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Blogging in the classroom
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Blogging in the classroom


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Handouts for a technology applications in the classroom course for teachers.

Handouts for a technology applications in the classroom course for teachers.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Blogging in the Classroom Artful Artsy Amy Blogging is a wonderful way to both have a virtual classroom and to share information with your students. Blogging is also great resource for sharing what you do in your classroom with students, parents, other teachers, and stakeholders. Many teachers are now required to keep a blog that is update weekly. . .And, that can be a daunting task. As part of this course, we are going to examine how to streamline the blogging process. Recommended Blog-Building Sites 1. (for personal blogs, not rec’d for CCSD class blogging) 2. (many cobb schools host your site through typepad) 3. (website building site, but you can also host blogs here; this is the EASIEST one) 4. Blackboard Online (my least favorite, but I will help you if this is your preference) Getting a Blog Started with Weebly 1. Go to 2. Design a website (you can choose either website –harder- or blog –easier-) 3. For these instructions, I chose “blog” but adding embedding materials will be the same 4. Choose a theme 5. Use a subdomain of 6. Don’t worry about registering a domain (this is when you buy your own url) 7. You can watch the video if you like (it is really helpful!) 8. Exit out of the grey “my planning” bar (you don’t need it!) 9. Weebly uses drag-and-drop features 10. Drag items out of the black area into the white area to add it to your blog 11. Use the blue ribbon at the top to add more pages to your blog (like syllabi etc. etc.) 12. Embedding videos and other materials (not pictures, but interactive features) a. For a youtube video i. Scroll down to “media” in the black box ii. Drag over the “youtube” icon iii. Follow the prompts to embed b. For other materials (like slideshare) i. Scroll down to “more” in the black box ii. Drag over the “embed” icon iii. Go to the website where the original information is hosted iv. Look for the embed code v. Copy the embed code vi. Go back to your weebly page vii. Paste the embed code