whittier, CA My Friend’s House ESL 66 Methodist Bethesda, MD Iglesia Metodista Hispanic de Bethesda At­Risk Teens 500 Assemblies of God Houston, TX El Tabernaculo Job Training 125 Non­denominational Orlando, FL Centro Cristiano Misionero Internacional Men’s Residential  Rehab 150 Pentecostal Riverside, CA Path of Life Community Center <100 Evangelical Covenant Downey, CA El Encino Ministry Type Size Denomination Location Church Name
  • 12. With Whom Do Hispanic Churches Partner in Outreach Programs? Types of Collaboration Exemplified by the Case Study Ministries 21 Social service nonprofits 15 Schools 13 Courts/probation/parole 7 Local government 5 Hospitals 24 Police Department 28 Other churches Number of churches Partner schools, public library, other churches ESL Iglesia Bethesda Metodista courts, police, local gov’t, business men’s rehabilitation Path of Life schools, secular nonprofits community center El Encino schools, police teens at risk El Tabernaculo Nellie Mae, Inter­Varsity, other churches, High schools, HEIC college prep Leon de Judah business, other churches job training/mentoring Centro Cristiana HUD, business, local gov’t agencies housing/daycare My Friend’s House state gov’t, business health center Iglesia Cristiana Emmanuel Partners Ministry Focus Church Number of churches Partner 1 Emergency Personnel 1 Counseling centers 1 Lawyers 1 After-school centers 3 Fire Department 5 Food bank
  • 13. Why Are Some Hispanic Churches Inactive in Community Ministry? Note: The respondents could select more than one reason. As a result, the percentages total to over 100%. 33% “ There are individual church members who minister in the community in various ways, but the church as a whole does not operate formal outreach programs.” 55% “ We have the desire to help the community, but we are not sure how to start effective programs.” 38% “ We have future plans to do more outreach in the community, but right now we are focused on other priorities.” n=127 8% “ We believe it is more important to engage in evangelism than in outreach ministry or social services.” 46% “ We are a very small church and have no resources for outreach ministry.” Percent of churches Reason for inactivity
  • 14. Strategic Investment Opportunities 1. Theological education
  • 15. Theological Education : It Must be…
    • affordable
    • practical
    • accessible
  • 16. LAMP in Indianapolis
    • Founded by Christ Covenant Church (PCA)
    • 180 quarter hours (Six-year program, can be shortened)
    • Focuses on calling, character, competency, practical understanding of biblical and theological content
    • B.Div, M.Div, MATS degrees awarded by American University of Biblical Studies
  • 17. Some Examples of What Others Are Doing In Theological Education
    • M. Div required for ordination
    • But church works with potential candidates through local Bible Institutes & extension courses with Fuller Seminary
    American Baptist Church
  • 18. Some Examples of What Others Are Doing In Theological Education
    • Christian Leadership Academies
    • First two levels of education available through extension courses
    Christian Missionary Alliance
  • 19. Some Examples of What Others Are Doing In Theological Education
    • Extension courses and evening and weekend classes
    • basic training for lay leaders
    • ministerial education
    • specialized programs for lay counselors and pastors
    Evangelical Covenant Church 3 levels:
  • 20. Strategic Investment Opportunities 2. Invest in leadership development programs for young Hispanics
  • 21. Strategic Investment Opportunities 3. Invest in collaborative efforts with existing Hispanic ministries
    • Find our what others are already doing
    • Ask: How could we serve you?
  • 22. Strategic Investment Opportunities
    • Launch community ministries that address the most practical issues for low-income Hispanics:
    • Assistance completing income taxes
    • ESL programs
    • Document translation services
    • Child care scholarships
    • Medical/dental clinics
    • Bilingual volunteers to accompany them to social service and medical appointments
  • 23. Some Models of Ministry Bernabe Community Center
    • Co-sponsored by El Encino/Redeemer Covenant Church
    • Soccer program for neighborhood kids
    • ESL classes
    • School-based parenting program
  • 24. Some Models of Ministry Pharr Literacy Project
    • Sponsored by Pharr Shalom (UMC)
    • 5 levels of ESL & literacy programs
    • Special outreach to school drop-outs
  • 25. Some Models of Ministry Pescadero Community Church’s Farm Workers Ministry
    • Small white congregation
    • Half of community is now Spanish-speaking
    • Started small: Spanish Bible study, reflectors for bikes, bike ministry, mediation with local rancher, and now ESL
  • 26. 7 Ministry “Pointers” Shared by Others Gone Before
    • Be aware of important differences among first and second/third generation Hispanics in the USA
    • To reach the 2 nd and 3 rd generations, churches…
    • Use English-speaking teaching and worship
    • Work hard to be Less legalistic and traditional
    • Locate themselves in more economically stable locations, as
    • these congregants tend to be better-off than 1 st generation
    • Invite young people into the discussion on how to build
    • bilingual churches
  • 27. 7 Ministry “Pointers” Shared by Others Gone Before
    • 2. Given the Catholic background of many Hispanics, it is important that any church service outreach includes communion regularly
    • Many Hispanics are from largely oral cultures – keep the number of hand outs and readings in a church service to a minimum
    • 4. Personal invitation is the best way to get good attendance at an outreach event or a church service. Lots of door-to-door recruiting and recruiting at Latino hang-outs such as ethnic food markets or ethnic restaurants.
    • 5. It is often good to hold a meal or some kind of social activity in addition to the church service
  • 28. 7 Ministry “Pointers” Shared by Others Gone Before
    • Personal invitation is the best way to get good attendance at an outreach event or a church service. Lots of door-to-door recruiting and recruiting at Latino hang-outs such as ethnic food markets or ethnic restaurants.
    • You may find some instances of common law marriages or long-term cohabitation; in some of the Hispanic cultures, formal marriage is not that important
  • 29. Hispanic Ministry: Small Group Discussion Questions (1) What Hispanic outreach ministries have you already tried in your congregation? With what results? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them? (2) What are some steps INSIDE your congregation that you could take to better “ready” the church for launching a Hispanic outreach ministry? (e.g., take an inventory to identify all the current members/attenders with Spanish-language ability) (3) What changes/additions could you make to your congregation’s current mercy ministries to make them more accessible/relevant/attractive to Hispanics in your community? (4) Identify at least ten (10) ways you could identify and begin to make a connection with Hispanic pastors in your community. (e.g., send a Spanish-speaking member of your congregation to an Hispanic ethnic food market/store in your town and have them ask shoppers there if they know where there are Spanish-language church services available)
  • 30. Hispanic Ministry: Small Group Discussion Questions (5) Imagine your church has decided to conduct a one-day Saturday “Fiesta in the Park” in an attempt to minister to and connect with Hispanic families in your community: a) how would you go about advertising the event? b) what sorts of activities would you have at the Fiesta? c) where would you hold the event -- and why there? d) how would you follow-up with the families that attended? (6) In many Hispanic outreach ministries, the issue of illegal immigration/undocumented aliens arises. What Biblical principles should be brought to bear on our understanding, as a Church, of this issue?