Assignment 11 similar products, conventions & channel time


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Assignment 11 similar products, conventions & channel time

  1. 1. Assignment 11 – Similar Products, Conventions & Channel/Time Kaya Sumbland Gledis Dedaj Rahel Fasil Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. A Final Chosen Topic Is our engagement with social media progressive?We have not yet received feedback on our topic, so it still may still change.
  3. 3. Part : BInvestigation Into Similar Products
  4. 4. B Similar Products List
  8. 8. Part: B What WeNeed To Watch
  9. 9. B Similar Products List – Need to/Want to watch
  10. 10. Part : BWhat I need to watch
  11. 11. Part : BWhat I need to watch
  12. 12. Part : C, D, E, & FSimilar Products Of Inspiration
  13. 13. E Similar Products of Inspiration
  14. 14. E Similar Products of Inspiration
  17. 17. Part : GConventions OfDocumentaries
  18. 18. Part : H, I, J, & KSimilar Products And Their Conventions
  19. 19. Part : JSIMILAR PRODUCTS and their conventions
  20. 20. Part : JSIMILAR PRODUCTS and their conventions
  21. 21. K Similar Products and their Conventions Most commonly documentaries have an expert in a mid shot sitting to the right of the screen with small text stating their name and profession on the side 74 stone babysitter The text should pose an a connotation to the documentary – so its noticeably connected and related to the topic. Text is used to introduce someone and for titles, or for illustration description Animation is used within a title, to make it more appealing – or to serve as a helping visual to explain something within a topic Girl who became 3 boys
  22. 22. K Similar Products and their Conventions Volume control is used to appropriately change the volume of either background music or non- diegetic sound to suit and to level when someone is speaking or not How to get a life The tone of the presenter varies, but when the presenter is anomalous they usually have a deep authoritative tone to not to connect with audience to connect with the subject BBC develop conventions not having any intervals, therefore their documentary all connects and slowly forms into different subtopics not to suddenly change and loose focus Batman shootings Michael Moore developed conventions by putting his own personal bias in enforcing his view guns are wrong and intimidating his interviewee’s Bowling for columbine
  23. 23. Part : LConventions
  24. 24. L Conventions When introducing the documentary we will have the background music relatively loud, then when the presenter comes on the volume will slightly decrease How to get a Life We will have our presenter involved with interviews with the public to make the documentary seem more natural and make the subject comfortable How to get a Life we will have intervals every 15 minutes. Before the interval a topic subtopic will finish followed by the title of out Documentary naming ‘end of part…’ Lifers
  25. 25. Part : LCONVENTIONS of our documentary
  26. 26. Part : MExploration Of Channels
  27. 27. M
  28. 28. M Channel Exploration – Channel 5 Channel 5 was the fifth and final national terrestrial network to launch in March 30th 1997 Channel 5 is a general The station was branded entertainment channel, as Five’ between 2002 with international and 2011 programmes Channel 5 also owns 5* and 5 USA
  29. 29. M Channel Exploration – Channel 5 It was the seconds digital channel to be broadcast in the UK 5USA concentrates on showing imported movies and programmes from the United States
  30. 30. M Channel Exploration – Channel 5 Before it was 5*, ‘Five Life’ was originally intended to be a female-oriented channel with an emphasis on lifestyle programming. Channel 5 announced that programming on Five Life included The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Trisha Goddard It was rebranded 5* to enforce a fun loving imagewhich now receives some of Channel 5’shighest viewings from programmes such as ‘Big Brothers Big Mouth’
  31. 31. M Channel Exploration – Channel 5 Channel 5 Documentaries Channel 5 documentaries are usually ones that havent been done before, e.g channel 4 do a lot of medical.They do documentaries to inform the views of a certain story or situation – which become very popular because of its originality. They do a lot of real life stories and explaining the reality of things that happen.
  32. 32. M Channel Exploration – Channel 5 In comparison to other channels, Channel five In comparison to other channels, Channel five isis very different. Channel 5 show very different. Channel 5 show programmes that wont necessarily cater to a programmes that wont necessarily cater to a wide audience as their programmes are wide audience as their programmes are unique and liked by not many people –– e.g unique and liked by not many people e.g ‘The kings war on witches’ ‘The kings war on witches’ Furthermore, their documentaries seem very Furthermore, their documentaries seem very simplistic but interesting by the way they simplistic but interesting by the way they present and give information. They take aa present and give information. They take story and just inform and educate the story and just inform and educate the audience without trying overly to impress aa audience without trying overly to impress specific audience. specific audience.
  33. 33. Channel explorationChannel : 4Sister Channels : • It is the only channel within the Box Television Network to be branded under Channel 4 and is one of the only channels in the network to be broadcast in• 4 Music widescreen, the other being Heat. • When it first launched in 2005; the channel encouraged viewers by showing the first• More 4 run of critically acclaimed US dramas including ‘The West Wing’, showing season 6 and 7 back to back, from its sister digital station E4 to More4 and Without a Trace from Channel 4.• E4 • E4 is a British digital television channel, launched as a pay-TV companion to Channel 4 on 18 January 2001. The "E" stands for entertainment, and the channel is mainly aimed at the lucrative 15–35 age group. • Film4 did not originally focus on broadcasting blockbusters, but nowadays broadcasts• Film 4 many mainstream Hollywood movies. The channel frequently has themed nights or seasons in which a number of films centred around one genre, director or actor are shown.
  34. 34. BBC OneGeneral knowledge Some shows they broadcast• Its a flagship channel • Doctor Who • Eastenders• Its funded my TV Licence • Merlin• It has many sister channels … • The One Show BBC Three, BBC Two, BBC • Strictly Come Dancing • Come Fly With Me Four, BBC • Crimewatch News, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC • New Tricks Parliament, BBC HD • Holby City• They also have BBC iPlayer on • Casualty demand making it portable • Match of The Day • Have I Got News For You• They broadcast original shows • Mock The Week and is well known for • And many more … documentarys
  35. 35. BBC One – Target Audience• Unlike ITV & Channel 4 BBC mornings are reserved for news from 6am – 10am which draws in adults and people in their late teens• 10 onwards is directed to older people or those who are interested in antiques i.e. Antiques Roadshow• 1pm-2pm is housewife aimed with soaps and sit- coms i.e. Doctors
  36. 36. BBC One – Target Audience• 3pm-5pm goes to kids back from school and later directs then to their sister channel CBBC i.e. Tracy Beaker Returns• 6pm onwards is directed at housewives and sometimes older teens i.e. Waterloo Road, The One Show• Past 10 is directed to adults with news and late night movies
  37. 37. BBC One – What time is it most successful • Weekend afternoons 8pm with shows like Strictly Come Dancing with a celebrity cast • Also 7pm Doctor Who is a Hugh fan base both kids and adults of all ages for the fantasy factor and adventure
  38. 38. BBC One – What Documentaries• They tend to show nature documentaries at 7pm i.e. Animal planet for naturists• But also ones with current affair & issues at 9pm i.e. Paranorma on unemployment
  39. 39. Part : NChosen Channel
  40. 40. N Channel On TVWe’d put it on Channel 4 because...• Aspects in Social media is a familiar topic that comes up in Channel 4 documentaries• It is able to have a varied audience being a digital broadcast channel• Our topic is not suited to BBC, ITV and Channel 5• Most popular digital channel to our target audience• Channel 4 commonly present documentaries that look within both sides of a debate• Channel 4 have a wide variety of age audience so presenting a formal, in depth topic we will be able to also reach our older secondary audience
  41. 41. N Channel On TVFurther…• This is because channel 4 is well known for its Dispatches Documentaries which often concern current topics.• This fits well with our Social Media topic as it is Informative ( this is a typical channel 4 genre).• This also relates to our target audience because they will seek out these types of documentaries like Dispatches.• Channel 4 is very popular amongst 15 - 35 year olds which are our main audience.• Therefore our audience will already drawn to the documentary through the channel.
  42. 42. N Channel On TVWhy specifically Channel 4 ? E4 does not usually show documentaries, its more based on American programmes More4 usually shows documentaries that have been on Channel 4 first, so it would probably be shown on More 4 a year after Channel 4, much like 4Seven. Other sister channels of Channel 4 do not show documentaries at all – they are music based
  43. 43. Part : OTime On TV
  44. 44. Time On TVWe have decided to show our documentary at 8:00 PM- This is because our documentary will not consist of any inappropriate footage or language.- It is suitable for the whole family to watch.- People usually finally finish their work and sit down to watch television around this time.- 7:00 PM is too early and the number of viewers wont be very high.- 9:00 PM is a popular spot filled up by the programmes that are regularly watched by viewers.- Therefore viewers will be less likely to miss their shows for our documentary.