03 - Forms of Government


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Lecture on various forms of government for American Government class at Atchison County Community High School.

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  • 03 - Forms of Government

    1. 1. FORMS OFGOVERNMENTHow to Pick ‘Em Out of a Line-Up!
    2. 2. OBJECTIVESStudents will identify different ways that power can bedistributed within a state.Students will describe a government by how power isdistributed.
    3. 3. VOCABULARYautocracy: government in which a single person holds unlimited political power.oligarchy: government in which the power to rule is held by a small, usually self-appointedelite.unitary government: centralized government where power is held by a single, centralagency.federal government: powers of government are divided between a central government andseveral local governments.confederation: an alliance of independent states where the power to handle those mattersthat the member states have assigned to it.presidential government: separation of powers between the executive and the legislativebranches of the government.parliamentary government: where the executive is made up of the prime minister orpremier and their cabinet who are all members of the legislative branch or parliament.
    4. 4. RULE OF MANY;RULE OF A FEWHow can we classify governments?1. Those that can participate2. Distribution of power within the state3. Relationship between legislative & executive powers
    5. 5. DEMOCRACY Supreme authority rests with the people Direct or indirect Direct: will of the people is translated into public policy by the people themselves (Town hall meeting) Indirect: representative government (Republic)
    6. 6. DICTATORSHIPAuthoritarian rule by a small, self-appointed elite Exercise power over nearly every aspect of life (Hobbes) Could be an autocracy or oligarchyOutward appearances can be deceiving Controlled elections Tend to be militaristic; aggressive
    7. 7. GEOGRAPHICDISTRIBUTION OF POWERUnitary government - centralized government where allpowers belong to a single, central agency (UK Parliament)Federal government - divided power between centralgovernment and local government (division of powers)Confederate government - alliance of independentstates; central government only has power given by satellitestates (EU)
    8. 8. LEGISLATIVE & EXECUTIVERELATIONSHIPPresidential government - separation of powers betweenthe executive and legislative Independent and equal (US)Parliamentary government - prime minister or premier,that are members of the legislative bodies majority party Part of the legislative body; ‘no confidence’ risk Which type of government is more prevalent in the world?
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