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Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
Welcome To 4th Grade 2
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Welcome To 4th Grade 2


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rules and expectations

rules and expectations

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Welcome to 4 th Grade Mrs. Brownfield Mrs. Swales
  • 2. Citizenship
    • To honor students who…
      • Are an asset to the classroom ( participation ).
      • Follow school, playground, bus, cafeteria and classroom rules.
      • Return work ON TIME, without reminders.
      • Return planners, and progress note in on a timely manner.
      • Make AR goal (time management)
    • If a student flips five or more cards per marking period, they will not receive citizenship.
    • Up to teacher discretion!
  • 3. Homework
    • Why give it?
      • To let parents know what we are doing in the classroom.
      • To reinforce learning.
      • If an assignment does not get finished in class.
    • Planners should be taken home every night for parents to check for unfinished work.
    • Points will be taken off each assignment turned in late.
    • Assignments will not be accepted after 1 day past the due date. 10% will be taken off the final grade.
    • After second marking period, Mrs. Brownfield will not be taking late assignments.
    • They will be filled out by students only.
  • 4. Other Business
    • Book orders
    • Birthday treats
    • We cannot allow time for class birthday parties
    • Bus passes
  • 5. Accelerated Reading
    • AR books must be read at home each night and brought back to school each day.
    • MP 1 = Model Genre Bingo – no specific AR goal.
    • MP 2 = Independent Genre Bingo – 8 points
    • MP 3 = Independent Genre Bingo – 10 points
    • MP 4 = Independent Genre Bingo – 12 points
    • 2 reading grades
  • 6. MEAP
    • Dates
    • October 14, 16, 21
    • Tested over third grade curriculum
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Math
      • Please make sure you child gets a good night sleep and a nutritious breakfast.
  • 7. Snack
    • Can be eaten anytime in the morning.
    • Please make sure it is healthy!
    • Absolutely no candy, chips, snack cakes, or pudding.
    • Must be brought to class in the morning.
    • Water is always welcome and encouraged!
  • 8. Parent Involvement
    • We encourage parental involvement in the classroom. If you wish to volunteer and help out, please let us know.
    • Please check your child’s planner each night.
    • You will find that some of your child’s grades will come from a signature indicating that you went over a homework assignment or study guide together.
    • If you need to discuss a matter with the teacher, we ask that you please make an appointment. We often have meetings that we need to go to after school, or children to pick up. Morning is also not a good time to “drop-by” as it is a very busy time of day. We hope you understand.
  • 9. Party Money/Supplies
    • We are still missing about half of our students volunteer information and party money. We need this money and information soon. Halloween is not too far around the corner.
    • If you have not sent in supplies from the supply list please do so soon.
    • Communication Logs/Friday Folders
    • Look for on Fridays or Mondays.
    • Not intended to keep you up to date on grades.
    • Intention is to notify you of behavior or missing work.
    • Effects citizenship.
    • Short weeks/snow days/fifth week progress notes/subs=may not be sent home.
  • 11. Technology
    • Huge part of the curriculum.
    • Students will be taught to incorporate technology into all areas of the curriculum.
    • Work will be displayed on the classroom website. If this will be a problem let us know.
    • They will be able to do the technology projects at school. If they wish, they can take the work home also.
    • We have filters on the computers.
    • The classroom website will also be used as a means of communication with the parents, so please check every couple of weeks for new information.