Social Media Case Study Healthy Fast Food


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Social Media Case Study Healthy Fast Food

  1. 1. IT3196Social Media Case Study (Week 5) Fast Food KS Vikneshan 102683U Joshua Alan 100495M Nur Syafikah 102095N
  2. 2. Overview ObjectivesTarget Audience Social Media Channels Success MetricsTask DistributionFunctional Description  Measure success Action Timeline Question & Answer
  3. 3. ObjectiveUsing the means of social media  Create/Promote awareness to our healthy fast food outlet  Create an online presence  Increase customer base/trust  Increase sales/profits
  4. 4. Target Audience Students, Adults, Families Live in Singapore Change mindset that healthy food taste as good as other foods Healthy food is beneficial to their diets
  5. 5. Target Audience Customize food to their own preferences E-coupons to reward regular customers Competitors : Target consumers sector
  6. 6. Social Media Channels
  7. 7. Success MetricsNumber of  Friends Fans  Followers  Check ins  Sales
  8. 8. Metrics ToolsHootSuite  Track consumer statistics on Facebook and TwitterTwitter Counter  Track Twitter statistics
  9. 9. Task Distribution Alan • Emenu/Customize own item • E-coupon (QR Code) Syafikah • Delivery • Vote for favorite item • Lucky Draw • User Interface Designing Viknesh • Online Payment • Survey/Forum • Database Designing
  10. 10. Functional DescriptionCustomize menu item Pre-designed menu Option to customize their own menu Show all the nutritional facts Promote healthier fast food
  11. 11. Functional DescriptionCustomize menu item Suggested menu from friends New ingredients that customer would like to be added
  12. 12. Measure successCustomize menu item Compare number of users ordering from pre-designed or customized menu Number of users ordering menu that are suggested by their friends
  13. 13. Functional DescriptionE-Coupon Awarded to user whose menu is in the Top 5 Gallery 25% discount coupon Using QR code Post to the winner’s wall to attract their friends
  14. 14. Measure successE-Coupon Number of top customized menus in the gallery
  15. 15. Functional DescriptionOnline Food Delivery E-menu for the customers to browse through before ordering Customers can select the quantity of the food Customers will be able to track their food
  16. 16. Measure successOnline Food Delivery Compare the number of people ordering online than ordering it at site High percentage of satisfied customer through the comments from Survey Application
  17. 17. Functional DescriptionLucky Draw Spin The Wheel game Customers have to spend a min of $20 to get a chance to play the game If they are lucky, stand a chance to win prizes/vouchers/e-coupons
  18. 18. Measure successLucky Draw High number of participants playing the Spin the Wheel game
  19. 19. Functional DescriptionVote for Favourite Food Top 5 favourite foods will be shown on the page Customers can vote for their favourite food by selecting the number of stars (1- lowest, 5 - highest)
  20. 20. Functional DescriptionVote for Favourite Food Customers can also write reviews for the food that they had rated
  21. 21. Measure successVote for Favourite Food The food that received the highest ratings
  22. 22. Functional DescriptionOnline Payment User can pay for their meals online Uses online banking services Promotions for online payments
  23. 23. Measure successOnline Payment Higher number of users paying online than in person on site
  24. 24. Functional DescriptionSurvey Users can leave feedback about the food and their experiences User is able to check-in and view which of their friends have visited the outlets lately Chat functions
  25. 25. Measure successSurvey Feedback received is positive The number of feedbacks received is as much as the number of visitors to the outlet
  26. 26. Action Timeline Week 5: Database Designing, Researching Week 6: UI Designing, Coding, Testing Week 7 – 10: Developing, Testing Week 11: Complete One Application Each, Deploy on Facebook Week 12 – 14: Developing, Testing Week 15: Preparation for Final Report and Presentation, Final Application Testing Week 16: Final Presentation
  27. 27. Thank YouQuestion & Answer session