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03 - Israel-Palestine
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03 - Israel-Palestine


Lecture notes for discussion of Palestine response to events since 1979 Camp David Accords.

Lecture notes for discussion of Palestine response to events since 1979 Camp David Accords.

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  • 1. Conflict in the Middle EastIsrael and Palestine: Efforts to Co-Exist
  • 2. ObjectivesDebate issues centered around Palestine/Israelconflict.
  • 3. VocabularyPalestine Liberation Organization (PLO) - recognized bymore than 100 states as “sole legitimate representativeof the Palestinian people”Yasser Arafat - leader of the PLO from 1969.Negotiated Oslo Accords to support founding rights forPalestinians.Intifada - Arabic word meaning “uprising”; widespreadcivil disobedience by PalestiniansHamas - Muslim political party that governs the GazaStrip
  • 4. Peace; At What Cost?Camp David Accords gave Israelinternational recognition andstatusPalestinian people ignoredNo recognition of Palestinianauthority; some housingdevelopments by Israel in GazaStrip and West BankGrowing frustration; growingmilitarism; growing terrorism
  • 5. Intifada: A Call for Change Starting 1987 - call for ‘uprising’ called intifada Took form of boycotts, demonstrations, attacks on Israeli soldiers and rock throwing by unarmed teenagers Israel pressured to make some changes Increase tension
  • 6. Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)From the 1950’s, the PLO directed resistance againstIsraelIn 1969, Yasser Arafat took over leadershipViolence and military action common1993 - Arafat & Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin meetin Oslo, Norway for secret talksAgree to grant Palestineself-rule
  • 7. Finally Peace? Neither side 100% happy with Oslo Accords Rabin assassinated PLO became Palestinian National Authority - is in control over West Bank More militant Islamic control exercised by radical members of Hamas over the Gaza Strip
  • 8. TodayViolence still common in Israel and in Palestiniancontrolled areasMahmoud Abbas - President of Palestinian NationalAuthority - in the West BankIsmail Haniyeh - Prime Minister of Palestinian NationalAuthority - in the Gaza StripBenjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel
  • 9. String of rocket attacks follows fatal JerusalembombingBy the CNN Wire StaffMarch 24, 2011 6:04 p.m. EDT Jerusalem (CNN) -- Eleven rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza on Thursday, a day after a fatal terrorist bombing in Jerusalem killed a woman and wounded more than 50 other people, the Israel Defense Forces said.